10 American barbecue models for you to guarantee yours

10 American barbecue models for you to guarantee yours

A good barbecue is always welcome. Now, how about trying new flavors and ways to make it? It is not by chance that the American barbecue has become increasingly popular in Brazil: there are models that are beyond versatile and offer many possibilities when it comes to roasting, smoking and grilling. Check out good options for you to invest!

1. Verona Evol gas grill – $$$$$

For those looking for a good American built-in barbecue, this Evol product meets expectations. It’s a large stainless steel grill, great for gourmet kitchens and balconies. It has three burners, lid and a premium finish.

“It comes with installation for LPG gas, but you can convert to NG too. Closing the lid you can even bake pizza and make hamburgers. […] It’s very practical and very cool.” – Marcelo Martinez

2. One Touch Weber Barbecue – $$$$

Weber is a traditional American barbecue brand. The One Touch model stands out for its portability and high quality materials. The barbecue has accessories to separate the charcoal and support for the lid.

” It’s a really American standard grill. Grills and everything, which is what they do the most. It has a cleaning system – you will see in Brazil already selling some, but they usually don’t have this ash collection system.” – Anderson Santos

3. Char-Broil gas grill – $$$$

This American gas grill is distinguished by its speed: the grill is hot in 5 minutes, without direct fire. It has low gas consumption and less carbon emissions. In addition, it has a beautiful and modern design.

“This grill, I usually call it here at home Ferrari of the grills. […] It has the entire lid made of stainless steel, as well as the body of the barbecue.” – André Dias

4. Pit Smoker 849 Artmill – $$$$

Artmill is known for its rotating grills, but it doesn’t lag behind when it comes to grill and accessories. The PIT 849 stands out for its looks and the enormous capacity of the grille.

“Its shape is octagonal, so that allows the grids to be all the same size. You gain space compared to pits that are cylindrical.” –
Bruninho BBQ

5. King’s Barbecue Lolita Smoker – $$$$

Full of style, this smoker American barbecue is full of differentials, such as expanded steel grills, support bench, armored thermometer, grease collector and removable chimney. It has wheels and is easy to transport.

“I’m really enjoying the acquisition. Very good product, very well finished. The finishes are very nice, made by the company King’s, which is a pioneer in the Brazilian market.” – Great Baptist

6. Suggar 5001IX gas grill – $$$

This stainless steel American barbecue has wheels, making it easy to transport. The ignition is gas and also works on breath. It has grills and a tray for fat removal, as well as a thermometer.

“It already comes with the gas hose. This is nice because you will connect it to the gas regulator and you can use it. […] The door is also made of stainless steel and underneath there is a space for you to store some utensils.” – Savitu

7. Smoker Sugar King’s Barbecue – $$$

Even those who live in a small area can have a smoking grill at home and prepare a Texan-style barbecue. Smoker Sugar has a good exhaust system, which avoids problems with smoke.

“It is ideal for those who do not have space or even live in an apartment, for a balcony etc. It’s compact on the outside and it’s big, really big, on the inside.” – Kings Barbecue

8. Steakhouse Grill Polishop – $$

Love barbecue but don’t like having work or making a mess? That’s a good solution. SteakHouse Grill Polishop works with gel alcohol and a small amount of charcoal. It heats up quickly and, thanks to the non-stick grill, is easy to clean. How not to enjoy?

“Because of that button, a lot of people think it’s electric. No, it’s not electric. This button is simply to operate the fan, which operates the ventilation system that controls the intensity of the brazier and guarantees the right temperature for cooking.” – Lucilania

9. American barbecue Tramontina TCP-320L – $$

Charming, this round American grill is made of enameled steel and has a stainless steel grill. It is compact and has an interesting promise: it allows a beautiful barbecue to be prepared with just 1 kg of charcoal.

“The barbecue is suitable if you don’t have a lot of demand, if you don’t have a house with a lot of people. For two, three, maximum four people, it will meet your needs.” – Felipe Batista

10. Araguaia Mor Barbecue – $

This grill is much more Brazilian than American, but it is a good choice for those looking for compact and more affordable options. Comes with a grill and skewers. Great for roasting and grilling your favorite delicacies: meats, fish, vegetables…

“If you want to buy this barbecue grill from Mor, Araguaia, you can buy it with confidence because it is a good barbecue. You can have a barbecue for 5, 10 people easily.” – Nevton Carvalho

Still looking for good alternatives when it comes to barbecue? Be sure to check out more information about the modern glass grill !

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