10 eleven-hour flower ideas to add a touch of beauty to the decor

10 eleven-hour flower ideas to add a touch of beauty to the decor

The eleven-hour flower (Portulaca Grandiflora) is a species of succulent native to South America and gets its name because its flowers begin to open around 11 am. This is because it is a period of the day with the highest incidence of sun until late afternoon. Learn how to grow the species and see beautiful photos for decoration ideas!

How to care for an eleven o’clock flower

The eleven-hour flower is easy to grow, however, it is important to take some care to keep the plant beautiful and with wonderful flowers. Check out some foolproof tips below:

  • Soil: the species is not very demanding in terms of fertilization, so it is not necessary to use a lot of fertilizers. The plant does not like waterlogged soil, so it is recommended that the substrate is sandy and drainable so as not to retain moisture;
  • Lighting: the plant needs approximately 6 hours of sunlight to stimulate growth and flowering. If it is grown in places with a lot of shade, the flowers will hardly open. So, always place the plant in strategic points such as in a window with a lot of light or plant it in a part of the garden that receives sun;
  • Watering: although it supports long periods without water, the eleven-hour needs to be watered whenever the substrate is dry. Well, moisture in a balanced way contributes to its flowering;
  • Cultivation: the eleven-hour flower can be grown directly in the ground or in pots. If you don’t have a space to plant it in the ground, use pots with holes in the bottom, expanded clay or shards of tile for good water filtration;
  • Seedling: propagation can be done by cuttings or seed. For cuttings, just cut a branch of approximately 10 cm, plant directly in the ground and water whenever the substrate is dry. Now, to propagate the species by seeds it is necessary to wait for spring or summer. Then, plant the seeds in slightly damp soil and keep them close to sunlight to germinate.

Although the plant does not require a soil very rich in organic matter, it is important to enrich it with NPK 5-5-5 fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), for it to bloom and remain beautiful.

10 photos of eleven-hour flower decoration to make the environment beautiful

The species is well known for its beauty and for bringing life and joy in various decorations. So, check out beautiful photos and get ideas to decorate your home:

1. The eleven-hour flower is very resistant and easy to care for.


2. You can grow it in recyclable objects


3. Like tires, for example


4. In addition, it is beautiful to use it as a forage in gardens


5. Or in flower beds in front of the house


6. Hanging the plant on panels adds a charming touch


7. As well as decorating the area around the pool


8. You can use vases on the wall


9. Or bet on a rustic decoration


10. Well, the eleven-hour flower makes any decoration amazing!


In environments with good light you can use the eleven-hour flower to make your home more beautiful and cozy. If you love flowers and you like to collect them, enjoy and check out climbing flower species to add charm and color to your home!

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