10 garden trees that guarantee a green and cozy area

10 garden trees that guarantee a green and cozy area

Trees are essential elements to ensure a beautiful and healthy garden , mainly because they help to reduce temperature and air pollution, ensuring several health benefits. Here are 10 species of trees for the garden and have a beautiful and welcoming environment:

1. Yellow Acacia


Known as Cássia-Imperial or Rain-de-gold, Acacia Amarela is a great option for those who want to have a flowery garden at home. Medium-sized, the tree has leafy and fragrant flowers that make any environment much more pleasant. In addition, it is easy to maintain, requiring only full sun and soil rich in organic matter in its cultivation. Finally, the charm of Acacia is in its flowering, as it happens in winter, making this season much more beautiful.

2. Bottle brush


Originally from Australia, the bottle brush is a garden tree that does not skimp on the beauty of its flowers. So, if you want to have a colorful and cheerful atmosphere at home, you need to cultivate it. The plant has an exotic shape and has cylindrical flowers, which attract pollinating birds and insects. It is also easy to grow, as it only needs the presence of direct sun. It is important to remember that the tree can reach up to 7 meters in height and, therefore, care must be taken to choose the ideal place for planting.

3. Mango jasmine


Known for having a unique scent, the Mango Jasmine is another type of garden tree that attracts attention. With flowers in pink, red and white, the plant is ideal for those looking to have a modern and delicate space at home. It also has robust stems and wide leaves, which give a beautiful effect in ornamentation. Finally, to be successful in its cultivation it is necessary to keep it in full sun, fertile and well-drained soil.

4. Quaresmeira


Native to the Atlantic Forest, Quaresmeira is a small to medium-sized tree that grows fast. Therefore, this species is also perfect for composing gardens. It gets its name because it blooms between March and April, during Lent. Its charm lies in its beautiful and bright flowers, but its green foliage also has great ornamental value. To have good results, you need to pay attention to the soil, as it needs to be fertile, drained and rich in organic matter.

5. Garden Ipê


The Ipê-de-jardim is an excellent option to compose limited environments, as it is a small tree and easily tolerates pruning. The plant draws attention for its yellow and leafy flowers that are even more beautiful between the months of January and May. To have it in your garden, just reserve a spot with direct sunlight and fertile soil. In addition, it needs a little more attention in the warmer months, requiring more watering.

6. Extreme


The Extremosa or Resedá is a very common tree in urban afforestation, as it has delicate and very charming flowers. Cultivated throughout Brazil, it is a small tree that adapts well to different environments, especially the sunniest ones. It is a great option to compose a more natural garden, as it attracts butterflies and birds, such as hummingbirds. It blooms for a long time, from spring to late summer.

7. Cow’s Paw


Pata-de-vaca is very popular in parks and squares, and has been gaining ground in the composition of gardens as well. That’s because the tree has charming flowers and varied colors, which make the environment happy and very beautiful. The shape of its leaves is unique, allowing interesting combinations with other plants. It is important to remember that it must be grown in deep soil rich in organic matter. It is also necessary to pay attention to the attack of pests, such as mealybugs .

8. Magnolia


Magnolia is a small tree widely used in urban afforestation projects and, therefore, is also a good option for garden trees. Originally from Asia, the plant has beautiful flowers that come in white, pink and violet colors. It is known for its symbolism, as the delicacy of its flowers represents dignity and purity. Finally, to ensure all its charm and symbolism, just grow it with good light and in well-draining soil.

9. Manacá da Serra


Native to the Atlantic Forest, but well integrated into the urban area, Manacá da Serra is a tree that calls attention for its flowering. That’s because the plant is known to present flowers of different colors over time. It is possible to find the same tree with pink, white and lilac flowers. This feature guarantees a beautiful visual effect to the environment. To be successful in your cultivation, you can plant it in full sun or in partial shade.

10. Jabuticabeira


Finally, in addition to flowering and ornamental trees, a garden with fruit trees can also bring many benefits to your home. After all, they guarantee fruit for most of the year and look beautiful outdoors. The jabuticabeira is a species that has gained more and more space in landscaping projects, so it can be a good option for your home. It is ideal for a more tropical garden, has trunks with great ornamental value and is very resistant.

With this list of tree species for the garden, you will surely compose a very cozy green corner at home. To complete, how about betting on the planting of palm trees ? The tree is easy to grow and has almost no contraindications when composing outdoor environments.

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