10 ideas to use cheflera in decoration and tips to take care of your plant

10 ideas to use cheflera in decoration and tips to take care of your plant

The cheflera is a plant of Asian origin, but very famous and popular in Brazil. It is considered versatile, adapts well to environments with little shade and is usually present in several gardens. It helps to decorate environments such as offices, rooms and balconies. Learn how to care and see how to use it in decoration.

How to take care of boss

Some details must be taken into account in the day to day of the plant so that it becomes more and more beautiful and healthy. Below, see some care that are essential for this plant:

  • Cultivation: The head can be planted either in a pot or directly in the ground, the decision depends on its size. In any case, it is necessary to apply natural fertilizer and to check the condition of the soil and leaves so that watering can be carried out.
  • Pruning: As soon as the branches start to grow, pruning can be done without any problems. Bosses grow very fast, so pruning tends to be done frequently. In addition, dry branches should be removed, as they weaken the plant.
  • Seedlings: The reproduction of the bosslera can be carried out both by seeds and cuttings. The method with stakes is made from the removal of a healthy branch of about 15 centimeters and planting in a fertilized place.
  • Pots: The ideal place for the plant is proportional to its size. That is, if it starts to grow, switch to a larger pot to continue the process.
  • Gardens: The space is ideal for plants in their larger format, so much so that one of their uses is in living fences. Check how the soil is, the giant squid is more resistant, but needs a damp floor. Pruning tends to be even more frequent.
  • Lighting: The cheflera is a plant that does well both in a garden and in places with low light. The low light, even, helps in its growth.
  • Watering: It is recommended to water the plant twice a week. The important thing is to check how wet the soil is. The plant is very hardy, but over-watering can rot its roots. If the leaves are down, it’s a sign that they need to be watered.

In short, always check the soil moisture and check your branches quite often. Some details can communicate a specific need of the plant, showing that certain care must be taken.

10 cheflera images to inspire your decor

In addition to being present in gardens, female bosses can do very well in a pot and in low-light environments. Check out some photos of the plant to inspire your decor.

1. The cheflera is great for decorations


2. Its beauty can enhance spaces such as waiting rooms


3. And they can also bring home environments to life


4. Like dining rooms


5. In convivial environments, such as living rooms


6. The smaller version of the cheflera can also be placed on small tables


7. When larger they can brighten the corners of environments


8. Making places greener, even in bedrooms


9. Also, the garden is always a great place to shelter them.


10. It will certainly add a special touch to your decor


A green environment always gives an extra life to the places. Whether in gardens or decorating indoor spaces, the cheflera is a great option to brighten up your home. Also discover other 40 species of plants that are easy to care for!

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