10 passionate decorating ideas with succulent elephant ear

10 passionate decorating ideas with succulent elephant ear

The succulent elephant ear is imposing and easily recognized. This name comes from its very characteristic shape. Like all other succulents , it is very hardy, which makes it ideal for anyone starting out in gardening. In addition, it has unique flowering. Next, check out how to care for it, how to use it in decoration and much more.

How to care for a succulent elephant ear

Succulents are plants that require little maintenance. However, even so, attention is needed to give them a healthy and long life. So, here are the main precautions:

  • How to make a seedling: its propagation happens through leaves, seedlings or cuttings. To do this, cut a leaf gently and leave no part on the stem. The leaf used must be in dry soil to create a seedling. Then, just transfer to the definitive substrate.
  • Light: Like most succulents, this plant prefers to be in full sun, receiving at least six hours of direct light a day.
  • Watering: In general, watering is similar to other succulent species. Therefore, the ideal is to do a deep watering, in which the water comes out through the drainage of the pot. The interval between them depends on whether the soil is slightly dry.
  • Pruning: succulents do not require periodic pruning, but it is possible to remove dead leaves when they appear.
  • Soil: the substrate must be sandy and protected by some type of cover, such as pebbles or pine bark. This must all be done so that the soil is well drained.
  • Pests: the most common pests are aphids and mealybugs. The best way to fight them is to bet on natural insecticides.
  • Climate: being a plant of desert origin, the succulent supports extreme climates. So just pay attention to the air humidity and rainy weather.
  • Maintenance: the ideal is to change the substrate of your succulent once a year. If the plant is in the garden, remove only the dead and poorly cared for leaves.

Now that you know the main care for your new plant, it’s time to learn a little more about it. After all, knowledge is never enough and gardening has many hidden peculiarities.

10 photos of decoration with succulent elephant ear to create beautiful vases

Plants make the house much more alive and colorful. In addition, they make the decor even more organic. On the other hand, succulents are plants that are easy to care for and require little maintenance. To unite these two positives, see 10 ways to decorate using the succulent elephant ear.

1. The succulent elephant ear is imposing


2. Its shape is beautiful


3. With a strong ornamental appeal


4. It can be planted in a pot


5. Or straight on the ground


6. Your colors are vibrant


7. And they are brighter under the sun


8. A plant like this cannot be missing in your garden


9. She will be an awesome addition


10. And one of the protagonists of decoration


When creating a garden or investing in gardening, you need to know many different things. However, with the above ideas, you will achieve great results. And to keep learning, also check out how to plant succulents .

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