100+ Small Bathroom Showers Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Small bathroom showers Ideas : top 100+ ideas

In this post we will see over 100 Small bathroom showers Ideas  in different decoration styles so that you can delight in their shapes and find some idea to replicate in your home.

Nowadays, many floors are being renovated, going from an old-fashioned bathtub to a modern and avant-garde shower.

I sincerely believe that bathtubs have a sovereign charm, but unfortunately our small bathrooms are not prepared for them, they take up space and make the decoration dirty by having to put curtains to avoid splashing water.

The bathtubs are perfect for taking a relaxing bath and have innumerable positive characteristics, but only when we have the right space.

Let’s see the gallery that I have prepared for you of bathrooms with showers. I hope you can find some style that you want to replicate in your home.https://tendenzias.com/wp-content/themes/tendenzias2019/scripts/iframes/banner-adicional.php

Small bathroom showers Ideas

Showers with Glass Doors

Glass doors are an excellent solution to decorate your bathroom. Their functional use is also of a high level, they are beautiful, easy to clean, and they do not subtract visual space, because they are transparent.

Here are some pictures of small bathrooms that were designed with glass doors.

bathroom ideas

We will see differences in terms of forms; Note that not only can we have showers with straight figures, but there is also the option of making them rounded.

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodels
remodel a bathroom
remodel bathroom
remodel the bathroom
remodeling a bathroom
remodeling bathroom
remodeling the bathroom
bathroom showers
bath showers

If your apartment is so small that the bathroom and the washing machine must share a room, I advise you to install a vertical washing machine, since they use less space, so your bathroom can be a little more free of elements.

On the other hand, horizontal washing machines allow us (as in the following photo) to use them as shelves, but if you don’t want your things to be exposed, you can buy or even make container boxes in which you can leave your day-to-day things on the washing-machine; such as cosmetics, creams or even the necessary materials to clean.

There is always the option of “hiding” certain things, disguising them in decorative boxes that appear to be ornamentation.

bathroom with shower ideas

Check out these small modern bathrooms with a shower below, they are definitely some of my favorites:

quality showers

With regard to colors, remember that you can innovate and create your spaces in creative ways that make your bathroom unique. There are stickers for tiles and mirrors, with which you can play and change as many times as you want.

It is recommended that the choice of colors for small bathrooms with showers, be light colors, can be pastels or flashy, but hopefully always in a bright range, as in the following photo.

shower designs

Black and dark colors must be used very judiciously, so that they do not take up space in your bathroom. If you decide to use them, they should always be combined with light colors. You can even paint up to the black sky, but taking care that the rest of the colors are light, so that they provide amplitude.

amazing showers
awesome shower
awesome showers
bathroom design
bathroom shower ideas
bathroom with shower ideas
cool shower
cool shower ideas
cool showers

Another good idea for small spaces and to expand your bathroom is the use of mirrors. If your bathroom is small, you can put the main mirror larger than usual to give the feeling of spaciousness.

The size of the mirror that is customarily installed is the one that does not exceed the width of the sink and allows an adult to be able to reflect in the mirror without major problems.

Well today I suggest you install a mirror with the traditional dimensions in terms of width, but in terms of height, put it until it touches the ceiling / ceiling. Do you dare to innovate with something like that? (look at the next photo)

coolest showers
glass door on shower
glass doors for shower
glass doors shower
glass for shower door

Showers Without Doors

The current trend, you can see it in the most modern hotels, is that there are no doors in the showers, but only a wall or glass, which covers and protects the other elements of the bathroom from the water.

glass for shower doors
glass shower door
luxury shower designs
best handheld shower heads

Do not forget that the choice of the shower faucet is not a minor choice. There are many types on the market, you should choose one that you like and that allows you to meet the needs of your family.

For example, if you have a baby, your best (and only option) may be to have a telephone-type shower, which allows you to replace the conventional bathtub and you can use a baby bathtub to overlay it in your shower.

They are small details that make our life easier and allow us to reconcile our day to day in a small space, but at the same time very functional.

best luxury shower head
best shower head

Do you like tiles? Then do not forget to check our article on  Tile Patterns for Small Bathrooms you will find wonderful ideas to replicate in your home.

luxury shower designs ideas
bathroom design

There are other trends in modern shower bathroom designs, in which there are no closing elements. Don’t try to do this at home without the advice of an expert, as a drop in the floor is required for the water to drain properly.

bathroom designs

When we talk about small modern bathrooms with showers, we automatically have to think of the minimalist concept “less is more”. Observe in the photograph below, how simple it is to decorate with the minimum and that with a few ornaments we can make a pleasant and cozy space.

bathrooms designs

Still can’t find your dream design? Let’s keep looking at examples of showers without doors. You will find it soon!

best shower head
design a bathroom
design bathroom
design of bathroom
designer bathroom
luxurious shower systems

We know that the flats are getting smaller every day, especially when we make the decision to live in a big city like a capital.

However, that the spaces are reduced, it should not be an impediment to enjoy our house to the fullest.

One of the solutions we have to expand our bathrooms is to replace a bathtub with a shower; allows visual space to expand. This occurs even considering that the bathtub occupies the same space as the shower.

Obviously, for this type of remodeling you should be advised by an expert in bathroom modifications, so that they can suggest what is most convenient in terms of types of showers and dimensions.

Ideas to make them look bigger

luxury shower system

A good tactic to make the most of a small space is through an orderly design with few elements . Modern fixtures, cool-toned tiles, and clear glass shower doors create a visual order that expands the space and looks great.

Another option is neutral tones . Combining the bright white of the toilet and sink, with tiles in cream tones, a cozy and pleasant atmosphere is created .

modern bathroom

And to give it some life  you can not miss some flowers . If they are natural they will last little, so there is no problem with artificial ones because nowadays it is difficult to distinguish them from the real ones.

modern bathroom ideas

On Amazon they sell artificial plants  of all kinds at good prices.

When space is tight and your budget is high, it’s a good idea to use premium materials, such as marble and stainless steel. The result is a mix between modern and vintage design that is beautiful.

modern bathrooms

Tricks to save space in small bathrooms

The tricks to decorate small bathrooms with a shower tray and save space are a must. We have a lot of things and little space, so you have to figure it out.

The shower trays at ground level with transparent screens do not divide the bathroom into two, then let us see it all. This of course makes it look bigger. If you don’t like transparent screens, you can put some original shower curtains and slide them while you shower.

modern shower ideas

If you have gaps between columns, or a corner itself, you can put shelves and thus create an open closet. Things have to be in order to be beautiful, but you gain a space that was not used before,

If you do not have this possibility, you can buy metal shelves for the bathroom that take up very little space. As they are made of metal rods, they do not detract from visibility, unlike closed cabinets that make the bathroom seem even smaller.

modern shower system

Another option, which we see a lot in American movies, is a mirror that opens with a small closet inside . There is not much room, but something is something, and you have everything at hand.

If there is no room for more and you have to leave creams and perfumes on a table, place them inside a tray . It occupies the same but is much more orderly and beautiful.

bathroom decor ideas

It is important that everything is well ordered . The order makes everything seem bigger because it is easier for the brain to process. The disorder instead is interpreted as chaos and there is the feeling of smaller spaces.

bathroom decorating ideas

Original ideas for the most daring

At the beginning we commented that you have to use neutral tones to make them appear larger. But what if you don’t care, and what you want is a beautiful and original bathroom?

Another approach is to decorate it with eye-catching elements that stand out and give it personality . With this we are not going to increase the perception of space, but we are going to have a super original bathroom.

From a Mediterranean pattern in blue tones that covers the floor and walls. Going through a background of splashes that covers everything, with two red lamps that steal your eyes as soon as you enter the door.

bathroom design
bathroom design ideas

You can also decorate a white wall with silhouettes of vintage paintings. Or cover the floor and walls with bamboo, accompanied by tiles in oceanic tones, an incredible combination.

bathroom designs
bathroom designs modern

Some people are afraid of bright colors in small rooms because they take up space, and they are right. But it is also a good opportunity to dare to paint the walls in a striking and strong color such as red, something that we would not do in larger rooms.

bathroom ideas

A single sheet of glass

If your maxim in decoration is that of “less is more” do not hesitate and bet on this proposal. With a discreet shower tray and a single pane glass you will be able to gain light, lighten the space and generate a feeling of spaciousness. This proposal is perfect, especially, for spaces with Nordic decoration and that make simplicity their main maxim.

bathroom ideas small


Shower with cabinet included

You can make the most of the space by introducing a cabinet next to the shower. The maxim here is to use the verticality of the space . That way you won’t leave an inch free! This option is perfect for spaces that have colonial or rustic decor. In addition, the wood generates a feeling of warmth, giving a very interesting touch to the bathroom.



Tiled shower bathroom

Another way to add a touch to your bathroom is through a shower lined with tiles. This option, in addition to being original, will serve as a contrast with respect to the rest of the space . You will have the option of introducing from classic borders to original and colorful motifs, which is why they are a perfect proposal for all types of spaces. You just have to see which one would suit your bathroom the best.

For example, if you have a house decorated in a Mediterranean style, tiles with white and blue motifs will be a good option. In the event that your house is decorated in an industrial style, beige would be the most appropriate tone, since this would create a contrast with the materials used in the space.

bathrooms designs


Ground level showers

Showers that are located on the same level as the floor are the most advisable in small bathrooms. The reason? They generate a sense of continuity in the space and this makes it appear more spacious. In addition, these types of showers are especially advisable if elderly people or children reside in the house.

To generate contrasts you can create two differentiated spaces simply by using a flooring in the shower area. This way you will be able to delimit the space without there being a real architectural element that does it. This option is perfect for Nordic decorations that seek to generate small contrasts.

bathrooms modern design


Corner shower taking advantage of the angles

And if your problem is that you have a bathroom so small that you don’t think a shower could fit in any of the possible ways, the option of inserting a shower at the angle could be your salvation. He thinks that there is no better possible way to take advantage of the space than to give life to the corners.

beautiful bathrooms

Tips for a small bathroom with a shower …

Beyond the way of decorating the shower area depending on the decorative style that governs your bathroom or home, if you take these recommendations into account, you will get a small bathroom with a tall shower.

  • Bet on the glazed leaves to gain light.
  • Sliding doors will be your best allies. You will gain a lot of centimeters if you choose for this type of door.
  • Light colors will give luminosity and therefore the space will appear larger. A small bathroom in which these tones predominate will be a success.

Light is also important. It seeks, above all, that it is functional and low consumption. For this, the most advisable thing is to seek to obtain a uniform that does not produce shadows in the mirror area and to use light bulbs that generate neutral or cold light.


In today’s article we have seen that to decorate small bathrooms with a shower tray making them appear larger, you have to use cold or neutral tones with similar color palettes. Sort everything well. Put showers at ground level with glass partitions, and hit the coconut to put shelves where we did not think it was possible.

I hope you have been able to notice the differences in the design of the showers that we reviewed and that you can take ideas to replicate in your home. Surely you found an idea of ​​small bathrooms with a shower that you liked!

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