100+ luxury master bathroom ideas

luxury master bathroom ideas

Are you looking for luxury master bathroom ideas ? then this article for you

Before, the importance in the decoration or finishes of a bathroom was very little seen, but now there are trends according to each season.

How it has changed, don’t you think? Now the details are in every corner such as a large mirror that expands the dimension, quality or cold lighting or lamps that embellish the space, metallic coatings, modern taps and showers with different shapes standing out from the conventional ones and accessories that give it a special touch. .

I have noticed so much the importance of making a more innovative bathroom that even restaurants and bars have taken the time to make them different, each time the sinks, taps and toilets have very peculiar shapes or materials that you would never have imagined. That is why it is time to take action on the matter and start with ours.

The luxury bathrooms are characterized by their large spacious space and making the tub one of their main attractions, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work or a very tiring day.

In this article we give you incredible ideas so that you dare to renovate your bathroom or add new objects to the one you already have. I am sure that some style will complement yours either with a material, texture, color or with the most popular trends of the moment.

Do not worry about the costs since I am sure some will fit your budget, many times what makes it more luxurious are the accessories that you add or the quality of the materials or even the light that enters this room.

luxury master bathroom ideas

Make way for escape

A luxury bathroom is above all about space and light. Showers and bathtubs are separated into two well-distinguished islands. In the background, an Italian shower allows two people to wash at the same time. In the center of the room, a two-seater bathtub stands as the central element that catches the eye. On the ceiling, a pretty chandelier, a bit extravagant, enhances the elegance of the room, which invites relaxation. Thinking about the lighting of your bathroom is essential to give an incredible look to this living room.

Note: for your bathroom renovations , consider Renovation Man and his craftsmen to assist you in the makeover of your shower, earthenware or even tiling of your bathroom.

bath designs

Luxury marble bathroom

Another essential point of a luxury bathroom is the quality of materials and tiles used. We love the marble on the floor and on the toilet shelf. The old-fashioned bathtub with lion’s feet is sublime in the decor. And because everything is played out in the details, everything is illuminated with gold and crystal, for a more sumptuous effect. We love the harmony that plays out between the taps, the floor lamps and the bathroom accessories.

Luxury marble bathroom

Modern finesse

No need for big effects to create a luxury bathroom in your home. Even small spaces can be transcended by the choice of porcelain with clean shapes. For the toilets and the sink, opt for simple and delicate curves. On the walls, the relief and shiny mosaic is the big trend of 2018. For delicate finishes, we think of fixing to the wall the soap dispenser and other bathroom accessories. Nothing drags or clutters the room.

bathroom remodeling ideas

Mixing textures

We really like the mix of tiles, with a mosaic frieze at the height of the washbasin. Above, a recess in the wall offers a very practical storage space. Hygiene products and a few plants are placed there, to bring a little life to the bathroom. The opposition of the colors white and black works wonderfully here, in particular with the reminder of the soap dispenser. In the corner, a shower cubicle with transparent doors allows not to cut the room or the light, for a growing effect.

bathrooms designs

A modern bathtub that invites you to meditate

Huge crush for this rectangular natural stone bathtub. In a Japanese garden spirit, it is surrounded by pebbles and a rail, which allows a tray to be moved from either side. Everything subtly blends with the stone partitions in the background. We like the raw materials, which give the bathroom authenticity. A few candles, a little music and your bath invites you to nirvana.

designer bathroom

Esprit vintage chic

This luxury bathroom perfectly combines retro and industrial elements. We fall for this association which relies on the nostalgia of an old bathtub with a shower head with old-fashioned charm. On the floor, a rough cement tiling, perfect for covering an Italian shower, cuts off the kitsch effect and brings all the character to the space. Some accessories make the whole comfortable. Under high walls, we place cabinets dug up at the antique dealer, for more consistency.

designer bathrooms

Luxury bathroom for two

This bathroom offers all the elements so that a couple can get ready at the same time. On the side, there are two separate basins, each enhanced with a mirror. A large storage unit is built in below. On the other side, there is a spacious Italian shower at the back of the room and a bathtub at the front. Obviously, a common storage island separates the two elements in a transparent way. The bidet and WC remain hidden behind a partition, for more privacy.

designer master bathrooms

Dandy accessories

Luxury is in the details. No question of making a bathroom ugly with a razor full of limestone or half-empty shower bottles. At home, take inspiration from this gentleman’s leather travel case. Choose the shaving brush and the razor with wooden handle. Every morning, take the time to transform your sink into a barber shop. Store your hygiene products in a small rigid leather bathroom basket, which fits easily into your cupboards.

luxurious bathrooms

New York loft atmosphere

Dare the bathroom open to the bedroom, in a very loft atmosphere. We love this design project with minimalist and functional lines. The elements blend in perfectly with each other, subtly expanding the space. The lamps integrated in the ceiling and in the storage niches highlight the contrast between the materials, between the wood and the mosaic tiles. For indeed all in light.

luxury bathroom

Luxury bathroom with a view

What immediately strikes you in this bathroom is the bay window adjoining the bathtub. What to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with your head in the clouds … or in the stars. With subtlety, the piece incorporates raw materials, which highlight the beauty of shapes and textures. A few vases placed on the toilet shelf complete this Zen atmosphere dedicated to well-being.

luxury bathrooms

Bronze is no longer limited to the tap

In all the decoration magazines, you could not miss the trend, the accessories are adorned with bronze and gold. A fashion that is also invading the bathroom. And not limited to the taps. Let yourself be tempted by this metallic tile for the wall covering of your shower. You can also opt for well-chosen accessories, such as this soap dish, a vintage hook or the frame of your mirror. Note, bronze goes wonderfully with royal blue or pastel green.

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Some antique accessories

Another luxury bathroom that puts the bathtub in the spotlight. High ceilings and classic wooden partitions create a tranquil and refined atmosphere, in a harmony of color. Discreet, the decorative elements are particularly well chosen, without altering the discreet charm of the parquet. We like the gigantic framed mirror, simply placed against the wall and the floor lamp which delicately lights the head of the bathtub. A wooden ladder-style shelf provides the necessary storage space.

master bathroom design

When simplicity rhymes with style

Sometimes it takes little to create a luxury bathroom. Minimalist, this decoration nevertheless brings an extreme delicacy. We completely fall for the charm from elsewhere of these bulbs, simply suspended and hung on a hook on the wall. Like the mirror, also suspended from a nail, they do not require any work. They are very easy to install and replace. For a refined atmosphere, we also opt for pretty glass bottles, more elegant than commercial shampoo bottles.

master bathroom designer

Fall for the round bathtub

A free- standing round-shaped bathtub brings to the bathroom a delicious blend of comfort, elegance and luxury. This design, combined with an Italian shower behind a glass partition, to optimize space. On the right, the cabinet with shiny doors further adds to the luxury of the room. Also dare the precious materials and the colors petroleum blue or mineral blue. Finally, add further to the reflection effect, by covering the entire mirror walls.

master bathroom designs

Dare opulence

In a space bathed in light, this luxury bathroom is not afraid of the extravagance of an open fire near the bathtub. All the walls and the floor are in brushed concrete, embellished with recessed elements. A large, neglected rug brings a little warmth out of the water. This bathroom merges a bit with a living room, a big trend in the sector in recent years.

master bathroom ideas

With a few ideas, you can create a luxury bathroom in your home too. Renovation Man can support you in your project, whether you have a small bathroom or whether you want to renovate a bathroom of 6m² or more.

Some other ideas


Luxury bathtubs are usually oversized, with round, square or rectangular shapes. The traditional and still popular claw foot tub can also add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Many of these bathtubs have amazing water jets.

master bathrooms

If your bathroom is small, a small corner bathtub might solve the problem. On the other hand, if space is not a problem, you can opt for a large bathtub for two people.

modern bathroom ideas


Frameless clear shower doors are the most luxurious. Special shower heads provide relaxing streams of water, and many showers now have more than one head.

modern bathrooms

Steam showers

Steam showers at home are all the rage. These are showers equipped with benches and remote controls that allow owners to enjoy the luxurious experience of a steam room in the privacy of their home. It can be complemented with music, ambient lighting and aromatherapy.

modern master bathrooms


Hammered copper sinks are popular not only for their visual appeal, but also for their natural resistance to bacteria. Stone, wood or glass sinks are also very luxurious.

luxury bathroom

Elegant countertops

One of the best tricks that can be taken into account if what you want is to recreate an elegant and tasteful bathroom, is to opt for countertops of a significant size or built in really sophisticated materials that capture the interest of our visitors. without too much effort. It is also important that their design provides interesting lines and formats.

bath accessories luxury

Walls and floors

Natural materials are the most chosen for walls and floors. Think of glass, marble, stone, and wood.

bath luxury

Marble, bronze, glass and wood add a very luxurious look to spaces, especially bathrooms. Marble, either to give life to the countertops as well as to different details, is another option to be very taken into account, especially if it is combined with some detail of golden metals.


Well polished wood combined with stone or marble creates a very distinguished effect, full of textures and aesthetic interest.

bathroom beautiful

The glass, used not only in large windows, but also as shower stalls, also helps to make the space acquire elegance and distinction.

bathroom brand

Dressing tables and cabinets

Many luxury bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, offer two vanities – one for him and one for her.

bathroom decor ideas

Bathroom cabinets are also becoming more efficient and comfortable, with storage space and compartments for all kinds of toiletries and small appliances such as electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, curling irons, irons, and razors. Some have electrical outlets that are hidden when the closet is closed.

bathroom decorating ideas

The incorporation of furniture with quilted designs is another of the best options in elegance. Wall decoration with these elements also helps.

bathroom design


Many luxury bathrooms now have small built-in refrigerators that fit perfectly into cabinets. They are often used to hold chilled wines and other beverages that can be enjoyed while taking a bath in the tub.

bathroom designs

Another gadget that is rapidly gaining popularity is the towel warmer. Imagine getting out of the bathtub or shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel.

bathroom ideas

Believe it or not, flat-screen TVs are making their way into luxury bathrooms as well. The idea of ​​watching your favorite TV shows while you bask in a bathtub is not bad at all.

Separate toilet

Those who don’t have their own cubicle often have at least one wall or screen to separate them from the rest of the bathroom.

bathroom ideas small
bathroom remodel

Heated floors

You can even have heated floors. A mesh is placed under the tiles before they are laid and is connected to a thermostat. When activated, the mesh heats up and the heat spreads to the tiles.


Another important issue to take into account when recreating sophisticated bathrooms are colors, with the best option being black, gold, brown, beige, white and blue. These colors, combined with each other, tend to look very harmonious and bring an air of sophistication to spaces.

bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodels

Marble Bathrooms

It is one of the elements that par excellence makes a luxury bathroom. Since entering this room gives an attractive, spacious and bright appearance no matter what size the bathroom is. Why choose this material?

It has many advantages, some are that this finish lasts for a long time, there is very little chance that it will break, so it is worth investing in this one.

There are also many color variations, not only is it the typical white or gray marble, dare to combine or choose a not so popular color like brown or blue.

Do not forget to give it maintenance, clean it constantly and give it a protective coating every nine months. Some of its main cares are cleaning it with soap and warm water to remove any dirt, avoiding bleaches at all costs as they severely damage this material with these cares you will reinforce its durability regardless of whether you have a lot of humidity in this room.

bathrooms designs
decorating ideas for bathrooms
design of bathroom
designer bathroom
designer bathrooms

The accessories in this material are also of great importance, a sinks, dispensers, wastebaskets, shelves and more. If you add a large mirror, you will have an extremely spacious room. A great place to take a break from the long days.

ideas for small bathrooms
ideas small bathrooms
luxurious bathrooms
luxury bathrooms

Bathrooms with Wood

Never in a bathroom … many might think, but now it is possible thanks to the different variations of tropical woods such as teak, bolondo, rosewood, chechen and more.

These withstand humidity and steam without any problem even if it is not very ventilated or does not have a window.

Caring for the wood is not difficult at all, but I take into account that they need special sealants and paints in some cases a small ventilation system is needed, but nothing that is so complicated.

This material fascinates me, because it gives it a very cozy touch, so one option is to put only one part of wood and the other with a plain color, be it white, blue or your favorite.

luxury baths
master bathroom
master bathroom ideas
master bathroom layout

Add touches of wood in any corner, opt for the floors, steps, beams or even accessories. It is my favorite since it looks minimalist without a doubt one of the modern luxury bathrooms of this season. This is a great option for young people looking to put a new spin on their bathroom.

master bathrooms
remodel a bathroom
remodel bathroom

remodel bathroom ideas
remodel the bathroom

Tiled Bathrooms

Perhaps it is the most common and it seems very irrelevant, but choosing the right colors will make it look luxurious, it is a great trend that hotels have taken to highlight elegance and modernity at the same time.

It is perfect if you like solid colors, by choosing these tones you create a space that looks wide and spacious.

You can create incredible combinations, one of them is white synonymous with cleanliness and purity or totally blue that is serenity or even red, it is about making your imagination fly, even creating very striking mosaics or mixing tiles of different sizes, here we give you inspiration so you can see how it looks.

remodeling bathroom
remodeling the bathroom
small bathroom ideas

A very elegant combination is that of black and white, since you can play with the walls and the tiles, here I give you some examples of how good they look. Even the accessories stand out a lot, a very luxurious mix, do you dare to put your bathroom like that?

small bathroom remodel
small luxury bathrooms
bathroom decor ideas
bathroom decorating

I love this material because it makes the bathrooms look luxurious without so much effort, even if you don’t have so many accessories it is perfect, it gives it a very minimalist touch and even more so if you mix materials such as marble and wood in a soap dish, a piece of furniture or a staircase. .

bathroom decorating ideas
bathroom decoration
bathroom design ideas

To Finish …

All these ideas fascinate me, my favorites are the wooden ones with a minimalist touch and the tiles of different sizes since it makes the space look huge even though the room is very small.

What is your favorite, marble, wood or tiles? No matter what, add accessories that match your style and finish, including towels, rugs, or even plants to add a little color.

Remember that no matter what finish you choose, you need to maintain it continuously so that it looks shiny all the time. So get to work and a lot, success with this new project!

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