100+ Open Kitchen Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Open kitchen ideas

With glass walls, completely open or with a serving hatch. These Open kitchen ideas are designed for everyday use, but also to become the heart of your home. You will want to throw away the walls of your kitchen!

Open kitchen Decor ideas


Open kitchen Decor ideas

This kitchen has gained meters and light by replacing the partition that separated it from the living room with a large sliding glass door with white panels. Thus it enjoys visual connection and a more comfortable passage into the dining room, but can be isolated when necessary to avoid noise or odors. 
VERY LUMINOUS. Ikea Voxtorp model furniture and gray Silestone countertop. Faro Barcelona lamps. 

ideas for small kitchens

IN WHITE AND GRAY For the kitchen, white furniture without handles and an elegant gray countertop have been chosen, and the appliances have been paneled so that their view would be more aesthetic from the living room. In addition, it has the same parquet floor as the rest of the house in order to gain decorative continuity. It is a project of the I Loft You team. These ideas will help you take advantage of your kitchen cabinets . 

kitchen designs ideas

2. WOOD AND A TOUCH OF COLOR They opened the kitchen to the rest of this apartment to “be able to cook with sea views”. Hence the tribute of the Moroccan tiles on the blue parapet. In doing so, the interior designer Mireia Torruella, from Fina Brunet Interiorisme, found herself with a handicap: the column. As he could not remove it, he integrated it into the island and enhanced it with mirrors that also reflect the sea. 
VERY COZY. Furniture designed by the interior designer, made by Sistema Midi de MB. Let’s Pause stools. 

kitchen ideas

AN ISLAND WITH STYLE The island surrounds the column and has a lot of personality, with an oak top that extends like a breakfast bar and an original lamp that adds a vintage touch. 

kitchen ideas

3. MODERN AND VERY PERSONAL This open kitchen follows the same decorative line as the rest of the floor, where anthracite gray and wood are the protagonists. It has gray matt lacquer furniture combined with low wooden cabinets and an oak woodworking wall.
SOPHISTICATED. Furniture and table made by Ebanistería Landa. Lamps by Mambo Unlimited Ideas, at TAO. 

design for kitchen

AN ELEGANT KITCHEN The hood embedded in the ceiling goes completely unnoticed. The oak dining table rests on the kitchen island and is framed by two original lamps. It is a project of In56 Interiorismo. 

design kitchen

4. WITH A SUPER ISLAND It is actually a super peninsula that leans against the wall and has space for the cooking zone, the water zone and a breakfast bar gained by extending the countertop. This kitchen blends in well with the décor, as the white cabinets and paneled appliance fronts blend into the walls and are barely visible. Don’t miss out on other American cuisines . 
WHITE AND WOOD. Furniture from Industrias Muntané. Bell by Pando and stools by Miki Beumala. 

design of a kitchen

A TOUCH OF WARMTH” In order not to see everything so white, we opted for a rustic wooden floor. And we took that same wood to the kitchen countertop and shelves,” explains interior designer Bárbara Sindreu, author of the project. 

kitchen design ideas

5. A DIVIDER CABINET In kitchens open to the living room, it is a good idea to have a piece of furniture or element that makes a transition between the two spaces. Here is the peninsula of MDF and wood that serves as an additional work surface, storage and breakfast bar. It remains open, since it does not have low cabinets, it is very light and does not make the kitchen smaller. 
VERY CONTRASTED. Original furniture of the house. Wooden bar and DM design by Sube Interiorismo.

a kitchen design

BLUE TO STAND OUT The interior designer Begoña Susaeta decided to cover the walls of the white kitchen with the same blue wallpaper as the rest of the floor. So it is framed and stands out more. 

design a kitchen

6. WITH COUNTRY FLAVOR This kitchen is not very large, but the height of its ceiling gives it spaciousness. In addition, they have gained a window and thrown a partition to create a breakfast bar that includes a storage area. 
WITH CHARM. Furniture design of the decorators. Soil reclaimed from Artisans Natural. Zuiver lamps.

design for kitchen

ALL TO THE WHITE To enhance the light, the decorators Loreto Balbuena and Cristina Afán de Ribera have chosen furniture with white panels, matching the countertop and walls. The floor is old mosaic. 

design ideas for kitchens

7. NARROW AND EXPLOITED From dark and small this kitchen has become bright and more spacious. The interior designer Marta Tobella, from Sacum, has been the architect of this change. Your secrets to get it? There have been two: replacing the partition with a sliding glass door and incorporating the laundry area. 
OPEN TO THE LIGHT. Sliding door designed and made by Sacum. The wooden floor is Quick-Step.

design kitchen

LIGHT AND WARMTH With these changes the kitchen enjoys the light all day. The furniture has been lacquered with the Jotun Lime Stone color to further enhance clarity. And so that the environment did not remain monochrome, the decorator has chosen to introduce the wood in the floor and the bar. 
NEUTRAL TONES. Furniture designed and made by Sacum. Pilma stools. Carpet and boards, in Sacum. 

design of kitchen

8. A VERY LIGHT BAR The interior designer Belén Campos wanted an open kitchen, but that the cooking area and the sink were not visible from the living room. He did this by leaving part of the partition to hide from the gaze of these two areas. The bar is open and is made with the same white Silestone as the countertop. It looks great with raffia and iron stools. THE BAR . It is Silestone like the countertop. Neff appliances and Pilma stools. 

designing of kitchen

IN WHITE AND GRAY The kitchen furniture is made of post-formed material in anthracite gray and oak wood. A very modern combination that has the warm touch of wood, also present in the floor of the entire plant. 
MODERN LOOK. BCA Interiors kitchen made by Leicht, in Azul Acocsa. White taps.

designs kitchen

9. AN OPEN KITCHEN WITH A NATURAL TOUCH A modern kitchen , but also timeless. This open plan kitchen boasts an elegant island that extends into a comfortable breakfast bar. The white, handleless cabinets offer an unobstructed view, which finds warmth in the wooden worktop and fiber chandelier. Furniture by Toni Cabello. 

designs of kitchen

FIRE AREA AND OFFICE In this project by the architect Luis Martín Fabregat, the kitchen work area has been planned as a meeting center. Thus, it lengthens becoming a breakfast bar in which wood predominates, which helps to visually separate both spaces and, at the same time, give warmth. Stools, from La Maison. Ceiling lamp, by Natura Casa. 

ideas for small kitchens

10. A KITCHEN OPEN TO THE DINING ROOM This kitchen open to the living room and dining room goes completely unnoticed. To detract from it, he hit the wall. The island – which also has wheels – serves to delimit and separate the area with the dining room, an effect that is enhanced by the wooden slats and plants that camouflage the hood from the living room. A great option if you want to reform the kitchen . Mesa by Vical. Chairs, from Taller de las Indias. Stools, by Pilma.


BONDING MATERIALS The island has been completed with a wooden bar, with the same finish as the showcase and the dining table. Here you will see in more detail how the wooden slats with plants serve as a visual barrier and camouflage the hood. And all the ideas in this apartment in Madrid are just as good. Kitchen, by BLR Interiorismo, Pilma bar chairs and mobile bar, design by Estudio Hoc Volo.

kitchen decor ideas

11. AN OPEN KITCHEN IN DETAIL In this house, renovated by the interior designer Pia Capdevila, the island has been planned as the heart of the day area. And it is open to the dining room and living room. The white furniture combined with wood get an extra warmth, at the same time that it works as a connection point with the long bench that connects the kitchen and dining room.  The wooden stools and linen backrest from Sacum. Zaferano lamps. 

kitchen design

AN OPEN (AND PERFECT) KITCHEN FOR A MAGAZINE HOUSE And, to increase that warm feeling a little more, the furniture at the back of the kitchen, where the appliance column is located, is beige.Leicht furniture assembled by Chef d’Oeuvre. Silestone countertop and Neff appliances. 

kitchen design layout

12. A KITCHEN OPEN TO THE LIVING ROOM WHERE WHITE IS THE BOSS And it is that color is the tool used to give unity to this kitchen open to the living room, but also the resource of filling it with luminosity. Its modern and minimalist design, with paneled and handleless appliances, gives it a timeless look. Pastel accents soften and add a feminine touch. Kitchen designed by kökdeco and manufactured by Ébano. Ondarreta stools. Kado wooden boards. Tray, by Muji. 

kitchen design pictures

OPEN STORAGE (BUT TO ONE SIDE IF you look at the previous image, you will see that from the living room, the kitchen is perceived as clean and without visual noise. On the other hand, when entering the room we see that the shelves are left open, creating a fun game of colors that combines with white. We invite you to see this kitchen open to the living room in detail . Quetzal bookcase, in Ebony, design by Kökdeco. 

kitchen designers

13. A KITCHEN ATTACHED TO THE DINING ROOM AND OPEN TO THE GARDEN If there is one thing that this kitchen boasts, it is the amount of light it receives. And it is that this bass has recovered its luminosity. Even so, the island has been used as a separation between the dining room and the kitchen, but the rest of the space around it has also been designed. Table made to measure by V. Gálvez. Chairs, CH24 replicas and lamps by Kenay Home. Jute’s blinds.

kitchen designs

WALLPAPER IN AN OPEN KITCHEN In order to harmonize the presence of the kitchen with the dining room, Pía Capdevila, the person in charge of this project, chose wallpaper for the cladding. The sill has been protected with the same material as the countertop. Furniture by Leicht for Meine Kutchen. Decoas Stripes pattern wallpaper. Superstudio stools. 

kitchen designs ideas

14. A DISCREET OPEN KITCHEN WITH A LOT OF STYLE This kitchen was conceived as a space to share, which is why the dining table has been conceived with so much presence that it almost outshines the kitchen furniture. Without tall cabinets, simple white furniture and a gray finish worktop have been chosen, in keeping with the lamp that crowns the table. Chairs, by Coton et Bois. Jute rug and IKEA lamp. 

kitchen how to design

THE PERSONAL TOUCH OF CRAFTSMANSHIP To achieve a more personal result, the kitchen windowsill was covered with handmade tiles, which also add a point of color.  

kitchen ideas

15. OPEN A GAP IN THE WALL It is also an option to integrate the kitchen in the living room. There is visual communication and the open hole in the wall allows creating a very practical serving hatch area , even installing a countertop as a bar with stools. Thinking Home furniture and stools at La Maison.

kitchen layout

WALLS TO SUPPORT FURNITURE By opening a gap in the wall to communicate the kitchen with the living room, the advantage is that you have another wall to distribute the furniture. Thinking Home furniture and carpet at La Maison.

kitchen layout ideas

16. A SEMI-OPEN KITCHEN WITH A GLASS WALL And sliding. And, although it can be closed to avoid bad smells in the kitchen, the chosen enclosure is a simple glass wall. A solution that offers the advantages of both systems without sacrificing style. Furniture designed by the architects and made by its carpenter. Silestone countertop and Whirlpool appliances. 

kitchen layouts

A KITCHEN WITH TOUCHES OF COLOR And, although the furniture is one hundred percent white, ornaments such as ceiling lamps and objects on the island have been used to bring a touch of color and, at the same time, a more personal touch in a timeless kitchen. Vintahome stools. Jugs and tray from Batavia. Individuals, cloths and glasses, from Zara Home. Bowl, vase and tables, by Mestizo. Deco & Living Container, Fronda Tray and Pinson Living Tableware

kitchen remodels

17. AN OPEN, WHITE AND DISCREET KITCHEN In this kitchen, a project by the decorator Asun Antó, a discreet furniture was chosen, in white and without handles. The tall cabinets were even dispensed with in favor of shelves, in which they placed several plants to warm the atmosphere. The kitchen furniture is a Coton et Bois design. Stools, in the decorator’s studio. 


THE POWER OF ACCESSORIES To keep it cool, Antó added wooden elements throughout. From the ornaments to the stools. Even the pots are brown, creating a warm and inviting contrast. 

kitchens design

18. AN OPEN AND RUSTIC KITCHEN WITH THE FRESHNESS OF SUMMER In this open kitchen, pine wood is the main protagonist. From the paneled refrigerator to the island they shine in this wood. So that its strength is not eclipsed, but above all it is not burdensome, tall cabinets have been dispensed with. Kitchen design by Estils i Formes. Lenne Bjerre stools, at Stand del Mueble. 

kitchens designs

HYDRAULICS ON THE WALL By eliminating the presence of tall cabinets and in order to add a fun touch to the kitchen, two rows of hydraulic tiles were placed on the back wall. Tiles, by Mira Color

remodel a kitchen

19. VERY RECTANGULAR AND WITH MAXI ISLAND Opening an elongated plant is a success. This kitchen is integrated into the living room, an island marks the limits between each space and also has bar stools. Furniture from Art Cuines, stools from Grup Escrivá Interiors, worktop from Krion and ceiling lamps from Gaudir Lighting.

remodel the kitchen

ADAPT THE FURNITURE At one end of the kitchen floor is the fully integrated dining room. In this area, the furniture attached to the wall completes the decoration of the dining room – as a sideboard with shelves – and fits in with the design of the kitchen. Art Cuines furniture and stools at Grup Escrivá Interiors.

remodeled kitchen

20. COATINGS THAT DELIMIT This kitchen opens to the dining room. The furniture, with a simple line, maintains unity with the rest of the decoration thanks to the sand tones used. However, the floor marks its space. Furniture from Blum, stools from La Maison, dining table and ceiling lamps from El Corte Inglés.

remodeled kitchens

LOW BAR ATTACHED TO THE ISLAND In this kitchen the island is extended into a low food bar, perfect for chairs or stools. The height of a bar in line with the worktop is 92 cm. Higher, the bar is placed at 106 cm and a low – at 75 cm. Furniture from Blum, stools from La Maison and screens in Strange Land. 

remodeling a kitchen

21. THROUGH THE GLASS An interior glass enclosure is a ten solution to integrate the kitchen into the living room and make it independent when you need it. Table and chairs by Andreu World, ceiling lamp by Vibia in Susaeta Lighting, kitchen furniture by Santos Estudio Bilbao and built-in hood in the Gutmann ceiling. 

remodeling kitchen

PRACTICAL AND AESTHETIC DETAILS The worktop is extended to create a breakfast and fast food bar, very practical so that you do not always have to use the dining room. Have you noticed the wall covering? Furniture by Santos Estudio Bilbao, stools in Ondarreta, lamps on the Dekoark bar and Laminam worktop. 

remodeling kitchens

22. GOOD PLANNING THAT TAKES ADVANTAGE OF SPACE The kitchen furniture is arranged in an L-shape against the wall and a storage island organizes the circulation between the passage area and the dining room. Around an island you need at least 80 cm of distance to the closest element.

kitchen decorating ideas photos

MORE LIGHT AND SPACE Tossing the walls in this kitchen makes the whole room look bigger. The geometric print floor delimits the workspace. Omnia model table, Easy model rattan chairs and ceiling lamp by El Corte Inglés.

decor for kitchen

23. TO GAIN NATURAL LIGHT The furniture is distributed in a U-shape and thus the kitchen is delimited although integrated into the dining room and living room at the same time. The natural light that enters through the window reaches the entire space. Cane armchairs from Valentina Shop, chairs from Bloomingville and ceiling lamp design by Carolina Juanes.

decor for the kitchen

DELIMITING FURNITURE One of the fronts of the kitchen divides the dining room and the kitchen as a peninsula. In addition, this is used to install the radiator in a visually inconspicuous place. Chairs by Bloomingville, ceiling lamp designed by Carolina Juanes and carpet by Ikea.

decor kitchen

24. FURNITURE FINISHED IN GLOSS BLACK When the kitchen is opened to the living room, you have to take special care in the choice of furniture so that it does not clash. Black is risky, but the result is elegant and contemporary. White Zeus Silestone countertop, Gala tiles and metal ceiling lamps and stools in Maisons du Monde.

decorating ideas for kitchen

25. THE DINING TABLE “TUCKED” IN THE KITCHEN It is a resource that works when the kitchen is opened to the living room: placing the dining table as a transition element between one environment and another. Table by Elite Diseño, chairs by Ottoyanna and kitchen furniture and worktop by Maestro Canet.

decorations for a kitchen

26. WITH PANTRY This kitchen with a bar  opens completely to the living room. An island with a bar and stools delimits the spaces. An enclosure with wooden and glass doors marks the pantry area. Top Cuines furniture, TST countertop, Cristina Carbonell stools, Luzio chairs and Gra carpet.

decorative kitchen

27. OPEN KITCHEN = MORE SPACE Integrating the kitchen into the living room always grants meters. In this case, a wall separates the kitchen from the hall and is used to attach a light office in a passage area. César furniture, E-15 hood by Pando, custom made table, stools by Varenna and ceiling lamps by Vesoi in Vive Estudio.

designing of kitchen

28. RECESSED CEILING HOOD In this way, the visual continuity between the living room and the kitchen is greater. The use of two finishes on the furniture makes the island less heavy -in white- and the front of the back -in dark wood- gives depth. Design by Vive Estudio.


ISLAND WITH COOKING ZONE A glass front with a sliding door integrates the kitchen into the living room, but allows it to be isolated to avoid, for example, the smell and smoke while cooking. Another success: to attach a table to the island with a plate as an office. Table design by Vive Estudio and ceiling lamp by Pholc.

kitchen decor

29. CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS A low wall delimits the kitchen from the dining room but at the same time it is used to install the taps for the sink area on the kitchen side and is the back of a bench that completes the seating in the dining room. Furniture designed by Gud.

kitchen decor themes

OPEN AND CLOSED FURNITURE The kitchen cabinets are arranged in an L-shape attached to the walls and to make the composition light, closed modules with doors and shelves are combined. Furniture designed by Gud.

kitchen decorating

30. BAR AND DINING ROOM AT THE SAME TIMEA solution of this type with the open kitchen grants meters to the living room in which it is no longer necessary to place a dining corner. Furniture made by Carpintería Rimvara, ceiling lamps by Côté Déco, stools by Pilma, coffee table by Habitat, pouf by Zara Home and sofa and rug by Ikea.

kitchen decoration

INGENIOUS SOLUTIONS That take advantage of the space. The staircase that leads to the second floor of this house is perfectly integrated into the kitchen, taking advantage of the area under the steps with custom furniture. Romvara Carpentry furniture, Côté Déco ceiling lamps and Pilma stools.

kitchen decorations

31. AN OPEN KITCHEN IN A MINI FLAT Gain meters and comfort to move around the kitchen with more freedom. Dispense with walls when the rooms are small is the best solution. Living room, dining room and kitchen follow one another. White lacquered wood finish furniture by MJ Figueroa, chairs by Ikea and tiles by Álvaro Guadaño.

kitchen decorative

32. NO DOORSSo that the continuity between the living room and the kitchen is total. Only a glazing on a wall delimits areas without obstructing the view. Furniture by Gala Tiles, Logos wood countertop, Ikea taps and Madame Stoltz stool.

kitchen designs

INTEGRATED APPLIANCES They are there but cannot be seen. In this way the result is more aesthetic. In this kitchen, the work front is completed with an area of ​​tall furniture and a bacon table as an improvised office on the wall that is free. Gala Tile furniture, Logos wood countertop and Madame Stoltz stool.

kitchen ideas

33. BETWEEN THE LIVING ROOM AND THE HALL Opening the kitchen gave it spaciousness but also at the entrance of the house. Table by Carl Hansen and Chairs by Federica.


34. WITH MINI BREAKFAST BAR The kitchen is divided into two parallel fronts, one with a sink and the other with a hob. To the latter there is a custom made mini breakfast bar , made of wood. The whole kitchen combines wood, black and white. Lacquered oak furniture made to measure and stools in Catalina House.

kitchens design

35. BETWEEN GLASS WALLS The kitchen of this house is integrated into the living room through the glass that delimits the work area and the opening that opens to create a breakfast bar area with stools. 

kitchens designs

LET THE LIGHT FLOW THROUGH THE GLASS The sliding doors and all the glazing that delimits the kitchen visually integrate it into the living-dining room. In this way, it is achieved that both the light that the living room receives and that which enters through the kitchen window is distributed throughout the rooms. Bulthaup furniture, Gutman bell and Neff plate.

remodel a kitchen

360º VIEW This is how the kitchen looks from the living room of this house. The glass walls allow a complete view both from inside the kitchen and from outside. Furniture by Bulthaup, hood by Gutman, fire area by Neff and ceiling lamps by Santa & Cole.

remodel kitchen

36. BLANK AND WOODA very warm mix of finishes for kitchen furniture, perfect for those that are integrated into the living room. White is the perfect companion for wooden kitchens .   Design furniture by Àbag Studio and ceiling lamp by Nordlux.

remodeled kitchen

37. ONLY WITH BASE UNITS This kitchen is very light. The windows fill the whole room with light and allow you to enjoy the views while cooking. Model Line-E furniture by Santos from Estudi Ferran, Neolith stone countertop from Piombo, wall lights from Maisons du Monde, Strange Earth stools and appliances from Neff.

remodeled kitchens

38. A GOOD EXTRACTOR HOOD When the kitchen opens to the living-dining room it is worth investing in a powerful and silent extractor hood to avoid fumes and odors when cooking. Chairs, ceiling lamp, kitchen furniture and stools in Coton et Bois.

remodeling kitchen

39. WHITE MULTIPLIES THE LUMINOSITY And it is also a neutral color that adapts well to any decorative style that the living room has. The pillar serves here to organize the distribution. Antina’s table and chairs.

kitchens designs

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VIEWS The kitchen island extends the countertop as a flying bar and faces the window to enjoy the views. When planning the bar area, keep that in mind. Design by ND Sisseny Interiors with Kvik furniture and Maisons du Monde stools.

remodeled kitchen

40. DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES THAT UNIFY When opening the kitchen to the living room, although the furniture in it is straight lines and very functional, it incorporates some element that creates aesthetic unity such as lamps or stools . White lacquered furniture, cast iron stools and lamp from Coton et Bois, worktop from Neolith and jute rug from Gra.

kitchen remodel ideas 2021

41. WITH SLIDING DOORS AND GLASS COMPARTMENT In this house, two openings with sliding doors that connect the kitchen with the dining room and the living room were opened and the upper part of the partition was replaced by a fixed glass that allows the light to be distributed. Thus, in the center, there is a maxi furniture island with the cooking zone and the sink.

small kitchen ideas 2021

TALL COLUMN CABINETS In this kitchen a front facing the back as a pantry and in which some electrical appliances are integrated completes the washing and cooking area, installed on the island.

open kitchen ideas for small spaces

42. IN SEARCH OF CONTRAST To put a different note, the black countertop contrasts with the smooth finish of the walls and fronts of the kitchen cabinets. Furniture made by Vicenç Torrent, microcement countertop made by Jordi Soler, taps in Peralba and Lamp and Light wall light.

open kitchen designs for small spaces

UNITY IN LINERS Both on the floor and on the walls. It is a resource that works to integrate the kitchen into the decoration when it is opened to the living room. Table made by Vicenç Torrent, chairs and ceiling lamp in Superstudio.

very small kitchen design

43. ALL IN ONE Living room, dining room and kitchen. Together but not mixed. The kitchen communicates directly with the dining room and in turn both rooms open to the living room. Ikea sofa, table, chairs, cupboard and lamps in Maisons du Monde. 

small kitchen ideas on a budget

44. BLANK AND WOOD The kitchen is delimited by the furniture and with a breakfast and fast food area. In the center, an island-style auxiliary unit provides more work surface. Furniture, countertop, stools, island and lamps from IKEA. 

open kitchen ideas living room

45. WITHOUT TALL FURNITURE Lighter. All the furniture is simple lines in white. The decorator Asun Antó designed the kitchen with modules attached to the walls, a central island and a high bar next to the wall in the same material as the countertop. 

small open kitchen living room design

46. ​​THE BEST DISTRIBUTION That the kitchen opens to the dining area is practical because it avoids too long walks when preparing a meal at home. Rivièra Maison stools and ceiling lamp, in Teklassic. El Corte Inglés table, Mis en Demeure chairs and iron lamp made by Ferrox.

apartment small open plan kitchen living room ideas

CLASSIC OR RUSTIC STYLE If you want the kitchen furniture to have a classic or rustic air, go for fronts with moldings and display cabinets with glass doors. It is only an aesthetic decision that does not detract from functionality. 

open concept kitchen living room small space

47. WITH SEA VIEWS Why not enjoy the ocean views from the kitchen? Pulling the walls has completely integrated the kitchen into the living room. The furniture maintains the same aesthetic line as the rest of the room. Thus, nothing is out of tune. Sofas and coffee tables from Rivièra Maison, carpet and ceiling lamps from Cassai Home Fashion and stools from Kok Maison.

ideas for small kitchens

WITH CENTRAL ISLAND The slatted wood cladding on the wall gives a rustic feel to the entire room and unifies the kitchen with the living room. The plate and the sink are installed on the island while the pantry, refrigerator, oven and microwave are integrated into the side front. Furniture from Birgit Müller, stone countertop from Binissalem and stools from Kok Maison.

open concept kitchen

48. IN A PASSING AREA The kitchen is located in a passage area but gains space by pulling down the wall that delimits it. In this way it is possible to install a storage front in the corridor. 

kitchen designs ideas

U-SHAPED FURNITURE It is a distribution that facilitates work in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the central space must be at least one meter to work comfortably and open doors and drawers. Furniture from Meine Küchen and hood from Siemens.

kitchen in living room

49. FURNITURE IN BLUE This kitchen opens to the dining room and the furniture defines its space. In a U-shape, one of the fronts becomes a sideboard in the dining area with furniture that opens to that side. Furniture from Ibirrinafa Kitchens and Bathrooms, Dekton countertop, Crisol chairs and ceramic flooring that imitates wood .

Does the idea of pulling down the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room comes to mind ? Well, in many cases this open concept is a good idea .



Greater sense of space, visual continuity, more luminosity and not miss anything that happens outside the kitchen if you are preparing snacks for the guests.


We could only talk about one disadvantage to consider and that is that when cooking the odors and fumes are easily “spread”. Of course, it has a solution. On the one hand a good kitchen hood (essential, you must invest in it) and on the other there are solutions that open the kitchen or integrate it, but keep it isolated. How? With sliding kitchen doors and glazed windows .


The important thing when you open the kitchen to the living room or dining room is to plan the kitchen furniture, its distribution and aesthetics. First, to make good use of the space and take advantage of that amplitude gained. And second so that the furniture is in accordance with the decoration of the environment. It will be seen constantly when you are sitting at the table or lying on the sofa, so it has to be very aesthetic. In this sense, the lighting in the kitchen also deserves special attention with spot lights over the work area that will create a beautiful atmosphere when you leave them on and they can be seen from the living room.

The islands will make the kitchen area delimited. In them, depending on the space you have, you can install the cooking area, the washing area with the sink, both or just warehouse furniture. If there is a hob or sink or any appliance, the bottom of the island will be at least 60 cm. And if you fly the island countertop about 40 cm you will have a breakfast and fast food bar.

Placing the dining table as a transition element between the kitchen and the living room also works. Think that the closer the dining room is to the kitchen, the better to avoid walks when setting and removing the table and the further away the living room is and, therefore, more preserved from odors and fumes.


  • By opening the kitchen to the living room or dining room you can choose the same floor for all environments. You get unity and a sense of continuity.
  • Can I put wood in the kitchen? Yes! There are specific fireproof and water-repellent pallets. And ceramic coatings that imitate the finish of wood.
  • You can also change the coating on the floor of the kitchen area and you will help to define environments. For example, with a hydraulic tile .
  • The walls of the kitchen do not have tiles. Plastic paint can be washed with a cloth. If it is about protecting the wall… in the cooking zone or in front of the sink, install the same material as the worktop or a strip of tiles that does not reach the ceiling.

Open a gap in the wall that separates the kitchen from the adjoining room or pull the wall completely, but delimit it with a glass enclosure floor-to-ceiling or on a wall are also practical and aesthetic options to integrate the kitchen while It gains a feeling of spaciousness, visual continuity and more luminosity.

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