13 methods to remove wine stains from clothes

13 methods to remove wine stains from clothes

Knowing how to remove wine stains is important, after all, no one wants to lose that special outfit. However, almost everyone makes a mistake that can leave a permanent stain on any piece. Want to know which one? Check it out below and discover the most effective method to remove wine stains and how it depends on your agility.

Soaking clothes: the most efficient method

The secret for anyone who wants to remove wine stains is to be agile. Immediately after the drink falls on the fabric, if possible, soak the garment in water. Not letting the wine dry is essential to 100% recover the fabric.

If you can’t soak it, the alternative to removing the wine stain is to place a paper towel in the area where the liquid spilled. The paper will suck up the drink quickly and you can just wet the area so the rest of the stain doesn’t dry.

By doing this, you will be able to remove the mark on the spot. For both situations, it works to apply soap, preferably white, in the region where the stain is. In a few seconds the stain will be removed.

Other methods to remove wine stains


If the above technique still doesn’t work completely, don’t worry. Because in addition to not having a lot of work to clean again, by helping at the moment you have a great chance of removing 100% the stain from any fabric. Now, you can try some of the options below:

1. With sparkling water


Sparkling water is a great ally to remove wine stains. Those who choose this method can do it as follows: pour the water over the stain and wait a few seconds, letting the stain lose its color. After that, remove the excess water with a paper towel. Effervescence helps to remove stain particles, penetrating well into the fabric.

2. With hydrogen peroxide


The same tactic works with hydrogen peroxide. It is the effervescence that will help break up the stain, removing it from the inside of the fabric. After applying the substance, wait a few minutes for it to act and then wash it off with soap and water.

Another possibility is to combine hydrogen peroxide with neutral detergent. Together, they form a solution capable of removing stains of various types. The ideal is to protect the other side of the fabric, if it is a t-shirt, for example.

To do this, place another cloth or towel underneath, which can receive the stain. Let the mixture act for 30 minutes, and rub the area. Finally, apply warm water to the area and let the piece soak. Rinse in cold water and wait for it to dry. Then wash normally. Depending on the fabric and color, hydrogen peroxide can stain. Stay tuned!

3. With bleach


Bleach is suitable for removing dry wine stains. The ideal is to use a liquid that does not contain chlorine, because the bleach is less aggressive and suitable for delicate fabrics, they do not fade as much.

It is according to the type of wine that the stained garment will react with the application of chlorine-free bleach. The stain may come off completely or be much more discreet in the first wash. Chlorine is indicated only if the first attempt with bleach does not work. The good thing is that you can use the bleach on any color of clothing.

4. With sodium bicarbonate


Here, in this tip on how to clean wine stains, let’s do it differently. Instead of mixing different substances, you will apply the baking soda directly to the fabric and stained area.

Take some white vinegar and pour it over the baking soda. Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse with normal water. Let it dry and see the result. If necessary, repeat the tip to remove the rest of the stain.

5. With shaving cream


Another tip on how to remove dry wine stains is to use shaving cream. You apply the substance directly to the area where the stain is on the fabric. Then just rub with warm water and let it act for a few seconds. Then, inside a bucket, put a little warmer water and let it act. In a few minutes, the fabric will be brand new and stain-free.

6. With cream of tartar


The tip here is to mix cream of tartar with water in equal parts. Apply the mixture directly to the fabric and rub in with your fingers. The substance will moisten the fabric and, little by little, will penetrate the wefts, removing the stain and restoring the clothes’ natural color. This tip here certainly you never imagined, right?

7. With detergent


Detergent use can also be used after the ice technique to remove the stain. In this case, it is suitable for drier parts, where ice is placed on top and water is allowed to penetrate. Then, mixing the water with the detergent will help remove the stain. This tip is more efficient for darker fabrics.

8. With milk


Using milk to remove wine stains only works if it is recent, it is not recommended to use it after soaking or drying. The ideal is to remove the excess wine with the paper right after the event: the paper will suck the drink and prevent it from spreading on the fabric.

Then, pour in the milk and set the piece aside for a few minutes. It is likely that the stain is completely gone. Remember that it is not necessary to put the garment in the machine with milk, but after the milk has dried on the clothes.

9. With salt and lemon


Another technique that works is using lemon and salt to remove the wine stain. The ideal is to put the lemon or salt on the stain, leaving both to act for about an hour. Afterwards, you can wash the clothes with detergent and water, thus removing the excess of salt, lemon and the stain itself. The result is really amazing!

10. With talc


Talc is an amazing ally to remove moisture and any stains on clothes or other fabrics. Then apply the powder on top of the stain and let it act for a few seconds. Then, rub the area with a toothbrush with gentle movements. After rinsing the garment, you will see that the garment will be practically new.

11. With vinegar


Vinegar is an ally for all types of cleaning. In this case, it is recommended to apply it directly on the stain and then add a little water. Leave it on for a few minutes, then just wash it off with soap and water as usual.

12. With white wine


White wine can save your outfit if you’re at a party. Unlike red, white wine helps to neutralize the stain and can be dried with a simple paper towel. It is worth remembering that this tip on how to remove wine stains should only be used in urgent cases. When you get home, soak the piece and apply one of the previous tips.

And be careful, to remove the wine stain, don’t use toothpaste (since it dries, it will worsen the mark on the fabric), much less bleach. Once you learn how to remove wine stains, you’ll be much more relaxed if something unexpected happens. By the way, still talking about clothes, how about learning how to remove all kinds of stains from clothes ? It’s another article that will help you in everyday life.

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