25+Ideas for master bathroom decor

Ideas for master bathroom decor

Are you looking for Ideas for master bathroom decor ? then this article for you

Besides the bedroom, the other room in your home that needs the most attention is the main bathroom. Designing a master bathroom can be a bit tricky as there are so many things you need to pay attention to including the bathroom set, fixtures, and lighting as well. Therefore, master bathroom ideas are very much needed to solve your bathroom problem.

And what are you looking for? Here are 21 master bathroom ideas to help you create the best bathroom for your beautiful lifestyle.

You can choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget. Enjoy!

Ideas for master bathroom decor

1. The elegant bathroom of Carrara.

master bathroom decor

If you want a luxurious and magnificent master bathroom, marble can always give you the right atmosphere, especially when the white Carrara is applied. If you don’t have any windows or skylights inside your bathroom, using this material with excellent lighting will give it a brighter environment.

In addition, the white Carrara can be applied to the wall, the floor, the countertop, the vanity and also the bathtub cover. Apply the material evenly throughout the room to create an elegant master bathroom. Use double sinks with open vanity to enhance luxury charm.

This is actually a high-end master bathroom design that will liven up your luxury suite. With these master bathroom ideas, you will need a large floor plan. But, if you are working on a budget, you can use homogeneous tiles with a marble pattern that is much cheaper.

2. Narrow bathroom alley


The master bathroom doesn’t always have to be that large. If you only have a narrow alley to work with, it is still possible to create a beautiful bathroom. Here are some tips for your narrow master bathroom:

  • With limited floor plans, add an elongated layout by placing the sink next to the tub. To save more space, you can place the shower over the bathtub.
  • You can create a modern and contemporary bathroom with a gray and white atmosphere. Also, use 3D geometric tiles for the floor combined with white tiles for the wall.
  • Adding a rounded mirror over the sink can make the room optically larger.

You can then remodel the small area into a gorgeous bathroom by adding a garden door next to the tub. This master bathroom idea works best for a room renovation on a budget. Or check out the small bathroom ideas to discover more surprising and unexpected design for limited space. Have fun!

3. Combination of different tiles

bathroom decor

Another master bathroom idea can be tackled by exploring the tiles to decorate the room. It is a common thing to use tile for the bathroom, but with a few variations and colors, you can create larger bathroom designs. Bathroom tile ideas will absolutely be a great solution for you!

If you already have a master bathroom, you can start to remodel it by laying new tiles on the wall. Combining white ceramic tiles with some black tiles can create a modern and contemporary atmosphere. Also, cover the floor and ceiling with wood material to highlight the luxurious atmosphere.

Make a built-in bathtub with a concrete finish and keep the other bath simple. Also, replace the bathroom vanity with a simple towel ladder to give your bathroom a new look.

The latter, you can also complement the room with a little greenery and combining different tiles will work for master bathroom ideas as well.

4. The importance of the skylight

bathroom decor ideas

Daylight is also essential for master bathroom ideas. If you can’t have a window, you can probably play with a skylight. Daylight is also good for keeping the bathroom dry and clean. The skylight can be placed over the bathtub or over the showers if it is a bathroom without a bathtub.

To keep the area constantly dry, place the skylight over the wet area (towel ladder and sink area). With this accessory, the bathroom will have natural lighting to create a strong and beautiful atmosphere. For storage, you can use a wooden cabinet joined with a dressing table.

Cement wall tiles combined with wooden floors creating a gray and white atmosphere can be a great design. This master bathroom idea will also work best in a narrow space for a spacious look.

5. Bath under the tree

bathroom decorating

Having an outdoor master bathroom can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a large tree in your home, as the tree will automatically cover the bathroom set. This idea can also be a luxurious contemporary room experience for your bathroom concept.

Install a wooden platform for the floor and partition of the wall surrounding the area. The bathtub can be placed under the tree, protected from the sun. Next to the bathtub, you can add a stool to put the towels. The other bathroom accessories will also be installed outdoors. You can actually replace the Jacuzzi bathtub to get a luxurious look.

This beautiful master bathroom idea will give you a traditional feel and works best if you live in a classic designed home. You can also add a rug in front of the door that separates the bathroom from the bedroom.

6. The sunken bathtub

bathroom decorating ideas

There is always a brilliant way to put a great design on your master bathroom, like building a sunken bathtub. The main concept of this master bathroom idea is to make the room feel more spacious by putting the sunken tub on the floor.

Start by installing the shower next to the tub and lay a wooden floor underneath. It is better to install the shower without a shower cabin. For floors, use the do cement tiles and wall to get a natural look. In addition, you can also use the same finish on the sunken bathtub.

Also, this design works best if you have your master bathroom in a narrow alley with elongated floor plans. The gray and white atmosphere will perfectly match a modern style bedroom.

7. The backyard master bathroom

bathroom decoration

Do you dream of having a patio next to the master bedroom? You can possibly build your outdoor master bath there! Using the stone flooring path will enhance the outdoor environment.

To make the design more beautiful, put some pebbles and other accessories like plants in the bathtub. Placing some accent colors in the space will make the mood brighter. Paint the wall green and match the color of the tub. In addition, you can also add showers over the bathtub while the rest of the bathroom set is installed indoors.

This is another outdoor master bathroom idea if you have a patio to remodel. Contemporary design can also be a match for a traditional home.

8. The touch of brass

bathroom decorations

Most likely, the point of interest within the master bathroom is in the tub area. But if you put a beautiful design, the sink area can be a great place. Using marble combined with brass, the main bathroom will have a modern and luxurious feel.

Use white marble like Carrara or Statuario for the countertop, vanity, and floor. Then you can use brass metal for the sink and also the mirror frame. Try something new with round mirrors and put two of them of different sizes.

Dress The rest of the bathroom accessories using stainless steel finish. This high-end master bathroom ideas will match your suite. For the finish, add a rug for a classy look.

9. The scent of art deco.

bathroom ideas

Do you live in a traditional house or in a classic style? Then applying this art deco scent master bathroom idea will work best for you.

The main idea of ​​this design is to create an art deco atmosphere in the master bathroom through white wall tiles, hardwood floors and classic ceilings. Also, the use of double vanity will also fit this style. Complement the room with some photos on the wall for a beautiful decoration.

You can also place a rug next to the bathtub. To make it more elegant, some of the accessories can use a brass finish. This is a great master bathroom design and you can add other accessories like plants. Or, you can discover more about bathroom design through this bathroom remodel ideas to enrich your inspiration.

10. Herringbone soil pattern

bathroom ideas small

There are other classic style master bathroom ideas. Using the herringbone pattern, white tiles, and colored paint can be a great combination.

It will be a gorgeous floor by applying herringbone patterns on wood. Place combination of white tiles and painted color on the wall. Hang up some photos as decorations. The bathroom set can use white ceramic finishes. For distribution, place the bathtub in the corner, next to the sink, to optimize the room.

Other accessories such as the classic pendant lamp will support the design look. For storage, put a cabinet or some simple tools. This master bathroom idea can match your classic high-end home.

11. Gorgeous curve accent


If you are probably bored with the common type of master bathroom ideas, why not put an attractive new shape in the design. Creating a curvy accent can be a great bathroom theme.

The curve shape can be placed anywhere. For example, if you have a column in the center of the room, you can treat it as a curved shower wall. Using mosaic tiles as a finish is a great complement to the curve shape, enhancing a modern look to the room’s hue.

To make the bathroom more beautiful, add mirrors and other accessories with a curved edge. The wooden double vanity can also be adapted to the interior.

12. Open plan bathroom.

bathrooms designs

A master bath is not complete without a walk-in closet. Usually we will find the dressing room in the separate room. But it can be a great idea to create an open floor plan where the walk-in closet connects,

  • Place the dressing room next to the door. The double vanity sink area and mirror are positioned in front of the tub.
  • The use of white marble for the floor and the wall will give the atmosphere of luxury.
  • Also, you can add a rug in front of the closet area.

Since it is an open bathroom, you should keep it dry all the time. Therefore, you need to put in a shower if you want to have one. Top it off with a glass partition for the shower area to make the room feel spacious.

13. lovely walk-in shower

decorating ideas for bathrooms

Want some top bathroom ideas that might work well without the tub? A beautiful shower can also make a luxurious bath. Try more than just a glass partition for your showers!

Design the walk-in shower area as the best spot for your bathroom by placing an arc geometry pattern on the wall. The beautiful arch shape will create an elegant atmosphere. You can also try finishing bathroom fixtures with brass metal for a high-quality look. For storage, use wooden double vanity with black marble for the countertop.

Since you play more with the shape, keep the rest of the wall simple and paint it white combined with tiles. Create a contrasting look by incorporating a dark tile scheme to strengthen the character of the room.

14. modern minimalist bathroom

design bathroom

Modern minimalist living is still very popular until now as it is easy to build and maintain. If you are one of the minimalists, this minimalist master bathroom ideas will work best for you. The minimalist environment can be approached through these steps:

  • Use white tiles applied to the floor, wall and ceiling. You can use white subway tiles or mosaics.
  • For the floor plan, you can place the shower in the corner, the toilet next to it, and then the white vanity with black marble top.
  • Adding a few hanging plants and a rounded mirror over the sink area can add a bit of an accent to the minimalist bathroom.

This modern minimalist bathroom is low maintenance and low maintenance. With the simple materials, this style can still give the interior elegant and beautiful.

15. Rich in sunlight

ideas for small bathrooms

One of the most important things for your bathroom is sunlight. In the sunlight, the bathroom will stay dry and will save itself from mold. As a solution, you can put an open or interior partition outside. This accessory will optimize the natural lighting inside the bathroom, as well as creating a beautiful shade.

It is good to place the bathtub next to the partition to get plenty of sunlight. Use wood floors combined with marble for the wall to create a modern and contemporary atmosphere. If you have a bathroom without a bathtub, place the showers in the corner of the sunlight.

Many traditional master bathroom ideas also optimize sunlight to keep the room clean. Adding a mirror and a rug next to the bathtub to give more luxurious charm to the interior of the room.

16. Ideas of a homogeneous environment

ideas small bathrooms

The next design hacks you can do to update your master bathroom are by creating a homogeneous environment. This environment is mainly used in a modern style interior. Also, gray and white monochrome, using a homogeneous environment with any pattern and color can be a great design.

Choose a color scheme and pattern to apply for the floor, wall, and ceiling. Leave the other accessories and the bathroom as is. It is better to use tiles if you dream of easy maintenance. Don’t forget to add some adequate lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

These master bathroom ideas can work for a tight space too. Implementing the same material can make the room feel more spacious. Plus, you won’t have to spend too much material if you’re renovating on a budget.

17. The brown emperador marble accent

remodel small bathroom

The other way to design a luxurious master bathroom is by using a brown marble accent like Brown Emperor. As an accent, you just need to put this material in a place as you want. It can be applied on the wall next to the bathtub, the floor or the countertop in the sink area.

Then you can combine this brown marble accent with hardwood floors and white tiles. It’s best to leave your wall paint blank or another neutral color. The walk-in shower can be positioned next to the bathtub using a glass partition.

This elegant setting will match your modern suite and the look is quite timeless. If you have a window, put the marble wall next to it. The sunlight will create a beautiful shadow on the brown marble accent.

18. Put in a jacuzzi!

remodeling a small bathroom

Do you dream of living in a cold part of the country? Placing a hot tub in your master bathroom can be a great upgrade to your lifestyle. To place it in a jacuzzi, you will need a large bathtub with underwater jets to massage your body.

Most of the people prefer to have a hot tub for the hot tub. Install the water fixtures on the wall next to the tub. Also, you can always add a shower stall if you want. For the atmosphere, use wood materials for floors, cabinets, walls and ceilings to create a contemporary and natural Japanese style.

These master bathroom ideas suit the bedroom if you have an open area to allow sunlight to enter the room. It’s also best to use an open vanity for storage, as the humidity level in the bathroom can be higher.

19. Don’t you have a bathtub? Maximize your shower!

small bathroom ideas

Most people will think that master bathroom ideas should always be placed in a bathtub. But a large master bathroom can be without a tub. All you need to do is build the best showers.

It can be a walk-in shower or a shower stall with a shower stall. There are several high-end modern shower fixtures on the market that you can easily install in your master bathroom. For the ambiance, keep it stylish by using the dark gray color scheme and keep it basically simple.

You can also place some other accessories like the vertical garden next to the shower to make the bathroom beautiful. The humidity level will be good for some vegetation elements.

20. Bathtub by the window

small bathroom ideas photo gallery

Chances are, people will love having their own room connected to the backyard. On the contrary, sometimes placing the master bathroom connected to the outside can be a major upgrade to your life.

You can fit a sliding glass door to connect the master bathroom to the backyard. This accessory will also make a semi-outdoor bathroom with a great view. It is perfect to put the bathtub next to the window and the shower standing in front of it. For the floor, you can use cement tiles to adjust the exterior hue.

This master bathroom idea will work best if you dream of having a private and quiet backyard. The modern and simple style will also create a beautiful and natural environment.

21. The accent of graphic tiles

small bathroom ideas pictures

Master bathroom ideas can also use a fun accent, especially if you have young children who will also use the master bathroom in your home. The funky modern vibe can be addressed by incorporating the room with some graphic tiles on the wall.

These graphics are digitally printed on the white tiles. Apply it in the shower area. For storage, you can have a double vanity attached to the sink with a wood finish. Make it more elegant by adding some lighting with the downlight setting on the top of the cabinet. Wooden floors will also match the modern style.

This will also be suitable for you who are undergoing renovations on a limited budget. You can only take out the old white tiles and replace them with graphic tiles. This design can be used perfectly for a family master bathroom.

So, these are 21 design hacks to help you modify your master bathroom. You can always develop these design ideas by adding your own preferences for colors, materials, and accessories.

Having a large bathroom is quite challenging. So you can also incorporate different ideas according to your needs. After all, the master bathroom is the most sensitive place in your life, so you need to take a lot of considerations before deciding. Take your time!

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