Bathroom Towel Ideas: 25+ Ways To Hang Your Towels

bathroom towel ideas

It is not worth that to get out of the shower and leave the towel hanging from the screen in any way. With these bathroom towel ideas, you will have them on hand and with a good smell

bathroom towel ideas


In a small bathroom, finding a space in which to store towels or, at least, have some extra just in case, is not so difficult if you see storage possibilities on each wall. As here. In addition to the typical wall hangers, the interior designer Asun Antó has placed a shelf with which she expands the storage space. Either with the towels stacked or in baskets. A great idea that takes up almost no space. 

bathroom shelving for towels


If you don’t have coat racks or can’t / want to make holes in the wall, opt for a decorative ladder to put your towels in after you shower. It is not worth that to leave it hanging from the screen in any way. Use each rung for a towel and you’ll make sure they dry well and don’t smell bad. 

bathroom storage for towels


If there are several of you at home and you use different towels for your hands, add a more attached towel rail to the bathroom cabinet. Each one will have their towel separated from the other and always accessible. 

bathroom storage towels


If your towels give off an unpleasant musty smell, it is probably because you leave them a mess in any corner of the bathroom after the shower. Error! In addition to not drying well, it will smell terrible. See how to wash the towels to remove the bad smell and, to prevent it, hang them on a heated towel rail: they will dry super fast and you will have them close at hand as soon as you turn off the tap. 

bathroom towel arrangement ideas


If when you decided to reform the bathroom, your choice was a flown furniture, you may have seen your storage space decrease. To solve this, choose a couple of beautiful baskets – there are them with lids – and place them underneath with the sets of towels that you use the most. Beautiful and practical!

bathroom towel hanging ideas


You may think that such a large cabinet will eat up much of the space in your mini bathroom. And it is correct. But you will also have the storage you need to store your towels. Think that if you do not have that space in the bathroom, you will have to plan it elsewhere. A custom furniture can be the answer to your problems.   

bathroom towel holder


If you like to have towels on hand and you get ready in your room, move your beauty products to the vanity area and leave the drawers of the bathroom cabinet for towels. When folding your towels , use the vertical folding method and you will have your towels close at hand, neat and ready to use when you need them. 

bathroom towel holder ideas


Sometimes putting a bathroom cabinet down to the floor can be a mistake, especially when there is hardly any room to move. But to have the towels on hand and avoid filling the space with towel racks that you could hit yourself with, place a low cabinet in the bathroom, like the one in the picture. In the drawer you can store the clean towels and put the ones you are using at the time on top. Although you will lose a little storage by giving up the closet, you will gain a feeling of spaciousness.  

bathroom towel shelves


If you do not decide on a furniture that is floor-length or more open, choose an intermediate solution in which you can store the towels and hang them when you have them in dance. You can add a small door towel rack and hang it from one of the drawers, so you will have more hand.  

bathroom towel storage


What has been the solution for this bathroom to gain storage space? Put a toilet with a built-in cistern. Take a good look at how this bathroom has been designed: a discreet upper cabinet has been planned with the same depth as the built-in cistern, which does not take up space even a bit and in which to store towels. 

decorate bathroom towels


And there is no need for a built-in cistern to fit a closet. This IKEA proposal is super practical. A simple closet above the toilet will take up almost no space and you will have your towels ready for when you need them. 

how to hang towels in bathroom


We think this IKEA idea is great for small bathrooms. The upper area of ​​the door can be a great storage space for storing towels: stacked or in boxes. Add a door hanger for everyday ones. You will see how both solutions do not eat a single centimeter.

storage for towels

13.Rustic towel racks

There is nothing like taking a good bath and relaxing at the end of a long day, and what better than doing it in a rustic environment away from stressful modernity. This style can be achieved with materials as cheap as rope , as well as easy and quick to perform.

storing towels in bathroom

Another idea that I love is to screw some hangers onto a wooden board . This can be done by anyone, and it is also very inexpensive. Perhaps the most difficult thing if you live in the city is to find a tree like the one in the photo.

towel bathroom storage

But there are other more accessible solutions for everyone, like buying some rustic boards and making a shelf as beautiful as this one yourself.

towel decor for bathroom

14.Stair towel racks

Maybe you don’t want to make holes in the wall , or just one towel hanger isn’t enough, that’s why ladder towel racks are a great option if you have space to place them. You can do it with wooden boards, copper pipes, or anything where towels can be hung, you can buy it already made .

towel display ideas for bathrooms

15.Picture frames as towel hangers

It is possible that the previous ideas have seemed somewhat predictable, that you already knew them. But it sure hadn’t occurred to you to use picture frames, or even old window frames, as towel racks . If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, it can be a very cool idea, especially if you put a mirror behind it, or a photo of a landscape.

towel hanging

A picture frame is easy to get, any old you have at home, or buying them in the store. You can make combinations as original as the one in the example, or simply nailed to the wall with enough distance to be able to hang the towel.

towel hangs

Although you can also give a twist and put a window frame as a towel rack using each division as photo holders.

towel holder

16.Original towel hangers recycling

If what you really want is to recycle things you have at home, you can cut the back of that old chair that you have in the corner and screw it to the wall upside down . It is very original and fun.

towel holder bathroom

Another more modern and minimalist idea is to use hockey sticks as hangers. Here this sport is practiced little and it is not usual to have them, but it is just an idea for you to let your imagination fly and use any object that you have forgotten at home.

towel rack bathroom


If you are looking for your bathroom to look with a rustic and original touch, do not hesitate to use a wooden log towel hanger. All you have to do is find a log of the size you want, which you have to sand, polish and if possible varnish.

The size of the wooden log depends on the amount of towels you want to hang, since you also have to adapt some small braces or hooks that will basically be the hangers. The wooden log that will be the hanger, you can fix it firmly on the wall or if you want to give a better style, hang it with some curdas from the ceiling.

towel rack ideas for small bathrooms


If you have a wooden clothes hanger that you no longer use to hang your clothes, then a good way is to use it as a bathroom towel hanger.

But of course you have to give it a few better ones so that it can serve you at least to hang two or three towels. All you have to do is paint the hook the color you want and place small metal hooks in the lower area, so that you can place a towel on each of the hooks.

towel racks for bathroom


For this towel hanger you have to use several small wooden logs of the same size and a rope. The wooden logs that you use can be painted with the color you want, but always keeping in mind a color that combines with the rest of the decoration of your bathroom. Although if you wish, you can use the wooden logs in its natural state.

What you have to do is organize the wooden logs as if it were a ladder, tie them very well with the rope. Each log of wood will be a level of the ladder and each level will serve to place a towel. In the upper area, you have to leave a bit of rope so that it can be used to hang from a safe surface.

towel storage


A jute rope can also be perfectly used to make a towel hanger to give a great rustic touch to the decoration of the bathroom. One of the great advantages is that the jute rope can be used in the decoration of any bathroom and above all that it can be worked in a simple way, that is, it can be given many shapes to create a great hanger.

You can use a rope to make a beautiful towel hanger on the door of a furniture or you can form a kind of ring and hang it in some way on the wall and you can have an original towel hanger. A towel hanger with rope undoubtedly looks great in the decoration of a bathroom that is based on white, that is, it has the walls painted white.

towel storage bathroom


If you do not have space to place the old ladder that you have at home, do not hesitate and use it as part of the decoration of the bathroom. The use of a ladder as a towel hanger is what is currently being seen in the decoration of trendy bathrooms. One of the great advantages is that the stairs are generally made of wood and can be used in the decoration of any bathroom.

To make the ladder look its best, you just have to clean and give some small repairs to the ladder in case it is a little damaged, otherwise use it as is. Find an area in the bathroom where you can lean the ladder next to a wall, where you will have a good amount of space to hang all the towels you want.

With the use of a ladder as a towel hanger, it gives the possibility of showing off the towels to the fullest, making them an essential part of the bathroom decoration and above all that they have a great role. I recommend using a ladder as a hanger, especially if you have well-designed towels that can look like elegant decorative details.

towel storage for bathroom
towel storage in bathroom
where to hang towel ring in small bathroom
towel storage
bathroom ideas for towels

22.Decorative ladder

In this elegant bathroom, a decorative black ladder leaning against the wall next to the tub is an elegant answer to the question of how to display your towels.

bathroom organizer

23.Circular twin mirrors

In this polished bathroom, the recessed mirrors between the double sinks create a dedicated space to maintain harmony and place fresh rolled towels just below the sinks.

bathroom organizer ideas

23.Open shelving for laundry

In this laundry room floating shelves of native wood are installed   that give a warm and thick atmosphere over the washer and dryer, creating a space to store stacks of towels to take along with decorative objects, plants and laundry accessories.

bathroom organizers

24. Rustic stool

In this boho-style bathroom, bath towels were rolled up on the bottom shelf of a rustic native wood stool  next to the tub alongside candles, incense, sage, a salt lamp, and crystals.

bathroom shelf

25. Guest corner in the hall

You can create a place where my overnight guests can easily find everything they need to feel at home in an upstairs hallway including a handcrafted reclaimed native wood shelf stocked with essentials like towels. of clean fluffy folded toilets and rolled washcloths and hand towels stored in baskets.

bathroom shelving for towels

With these little tips you can create a very organized, natural and elegant bathroom that will surprise everyone in your home. Have a good week and get to work!

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