30+ Bedroom Furniture Ideas For A Cozy And inviting Space

bedroom furniture ideas

We offer you several ideas to choose well the bedroom furniture. If you are thinking of changing the furniture in your room, get inspired by these bedroom furniture ideas.

Our room is the most personal room in the house. Whether you sleep as a couple or sleep alone, the place should have an environment that suits your needs and tastes, as well as providing enough peace and quiet to rest. Within the decorating fashions that may occur each year, the style you want to achieve will depend on your choices and the possibilities depending on the size and shape of the room. If you have not been convinced of its condition for a long time or you just want to give it another air and change some things, read on and you will see the many possibilities that exist with Amazon bedroom furniture with which you can renew this room.

bedroom furniture ideas: inspiring ideas and proposals

Storage chest

This piece of furniture has a simple and modern design, which can fit in with various decorating styles. It is made of wood and metal for a sturdy structure and the drawers are made of rigid fabric. It is ideal for storing anything, from clothes that can be folded, to accessories such as belts or scarves and even toys if you use it in a children’s bedroom. In addition, in its upper part you can place items for daily use that you need to have more at hand or to place, for example, a lamp or candles.

modern bedroom furniture


Another source of storage for all the items you need such as shoes, books, boxes, blankets, etc. It serves as a seat to put on, as a place to place at the foot of the bed and leave clothes, as an auxiliary seat … A multipurpose furniture that will come in handy anywhere in the room. The capacity of the interior of the trunk is 120 liters, a great space to keep the bedroom collected.

modern bedroom


Do you need to change your wardrobe? This one that we recommend is ideal for its great functionality. It consists of three doors and three cabinets. In the main compartment you can hang your longer garments and use it to store boxes at the bottom. This space also has an ideal shelf to place folded sweaters or t-shirts. The other compartment consists of a door and three spacious drawers to store other things such as underwear and accessories.

master bedroom furniture

Shoe rack with seat

The furniture that we present to you can occupy a small place in your bedroom to place your shoes and take care of them by hand. It has two shelves for better distribution, as well as a drawer whose lid is used as a seat, since it is padded. The structure is strong and shock resistant, easy to clean and adaptable to the rest of the furniture in the room.

list of bedroom furniture

Headboard with bedside tables

Going further in the world of storage furniture, you can bet on getting a fixed headboard attached to two bedside tables, perfect for large beds. This one in particular adapts to the measures of 135 and 150 cm. The structure is made of good quality wood, robust and that will last over time. You can choose between 3 different wood finish combinations, varying between lighter and darker. The included tables consist of two deep drawers to store your belongings and anything you need to have on hand when you go to sleep. It is a piece of furniture that is easy and quick to clean thanks to its non-porous surface.

ikea bedroom furniture

Wall mirror

An element that should not be missing in any bedroom is a good mirror. Depending on the possibilities of the arrangement of your furniture and the size of the room, you can use small, half-length or full-length mirrors. There are different shapes but the most common are rectangular or oval. In this case we present you a discreet and simple with a white frame. The dimensions are 30 wide by 90 high and it includes hardware to easily hang it on the wall.

idea for room decoration

Vertical shelving

If you have space and you have enough books to place or you just want to give a decorative touch to a corner of your room, you can get a free-standing shelf with several shelves. This is made of metal and wood, you can find it in different shades to match the rest of the furniture and it is easy to assemble. This shelf has 5 shelves of different sizes, the bottom being the widest and the top being the smallest. Its appearance is similar to that of a wall staircase, so it will give originality and personality to the space in which you place it.

furniture for bedroom

Bedroom furniture: 26 ideas to get inspired!

Bedroom furniture not only provides comfort and functionality, in some cases, they are design pieces that print style in that special space. From storage options to the importance of the bed, there are design keys in bedrooms that serve to create more cozy and original rooms. 

But it is not all, if we talk about tips to decorate the bedroom, a fundamental fact that refers to how to distribute the furniture, where the lights should be placed and what is the most suitable color for walls and floors cannot be overlooked. And of course, you do not have to forget the details that can be translated into small design objects, textiles, pillows and even plants.

The distribution of furniture in the bedroom

furniture for a bedroom

A key in bedroom design, decorators and interior designers say  , is how the furniture is laid out. If there is space there is not too much difficulty. The bed should be on the longest wall, near a source of natural lighting and have two support bases at the ends, either small tables or floating shelves.

Storage space and mirrors

furniture bedroom set

If we talk about storage, an easy idea to achieve is to take advantage of one of the perpendicular walls to design a plate or closet. They can be open or closed. The proposals are numerous, there are minimalist of the tubular type in stainless steel or classic style in wood, with several drawers, niches and areas to hang clothes. 

Another option for  bedroom furniture are those that incorporate a mirror, such as a wardrobe or nightstand, they are a great choice as they will help the room appear larger. Mirrors can also be seen decorating a wall or as part of the dressing table

In front of the bed …

furniture bedroom

In front of the bed or on one side there are several possibilities such as designing a dressing room or bathroom, locating a small desk, dresser, sofa, library or TV cabinet.

Everything in its place

bedrooms furniture

A large rug, for example, will help anchor the space. You can choose bedside tables and lamps that extend along the longest wall and take advantage of that footage to place a chest of drawers or armchair.

Take advantage of natural lighting


If there is space in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, you can place a bench that is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also very practical. The bed should always be in the center, leaning against the longest wall. If there is natural lighting, and a large window, it should be placed parallel to or below it.

The importance of the bed

bedroom sets furniture

The bed is one of the bedroom furniture that is the absolute protagonist of the space. In a room there should be enough footage for a queen or king bed, this is 160 cm and between 180 and 210 cm wide.

In the case of studios or studios, there are individual rooms between 80 and 105 cm or double rooms between 120 and 150 cm wide.

The best materials

bedroom sets

The bed can be designed in different materials such as wood, steel or iron. Although there are also them in aluminum, in wicker or rattan.

Modern bed designs

bedroom set furniture

On the other hand, there are beds without headboards; that are industrial and much more modern, or Scandinavian style; that incorporate a headboard or a super long shelf.

A very romantic proposal is the canopy beds, which are covered with curtains. Another more modern are the tatami beds of Japanese origin.

There are also beds with more daring and original shapes: round, floating or as if they were a capsule.

Headboard options

bedroom set

An element that complements the bedroom furniture is the headboards of the beds that undoubtedly add style. There are them for all tastes: minimalist, classic, rustic or design them with recycled objects such as pallets, old doors, among other options. It can also have different shapes such as square, curved, rounded, among others.

The same happens with the type of legs for the beds. They can be turned, cabriolet, corbel foot, saber leg.

Padded headboards

bedroom ideas

The headboards can also be padded, which add a very elegant note or in recycled wood, much simpler and warmer.

The light tables

bedroom furnitures list

Small tables, to be placed on both sides of the bed, can be one of the central visual elements. The simple and linear shapes are perfect for creating a minimalist or Scandinavian style atmosphere. More organic shapes go well with modern or tropical style.

Pedestals and lamps

bedroom furniture ideas

Another essential accessory are table or floor lamps. And something not to forget: you have to include a comprehensive lighting design that illuminates the bedroom efficiently and functionally. The recessed spots in the ceiling are a good alternative.

Armchairs and pouf

bedroom furniture design

As we mentioned, bedroom furniture is used to personalize a space. A chest of drawers, an armchair or pouf can add style and personality with their shapes, materials and design.

Tv shelves and furniture

bedroom furniture collections

Bookcases, TV cabinets or floating shelves are other bedroom furniture options that add aesthetic and functional value.

Bedroom furniture in small spaces …

bedding furniture

Another very practical solution is folding beds. They are ideal for studios, where you have to take advantage of every square meter, and they must be custom-designed. For that, it is always good to receive the help of professionals.

Under the bed…

bed in furniture

A very functional solution, especially in small places, is to take advantage of the space under the bed to store clothes and other objects. This idea allows you to store in a safe place, in a comfortable and practical way.

Chest of drawers

bed furnitures

In small spaces and children’s rooms, a smart way to make the most of the space are the beds that, at the bottom, include drawers.

Keys in bedroom design

bed furniture

The colors on the walls and floors also add personality. Grayscale and white are great allies in minimalist, Nordic or modern bedrooms.

The question of dark colors

bedrooms with painted furniture

Darker colors are perfect in bright, spacious spaces. White does not fail and pastel tones are simple but very elegant options, especially if the bedroom is not too large.

On the floor…


Floor finishes can include a wide range of materials such as ceramic, polished concrete or wood for those cooler, more industrial bedrooms.

Incorporate rugs

bedroom painted furniture

Textiles, like rugs, are perfect in bedrooms. They provide warmth, are very practical and, depending on the type, long, short, modern, rustic hair, they add a cool and personal note. The perfect location is at the foot of the bed or in the center of the room.

In the walls…

bedroom ideas

Walls are a good vehicle to express a style or print a personal touch. Choosing vinyls is a very practical solution, it can be customized to your liking and it is installed in minutes.

Textures and contrasts

bedroom furniture design ideas

Another proposal is to paint some of the walls in a striking color, use wallpaper, or include some texture using a special material such as wood or stone.

Tips to personalize the bedroom

bedroom designs

Hanging pictures, photos and some other object are other possibilities. If you use several grouped images, you can play with the sizes and give it an original touch.

Textiles and bedding

bedroom furniture

Bedspreads, blankets, blankets or duvets are essential elements and should not be missing in any bedroom. The same as the bedding. 150, 200 or more thread count sheets provide comfort and come in thousands of designs and colors. 

The cushions

bedroom decorating ideas

Pillows can complement bedding, which can express formality, harmony and tranquility. Linen, in a blanket, with its softness and freshness, is a good example to achieve this. And if you want color and energy, you can bet on the looms.

Finally, the colored cushions, with geometric, ethnic patterns or original phrases, are also a vehicle that transmits personality.

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