40+ Cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl

Cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl

Are you looking for Cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl ? then this article for you

You don’t necessarily have to have a themed bedroom for girls, just make a cute bedroom, but it turns out that translating this attribute into interior design isn’t as easy as it sounds. A beautiful bedroom decoration encompasses a variety of elements. It’s a mix of suitable colors, illustrations, accent accessories, patterns, textures, and styles. To strike the right balance, first take a look at some of these examples.

Cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl

teenage bedroom decorations


To decorate a cozy and elegant bedroom, you can do it using very light colors. For example, go for a soft color palette that adds texture while keeping the room bright. Not forgetting to put fun ideas like lights around the headboard

beds for teenage girl


This farmhouse décor style is very eye-catching because it incorporates fun country-style colors such as the barn door, the lingerie, and the gold letter monogrammed background wall. 

bedrooms for teenage girl


New trends in decoration highlight the use of patterns on one of the walls and for this decoration the theme of stone was chosen. Another decorative element is the illustrations such as the placement of several paintings or a large painting that helps to frame the headboard, in this project the tulle around the bed was added as a romantic detail, a very subtle idea.

bedroom for teenage girl


All the decorative elements are important to create a children’s theme such as the cloth cloud, a story shelf, a flowery drop, toy baskets under the bed … It is functional and at the same time achieves the country style that is complemented by the flower tapestry wall in the same colors used throughout the room. There is also a mobile on the headboard decorated with large matching pompoms.

teenage room ideas


This shade is particularly suitable for decorations that have a more traditional or vintage vibe. The large roses are on trend and create a very clear approach to the back wall where the headboard rests with handcrafted cushions to give it a personalized decorative touch

teenage room decor


This is an interesting design idea for a room with a sloping ceiling. The idea is to achieve a nice asymmetrical space where the shelves are highlighted in pink accompanied by accents of the same color. It also has good lighting for a desk and a very cozy chair.

teenage girl room ideas


This environment is more youthful and manages to combine a modern style with romantic pink, demonstrating that wall art can unify the styles of the decoration without many accessories  

teenage bedroom ideas


An original and striking modern design has the two beds sharing a headboard that covers the width of the back wall that also has a thematic print of a sky with hot air balloons and leaves the rest of the room open and flexible.

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A girl’s room is cozy and feminine if you include flowers on the wall, pink furniture and accessories, a carpet with a floral print that reminds us of the Shabby Chic style, very romantic and very glamorous. 

room ideas for girls


A nice bedroom decoration with color can also be achieved. This bedroom has lingerie and color accents that envelop the room. The colors are complementary in a way, the predominant one is pink, which was also used to decorate the cushion. And as a theme you can see the wall sconces of flowers and a dragonfly

room ideas for 11 year olds girls

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The girls bedroom can look cute without including all the usual cliches. It’s about adapting the decor to suit your needs and preferences, but also to maintain elegance. 

room ideas for 11 year olds


In this case, the room features a floral background and a side wall filled with all kinds of details creating a gallery as an accent, the canopy with a cushion is a fun touch to read 

room for 11 year olds


Decorate a bright white room with blue and green. For this more youthful style, a hanging chair was added for reading and a ceiling was created that matches the pattern on the background wall.

room decoration


In the case of modern designs, the main idea is to keep the room simple and clean, play with shapes and colors, and place accent details in strategic places. This is an eclectic room with a modern two-tone look.

kid bedroom decor


The same traditional approach can be combined with violet. It’s a welcome contrast that works well with feminine decorations. Pair this color with some bohemian details like an arrow chart, baskets, curtains, and a vintage nightstand.

ideas for room


In a bohemian style, the color palette you decide to use can be more varied. It always works well if you use wildflower patterns and ornamental elements like natural garlands. Decorate the wall with DIY crafts such as coat racks or shelves of the same style and do not try to mix or match everything in the same bedroom. 

idea for room decoration

 @ living.with.lindsey

Add a canopy to the bed to make it more cozy. Match cushions, pictures, lamps, rugs, chairs, and tables to the room’s décor. This is a room decorated in soft pink and beige accents, a popular option that is also versatile with traditional flair.

girls room ideas


In this bohemian style wall decals are a great idea. They come in all kinds of cute designs. Or maybe you would like to paint or draw something on the walls yourself. And don’t forget to add some other cute details too like a desk and floral, patchwork, and / or decoupage patterned fabrics.

girls bedroom ideas


Here’s an idea for inspiration: make paper butterflies and stick them on the wall. You can create all kinds of great arrangements and designs and they will give the room a cute yet elegant look depending on what decor you already have.

girl room ideas

 @ s.design_interior

Another option is this idea that you can create: make paper star garlands and hang them on the wall shelves. You can create all kinds of great arrangements and designs with the theme of stars and include a Moon that will give the room a cute but also elegant look, depending on the decoration it unifies the white with the pink.

girl bedroom ideas


Another trend in decoration is to use a decorative background to create that nice atmosphere. You can present numerous designs before deciding but floral patterns are quite popular, choose neutral colors to be the basis of a wonderful idea. 

designing bedroom


Personalize and decorate with all kinds of quirky details, like wall garlands, framed photos, and cute patterns. Focus on giving the bed an attractive look as hearts are a staple for cute designs.

designer bedrooms

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This beautiful proposal was achieved with the typical combination of colors, tones and textures pink with gray. Complete the look with a gray woven rug and a large pink throw that feels soft and cozy.

decor for bedroom


A small room can also be very attractive with simple details that make you fall in love, such as the large flowers on the wall to one side, a crown in the background and a heart in the center. Always allow textures to stand out in a neutral décor.


If you are fortunate enough to have a girl in your home, be it your little sister or even your daughter, these ideas are for you as they will give you a clear idea of ​​how to combine colors and styles so that your room becomes a place where where you can have excellent moments.

If you look closely, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve what you see in the photos. A lot has to do with creativity, dedication and patience to achieve the perfect combination of colors and even to paint old furniture that you no longer use!

decor bedroom

Pastel colors always look good. Take a good look at the detail on the walls as there are 3 different shades, which creates a cozy and fun space.

cute bedroom ideas for girls

Something as easy as colorfully painted vintage frames to adorn a wall creates a calm and fun atmosphere at the same time.

cute bedroom ideas for 11 year olds

The wall design along with the bedside lamp and cabinet add an excellent touch.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors you never imagined using. Your result can be as good as the one in this room.

bedroom ideas for girls

If your little one is obsessed with The Little Mermaid, this bed is going to drive her crazy. In fact, I think I want it for myself!

bedroom ideas

The slat on the ceiling is magnificent and nothing difficult to do.

bedroom for 10 years old girl

If you have a bed of this style made with a blacksmith, it will actually be very economical and best of all, you save a lot of space for your little one to play. Very useful if the room is not very big.

bedroom decor

Sometimes we think that having something like this done will be very expensive, but in reality sometimes we might be surprised at how inexpensive it can be. If there is a carpenter near your house, go and ask him how much it would cost to do something similar, sometimes it is much cheaper than buying a pre-manufactured piece of furniture in a shopping center and it helps that you support the economy of your community.

10 year-old bedroom ideas


10 year-old bedroom ideas

There are many places where you can buy this type of wall stickers and they are really cheap.

10 year old room ideas

I always wanted something like that!

10 year old bedroom ideas

Remember that it is important to try to recycle old furniture so that you do not spend a lot. Buy some brightly colored spray paint and get started on this fun task. I hope you liked and served these ideas!

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