42m² apartment gains large spaces with the help of panels

42m² apartment gains large spaces with the help of panels

A paneled apartment may not be in your ideal environment plans, but stop everything! Unlike what you might think, panels are items that – believe me! – totally change the look of your home and help transform the environment in a super positive way! It was with this in mind that the Casa 100 Arquitetura office carried out an incredible project. Architects Jose Guilherme Carceles and Diogo Luz had a challenge in their 42 m² apartment.

The project was carried out from scratch, with the site only with subfloor and closed terrace. In addition, there was unevenness and a separate bedroom in drywall. However, even with a reduced size and many modifications to be made, the project gained wider spaces. The key to this transformation was the strategy of using the same finish on the floor, walls and ceilings. Thus, it was possible to expand the space in a modern, minimalist way and with an urban design.

An unusual detail is the green lacquered MDF panels, which highlighted details of the apartment that made a difference in the environment. The result? An architecture of wider spaces that matches all the furniture! Check out:

Integrated environments: more amplitude and modernity



With the new design, the apartment gained wider environments, in an open concept. Therefore, the floor finish was used throughout the space, to give the feeling of amplitude, between kitchen and living room. In addition, the floor levels were also standardized. The decoration, then, is another element that deserves to be highlighted. The grayest color was used on the sofa, cabinets and lamps. Its use also provides the aspect of magnification, in addition to a modern and minimalist location.

Harmony between colors and materials used



In partnership with the company Uzuni Marcenaria & Design, the project came to life with the furniture. All the furniture used is in complete harmony with the rest of the environment, especially with the combination of burnt cement and wood in various parts of the apartment with green panels. The solutions for it complemented all the modern and sophisticated design of the environment in a linear way and with neutral colors.

Lacquered panels hide a closet



Between the kitchen and the living room, the six-seat dining table gains even more life with the incorporation of green lacquered MDF panels. That’s because, in addition to the tone giving that “up” in the environment, it still hides a closet! In other words, combining the useful with the pleasant, right?!

A toilet full of character



Gray is still the main tone of the entire apartment, including the bathroom full of personality. The mirror, which takes the entire length of the wall, from end to end, also improves the feeling of spaciousness and the shades of green match the rest of the environment. Also note that all accessories and items are minimalist, with chrome design. A dash of modernity!

Panels also divide the social area from the intimate area.



In an apartment with green panels, the focus could not be different. To complete the whole environment, another panel was used to separate two areas: kitchen and bedroom. In this case, the bedroom wall was removed so that the green paneled closet could take its place in a more harmonious and well thought out space. What did you think of this idea?

The large window is perfect for the small size environment



From this project you can get an amazing tip for small spaces: have big windows! By having good-sized windows, you provide the feeling of spaciousness to your home, like this beautiful room with neutral colors. In addition, the lighting used is indirect light, which offers a greater sense of comfort.

Bed on the platform and use of led



Here, everything has been strategically thought out so that the furniture and the environment are integrated and create a wider space. Therefore, the use of the platform on the bed offers more space in the room. The tip, in this case, is the use of wood, including pallets. Note that the wood is quite inserted in the composition of the entire space, as well as some touches of color, such as yellow! Indirect lighting, for a greater aspect of coziness, is also a powerful tip for small environments, such as bedrooms. Bet on this tip!

bespoke joinery



As we mentioned above, the project had a partnership with the company Uzuni Marcenaria & Design, which developed bespoke furniture, in a multifunctional way. Everything has gained harmony and can be used strategically in the environment, especially in the bedroom closets. Check it out!

camouflaged environments



The drywall partitions leave for the environments and very well planned furniture enters to create a camouflaged environment. This means that, between one environment and another, the apartment with green panels was designed to contain closets and other items that hide other spaces. In this image, for example, a closet and a bathroom are hidden under the black panels. The technique is very useful even for small environments and can offer a super cool decoration for you!

En-suite bathroom, small and minimalist



The double bathroom is also not left out and integrates the entire color composition and look of the apartment. In this environment, the use of black and yellow also made all the difference to break the more monotonous gray of the space and bring it to life. Even so, all the details are minimalist, from the plant of the bench, to the texture of the wall inside the box. Does it make you want to have one like it out there?

After seeing in detail the project of this apartment with green panels and very urban, can you imagine that it has only 42 m²? It’s quite deceiving, right? That’s why a well-designed architecture and design can give any aspect to your environment, as long as it’s done by good professionals and with a touch of creativity. This space proves that the panels with colors that replace walls and hide new environments are key pieces in small environments and the right measure for a modern, intimate and much larger apartment!

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