Reading: Ideas For Living Room Wall Decor: 45+ Ideas For A Creative And Simple Wall Dec

Ideas For Living Room Wall Decor: 45+ Ideas For A Creative And Simple Wall Dec

ideas for living room wall decor

If you are looking for Ideas for living room wall decor and you want to update their appearance easily, it is time to buy new decorative accessories. These will allow you to create a defined focal point, which will give dynamism and personality to the space. 

A work of art such as a painting, a wall mural, a shelf or a colorful mirror can be some perfect options. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Ideas for living room wall decor

If you want to decorate the walls of your living room with paintings, you can choose between different styles, sizes, colors and materials, therefore, the first step is to identify what would best match the walls and furniture of your space. Take into account for this the colors, the size of the space and the decorative style of the home in general. 

Decorative Paintings or Altarpieces

This decorative option is a trend in the world of interior decoration and design, due to its practicality and versatility. The main characteristic of these decorative pieces is that they are made of adhesive on MDF, which guarantees greater support and durability.

wall decoration ideas
Decorative Pictures | Adazio
wall decoration
Pictures for the living room | Decorative Altarpieces
modern wall design
Decorative Altarpieces | Pictures for the living room

You can find a wide variety of decorative altarpiece designs ranging from realistic images, abstract designs, to minimalist pieces. Even if you have a special image in mind, you can create custom pieces, great, don’t you think?

Pictures with glass printing

If you are looking for an unconventional decoration, you can choose paintings made with the technique of printing on glass. This is a way to accompany the decoration of the walls of small rooms and fill them with an authentic and modern style.

modern wall decor for living room
Via @Etsy

Several plastic artists have also adopted the technique of painting on glass for the elaboration of striking and authentic works of art.

modern wall decor

Via @sjweinberg

They are a perfect idea to captivate the attention of your family and friends when they visit your home. 

modern wall art
Wall decoration in rooms | Via Pinterest @soilgrower

Oil Paintings

This is one of the most traditional options in interior decoration, undoubtedly the paintings made using the oil on canvas technique are pieces that over the years do not tend to devalue. On the contrary, they are paintings that, according to the artist who painted them, tend to increase in value.

modern wall art decor
Paintings for Modern Living Room | Via Pinterest @dhgate

A particular tip when choosing the frame is that it be less wide than the sofa and try not to be too close to the ceiling or the furniture, an estimated distance is about 15 or 20 centimeters above or below these.

wall decorator
Pictures for the Living Room | @nordicwallart

Wall murals

Adhesive wall murals are the perfect option to create enveloping spaces full of personality, with this type of decoration you can cover a wide space and enrich it with different visual elements.   

wall decorations
Wall murals for the living room | Via Pinterest @BRICONEO

This type of decoration is very practical and versatile, the installation will not take more than a few minutes and you can remove it without any problem. 

wall decoration ideas
Room Decoration | Via Pinterest @billionhands_com 
wall decoration
Room Decoration | Tropical Safari Adazio Wall Mural

Decorative Vinyls for Rooms

A simple and innovative way to renew the appearance of the walls of the room, is to use decorative vinyl. The adhesive vinyls that we handle at Adazio are easy to install and even customize in terms of color and size. 

wall decorating ideas
Decorative Vinyls Phrases and Texts | Room Decoration
wall decor ideas
Decoration of Small Rooms | Decorative Vinyls Mandalas

We invite you to discover our wide catalog of designs that adapt perfectly to any decorative style of the home: floral , geometric , mandalas , world maps , phrases and texts .

wall decor
Modern Room Decoration
room ideas
Adhesive Vinyls to Decorate Rooms
room decorator ideas
Decoration of Small Rooms with Adhesive Dreamcatchers
room decorating ideas
How to decorate the walls of the room? | Floral Decorative Vinyls
room decorating
Modern Room Decoration | Floral Pattern Vinyl Stickers
room decor ideas
Phrases and texts | Living Room Wall Decoration

Decorative accessories for rooms

If what you are looking for is to make a small renovation of the walls of your living room, it is a matter of buying new decorative accessories, such as: clocks, shelves, mirrors and others. These are some ideas that we want to share with you:

Wall clocks

Wall clocks will always be a perfect and functional element to accompany the setting of a room. Currently you can find a variety of designs, sizes and shapes, ranging from the most classic and traditional, to the minimalist and modern.  

room decor
Wall Clocks | Via Pinterest @kenayhome
living rooms
Wall Decor | Via Pinterest @Venettohome
living room wallpapers
Modern Clocks | Via Pinterest @Ikea

Decorative Shelves for the living room

The shelves are another of the key decorative elements if your intention is to take advantage of the space a little more and give a more modern air to the decoration of the walls of the room. 

living room wallpaper ideas
Floating Shelves | Via Pinterest @triitzu

The minimalist floating shelves allow you to give a modern and avant-garde touch to the decoration of your home, as well as having an additional space to place books or perhaps family photographs. 

living room wallpaper
Decoration of small rooms | Via Pinterest @verituta

The shelf designs are so varied, full of shapes and colors, that it will be very easy for you to find the design that suits you perfectly.

living room wall design

Shelves to Decorate the Room | Via Pinterest @homecentercl

Mirrors for living rooms

Mirrors have the particularity of expanding and gaining the visual space of a place, so if you have a small room, a mirror should not be missing in your decoration. 

living room wall decorations
Decorative Mirrors | Via Pinterest @sorayainteriors
living room wall decor
Room Decoration | Via Pinterest @pipilove
living room wall art
Modern Mirror Ideas | Via Pinterest @ Mueblesvalencia1
living room ideas
Decorative Mirrors | Via Pinterest @homifyco
living room decorations
Ideas to Decorate the Room | Via Pinterest @dwellmagazine

Decorate room walls with natural materials 

For the end we have left the ideas of renovation for the most daring, for those who seek a total renovation of the space. So if you identify yourself, the question is: Would you dare to use natural materials such as wood, stone or glass to cover the walls of your room?

Wood Coatings

The wood paneling for the walls of the room adds warmth and closeness to the space. It is a great idea if you live in a place with a cold climate, since wood has the property of thermally insulating the place.  

living room decoration
Wood Wall Cladding | Via Pinterest @Woodna_maderas_naturales
living room decorating ideas
Interior Design and Decoration with Wood | Via Pinterest @homifymx

The ideas of how to use wood are endless, you can make a mosaic with wood fragments and cover the entire wall or make different compositions, with the help of different materials.

living room decorating
Modern Rooms | Via Pinterest @holacom

Wood has a wide versatility of use and characteristics, it will depend on your style and size of the space to choose the type of wood: oak, pine, cedar, cherry and others. 

living room decor ideas
Decoration with Wood for Rooms | Via Pinterest @ARTESANIAGP

Decorate Living Room Walls with Metal Divisions

Metal partitions are very practical to renew the interior decoration of many homes that have a unified living-dining room space. These divisions allow you to separate each of the spaces and assign a specific decoration for each one.  

living room
Metal partitions for rooms | Via Pinterest @pufikhomes

You can design partitions with geometric patterns or encourage yourself to create functional partitions that allow you to store items such as magazines, books, photographs and vases. 

ideas with wallpaper
Gold Metal Divisions | Via Pinterest @ yuhansu0528

Decorate Living Room Walls Stone Cladding

Stone wall tiles are an excellent idea to enrich the decoration of the space with the different textures of this material. Lighting plays an important role, as it helps to create a much more enveloping and harmonious atmosphere. 

ideas for wallpaper
Stone Cladding | Via Pinterest @miloarchitect
decoration of living room
Stone Walls for Rooms | Via Pinterest @carolinamunozcm

Decorate Living Room Walls Walls with Exposed Concrete

Exposed concrete is very characteristic of the industrial style, also known as the loft style. It is a decorative style that has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry. 

decorating ideas living room
Industrial type rooms | Via Pinterest @casaejardim

One of the great advantages of this decorative style is that it is timeless and eclectic. A Louis XV chair, rustic furniture and some colorful accessories can coexist without any problem in the same space. 

decorating ideas for living room
Room Decoration | Via Pinterest @revista_casa_claudia
decorating a living room ideas
Industrial style rooms | Via Pinterest @casadevalentina

Decorate Living Room Walls with Exposed Brick

If your intention is to use visible brick on the walls of your room, it is advisable to have a good entrance of natural light, as well as several sources of artificial light, since this type of walls will reduce lighting. 

decorating a living room
Rooms with Visible Brick Walls | Via Pinterest @estofospt
decor room
Industrial Style Decoration | Via Pinterest @coussindedcoration
living room wall decor ideas
Pictures For The Living Room | Via Pinterest @ barbarab0352

Also keep in mind that you can paint this type of wall the color you want. In this way, we will achieve greater lighting and preserve the texture of the brick. 

art for wall
Modern Room Designs | @MichaelMarie
living room wall decor
Modern Room Decoration | Via Pinterest @delikatissen

Tell us what was the idea about how to decorate the room that you liked the most? Leave us in the comments on which topic you would like to receive more useful and practical home decoration ideas.

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