5 porcelain tile options for swimming pool and tips to apply

5 porcelain tile options for swimming pool and tips to apply

Porcelain is one of the most used coatings in many architectural projects due to the variety of colors, textures and versatility. But, are there specific models of porcelain tiles for swimming pools? The architects Elisa Gadret and Tamires Gomes Silveira answered this question and indicated the most suitable types of porcelain for the external and internal area of ​​the pool. Check out!

Can you put porcelain tiles in the pool?

According to the architect Tamires, it is possible to apply porcelain tiles inside and outside the pool. Only “we must pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendation, as the porcelain tiles used around the pool must be non-slip with a preferably hard finish, with a rough surface that prevents falls”.

5 best porcelain tiles for swimming pools that prove their versatility

Whether inside the pool, on the edge or around it, porcelain tiles add an exquisite touch to any project. So, check out the best porcelain tiles for swimming pools mentioned by the architects:

  • Woody porcelain: this type of porcelain can be used on the outside of the pool. According to Tamires, “wood is among the most used, such as SCENE BE with a hard finish in the 26X260 cm format that can be laid in between, enhancing the appearance and giving it a natural look”. Architect Elisa informed that the “value of porcelain tiles for outdoor areas varies between R$ 120.00 to R$ 250.00 per square meter”, depending on the type of material.
  • Non- slip porcelain: as advised by Tamires, porcelain tiles indicated for “the area around the pool must be non-slip and preferably with a hard finish”, as they are ideal for wet areas such as pools to prevent falls. The value of the coating varies according to the size, however, the professional informed that it costs from R$ 144.90 to R$ 390.00 per square meter.
  • Cement porcelain tile: for the outside and edge of the pool, Elisa recommended cement tile and non-slip. “There are porcelain tiles for external areas, called hard that can be used for edges and for the pool area. However, one should be careful about the issue of being athermic (which does not heat up with the sun). If it is light in color, possibly it can be used”. The architect informed that the value varies between R$ 120.00 to R$ 250.00 per square meter.
  • Pads: the pads are usually good value for money, and according to Elisa, the porcelain pad is very suitable for the internal lining of the pool. “The value varies according to its size, it can be 5×5 cm or 10×10 cm with a value between R$99.00 to R$120.00 per square meter. Other options for the inner part of the pool would be the 5×5 cm glass tablet, with a value of R$250.00 per square meter and the 10×10 cm volcanic stone, with a value of R$220.00 per square meter.
  • Porcelain tile that imitates natural stone: Tamires commented that “another type of coating widely used around swimming pools are those with a natural stone appearance, such as MOUNT CLEMO SGR, also with a hard finish”. This coating costs an average of R$ 214.00 per square meter and leaves the outdoor area with a charming and elegant finish.

Tamires explained that for the interior of the pool, it is customary to use porcelain tiles with smaller formats, 20×20 cm, for example. “Some brands have pieces with a rounded shape for application on the edge. Today we can see that it does not stop at just blue or green porcelain tiles for the interior of the pool. There is a freedom in the projects that allows us to use porcelain tiles of different colors, thus giving an effect different from the casual blue”.

20 photos of a swimming pool with porcelain tile for an impeccable finish

Now that you know which types of porcelain tiles are suitable for the outdoor and indoor area of ​​the pool, check out amazing photos that will serve as inspiration for your project:

1. Porcelain tile can be used around and inside the pool


2. It all depends on the choice of material


3. For the inside, you can use porcelain tiles


4. Now on the outside, the ideal is to choose a non-slip floor


5. Thus, it prevents falls and accidents


6. You can choose the edge and clear floor around the pool


7. To convey warmth and spaciousness to space


8. Making the environment beautiful and sophisticated


9. Another option is to choose edges made of athermic cement.


10. Because they have technology that does not retain heat


11. Woody porcelain is one of the most used


12. To enhance the outdoor area of ​​the pool


13. And transform the leisure area with a lot of sophistication


14. The woody deck can be combined with light shades of porcelain


15. Just like the edge of the pool made of marble


16. And other shades of athermic woody porcelain tile


17. Which match with tiles coated in the pool in shades of green


18. Porcelain tiles for swimming pools are very versatile


19. Just choose the model indicated for each area


20. And create an amazing, comfortable and safe project!


Following the architects’ tips, it is possible to create a beautiful, sophisticated and cozy leisure area to enjoy family moments. Enjoy and check out amazing pool landscaping ideas and make the environment even more welcoming!

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