5 tips for using tile paint for the best results

5 tips for using tile paint for the best results

At certain times, it is necessary to leave the environments with a new face. If you want to change the bathroom or kitchen , know that the first step is to change the color. So, learn about tile paint and renovate your environment with joy!

Recommended types of tile paint


When changing the color of the decoration of the environment, it is necessary to know which paint is suitable for each surface. That’s why it’s essential to select the ideal dye to avoid future problems. So, check out tile paint options:

  • Water-based epoxy: easy to apply and fast drying. This type forms a highly durable film on the tile. Thus, it is simple to clean and can have frequent contact with water.
  • Multi-surface: it has anti-mold protection and is fast drying. In addition, it leaves a satin finish and is water-based, making painting easier and avoiding a strong odor of paint in the environment.
  • Catalysable Epoxy: is a solvent-based enamel with excellent strength and durability. So it has a good finish. But be careful, because its smell is strong. It is recommended to use a mask during application.

Using the correct type of paint, you guarantee a quality painting and avoid inconvenience in the future. So change the color of the tiles and transform your home decor!

How to choose the ideal tile paint and tips that will help you

Before choosing the ideal tile paint, it is important to pay attention to some information and care. Knowing the best paint for each space and its durability are essential information. So, here are some tips that will help you a lot:

What is the ideal ink?


Although there are other options, one of the best paints for painting tile is water-based epoxy, because it is easy to apply and is simple to clean. Therefore, it does not peel off in frequent contact with moisture.



The durability of the paint on the tile varies, approximately between 1 to 2 years. This depends on care, hygiene and which room the wall is. So take good care of your painting to prolong its durability.

bathroom tile painting


As the bathroom is a humid environment, it is important that water resistant dye is used in this area. So, do a lot of research before making your purchase.

Price average


The value varies according to the brand and quantity of product per can. That is, it is important to have a sense of space to avoid headaches. But in the case of 1 L of ink, the approximate price variation is between $130.00 and $60.00 (prices can change, so do a lot of research before separating the budget).

Precautions before applying the paint


It is necessary that the tile be cleaned and degreased before applying the new paint. Preparing the environment is important, because the finish looks more beautiful. So, use a sponge and clean the area. And don’t forget the grouts!

Following these tips and care, the tile painting will certainly have a perfect finish. In addition to changing the color will bring much more life to the environment!

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