5 unmissable tips to grow your peacock maranta

5 unmissable tips to grow your peacock maranta

Among domestic plants , the Peacock maranta (Calathea makoyana) stands out for its beauty and size. Its leaves mix different tones, like the peacock’s tail, hence its name. To learn more about this species, we spoke with plant expert Angela Cristina from the Flower of Camomyla page .

How to care for peacock maranta

To keep your maranta strong and healthy, it’s important to follow a care routine. So, take advantage of the expert’s information and write down the tips:.

  • Environment: according to the specialist, marantas are plants that “like semi-shade”, so “do not leave them in direct contact with the sun, as their leaves burn”.
  • Ideal climate: it’s not just the direct sun that hurts the peacock maranta. Angela explains that “you need to protect your maranta well during the winter”. She also gives a tip: “this plant likes fog, not too hot and not too cold air”.
  • Substrate: in this regard, the specialist clarifies that this plant prefers a “sandier, looser substrate that maintains moisture in the leaves”. She advises the use of “good quality substrates”.
  • Seedlings: “she doesn’t grab branches”, warns Angela Cristina. He goes on to say “that you need to divide the clumps, as this is the most suitable way to grow seedlings”.
  • Pruning: pruning is simple, the gardener says that it is necessary to “dedicate about five minutes a day to check the condition of the leaves”, as pruning should be carried out “on the leaves that do not look healthy”.

With these amazing tips, your plant will thrive for a long time! Therefore, be sure to apply them in the care of your maranta.

Learn more about the peacock maranta

Now, check out some illustrative videos that demonstrate in practice many of the tips mentioned above. Enjoy!

Peacock Calathea: CARE GUIDE

10 decoration photos with peacock maranta to beautify your home

How about some images with great decoration ideas involving the peacock maranta? Check out!

1. The peacock maranta is perfect for decorating your table


2. Versatility makes it a great choice for a variety of environments


3. The species is very popular in Brazilian homes


4. Also suitable for corner spaces


5. Your rest will be much happier with an amaranth


6. Larger vases enhance their strength in rooms


7. The moss ball is a great vase option


8. How about a macramé for your little plant?


9. Peacock maranta matches bolder items


10. Bet without fear on this plant to enchant your home!


After learning about this very special species, you probably have a lot of decorating ideas. Also check out Pleomeles , another great decorative plant for indoors!

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