Bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms

50+ bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms

Are you looking for Bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms , then this article for you

Choosing the coatings of the house can be a bit complicated due to the wide variety of options that exist in the market, but we must be careful and study with precision the characteristics of each room and environment of the house to be able to make the best decision, in this In case we will talk about the bathroom.

The bathroom is a humid space, small in size and sometimes with little light, so it is no coincidence that tiles are the first option to cover your floors and walls, thanks to the many advantages that tiles offer: 

  1. Variety 
  2. Resistance 
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Prices accessible to any pocket

In today’s article, we will see different combinations and styles of tiles for small bathrooms that will fill you with great ideas and a lot of inspiration, through the following images of the projects carried out by  our professionals. Take note of these tiles for small bathrooms: designs and combinations …

Bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms

How to choose tiles for a small bathroom?

tile design ideas for small bathrooms

To choose  the correct tiles for our small bathroom , we must take into account several factors, being the size of the space and the amount of light it receives, the most important points.

In small bathrooms, the choice of neutral colors will always be the most successful, since they are ideal to provide sensations of spaciousness and light while also adding a dose of warmth to the environment. This is especially attractive since, due to the characteristics of the tile, it can generate a cold and unwelcoming environment.

The ideal size for a small bathroom tile

tile bathroom

Tips for choosing the size ideas of small bathroom tiles ( short brief more in the end of the article )

  1. The size of the tiles also greatly influences the aesthetics of the bathroom.
  2. Those tiles that are medium in size should be avoided as much as possible, preferring the ends: either large or small.
  3. Large and large format tiles, the latter are a trend in the decoration proposals this year, they manage to give a sense of continuity in the space. Placing the tiles in the small bathroom vertically will make the bathroom look taller than it actually is, while placing them horizontally will shorten the height.
  4. In the case of narrow bathrooms, the tiles should be placed parallel to the smaller wall of the bathroom in order to widen the space.

Subway style tiles for small bathrooms: they are a trend

bathroom ceiling ideas

Among the favorite formats of recent years and to this day, subway-style tiles are very attractive and perfect for a small bathroom; They have an exceptional brightness and can be distributed both vertically and horizontally, providing a fantastic retro touch to the bathroom decoration.

Types of tiles for small bathrooms

bathroom tile

What type of tile is ideal for a small bathroom? At the beginning of this idea article, we mentioned that there are a wide variety of tile options, the most prominent of which are the following.

Ceramic tiles: they are the most popular in the interior of the bathrooms. These tiles are easy to maintain and clean, as well as being the most economical option for covering bathroom floors and walls.

Porcelain tiles: with similar characteristics to the previous ones, porcelain tiles are more expensive but are of better quality, which makes them well worth investing in them.

Hydraulic tiles for small bathrooms

bathroom tile ideas

Hydraulic tiles: provide a very original aesthetic to the decoration of a bathroom. Being a small space, these tiles, thanks to their fascinating designs, manage to give an effect of depth and dynamism that translates into having a visually larger bathroom. These tiles have a standard measurement of 20 x 20 centimeters.

Wooden tiles for small bathrooms

bathroom tiles

Wood tiles are the ideal alternative to give the touch of warmth and elegance typical of this material in small bathrooms. Natural wood can be difficult to maintain in the interior of a bathroom due to the humidity in this room, which makes the option of laying tiles that imitate the beauty of its veins and colors extremely attractive.

Ideal tile combinations for a small bathroom

bathroom tiles design

The combination of tiles can also help you achieve a more attractive design that manages to disguise the small size or the little amount of light that your bathroom may have.

Identical tiles on floors and walls: this is one of the most used combinations for its simplicity, as well as providing a sense of continuity throughout the bathroom space.

Tile combination in the shower area of ​​a small bathroom

bathroom with tile

Striking tiles in the shower area: having a small bathroom we must find alternatives that make it original and with personality, managing to generate a point of interest in a small space. A good option is to place tiles of a striking color or of a different size in the area of ​​the shower to generate contrast. You must take into account that the shower screen is transparent to achieve the effect.

Combination of tiles with paint in the bathroom

designer tiles for bathroom

Half tile, half paint: If you feel that too many tiles are too cold in your bathroom environment, you can choose to place them halfway up the wall. The choice of paint color can be of a subtle contrast so as not to cause a lot of noise in the decoration of the space.

Large and small tiles in a narrow bathroom

ideas for bathroom ceilings

Large and Small Tiles – Combining different tile sizes will create a dynamic feel to your layout. Ideally, you should place the large tiles in the lower part of the bathroom. This distribution will seem that there are two different environments.

Tile them dark for a small bathroom

tile bathroom ideas

Dark tiles to add depth to the bathroom: When dark colored tiles for the back wall of the bathroom are combined with light colored tiles on the side walls, the bathroom will look wider and deeper than it actually is.

The right heights for tile placement in a small bathroom

tile bathroom wall

To place the tiles in the bathroom correctly, there are three heights that can be used:

  1. From floor to ceiling up to 2 meters 
  2. From floor to ceiling up to 1.80 meters considering the height of the plinth 
  3. And a third of 1.10 meters from the floor (this is the ideal when the tiles are going to be placed in the middle of the wall).

Tiles as an alternative full of creativity and personality for all budgets

tile bathrooms

Tiles are the best alternative to transform the appearance of any bathroom, since they are not only easy to care for and maintain, but also offer a wide range of possibilities to be combined in different sizes and colors, some have texture which is very attractive and eye-catching like the trendy 3D tiles.

A modern small bathroom

tile bathrooms ideas

You can also place pieces that imitate the appearance of natural materials such as stone, in the case of the latter there are natural stone tiles, but their cost is very high although it is worth investing in them.

Depending on the style and budget we have, we will always find options full of creativity and personality to give a small bathroom a luxurious appearance.

Which combination of tiles is your favorite?

Know is the fun

Tips to How to choose the best tiles for your bathroom

There are decoration resources that you can use to visually increase the space, such as the use of coatings, colors or specific surfaces that generate this sensation.

As for the bathrooms, tiles are the most used material for flooring and cladding due to their resistance to humidity, ease of cleaning and variety of formats. Here we detail the characteristics that you should look for in this material to use in a small bathroom and make it feel bigger.

Use light colors

tile for bathroom

White is the most chosen color for bathrooms because of the sensation of cleanliness and purity they provide, which is very necessary in a service space like this one. In addition, white and light colors increase the light in the environment and therefore, it is perceived as a larger space.

You can achieve a totally white space in which the elements that are not will stand out, or choose cream or pastel tones to give it more personality and add color.

Use oversized tiles

tile for bathrooms

Although it may seem strange, in a small space large-format tiles work very well, since you can use them to visually lengthen the space. By using rectangular pieces, the space will be visually enlarged by the direction of the longest sides of the pieces.

If you want to increase the length of your bathroom, for example, place the pieces towards the back of the room, making the joints direct the gaze there.

Or also small tiles

tile in bathroom

You can go to the other extreme and choose small tiles for your bathroom, as the contrast in scale between the texture and the artifacts will make the space look bigger.

In addition to helping the spatial sensation of your bathroom, the pattern generated by small tiles, especially if they are of interesting shapes such as circles or hexagons, will give your bathroom a cladding loaded with style.

Highlight a wall

tiled bathrooms

To generate a virtual separation and add dimensionality to your space, you can use the feature of generating a prominent wall. In small spaces, it is recommended that it is not the entire wall but only a strip.

Choose what you want to highlight and adjust the strip on the wall to that space only. This way you visually differentiate that part of the bathroom, making the environment divided into different sections and perceived as a larger space.

Use lots of textures

tiles bathroom

In a small bathroom, wall tiles and flooring are your best ally when decorating as they do not take up space and are a very strong design element. Opt for different formats, colors and designs to achieve a modern and interesting look in your bathroom.

10 Ideas to decorate your small bathroom with tiles

Taking into account the basic premises when choosing the tiles for your small bathroom, we present different ideas to inspire you when designing.

There are many interesting ideas and you will surely be able to find one that suits your personal taste and needs.

Use the same material on floors and walls

tiles for a bathroom

To give more unity to the space and achieve an integrating visual effect, choose the same type of tile for the floors and walls of your bathroom. This resource will make the limits disappear and a spatial increase is perceived.

Mark a horizontal line

tiles for bathroom

If you prefer not to cover all of your walls with tiles, you can mark a horizontal line across the space and make your bathroom look taller. Make sure the tile line covers the wet areas and paint the wall overhead in a soft color so it blends in well with the space.

Highlight the shower

tiles for the bathroom

The shower is another very important element in the bathroom and you can increase its importance with a prominent wall. If the shower is at the end of the space, creating a differentiated wall will make the gaze go to the bottom and feel like a longer space.

Highlights the floor

tiles in bathroom

You can also choose to highlight only the floor, with specially designed tiles to create different spaces. By changing the floor of the shower, for example, you totally separate it from the other functionalities of the bathroom.

Repeats textures

bathroom tile designs gallery

To highlight both the sink and the shower and give unity to the design, you can repeat the tile design on walls and floors in different parts of the space. This will virtually divide the bathroom into multiple spaces and then it will feel larger.

Generates an optical effect

bathroom decorating ideas

There are tiles with designs that generate an optical effect of depth or three-dimensionality, a characteristic that can help a lot in small spaces. It is recommended to place this type of design on the walls to increase its effect.

Use the same color with different formats

bathroom design

If you want to keep a bathroom immaculately white, but want to add an interesting element, combine different formats and sizes of tiles of the same color. With pieces of large or small format in this color, you will achieve a safe visual increase.

Go for a monochrome style

bathroom floor tiles ideas

Despite being a small space, you can choose to use black, but without abusing it. By integrating monochrome tile designs and black accents, you’ll achieve a modern, minimalist bathroom with little effort.

Combine wood with white and gray

bathroom ideas

If you prefer the warmth of wood, you can integrate it into the floor or as a prominent wall in your bathroom; in contrast to white it will look very good. Make sure not to abuse this texture, otherwise your small bathroom can be transformed into a sauna.

Use different shades of gray

bathroom ideas small

To escape the white, light grays can be a good option to achieve a visually large and bright space. You can use as many shades as you want and generate a bathroom with a lot of visual interest.

Choosing the ideal coating

We hope these tips and ideas will help you when choosing the next wall tile for your bathroom. Even though it is a small space, you have options to fool the eye and change the spatial feel.

Always remember that the bathroom should be a functional space , but also a beautiful one so that you feel comfortable and its decoration is in harmony with the rest of your home.

Should the whole bathroom be tiled

Renovating a bathroom involves certain essential steps, including changing the coverings of the partitions and floors of the room. Tiles are popular in our bathrooms. And no one is mistaken! Its resistance to humidity makes it a great ally in the bathroom. Think about harmonizing your tiling on the walls and floors with the equipment of the room such as the bathtub or the color of the bathroom cabinet . But above all, should the entire bathroom be tiled? A nagging question to which our sanitary experts will answer you!

Put tiles on the bathroom walls

Why tile the bathroom walls 

Tiles are one of the most used coverings in our bathrooms. Its many resources make this material an asset for our bathrooms. Whether porcelain stoneware, earthenware or natural stone, this coating is very resistant to humidity. The latter is the n ° 1 enemy of our bathrooms. As such, it is wise to put stoneware or ceramic behind the bathroom sink to protect the partition from splashes like a kitchen splash back. In addition, the installation of this coating is within the reach of all. It is drilled very easily and is not afraid of cracks. It therefore allows you to  choose a tap built-in sink or bath for a designer effect in the bathroom. Many colors and patterns allow you to choose any type of earthenware according to the desired style for the bathroom. It is also possible to affix stickers that give originality to the bathroom.

Should I tile up to the ceiling?

You have chosen the color of the tiles. You have determined the size of the tiles. So you are ready for the installation!  But should the entire surface of the bathroom be tiled? 

In small bathrooms, we avoid covering each wall from floor to ceiling. Otherwise we risk the feeling of suffocation. Instead, we opt for the base technique. This involves tiling the width of the partition up to the level of the water point of the basin. The base therefore makes it possible to play on textures, materials and colors for an atypical bathroom. It also helps to avoid the impression of suffocation. If the bathroom has a high ceiling height, a break line is created halfway up the partitions. 

bathroom tile

Should every wall in the bathroom be tiled?

A few years ago, we completely covered every wall in the bathroom. But those days are over. Well fortunately! This type of pose gives the impression of a constricted and stuffy room. 

Tips: for small bathrooms, opt for earthenware or ceramic in light tones and rectangular tiles laid horizontally. To bring modernity to the bathroom, we recommend a frieze over the entire width of a single one above your sink. 

Tiles, an undeniable asset for the bathroom floor

The ideal material for the bathroom floor?

The different varieties of floor tiles are not afraid of water or wear. Very strong, it is not afraid of cracks in the event of a fall from a hair dryer or the glass of a toothbrush. Parquet is coated regularly to create protection against water. Ceramic or stoneware tile, on the contrary, does not require any coating or resin. Very hygienic, it does not retain bacteria like a PVC floor for example. It is therefore very easy to maintain. 

Manufacturers develop new colors, shapes and patterns every year. The trend is to imitate stone or wood. This type of tile allows you to benefit from a warm design like parquet without being subjected to its constraints.

How to put your tiles on the floor?

There is a wide variety of floor tiles. Ceramic or stoneware for example. The latter is very water resistant, ultra strong and therefore perfectly suited for bathroom floors.

The trend is stone tile, very robust. Its relatively high weight does not allow it to be placed everywhere. 

For an attic bathroom, it should be avoided since it adds too much weight to the structure of the house. 

The mosaic is very water resistant and cleans easily with soap and water. It is therefore ideal in our bathrooms. Nevertheless, the installation of the mosaic is very tedious and repels those who embark on the renovation of their bathroom.

As for the choice of the size of the tiles, the trend is XXL! However, in a bathroom that has a small area, they involve a lot of cutouts for the angles and end of lines. 

Tip: For a rectangular bathroom, extend the laying of the floor on one of the room partitions up to the ceiling. This decorative idea makes it possible to attenuate the rectangular effect by playing on the depth of field. And to accentuate this effect, we dare a large mirror! Good to know, in order to avoid disappointments and to see the budget soar, among the key stages: the layout. It is about making the plans of the bathroom upstream of the work to determine the number of tiles on the walls and floors that you will need according to their size and that of the bathroom. The layout avoids breaking or ending up with tiles on the arms. 

A material that dresses shower and bath areas 

A ceramic bath apron

Giving a second life to a bathroom space without breaking the bank is possible! You just have to change your apron to give it some character. Very widespread, the ceramic apron allows you to adapt the style of your bathtub to the desired ambiance for your bathroom. 

bathroom tile ideas

The walk-in shower for a modern bathroom

For a designer and modern bathroom, the trend is for the walk-in shower. We opt for a real walk-in shower. The ceramic floor extends into the shower area. A feeling of assured freedom and a larger surface!

bathroom tiles ideas for small bathrooms

The trend is for the purified in our bathrooms. We therefore avoid tiling the entire bathroom to avoid feelings of suffocation. As for the choice of the color of the tiled wall the gold renovating a bathroom, rule # 1 for small bathrooms is for the paint color to choose from a small bathroom . We focus on light tones! And for a reduced budget, we put on stickers to give life to an old ceramic without breaking the bank.

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