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Today’s women have things very clear. And that extends to all areas of life, including the decoration of your own spaces. Thus, when it comes to decorating bedrooms for women, they know what elements cannot be missing, which ones are left over, and which ones help them create the serene and cozy atmosphere they prefer in these rooms.

Bedroom decoration for independent women

women's bedroom
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There is always a good reason to redecorate your home. Either because you need a change of scenery, because it seems to you that the interior design is outdated, because it bores you or … just because. Be that as it may, it is never a bad time to give any room a new look. And today we want to talk to you a little about the decoration of bedrooms for women, so that you do not go crazy when deciding what things to change and what not.

I said before that women of the 21st century, as a rule, tend to have things very clear and know exactly what they like and what they don’t like. That does not mean that they do not have some doubts … That is why we want to offer you some guidelines that will help you decide the decoration of your room. Take note!

The keys to decorating women’s bedrooms

women's bedroom ideas
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Surely when reading the title of this post the question has arisen: why? Is it that perhaps you have to decorate a woman’s bedroom differently from a man’s? Well, it is not that there is an obligation to do so, but it is the differences that exist between both sexes that dictate different forms of expression, different needs and concerns.

That does not mean that the decoration of bedrooms for women has to have pink as the main color, far from it. The difference is more subtle, I would say. As a general rule, and although I suppose there will be many exceptions that confirm the rule, women are practical but without neglecting the aesthetic aspect (that which is more indifferent for men).

Women abhor chaos and need space to maintain order to feel good. This is one of the advantages of not having to share the bedroom with anyone: it will always be to your liking. You will be the only one responsible for keeping it orderly, for keeping everything in its place. Of course, you can not blame anyone when you do not find something …

A serene atmosphere with personality

female bedroom
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A bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house. It is our refuge within the home. The room where we rest and recharge our batteries every day. That is why it is so important to achieve a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

That does not mean that we cannot use intense colors when decorating it. Simply, it is about achieving the perfect balance through the use of soft tones and elements that add personality to the environments.

Potentially feminine colors

modern woman bedroom
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When we think about the colors that should dominate in the decoration of bedrooms for women, the first that comes to mind is pink, the color understood as feminine par excellence. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Although it is a delicate and romantic tone, there are many women who are not inspired or motivated by pink.

It is true that quartz rose is one of the colors of 2016 according to Pantone experts and that it seems very elegant to me, especially combined with gray and mustard, but it is clear that a female bedroom does not necessarily have to be decorated in pink tones.

bedroom ideas for women
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You can use other options such as purple (it looks great combined with gray and some touches of black) or green (I love it combined with white).

You can also accentuate the romantic style of a bedroom by using floral prints for the bedding (just right, of course) or by covering the wall with a pretty toile de Jouy wallpaper .

The importance of plugins

women bedroom ideas
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The decoration of a bedroom is not only defined by the color of the walls, furniture or bedding. There are other accessories that can be decisive, if we give them the importance they deserve. This is the case of lamps, for example, or also of rugs, paintings or decorative objects.

If you prefer to use neutral colors for your bedroom such as whites, ecru or sand tones, you can add a note of color with a nice rug. In addition, a rug is a very cozy element in a bedroom, especially when we get up when we go barefoot.

Take all these issues into account when considering the decoration of your bedroom and then be guided by your intuition, your own tastes and your needs. You will hit the mark.

The most elegant colors for women’s bedrooms

Before starting this article, we would like to clarify that colors do not have gender and that we can paint or decorate our bedroom with the colors that we like the most or go with our room. We must take into account that the color of the bedroom will not define whether it is feminine or not, but the accessories, decoration and the environment that it feels as a whole. That is why we have made a selection of five modern colors and their combinations for feminine and modern bedrooms.  

Let’s put aside for a moment the stereotypes of “women’s colors”, the classic barbie pink, fuchsia and purple. In this article we have for you from light to dark colors that you might never have imagined in your bedroom. 

Navy blue : Navy blue is a deep color, it adds a touch of mystery and elegance to the room. Combined with dark green, white or cream, it creates an atmosphere of tranquility and dynamism.

The most elegant colors for women's bedrooms

Pastel Pink: Also Known As: Vintage Rolled Or Rosewood, It’s A Everyone’s Favorite. It gives a fresh touch to the room without neglecting the warmth that represents it, combined with wood, grays and creams will make your room your favorite space.

bedroom color ideas

Black: Do not panic, we know that it is a color that can intimidate many, however, combined with the right furniture and accessories can form an elegant and chic bedroom. It combines perfectly with all colors, including gold and silver, dare to try a different color.

bedroom colors

Turquoise: Turquoise is one of the most elegant colors that we bring for you. When used in its sober tone or better known as “exotic turquoise” you will achieve an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Different studies affirm that this color transmits peace and that its effects on people are positive. Combine it with light browns, creams and wood. 

bedroom paint color

Gray: Gray is known to be a neutral color, combined with the right accessories and colors, they will create an elegant and understated atmosphere in your room. Since gray is a basic color, the combination options are endless and suit all tastes.

paint color for bedroom

Terracotta: Terracotta, brick red and its derivatives are the ideal option if you are looking to add a touch of color to your bedroom. For example, a single wall in terracotta color in combination with cream and white, creates an elegant atmosphere and comfort.

colour for room

Now you know five elegant colors for feminine bedrooms, get out of your comfort zone in your next remodel. We invite you to try something new for your bedroom, remember that the color you choose will only depend on your tastes and preferences. 

Rooms for girls: Ideas and Photos

Decorating rooms for girls is a complicated task, choosing one style or another will depend on age, if they have a partner, if they are in school, university or working, etc. Therefore, you have to choose flexible themes and colors , so that with small changes the bedroom adapts to your new tastes .

Decorating Teen Girls Rooms

One of the best ideas to get it right is to opt for a neutral background and decorate the bedroom with accessories and textiles in bright and striking colors. In this way, changing the accessories will give it a new look.

bedroom color ideas

The bedspreads in lively colors and bright, flashy duvets and matching pillowcases can completely change the look of the bedroom. Painting the walls in neutral and muted tones can give a lot of life with textiles and bedding , making it much easier to completely change the style of decoration .

Rooms for girls full of color

If you want good ideas to decorate rooms for teenage girls , look at the following images, they are rooms with neutral walls but bedding, textiles and accessories with very bright colors, for girls with a lot of energy.

bedroom design

The purple or violet is the color of royalty, luxury and abundance. It is one of the most preferred colors to decorate modern rooms . If we combine it with black and purple stripes we will get an ideal design for intrepid and happy girls .

bedroom decor

Different shades of pink, lilac, green and blue are combined in a very balanced way. They are bright and fun tones perfect to decorate rooms for them with joy and full of life .

bedroom decor ideas

If what you are looking for are calmer colors, you can use a single color for all the decoration , in this way we do not lose the joy that bright colors give. Turquoise is a very good option, as you can see in the example in the previous photo.

bedroom decorating ideas

Another example of decoration with blue tones is the one we see in the photo above, but it is more focused on classic houses, with floral prints and vintage furniture .

bedroom ideas

On the other hand, if you want a bedroom with bright and striking colors but what you do not like are warm colors such as purple, pink and orange, surely the combination of cold and calm colors such as blues and greens is more to your liking.

Ideas for decorating girls’ beds

Beds play a very important role in the room, they are the main element , so we have to take it into account when renovating the style of the bedroom.

bedroom design

The shades of turquoise , aquamarine and teal are very pleasant , there is something beautiful and different about them that attracts us and relaxes us. Combining these colors with geometric prints can be a great idea to decorate girls’ rooms , combined with immaculate whites.

design a bedroom

If you want to give color and elegance at the same time, use a few touches of black in the bedding , it will give the set an elegant style in a discreet way.

Use colors of different tones but the same chromatic range , that have the same saturation and brightness, so that there is color but maintaining order. This color combination is timeless, women of any age will like it the same, and if we do it in a zig zag even better.

design bedroom

The white stripes combined with turquoise or aqua is one of the most popular combinations for decorating bedrooms girl. They are neutral, relaxing, calm and Mediterranean colors, if you want to play it safe it is the best option. Add a turquoise vase or a black chalkboard and you will hit the nail on the head.

rooms ideas

If you want to give it a more youthful touch because it has not yet reached adolescence, use the color pink and drawings of animals such as cats or dogs. Try not to be too childish, because we want it to last a few years, and girls like animal drawings at any age . As they get older you can add gold or silver colors in some accessories to take away the air of a children’s room .

room decor ideas

The clean and lightly ornate designs are perfect for rooms with little space , as they will visually appear larger. If you want to give it a more contemporary and elegant air without losing the adolescent spirit, you can use very bright colors combining purple, orange and yellow.

bedroom decor ideas

Here are more pictures of rooms for girls, to inspire you and get good ideas:

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