50+ Teenage girl’s bedroom Ideas

ideas to decorate teenage girl's bedroom

Today I have prepared some fantastic teenage girl’s bedroom Ideas . I have collected 50 rooms for girls, very well decorated and with great ideas for you to take inspiration .

These bedrooms are decorated based on a specific age, the age of adolescence.

That moment when the girl grows up and the old decoration with dolls, castles, toys, airplanes and other elements no longer works well or no longer interests her so much.

Just as the adolescent is growing up, her bedroom also does not have to grow, but it does have to reflect her new demands and needs that are very different from when she was a child.

And not only that, in addition to being decorated according to the personality of his age, he also has to meet essential requirements to perform tasks that he did not have before, such as more complex studies or meetings with friends for example.

So, here I leave you 50 teenage bedrooms to help you decorate your daughter’s room .

teenage girl’s bedroom Ideas

We started.

teenage girl’s bedroom Ideas

Design and photography Bowlinggreenhousetohome

With a large bed, a practical dressing table, and everything decorated in shades of gray, white with great accents of pink, both in textiles, such as the geometric mosaic of colors that decorates the wall of the headboard.

teenage bedroom furniture

Photography Ourtexanhomestead

The canopies will always be a fantastic element to decorate a youth bedroom for a girl, and for a boy too.

trendy teenage room decor

Photograph by @Chloegetscreative by Chloe Gets Creative

With big yellow and pink accents. We can completely transform the bedroom with paint.

classy teenage room decor

Create interior design

Made to measure, with desk, bed and panel for television, all of contemporary design and straight lines.

cute rooms for teens

Design by Domum Arquitetura

Again, all made to measure, which is how the space is best used, this time in wood tones, white and pale pink accents.

teenage bedroom decor

Design by Paola Cury

With a wood paneled wall, where the desk goes, and a long chest of drawers that doubles as a bedside table, all in shades of gray, pink and wood.

cozy teenage room decor

Photography @Sydneystyleblogger

Simple and pretty this other room for a teenager, where the walls have been decorated with stickers or vinyl with gold dots.

A simple gesture that can completely transform and decorate a space.

teenage loft bedroom

In neutral tones, and with a nice vintage-style black metal bed. A long pink hair bench at the foot of the bed, and on one side the desk.

cool teenage bedrooms

In shades of pink, black and white, creating a very interesting accent wall in black where white is also combined. Very current.

modern teenage bedroom

Photography  The Creative Exchange

This other girls’ youth room is painted in a very appropriate light gray tone, which serves as a backdrop to add large splashes of color in turquoise textiles and other pink accents.

cute room decor for teens

Photography  Two Thirty Five Designs

In white, black and gold, with a custom furniture at the head of the bed taking advantage of the space in the room .

cool teenage rooms

Photography  Driven by Décor

In intense green tones, with a colorful duvet cover as well and the rest in white. The “Woow” effect of this youth bedroom for a girl is provided by the hanging chair in white tones.

teenage rose gold bedroom

Photography Sita Montgomery Interiors

In this other teenage room, a most elegant headboard has been created by using decorative trim in white combined with a sweet salmon tone, and the rest in earth tones.

teenage pink and grey bedroom

Photography Four Generations One Roof

This other room is cooler by using mint green as the main color , always refreshing and combining it with grays.

cool teenage room ideas

Photography and Design Sunny Circle Studio Instagram @sunnycirclestudio

The murals are a great resource to decorate any space, making the room in this case, take on another extra dimension.

Naturally, the large multi-colored rug with an ornate pattern and the pretty vintage metal bed in white tones, as well as the bed headliner and other details also play a very important role in the final aesthetic of this youth bedroom for a girl.

girl's bedroom

Photography Shanty2Chic

More sober and serene by using gray, black and pink as a color accent.

little girl's bed

Nordic style, simple but very modern, also decorated in gray, white and wood.

cute rooms for teens

Photography Cuckoo4Design

In dark blue, a deep and relaxing color. Although what really adds decoration, again, is the hanging chair.

decorating a teenage girl's be

Photography Cuckoo4Design

The same bedroom but painted white. How it changes!

cool beds for teens

Design by StudioLive

Designer, with all the furniture made to measure to optimize the space of the room perfectly.

cool teenage bedrooms

Vinyl by On Wall Studio

A large decorative wall sticker in the shape of a tree with the pink leaves is the great accent of this other girls’ room, decorated in white with large accents of pink and turquoise.

modern teenage bedroom

Seen on Pinterest

This other room is more serene, we have chosen gray and pale pink, in addition to white. All this makes the floor dark, does not trap or obscure the room.

cool teenage rooms

Photography and design Sustain my Craft Habit

In sky blue, a relaxing and luminous color perfect for these spaces. And for others too.

girly room

Design and photography House of Rose Blog

In neutral tones: Grays and blacks with accents of pink creating a more sophisticated bedroom. As a bedside table, a Kallax shelving unit in white. A very versatile piece of furniture.


Photography Marty’s Musings

In brown, a color that we had not seen until now, and combined with turquoise .

bedroom decor

Design and photography Four Generations One Roof

This other youth room is decorated for two girls, creating a symmetrical decoration, which is always successful, since the eye likes symmetry a lot.

room decor

Design and photography Shanty 2 Chic

Glam but with a great rustic accent thanks to the corner shelves in sturdy dark wood.

room aesthetic

Design and photography Mnhughes for Project Nursery

Sophisticated, almost classic and very elegant. In this case, it is the beautiful furniture that decorates the space with good taste.

bedroom decor ideas

Design and photography Suburbs Mama

More cheerful and carefree the decoration of this youth room for girl where turquoise is the main protagonist.

aesthetic bedroom

Design and photography The Decor Fix

Bright and in full color, with a beautiful upholstered headboard in pink, like the bed frame, combined with large turquoise accents.

teenage room decor

Design and photography Forever Cottage

In mint green and combined with accents of pink and lots of white, creating a bright and vibrant space thanks to the color.

bedroom decoration

Design and photography Nesting With Grace

Hanging chairs or armchairs are a must in these spaces. If you have room to install one, it would be a great decorative accent.

cheap room decor

Design and photography Oh Eight Oh Nine

Sophisticated, elegant and very modern. In straight lines and in neutral gray and white tones, with some subtle accents of color.

	bedroom interior design

Design and photography Nourish and Nestle

All in white and dotted with black, pink and gold accents. The beautiful bed with a vintage metal frame in black is a real success.

simple bedroom design

Design and photography Fw Made by Carli

Likewise, the entire room in white, and many beautiful details adding decoration and creating a space with personality.

bed decoration

Design and photography Paint Yourself a Smile

Modern in design, decorated in shades of gray, with a wallpaper presiding over the headboard of the bed and accents of orange and turquoise.

	modern bedroom designs

Photography and Design Don’t Disturb This Groove

Line a wood wall to create a warm accent and a bedroom with character.

bedroom design

Design and photography At Home With The Barkers

In gray tones, simple and adding color through the bed textiles with a vintage wooden structure in white. Such a bed always gives spaces personality.

bedroom ideas

In striped gray and white tones, both in the furniture and the chevron pattern of the headboard.

design a bedroom

Design and photography Story Piece

All purple combined with white. If it has good lighting and is combined with white, it is a great way to decorate a youth bedroom for a girl. Or for a boy.

room decor ideas

Photography and Design Real Coake

In serene, dusty pink tones, creating an enveloping atmosphere. If you put some curtains in the same tone, they will sift the light that enters creating a sweetened atmosphere.

bedroom decor ideas

Design and photography Vintage Revivals

In great detail, from the headboard made by hand with wood and macrame, to the ceiling painted in dark green, to many other details, such as the matching tables in pink with gold accents.

small bedroom ideas

Photography Evolution of Style Blog

With a large bed presiding over the space decorated in gray, with accents of pastel pink and mint.

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