50+ Ideas to frame a bathroom mirror

ideas to frame a bathroom mirror

Are you looking for Ideas to frame a bathroom mirror ? then this article for you

Mirrors cannot be lacking in a house, be it at the entrance, in a corridor, in the rooms or already in the bathrooms. Today we are going to deal precisely with how to make mirror frames with recycled material. How? Yes, there are many disused elements that can be used to make mirrors and here you can see the amount of ideas that we were collecting for you.

frame a bathroom mirror

best Ideas to frame a bathroom mirror

Mirror frames made with paper:

Look what a great idea we leave you to make frames for a mirror. It is about rolled paper strips !! A good way to use the magazines that we have surely accumulated and to collaborate with ecology. Also a good way to express yourself in something creative and even to be able to give to friends or relatives instead of having to spend on presents.

a frame bathroom

Mirror frame with plastic spoons

Look what a brilliant idea for you to make the frames of the mirrors or some portrait holder! These are plastic spoons !!

bathroom mirror frame

Undoubtedly a very fun and easy detail to do!

Another very original plastic mirror frame made with plastic spoons

We leave you this great idea so that you can make this original frame for a mirror with plastic spoons yourself at home! You simply have to take care of putting the spoons together and that’s it, then get to work. In addition to making this fabulous craft, you are collaborating with the environment and the recycling process, since if we reuse the old plastic we prevent it from being recycled and with that all the losses that this process generates.

bathroom mirror frames

Why recycle plastic:

The accumulation of plastic in the environment has negative effects on animal life, wildlife and their habitat, on the oceans and waterways, and on humans.

Always remember not to throw plastic on the ground or in the water since it contaminates it and later when we consume water or crops from places that were contaminated by plastic, our body will be contaminated.

the plastic is a highly polluting material and takes over 300 years to prune biodegrade, meanwhile contaminate the soil, water and our health and that of the planet and contribute to the welfare of the environment using bottles as vases for your home.

Ideas to decorate an antique mirror with ropes

We will teach them a new and simple craft to redecorate and reuse an old mirror that we have in our home through the use of ropes. For this, it is necessary that you have the materials to work and follow the steps that we will leave below.

bathroom mirror molding


  • Pencil and paper
  • Mirror (preferably circular)
  • Glue in gun
  • Rope


  1. Take the measurement of the outline of the mirror and make a sketch of it
  2. Once this is done, and following its measurements, take the rope and begin to wind it in a tubular shape until it forms the outline shown in the previous image
  3. Take the glue (preferably in a spray gun) and start spreading it around the edges of the mirror
  4. Then, take the rope already wound and preferably glued on the inner side and adhere it to the mirror until it looks like the image

Recycled wooden window turned into an original mirror

Do you want to  recycle an old window  that you have at home? Today from our blog we leave you this great idea to make a super practical and original mirror  It is perfect to decorate your room, bathroom, hall, or any room in your house.  It is also a good idea to give something made with your own hands. We hope you like the idea and that you can dare to do it!

diy frames for mirrors

Next we leave you the necessary materials and the step by step to make this beautiful mirror.


Wooden window





How to make your mirror?

• The first thing you should do is sand the window to remove any traces of previous paint.

• If you decide to leave it rustic, like the image, you can simply remove the parts that look ugly with sandpaper and leave the original paint.

• The idea is to change the window glass for mirrors. In our case, the window had 6 glasses that we changed for mirrors. You can measure the size and have your mirrors cut to the size you need and have them placed in any glass shop.

• Once you have your mirror ready, you just have to place it in the place you like. You can support it on a dresser or hang it on your walls.

Decorate a mirror in a very original way with recycled egg boxes

diy mirror frame

Today from the blog we leave you a very fun and original way to decorate mirrors. If you have old mirrors and you want to give them a different touch, this idea comes from ten. These are frames or touch-ups made with egg cups.

Ideas for recycling egg cups

Did you know that with a little imagination and creativity you can make beautiful things and crafts by recycling egg trays. In the image you can see how simply cutting them a little mirrors are decorated leaving them super original and new.

You simply have to remember that this type of material is not garbage, first because you can reuse it in many ways and second because if we throw it away we run the risk of contaminating the environment since it takes many years to degrade.

Another idea to recycle

Have fun with the children recycling and putting together fun things for their birthday parties.

diy mirror framing

Many mirror frames made from recycled material:

As you will see in these 40 images, materials as dissimilar as twigs, brooches, cars, soda caps, wood and trunks, other mirrors, plastic teaspoons, wires, cardboard maples, baby shoes, buttons, stones, ropes, noodles , wooden brooches, snails, spools of threads and many more elements can be used to make these original mirror frames.

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With old CDs

Break your old unused CDs to create a mosaic all around the mirror:

mirror edging kit

With driftwood

mirror frame

With seashells

mirror frames

With a cord

bathroom mirror design

For a 70s atmosphere

accessories bathroom

With small wooden slices

bathroom mirror

With paper towel rolls

bathroom mirror frame

hanging mirrors

bathroom mirror frames

With golden paint

Place adhesive paper on your mirror then draw and cut lines according to this  model. Cover with gold paint and remove the adhesive paper.

bathroom mirror ideas
bathroom mirror ideas diy
bathroom mirror round

See you soon!!! Hopefully you liked the ideas we collected from the web.


When you love decoration like me, you always want to change your decor! Which can quickly be expensive.

My last fad was to change the bathroom mirror, which is not 2 years old. The tiles and the bathroom furniture are charcoal gray , which makes the bathroom very cold .

So I dreamed of a wooden mirror, or two round wooded mirrors to warm up the atmosphere . A few days ago I had the idea of ​​creating a wooden frame to dress my large rectangular mirror.
I will explain the very easy procedure to reproduce this DIY at home.

bathroom mirrors

The materials needed

  • Thin wooden slats
  • A saw
  • Sandpaper
  • One meter
  • A pencil
  • Wood glue
  • Nails
  • Protective varnish

I’m lucky, my mirror is thick . So I created a frame that I came to drop on it. I know the mirror mount is solid so I can afford to add a little weight to it. I still careful to take thin strips of wood to have a structure most light possible.

My mirror is 3cm thick, I had the choice to make a frame of the same thickness that does not protrude, or to take advantage of the frame to make it protrude a few cm to deposit small objects and so that the wood is more visible .

After asking you the question in the story on my Instagram account , I was comforted in making him exceed a little. Especially since it is rare to find slats 3cm wide, and cutting a long board to reduce the width by a few cm is quite complicated and technical .

To get started, take your mirror measurements. Mine is 70 cm (vertical) by 120 cm (horizontal).
I bought 1cm thick wooden slats , so I just added this measurement to my 70 cm , because I chose to extend the two vertical boards over the 2 horizontal boards. => 70cm + 1cm + 1cm = 72cm . I added a few cm to make sure the frame goes around the mirror. So I cut 2 slats of 75cm . And 2 slats of 120cm .  

bathroom mirrors ideas

Once your slats are cut, run a little sandpaper to soften the corners.

decorate bathroom mirror

Place a 120cm slat perpendicular to a 75cm slat and glue them together with wood glue . For this step it is better to be two in order to properly support the boards and avoid making them move.

bathroom mirror wood frame

Once the glue is dry, come and place a few nails to consolidate everything. I could also have put screws, but as the wood was only 1cm thick, it would have been a bit complicated, and above all, I wanted the DIY to cost me as little as possible , and I still had little ones nails at home.

barn wood mirror

As nothing beats a real test, come and place your wooden L on the mirror to see what it looks like.
Then continue to attach the other 2 wooden slats to create the frame.

Once the frame is finished, come and put a varnish to protect it from humidity, especially if like me, it will be in your bathroom!

I am delighted with the result, I find that it brings texture and warmth to the bathroom.

bathroom mirror with frame
frame a mirror
frame bathroom mirror

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