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modern small kitchen ideas

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More and more people have to live in flats and small houses . This is very normal, especially if you intend to live in the city. This has made all the rooms in the house small, forcing interior designers and interior stores to seek new solutions for new needs. The  decor of kitchen  is no exception, so the modern kitchenettes have gained popularity in recent years.

Modern white kitchens: help to gain space and luminosity

small modern kitchen ideas

One of the most used colors in the decoration of small modern kitchens is white. White helps to achieve a very powerful visual effect: making the room appear larger.

modern small kitchens

That is why white is the color used in many tiny kitchens . With the color white, we also enhance natural light , something that can help us a lot if we lack many windows. This color is also common in countries where there are few hours of light, hence the Nordic decoration has this color as the protagonist.

modern small kitchen with isla

There are many models of modern white kitchens. The white kitchens manage to convey elegance, simplicity and tranquility. In addition, they can be combined perfectly with the color we want.

Other colors for small modern kitchens

Although white is one of the favorite colors in the decoration of small kitchens, we can also find small modern kitchens in the color you prefer. Decoration is not a closed field, but offers a world full of possibilities.

Small kitchen in gray

small modern kitchen design

Gray is a color to consider when decorating small and modern kitchens . One of the keys to this color is that it is neutral, and therefore can be combined with many other colors without any problem. In addition, the lighter shades of gray also favor to expand the space.

Blue kitchens, a very modern color

modern small open plan kitchen

Blue is an ideal color for modern kitchens , even those with little space . The ideal way not to dwarf your kitchen is to combine blue with neutral colors such as white or gray, even silver is a good possibility.

A charming yellow kitchen

small house modern kitchen d

The yellow color can be an interesting option in the decoration of small kitchens. Although it is rare, interesting combinations can be achieved like the one we can see in the photo, where yellow and gray tastefully decorate the space.

Kitchen in passion red

small kitchen design picture

Do you like the color red ? Well you’re in luck, because you can choose this color to decorate your kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen in green

small kitchen ideas

A very striking example of small green kitchens is this example designed in a minimalist style. As you can see, the green furniture is beautiful with the white background.

Open kitchens through a bar or island

Open kitchens are typical in modern small kitchen models. The fact of opening the space to the dining room and living room , without the need for partitions, achieves larger spaces .

smallest kitchen island

It is an idea widely used especially in small apartments, studios and lofts. By saving space on the walls, it is possible for really tiny rooms to gain space. The American bars are the most commonly used for rooms separated from kitchen and living or dining room .

small kitchen design

In modern small kitchens there are many ways to open the kitchen to the dining room . In a U-shaped kitchen, part of a wall can be opened to visually expand the space.

small kitchens

The kitchen islands can also serve as a physical separator in small modern kitchens .

Tall kitchen cabinets to improve storage

small kitchen remodel

In the decoration of small kitchens , one way to gain storage space are cabinets and kitchen cabinets that are high up to the ceiling . The higher they are, the more things we can store in them.

small kitchen remodel ideas

We can take advantage of one of the walls to put all the cabinets and furniture. They are usually modular kitchen furniture , which we can adapt to the available space. In modern kitchens, it is common for appliances to be part of the furniture itself, since they are integrated into it.

The layout in a small kitchen

small kitchen ideas with island

If you are designing your future kitchen or want to remodel the one you have now , the first thing you should do is think about the layout of your kitchen. Based on the needs that you need your kitchen to meet and depending on the form of the room, you can use one distribution or another. If it is square, you will have the possibility to put the furniture in an L shape and use the free wall to place a small office.

small kitchen island ideas

We must be very intelligent when distributing all the elements in the space that our kitchen will occupy, if we do it well, we will achieve a modern and functional kitchen that meets the basic requirements without problems.

small kitchen with island ideas

The best way to optimize space is to do it wisely. Make a plan of your kitchen with the plugs and all the other elements that are immovable and design it taking into account these parameters.

modern small kitchen ideas

If your kitchen is long and wide enough, one of the kitchen models that you can consider is the corridor type, placing elements on the two adjoining walls.

Color accents

small modern kitchen ideas

In new kitchen designs , color plays a fundamental role . If you decide to use white for furniture and walls, you can introduce small accents of color to give them some life.

small kitchen layouts

The touches of color are ideal above all to create fun, pleasant and youthful spaces . They break away from white and offer a very chic space.

small kitchen paint colors

It is not necessary to abuse very striking contrasts , we can achieve interesting combinations with the use of pastels.

small kitchen design ideas

But one of the most popular contrasts is that of black and white . The contrast between these two colors is elegant and if done well, it can give us a harmony difficult to achieve otherwise.

small house open concept kitchen and living room

These contrasts can be achieved with accessories or with other elements such as the floor, the dashboard and the wall . In any case, the combination of the two colors is modern and contemporary.

small kitchen storage ideas

White kitchen cabinets with a black countertop , a classic and simple way to contrast in modern small kitchens.

tiny kitchen ideas

In small design kitchens we can also find colors that are not usually very common in conventional kitchens, such as the use of gold, a color that offers a feeling of luxury and modernity.

Stainless steel and metallic accessories.

modern small kitchens

In modern small kitchens , state- of-the-art stainless steel appliances are often chosen . Stainless steel can also be present in cabinets and furniture, even on the dashboard and worktop.

small space small kitchen ide

The metallic color is usually associated with hygiene and cleanliness, it is also reminiscent of luxury due to its resemblance to silver.

small galley kitchen ideas on a b

The metallic color can also be very present in an industrial-style kitchen , since one of its characteristics is precisely that: the prominence of metal.

small kitchen decor ideas

The cockpits silver metallised is a trend for modern kitchens.

Slate wall for a modern kitchen

small kitchen decorating ideas

Another idea that you can consider for your small kitchen is to use one of the walls as a blackboard. It is a very original and pragmatic idea. In it you can write down the weekly calendar, the menu, the shopping list … It is a fun idea that can help you give it a fresh and youthful touch.

A small kitchen adapted to your space and shape

small kitchen renovation

In small spaces, kitchens must adapt to the shape of the house structure . For example, in an apartment located on the top of a building, the ceiling may be sloping. In these cases, we must adapt the design of our small kitchen to its shape.

small galley kitchen ideas

A good way to take advantage of this type of wall is to place shelves and modular furniture that adapt perfectly to small spaces .

Minimalism and modern kitchens

apartment kitchen ideas

The minimalist and modern style have many features in common. In general, contemporary kitchens can see simple furniture and cabinets, with straight and organic lines and the scarcity of ornaments. The important thing is, above all, pragmatism and functionality.

Cooking towers, a modern concept

small white kitchen ideas

In the decoration of modern small kitchens , it is common to use cooking towers, or what is the same, to integrate a microwave and oven into the modular kitchen furniture. This helps to optimize the space, making it much more suitable for use.

Types of countertops for your modern kitchen

Wood countertops

small kitchen organization ideas

One type of countertop that has become very popular in recent years is the wooden countertop . These types of countertops are very beautiful, they give a cozy touch to your kitchen and are the favorites in Nordic decoration. To avoid humidity and to be resistant to cuts, it is necessary to bet on high-density woods.

Marble or granite countertops

small kitchen ideas on a budget

Marble or granite countertops are the most traditional. They are characterized by their great longevity and hardness, in addition, the material offers us a world of possibilities in terms of designs and finishes.

Quartz countertops

small kitchen layout ideas

This type of countertops are generated by mixing quartz and polyester particles , resulting in a material of enormous hardness.

Stainless steel countertops

small apartment kitchen ideas

There are those who say that stainless steel countertops are eternal, hence it is the material used in professional kitchens, since they are very resistant to humidity, shocks and high temperatures.

Glass countertops

small kitchen designs 2020

Within the trends of modern kitchens we find glass countertops , which, with the latest advances, are resistant to scratches and blows.

Separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room

small kitchen makeovers

As we have already said, one way to make a small kitchen look bigger is by opening it to the living room. But that does not mean that we do not look for a way to separate the different environments. One way to achieve this is with the color of the floor. It is a visual separator, but the optical effect is very powerful.

kitchen ideas for small spaces

Another way to separate the environments is with a breakfast bar or a kitchen island . These types of dividers are physical and are not total, but they help to achieve a real difference without cluttering the space.

small kitchen kitchen lighting

With a rug we can also achieve a differentiated space, depending on the shape of the kitchen it will be more or less narrow, elongated, etc.

Combine modern style with other styles

small kitchen design ideas 2019

Today there are a large number of fashionable decorative styles . The ideal is to know how to combine them. A modern style with touches of the industrial style , can be a fantastic alternative.

small kitchen decor
small kitchen organization ideas

modern style combined with light rustic touches is an ideal combination for country houses.

Modern style and Nordic style often go hand in hand. White furniture, subway tiles and wooden shelves are ingredients for a guaranteed success.

Organization in the small kitchen

space saving kitchens

One of the problems in modern and small kitchens is the lack of space to store things. One of the ideas that will help you better organize your food is to store everything in jars with labels. Avoid storing food in containers of different shapes and sizes because they will be more difficult to group.

small kitchen shelving ideas

The shelves will become your best allies since you can take advantage of the empty holes in the wall and allow you to store things in an orderly way.

small galley kitchen ideas

Create an organizer for the spices, dressings and spatulas that you usually use more in your day to day, so you do not have them scattered haphazardly on your countertop. Having a place for home is the best solution to avoid clutter.

kitchen organization ideas

Ingenuity and creativity are great essentials in the decoration of very small kitchens. A good idea to optimize the space of your kitchen furniture is taking advantage of the doors.

organization ideas

You can also place a shelf above the kitchen sink.

kitchen shelf ideas

If you lack space in the kitchen you can also use a cart that you can move from one place to another when you need it. It is practical and functional.

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