6 foolproof tips and care for growing São Jorge lancet

6 foolproof tips and care for growing São Jorge lancet

Known as a symbol of prosperity and protection, the Lance-de-São Jorge is a plant that guarantees a beautiful effect to the decoration. Native to Africa, it is versatile and combines very well with different styles and environments. Plus, it’s easy to grow, making it perfect for beginning gardeners. Next, check out the tips of a landscape architect to grow this beautiful ornamental plant.

What is the São Jorge Spear?

The São Jorge lance is a plant of the Sansevierias family, native to Africa and Asia. According to landscape architect João Sabino , this family has more than 130 species, which are known for being versatile, rustic and undemanding in terms of cultivation.

A curiosity about the plant: it purifies the air. According to Sabino, the Sansevierias were studied by NASA, which discovered their ability to improve the air quality of environments. According to the research, the plant can absorb gases, such as benzene and methanol. In addition, it produces oxygen at night, which makes it perfect for indoor environments such as bedrooms.

Full of symbolism, the Lance-de-São-Jorge is used to eliminate negative energies from environments and, in some religions, is a symbol of protection, strength and prosperity.

Saint George’s Spear X Saint George’s Sword

According to landscape architect João Sabino, the main difference between the Lance-de-São-Jorge and the Espada-de-São-Jorge is in the shape of the leaves. As their names suggest, spears are cylindrical in the shape of spears, while swords are flattened in the shape of a sword.

How to care for a Saint George’s Lance

Despite being a rustic plant that adapts to environments with ease, the Lance-de-são-jorge needs some care. Next, check out 6 tips from specialist João Sabino to grow the plant at home:

  • Cultivation: Can be grown in pots. According to Sabino, a great substrate for the plant is a mixture of two parts of common garden soil, two parts of vegetable soil and one part of sand;
  • Irrigation: according to Sabino, irrigation should only be done when the substrate is dry, so it is possible to prevent the roots from rotting;
  • Luminosity: “it can be grown in full sun, partial shade or full shade”, explains the specialist;
  • Fertilization: the plant does not need to receive fertilizer often. “Ideally, fertilization should be done twice a year, with NPK 10-10-10 or with fertilizers suitable for cacti and succulents ”;
  • Seedlings: “their multiplication can be done by dividing clumps or by the leaves, cut and planted in substrate”. In addition, it is possible to use the leaves in glass vases with water, which ensure rooting and a beautiful effect in the decoration;
  • Maintenance: the plant is very easy to maintain. According to the landscaper, it is necessary to remove the dry leaves during cultivation. It is also necessary to take care of irrigation, because, in excess, it can bring a yellowish tone to the plants.

From these tips, it will be easy to ensure a longer life for your plant. Following all the guidelines, you will have a beautiful decoration, with the privilege of purified air!

Learn more about the Lance-de-São-Jorge

To ensure the vitality of your Spear-of-Saint-Gorge, the more information, the better. So, watch a selection of videos with tips and curiosities about the plant:

More tips on growing Sansevierias

10 beautiful photos of decoration with the Lance-de-São Jorge

If you want to have or already have the Lance-de-São Jorge at home, be inspired by the following photos. The list brings modern decorations, with several options and ornaments. Look that:

1. The São Jorge lance is a very versatile plant


2. With long, cylindrical leaves


3. In addition, it blends in very well with different environments.


4. Because it is flexible, it is ideal for ornamentation


5. And it can be the star of your decor


6. You can grow a small plant


7. Or one with the long spears


8. Try a decoration that values ​​spaces


9. Because the plant brings life and charm to every corner


10. And you will be able to breathe purified air


The Saint George’s Lance is a really beautiful plant, isn’t it? Versatile and stylish, it will undoubtedly be the star of your decor. Another plant that can be highlighted in your home is the Fênix Palm tree , which is also beautiful and likes indoor

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