60+ Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Need To See

kitchen backsplash ideas

A kitchen backsplash goes beyond protecting your walls from liquids. It’s also a design statement that can redefine your kitchen space to reflect your personality and style. From sophisticated modern to vintage chic, the variety of kitchen backsplash ideas will blow your mind.

To narrow it down to the best, we’ve rounded up the top 10 kitchen backsplash ideas that will make your kitchen space stand out and be the envy of your food-loving friends and family.

1. Floor to ceiling or window backsplashes


One of the best kitchen backsplash ideas is to bring the panel up to ceiling height in areas where you don’t have cabinets. Today, people are moving away from wall cabinets and opting for floating shelves and windows, which opens up more space. Running the panel from floor to ceiling gives the impression of height and space, especially when you choose reflective tiles. The illusion of space makes it a great option for remodeling smaller kitchens.

Window backsplashes are a creative way to let more natural light into the room, making the kitchen look more spacious and inviting. This type of backsplash will also provide incredible views from your private patio or garden. By considering this idea, you can have a window replace your traditional backsplash or add a window to your existing one.

2. Wood

backsplash for kitchen

Wood is timeless and can create an amazing look, whether you prefer a modern or rustic style. But it is expensive and it wears out more easily. You can use laminate materials to create decorative patterns or combine them with traditional tile backsplashes to accentuate your kitchen design. Some of the advantages of laminate are its easy installation and variety of colors. A great alternative to tile, Beadboard is inexpensive, easy to install, and can deliver exceptional results both when painted and raw.

3. Brick

backsplash for kitchens

A brick kitchen backsplash is handy for protecting walls from spills and splashes. Brick can be combined with a wide range of design themes. Whether you’re into contemporary or want to recreate a rustic feel, brick veneer offers a unique look that won’t fade. Brick backsplashes are easy to install and thin materials make it easy to cut around receptacles and outlets for perfect finishing touches. When you want to add warmth and charming textures to your space, consider installing a brick backsplash.

4. Ceramic or porcelain tiles

backsplash ideas

When looking for inspiring backsplash tile ideas, consider ceramic and porcelain. Both are versatile, so you can turn your modern kitchen backsplash into whatever you want it to be. Mix and match bold colors to create a tile-like look or mimic the more natural stone look. Large subway tiles are perfect for a classic design and the impression of more space, while 3D subway tiles add luxury and texture. If you’re considering DIY, learn more about the best ways to tile for the perfect backsplash.

5. Mirrored and metallic finishes

backsplash ideas for kitchen

Mirrored and metallic finishes are highly versatile kitchen backsplash ideas. Reflective surfaces illuminate your space as natural light bounces off metals and countertops. Add a bit of whimsy by creating your own custom pattern. When you want a modern kitchen backsplash, metallics provide a fun yet stylish and eye-catching look.

6. Fabricated stone veneer

backsplash ideas kitchen

Manufactured stone veneer adds an organic touch to a modern kitchen, fostering a solid, well-built feel. Using stone as a backsplash to inspire the kitchen is a premium look that adds value to your kitchen. Compared with real stone, this artificial product is easier to cut and install. Available in many different colors, shapes, textures, and styles, stone is a versatile material ideal for a variety of projects that can still make a space feel personalized. Manufactured stone is a low-cost alternative to natural stone because it is made from natural stone by-products and is lighter and easier to handle.

7. Add a touch of contrasting color with paint or tile.

backsplash in kitchen

Contrasting color is one of the simplest and most cost-effective kitchen backsplash ideas. Instead of going for the neutral backsplash colors that most people are used to, experiment with new colors to introduce a personal style. You can combine two or more colors and then sprinkle a third color all over the place for interest. When using contrast on the panel, your options include installing high-contrast tile, layering different textures, choosing natural materials for the backsplash, or simply adding a layer of bold accent color against a neutral background. Regardless of which option you choose, using the backsplash contrast will make your kitchen space stand out.

8. Artistic backgrounds

backsplash in the kitchen

Patterned tiles add fun to the kitchen and help your home stand out as unique. There are countless designs out there, but choose bright and bold patterns that complement your kitchen cabinets and other appliances to make a statement. In addition to the neat repeating patterns, you can use art to create whatever visual pop you want. Try using framed art, buttons, baskets, and wine corks. Placing a photo of your family and friends as a backsplash is another fun way to personalize your kitchen space.

9. Marble slabs instead of individual pieces

backsplash kitchen

Large marble or granite slabs provide a custom look and make a beautiful statement in a kitchen space. This luxury stone is a valuable finish for any kitchen. Unlike smaller grouped tiles, slabs create the illusion of more space and show kitchens in their best light. Large slabs work well in spacious kitchens. As countertops, they create a bold, luxurious look that regular tiles cannot match.

10. Wallpaper

backsplash kitchen ideas

Installing a wallpaper kickback is one of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen. As well as offering you endless design and pattern options to suit your style, washable wallpaper is easy to maintain. Modern wallpaper is also affordable and can be easily removed, so you can easily change the look of your kitchen space.

Lastly, make sure that the backsplash design you choose complements your interior decor and the overall style and feel of your home. If you have an older kitchen, a wooden backsplash would be a perfect match. If your home is modern, choose elegant quartz or Caesar stone. And marble is always a classic in almost any kitchen.

Geometric forms

This glam kitchen is based on rich greens and golds to send a message of luxury. However, the eye is immediately drawn to the back wall behind the stove. A touch of white in a brightly colored kitchen looks nice, but it’s the striking pattern of the geometric tiles that brings the biggest wow factor. Recreate the look with glass or any other material carved into a tessellation for a cutting edge kitchen.

ideas for kitchen backsplash
© Bob Croslin

Intricate patterns

This intimate kitchen blends warm wood with gorgeous marble for a jeweler feel. Ornate backsplash tiles add a layer of luxury and complete the room. These Zellige tiles come from Moroccan architecture and are made of terracotta and glaze set in a mosaic pattern. To update this handmade look, shop for cement tiles, which are available at much more affordable prices and come in a variety of patterns; Some companies will even send you templates to stamp your tiles at home.

ideas for kitchen backsplash
Photo via Claire Zinnecker

Marble camouflage

It may sound bad to cover your counters and splashes on the same marble, but when executed with a deft touch, it looks great. A clean, light gray in a white kitchen, or a dark and gold marble in a richly colored space will look elegant and balanced. A marble slab goes in almost any kitchen. Not to mention, the best thing about marble is that it will only look better as the years go by.

ideas for kitchen backsplash tile
Photo via Elena Buchkovsky-Bona.

Bright white

Few things are as beautiful as a large, bright, white kitchen. This style looks clean and fresh and ready to cook. The matte white paint on the cabinets and trim blends seamlessly with the classic white tile backsplash, seamlessly blending into the elegant yet traditional aesthetic. The chef in this kitchen elegantly decorates with raw, healthy ingredients and bold sunflowers, letting the design shine.

Farmhouse-Inspired White Kitchen Ideas

kitchen 2020 design
Photo via Michala Monroe

Knockout color

A hit of forest green in this white kitchen looks classic and adds dimension. Making dinner with your pup is more fun when wrapped up in this colorful kitchen backsplash. This look can be executed with brighter colors or even multi-colored tiles in the same way, depending on the personality of your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash
Photo via Kari Arendsen.

Chic chronron

Here is one of the most ultra modern kitchen backsplash ideas. This pattern is everywhere on carpets and throws, but it works perfectly when used on your walls too. Apply solid colored glass or tile pieces yourself in the signature pattern or look for strips of pre-chevroned material. This glamorous kitchen combines chevron with precious metals and a two-tone wood and marble island to intensify the texture and richness of the space.

1. Mirror Backsplash Ideas

tile backsplash for kitchen

The mirror is exceptionally cool kitchen backsplash material. The reflective feature of the mirror gives your kitchen a modern feel, as well as making the room feel bigger, as one of the best solutions for your small kitchen ideas. Also, the full-surface mirror will enhance the reflection characteristic, but you can always play with the mosaic of your material.

To create a more extraordinary look, you can have your mirror in a brick-style application. Alternatively, you can choose stained glass to give your kitchen a more antique feel. The stained mirror comes in many different colors so you can easily match it with your kitchen cabinets.

2. Ideas for stainless steel backsplashes

Although most commonly used as a countertop, stainless steel is also a great choice for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Stainless steel brings a sophisticated and professional look to your kitchen.

There are many ways to make your stainless steel backsplash more interesting. Stainless steel comes in several types of finishes and you can always layer it with a cool pattern to make it more fun.

3. Glam Bronze Style

tile backsplash

Another metallic material that you can use is bronze. Bronze gives a totally different atmosphere than stainless steel. It gives a more luxurious and glamorous look instead of a professional look like stainless. Bronze is also a good combination to add a different touch to your classic-style kitchen.

In addition, the bronze dashboard matches the classic style, as it has a warm tone, but the metallic materials provide a futuristic atmosphere. You can also stamp a pattern on it to expand your kitchen backsplash ideas to a new level.

4. A pattern on Backsplash fabric

tile a backsplash

The best pattern often comes on fabric, not tiles. But, the fabric is absorbent and will not be able to protect your walls. That is one way that fabric is not popular for backsplash material. But can we use fabrics as the kitchen backsplash? Of course we can. All you need to do is sandwich it with a glass surface.

This way you have endless pattern options for your kitchen backsplash ideas. A creative way to get the most out of these ideas is to make a quilt look like a backsplash. It will have numerous wonderful patterns at once and will give your kitchen a colorful atmosphere.

5. Wood backsplash inspiration

kitchen backsplash tiles

Wood is a material with a warm and natural characteristic. If you have a simple and elegant modern design kitchen, wood is perfect for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Wood can balance the atmosphere and make your modern kitchen more inviting.

One thing you want to do is select the correct type of wood. Only processed wood will be good for the back wall of your kitchen. Once it is coated, it will be able to protect your walls and it will last much longer. The processed wood comes with a natural look and also with solid colors. This way, you can perfectly match your backsplash with your kitchen cabinet ideas.

6. Marble Material for Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

install backsplash

Marble is a very durable material. It has a beautiful natural and organic pattern that provides a luxurious and elegant look for your kitchen. Having a marble backsplash allows you to create a seamless look from your counter to your backsplash. You can also create a waterfall style kitchen counter and match it with your backsplash. Apply the marble to the island to create a sense of connection, as another inspiration for your kitchen island ideas.

7. Basic Brick-Style

easy wall tile installation

There is no more perfect match for your country style kitchen than a brick backsplash. Natural looking brown orange brick with light colored grout will complete your white cabinet in your country kitchen.

The texture, color and arrangement of the brick backsplash give your kitchen a touch of traditional look. This can be something you use for your kitchen backsplash ideas. To complete your country style kitchen or to twist the look of your modern kitchen designs.

8. Design the tile!

backsplash tile in kitchen

There are many types of tile that you can choose for your backsplash. Ceramic tile, homogeneous tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile, granite tile, travertine, and the list could go on and on. Although the variation is infinite, it can turn out well. You can look extraordinary if you know how to organize the tiles for your kitchen backsplash ideas.

  • Diagonal square

Most tiles come in a square shape. Instead of placing it in a conventional square pattern, you can rotate it 45 ° and create a diagonal square pattern. This gives more dynamism to your dashboard pattern.

  • Hexagon

Cut a small triangle in each corner of your tile and you have hexagonal tiles. In this way, you will have an extraordinary shape to make your beautiful tiles stand out more.

  • Chevron style

This braid-shaped pattern is sure to bring a unique look to your kitchen. You can apply this pattern diagonally or vertically and get a totally different effect.

9. Checker board pattern

backsplash tile

A fun way to create a vintage look for your kitchen backsplash ideas is to create a checkerboard pattern. It’s easy and it really brings that old-time vibe to your kitchen. You can choose a fun color combination for your checkerboard pattern. It can be classic black and white, or even bright colors like cream and red, cream and green, or maybe retro yellow and pink.

10. Outlined tile design

backsplash installation

Choosing contoured tiles will add another mood to your kitchen. This is great for your kitchen backsplash ideas, especially if you want to play around with the lighting. Lighting will enhance the depth of the contoured tiles.

Shade and highlight on your kitchen backsplash provide a stylish ambience and complete your classic kitchen design. Put the lighting in the right place or maybe put more than one lighting from different directions. This way, you could end up with a cool shade pattern on your kitchen backsplash.

11. Picturesque image ideas

backsplash ideas kitchen

Thanks to today’s technology, we can easily customize what’s on our tile. Be it a logo, a pattern, or even self-made images. This gives us more options to put something creative in our design. Having a custom image printed on tiles is a cool and creative thing to do with your kitchen backsplash ideas.

Custom images will make your kitchen look unusual and are sure to draw attention to your kitchen back plate. You can create a pattern of organic colors to complete your contemporary kitchen. Alternatively, you can print iconic vintage images to finish your retro-style kitchen.

12. Creative recycled CDs

backsplash ideas for kitchen

You can always get creative to create a beautiful backsplash, even from cheap everyday things. This is a smart idea to save your budget for your kitchen backsplash ideas. An interesting material that will make a beautiful kitchen backsplash is the back of unused CDs.

First, cut it randomly and make a mosaic CD surface. Or, you can cut it into squares and rectangles and create a pattern of lines. The wonderful thing about the back of CDs that, in addition to being reflective, it has a holographic look that gives it a nautical atmosphere. This is actually can be a good cheap alternative to sea tiles.

13. Exploring the Arabesque pattern

backsplash ideas

Put the touch of elegance in your kitchen by putting an arabesque pattern on the back wall of your kitchen. You can create this modern pattern on so many surfaces. Also, the easiest way is to find a tile in the form of arabesques. Or you can make the pattern on a sticker and put it on the mirror surface.

14. Vibrant Moroccan look

tiling a backsplash

The Moroccan pattern is sure to bring an eclectic and elegant atmosphere to your kitchen. Its pattern has a vibrant color, giving it an outstanding quality. But even without the colors, you can still get the Middle Eastern look by enhancing the pattern itself.

Plus, monochrome lines can be a perfect “theme” for your backsplash if you’re creating a simple, minimalist kitchen. You can turn the Moroccan pattern into a single line to complete the look of your kitchen.

15. Painted brick ideas

tiles for backsplash

If you are looking for brick but on a tight budget, this is a great alternative for your kitchen backsplash ideas. You can create an embossed brick pattern on your wall plaster. This trick will totally save the waste.

To make the look more interesting, paint the wall in the color of your choice. White will be perfect to complement the natural material. But if you’re playing with vibrant colors, any color will make this embossed pattern work.

16. Real slate backsplash

tile kitchen backsplashes

Unique, fun and interactive. Those three things are what you get if you use chalkboard as your kitchen backsplash ideas. It is also easy to install and can save you a great deal of money compared to tile backsplash.

The fun thing about a blackboard is that you can draw something on it. Your backsplash can be your to-do list board as well as your creative canvas. You can draw new things and have a new look for your kitchen every day.

17. Oceanic Vibe Ideas

Glossy blue tile is all you need to create this look. Stack the colors randomly over your kitchen. When the sunlight hits it, the reflection and color combination will be as beautiful as the sea.

As sometimes the kitchen environment can be too warm and closed. This oceanic backsplash is a smart way to freshen up the room. Not only is it easy on the eye, the glossy finish is also an easy-to-clean surface.

  • Popped colors

Simple and minimalist design kitchen is the easiest and safest way to create a wonderful kitchen. But you always need a focal point to make the ordinary become extraordinary. Highlighting tile colors is a great kitchen backsplash idea to make the kitchen look fabulous.

  • Yellow on gray

Gray is soothing and cool color. While yellow is cheerful and bold. Combine the two, you will get a cheerful atmosphere in your kitchen without ruining the calm of the gray color.

  • Teal on white

The all-white kitchen can look boring without the right decorative elements. Bringing in the unique freshness of teal as the backsplash will make your neutral white kitchen atmosphere more alive.

18. Halfway to tiles

tile for backsplash

The idea of ​​the back wall is mainly to protect the walls of your kitchen. You don’t need to have your backsplash maxed out, as long as the potentially damaged surface is protected. This way it is sufficient if you have a combination of two materials on one surface.

Also, the tile and wall combination can be playful. By having the mosaic staggered and finished in dynamic lines, you will create a pattern with the existence of the two materials. So this is a smart way to come up with eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas.

19. Creative line

kitchen tile backsplash

Having mosaics for your backsplash means you have lines on your backsplash surface. The most common is to make the line as invisible as possible to enhance the mosaic design. However, you can always play backwards to get the unusual look for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Enhance the lines and it will make the tile arrangement stand out more.

  • Bold grout

Grout is generally used in the colors most similar to tiles. But for the line to stand out you have to use contrasting colors. For example, you can use black grout for your white tile, or if you want to be bold and colorful, you can use red to attract attention.

  • Golden stripe

In addition to the grout, you can add metal to enhance the lines. This metal platform is used to cover the grout and line the tiles at the same time. Isn’t it fun to have gold stripes framing your dashboard?

Along with its functionality, the backsplash is a wonderful item, either to complete or to be the main star in your kitchen design. There are many ways to play around and create your own kitchen backsplash ideas. Also, play with your palette to find the right color and material. The ultimate, get creative in your tile arrangements and you’ll end up with a fabulous backsplash that will complete your fresh-looking kitchen

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