7 essential tips to care for your jade plant

7 essential tips to care for your jade plant

The Jade plant ( Crassula ovata ) is from the succulent family , a charming species, loved by many, that looks beautiful in decoration. Next, check out the tips from plant expert Jane, from @plantas_no_apto , which will help you achieve great results in cultivation.

Clarifying some doubts about the Jade plant

Before starting any cultivation, it is important to research and know everything about the species. Therefore, below, see some doubts about the Jade plant clarified by the specialist.

  • Meaning of the Jade Plant: According to Jane, Jade “is known as a plant of luck, prosperity, money, friendship and happiness”. Popularly, it is placed at the entrance of houses to maintain good energies.
  • The plant is poisonous: the specialist informs that “Jade is a plant of high toxicity for domestic animals and for humans”.
  • Growing Indoors: Jane said that Jade is a semi-shade plant, meaning it needs at least three hours of sun. According to the specialist, it can be grown indoors and “looks beautiful in the urban-jungle style”. It is only necessary to take care of the lighting.
  • It is found in Brazil: according to Jane, the species has adapted well to the Brazilian climate, and is easily found in all regions of the country. However, the specialist reports that the species does not tolerate frost.

Just leave your Jade well away from animals and children, ensure good lighting for her and rock the decor. Prosperity and joy will abound!

How to care for the jade plant


Even with tips provided by expert Jane, learn how to properly care for your Jade Plant so that it grows healthy and strong.

  • Soil: “Like all succulents, Jade likes a well-drained substrate, with a part of coarse sand, another part of fertilized earth and also charred rice husk”, says Jane.
  • Fertilization: to keep the leaves bright and the plant happy, the specialist recommends the application of NPK 10-10-10 every three months. If you prefer, you can apply organic fertilizer every fifteen days.
  • Watering: known for the internal storage of water in the leaves and stem, succulents, in general, need little watering. That’s why Jane recommends watering “only when the soil is dry.” She also teaches a valuable trick: “you can use the finger technique: if you put your finger in the soil and it comes out dirty, it’s not time to water yet; but if it comes out dry, it needs water.”
  • Lighting: the specialist reinforces that Jade likes semi-shade and direct contact with the sun. However, care must be taken, as “if you get too much sun, the leaves can burn (turning brown)”. The ideal is between 5h and 6h of light daily.
  • Common Pests and Diseases: The most common parasites are fungi, mealybugs and aphids. The specialist warns of the risks of these pests, which can “even cause the death of your plant”.
  • Seedlings: “the simplest way to make jade seedlings is through cuttings”. To do this, “cut a branch of the plant and apply cinnamon to the cut part for healing. Place the jade branch in a well-drained and sandy substrate”, teaches the specialist.
  • Pruning : Jade pruning is indicated when “the branches grow and weigh the plant”. It is only necessary to prune the excesses.

With these detailed tips, you will have even more confidence to take care of your plant as it deserves!

Learn more about the Jade plant

How about learning from people who venture into Jade cultivation? Next, check out a selection of videos full of tips and trivia.

Creating seedlings of the Jade plant

An illustrative and practical tutorial that will help you get the best seedlings for your Jade plant. Watch and write down all tips.

15 photos of decoration with Jade plant to harmonize the environment

Before positioning your Jade plant, see some possible inspirations to enrich your rooms with this plant.

1. Very versatile, the Jade plant looks beautiful in every home


2. When small, it suits outdoor environments such as balconies


3. A cup can become a vase


4. Bet on white vases to create a pleasant environment


5. Already in colored vases, Jade gives a touch of relaxation


6. A Jade bonsai is pure charm


7. You can make beautiful arrangements with other succulents


8. The moss ball is a differentiator for the environment


9. Your bookshelves will look more elegant with the Jade plant


10. An imposing Jade will make your room look classy


11. Jades love balconies!


12. Rustic style never goes out of style


13. Jade is passionate


14. In addition to decorating your home, you can give a gift to a loved one


15. Happiness and prosperity for all


Easy to find and care for, Jades plants are great options for decorating! Why have just one plant when you can have several? Bring greener and more life to your home, with Cheflera .

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