7 tips and right care for growing carpet plants at home

7 tips and right care for growing carpet plants at home

The carpet plant, or episcia , is increasingly gaining space in interior decoration . With intensely colored leaves and beautiful flowers, it adapts well to indoor environments. Its name comes from the Latin Epikios , meaning dark, a reference to its growing environment. Find out more about this plant below.

How to care for a carpet plant

Also called queen’s carpet and love bow, the carpet plant is an herbaceous plant. Its flowering has a perennial life cycle, that is, of long duration. However, to bloom, it needs some care:

  • Cultivation: for planting, it is important to use a soil rich in organic matter, drainable and moist. The tip is to fertilize with carbonized rice husk and perlite to ensure moisture. It is a plant that gets along very well with pots;
  • Watering: should be regular, as the flower does not tolerate soggy soil. Also, avoid wetting the leaves, as this can cause disease;
  • Substrate: the carpet plant can receive substrates suitable for African violets, as the composition offers the necessary nutrients for its growth. Fertilization can be done every six months;
  • Brightness: the flower should be grown in diffused light or semi-shade, as direct sun can cause burns to its leaves;
  • Seedlings: can be made by means of branches that multiply around the main plant. So, just plant the branches in new pots with soil rich in organic matter;
  • Flowering: Flowering takes place in the warmest months of the year, such as spring and summer. So winter is not a good time to start growing;
  • Replanting: Finally, it is necessary to replant the flower every year, because, over time, it loses the vigor of its leaves and flowers.

With these tips, you can now grow the carpet plant at home and compose beautiful environments. In the next topic, see more care and guidelines about the plant.

10 carpet plant photos to inspire your decor

With charm and beauty, the carpet plant will make your decoration much more captivating. See 10 creative options to compose your home or garden:

1. Episcias have beautiful delicate leaves


2. A climbing plant that looks perfect in hanging pots


3. Therefore, it is increasingly present in interior decoration


4. With a variety of colors, the flower can make beautiful arrangements.


5. Ceramic vases accentuate the delicacy of the plant


6. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by this cuteness!


7. It will make any environment more welcoming


8. In addition, you can bet on ornamentation that has your style


9. Undoubtedly, the carpet plant will bring joy and color to your home


10. Because your beauty is unique and never goes unnoticed


You can now include the carpet plant in the decoration of your home. Whether indoors or in gardens, the flower will gain everyone’s attention. If you have more space at home, also take the opportunity to grow the wax flower .

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