7 tips from Emma Mattresses for a full and restorative sleep

7 tips from Emma Mattresses for a full and restorative sleep

According to research by the Instituto do Sono, about 63% of Brazilian adults have some difficulty related to sleep, such as fragmented sleep or insomnia. With that in mind, Emma Colchões joined Tua Casa to list 7 suggestions on how you can improve your sleep and keep your body and mind healthy.

How to sleep well?

There are many factors that affect sleep, but there are some choices and attitudes that can help improve the quality of your sleep. That is the purpose of the following tips. And don’t worry if you can’t put them all into practice at once: small changes in your habits and in your environment will help make your rest much more complete. Check out:

  1. Adopt healthy habits: a good night’s sleep starts long before bedtime. Sunbathing every morning, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, eating well, and exercising regularly can support your circadian rhythm and greatly improve your sleep.
  2. Avoid caffeine before bed: As with the nicotine in the cigarettes above, caffeine is extremely stimulating and can greatly disrupt your sleep. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is not to take anything with the substance for at least six hours before your rest time. This includes avoiding coffee, some types of tea, and colas.
  3. Be careful with food: in addition to avoiding stimulating substances, it is important to avoid eating very heavy foods close to bedtime, so that digestion does not interfere with sleep.
  4. Establish a routine: Going to bed and waking up at the same times every day also helps your brain (and your body) understand when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to be awake.
  5. Avoid possible disturbances: disconnect from electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers and televisions, at least an hour before your rest. The blue light produced by your screens stimulates the brain to stay awake and therefore disrupts sleep.
  6. Prepare yourself and prepare the environment: preparation for sleep also helps the body understand that it is time to rest, so create a pre-sleep ritual, with a bath, appropriate pajamas, a relaxing tea, etc. In addition, it is important that the room is dark, quiet, clean, with good ventilation, and that the bed is comfortable. All of this helps your body understand that it’s time to slow down and get ready to shut down.
  7. Invest in quality products: to ensure a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep, however, the above topics, when alone, are not enough. It is important that both the mattress and pillows are of good quality and that they adapt to the needs of your body. That way, you avoid having a fitful sleep or waking up in pain the next morning.

The importance of a good mattress


Choosing a quality mattress can greatly improve the quality of your sleep, especially by avoiding discomfort, in addition to pain and wear in the spine. The tension resulting from an uncomfortable night can result in stress, lack of energy, headaches, muscle aches and difficulty concentrating.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you review your options well before purchasing. There are many types and brands on the market, but both orthopedic and ergonomic mattresses (such as memory foam mattresses) are the best options when it comes to posture and sleep health.

Of these, one of the most modern options are the viscoelastic models, highly recommended by orthopedists and capable of absorbing the weight of the body, molding itself properly to the shape of each body and the spine, which is ideal for the circulatory and muscular system.

Original Emma Mattress: features and benefits

Emma mattress structure


Among the possibilities available on the market, the Emma Original mattress is one of the most recognized and awarded internationally. With German technology and local production adapted to the Brazilian consumer, this mattress adapts to the way you sleep and guarantees perfect support for your spine. Check out some of the benefits it offers below.

  • Comfort and adaptation: the combination of foams and materials in the Emma Original mattress optimally distributes the pressure exerted by your body. That way, you don’t sink too much into the mattress, having adequate resistance to different parts of the body, such as hips and shoulders.
  • Spine alignment: the Emma mattress adapts to the contours of your body, ensuring a good alignment of your spine. This prevents pain and helps improve posture as a whole.
  • Motion blocking: Emma brand technology guarantees a mattress that absorbs movements during sleep, so that a part of the mattress can compress without affecting the rest of the piece. That is, even if your partner has a restless sleep, you will fall asleep peacefully.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Emma Original mattress is available in several sizes, namely: Single (88×188), Special Single (96×203), Double (138×188), Queen (158×198) and King (193 ×203).

Why buy an Emma Original mattress


The Emma Original mattress is developed from German technology and combining the best materials on the market. In addition, it was developed to provide high quality sleep and comfort. It is a robust mattress, with 3 layers strategically designed to align the spine, reduce pressure on the hip and adapt to the way you sleep, also regulating your body temperature.

Apart from all this care in the development of the mattress, Emma knows that you don’t decide if a mattress is ideal in just 10 minutes. Thus, the company offers 100 nights of trial on its Emma Original mattress in your home. If you don’t adapt, the company collects your mattress and refunds your money.

The Emma mattress comes in a box


The mattress has free delivery and is shipped in a practical box ideal for apartment dwellers, as it easily fits in elevators. When you receive it, you must spread it over the surface on which it will be, so that the foam returns to its original size.

Emma also offers a 10-year warranty and, to improve your experience, she also offers a range of other products, such as the anti-stress pillow, protective mattress cover, box bed and headboard. There is also the possibility of buying these items in kits assembled in the virtual store – which offer even greater discounts than when buying the mattress individually.

But, after all, is the Emma mattress any good?

Is the Emma Mattress good?


In addition to having more than 75 international awards, the Emma Original mattress also has many positive feedbacks from customers. Check out some reviews below.

1. The NF customer compares the mattress to a cloud

I love my mattress because I wake up feeling like I’ve spent the night floating around completely wrapped in a cloud that Emma made especially for me. I also love Team Emma for making me feel a similar comfort for their warm welcome.

2. JPL was impressed by the volume of packaging on delivery

I found the product surprising. The volume of vacuum packaging on delivery is quite interesting. The type of combined foams is completely different from anything I’ve ever seen. We liked a lot!

3. Despite the fear he had of buying products over the internet, NR was surprised

The mattress is just great! It was the first purchase I made on the internet of an item of this genre, I was quite apprehensive, but in the end it was the right thing to do. It’s very comfortable. Customer service also deserves a 10!

4. RJ also loves his Emma mattress and really likes the idea of ​​having a trial period with the mattress.

I think the 100-day trial period is perfect, there is no better way to buy a mattress, after all, we spend part of our lives on it. I’m still in my trial period, but I’m loving my EMMA. I no longer have back pain to sleep and after 10 years I can sleep comfortably on my side!

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