70+ small modern bathroom ideas

70+ Trending Modern Bathroom Design

As we have highlighted on more than one occasion, bathrooms are small spas in the modern world, in which people seek to find in their own home, relaxation that makes them forget about daily problems. For this reason we wanted to show you some bathroom designs to inspire you , that are fabulous and that remain current for a long time.

Are you in the process of building your house or remodeling your bathroom? You should take it easy and see the greatest number of options and ideas that can be offered for that magnificent space in the home, which today serves as the most sought-after point of relaxation for all people.

bathroom decorating ideas

Interior garden bathroom designs

These options show very interesting bathroom designs. In these first two photos we see that the bathroom is located next to an interior garden.

bathroom design
bathroom design ideas

On the other hand, here you can see a vertical green wall.

bathroom designs

Showers with screens that integrate

The shower is not separated from the rest of the bathroom. In this way, an open space is achieved, which invites you to forget about screens and visual protections.

bathroom ideas
bathrooms designs
design a bathroom

Bathtubs in bathroom designs

The bathtub becomes an indispensable resource, while a good view from it will be rewarding every day, and a great pleasure to enjoy it. There, the play of textures in the environment, ensure a delight for the eye, which will stroll among wood, tiles, mosaics, smooth wall, rock and any other material that you decide to use.

design a bathroom

Surely we will all prefer a window facing the outside, to be able to see the landscape from the bathtub. Of course, we cannot always do this, since many times, our privacy is at stake.

bathrooms designs
design of bathroom
modern bathroom
modern bathroom design ideas

Exotic flowers and plants set the scene perfectly, as do landscape images or creative photos that will blow your mind.

modern bathroom ideas
modern bathrooms


As you can see below, the choice of colors can be very wide, since almost all of them give very good results. However, if you want a bathroom whose design lasts over time, you can go for classics like white. Combined with small details in gold or black, it looks resplendent.

bathroom design

Some touches of blue can also help color in a classic way.

small modern bathroom ideas

Or the eternal pastel pink, which accompanied by gray or white brings a lot of elegance.


The gray color, in all its shades, from the lightest to the deepest and darkest, can also be a good ally.

bathroom decor ideas
bathroom decorating
bathroom decorating ideas
bathroom decoration
bathroom design

Some shades of green are also in fashion and will never go out of style.

bathroom design ideas
bathroom designs
bathroom designs for home

En suite bathrooms

En-suite bathrooms, integrated into the bedroom, are also a trend.

bathroom ideas
bathroom ideas small

And when space allows it, dividing the bathroom from the bedroom using a partition or half wall can be another option to consider.


Natural wood furniture

Natural wood combined with tile or stone can look fabulous, and it’s one of the trends today.

bathrooms designs
best bathroom designs
decorating ideas for bathrooms

Fireplaces in bathroom designs

If you are looking for a truly amazing design, you may consider installing a fireplace. But if this were not impossible, with a gas fireplace, an interesting design would do.

decorating toilets

You could put a small piece of furniture, with a couple of bottles of wine, a few glasses and just leave them there, waiting for the best opportunity to open them.

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Flooring in bathroom designs

We present several ideas for bathroom flooring that can inspire anyone looking for a way to renovate such an intimate space. They can be a great way to start a change and create an accent in this room, which is no less important than any of the other rooms in the house. They can be chosen from a huge variety of patterns, shapes and colors. Those who like rustic styles can benefit from wood in its endless combinations.

The materials for the floor, tiles and other sanitary articles, it is very important that they are chosen carefully to facilitate the cleaning and hygiene of this very important place in the home.


Wood floors, like the ones in the photo below, look great in an industrial or rustic bathroom. If you want floors made of this material, hard wood, such as bamboo, or wood specially made to resist humidity is recommended. Solid or laminated wood will be altered by the humidity in the bathroom, destroying its color.

design a bathroom
design bathroom

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

For a classic or modern bathroom, tiles in neutral colors work perfectly.

design of bathroom

Ceramic or porcelain tiles come in a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, which mimic the appearance of natural stone. Porcelain is stronger than ceramic tile and better for high traffic areas.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete looks great in a sleek bathroom look like the one pictured below, but they aren’t quite as practical, resulting in a slippery surface when wet.

designer bathroom

Marble or granite

Marble, granite, limestone, slate, and travertine are porous, but if sealed they will last for years. The beauty of natural stone is that you can have a non-uniform color, but a random pattern to add interest.

designer bathrooms

These materials are not only perfect for an attractive bathroom, but also provide an excellent canvas on which all the pieces that make up the bathroom can be displayed. They are also a very resistant and versatile material, which covers all types of surfaces in an elegant and sober way.

elegant bathroom decor

Patterned tiles

When it comes to small bathrooms, a lot can be accomplished with patterned flooring as they can visually expand the space.

elegant bathroom decorating ideas
elegant bathroom ideas


Cork floor bathrooms, 60s and 70s style, have had a sudden resurgence in popularity today. One of the great advantages of cork is that it is naturally resistant to mold.

ideas for small bathrooms


Vinyl is warm to the touch, waterproof, and easy to clean. The photo below is a smart sign that there are unlimited design options, while the textured finishes prevent slippage.

ideas small bathrooms

Radiant earthenware

Underfloor heating with underfloor heating is becoming a very popular choice for bathroom floors. There is nothing worse than walking on a cold floor in winter, plus a wet floor dries faster with underfloor heating, and you don’t need radiators.

modern bathroom ideas

There are two systems to choose from: “wet”, where the floor is heated, along with the hot water pipes that run under the floor. And “dry”, where electrical heating elements are installed. Both systems must be installed by a professional. Consult with a trusted technician about which one is best for your home.

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The bathroom is a good place to install windows, to provide lighting and ventilation. However, blinds or opaque glass must be installed, to modulate not only the light but also the privacy. Let’s look at some inspiring examples of bathroom windows.

remodel bathroom ideas
remodel small bathroom
remodeling a small bathroom
small bathroom ideas
small bathroom remodel

Old bathtubs

All styles that make use of old trends have gained the attention of many people who love decoration in recent times, especially in the case of classic models. That is why many companies have chosen to return some of those old designs to modern trends.

small bathroom remodels
small bathrooms remodeled

At first glance it looks like a bathtub with more years in the world than any of us, but it is nothing more than a simple design trick, which makes it, despite being new, offer a clear air of old.

ery small bathroom ideas

The white tone is widely used to convey luxury, good taste and distinction, in addition to that by itself, it is a color that elegantly adapts to almost any classic and not so classic color combination.

master bathroom ideas

But you can also find bathtubs in more amazing colors, like in the image above.

bathroom decor

If you want to remove it tomorrow, its uninstallation is very simple and does not require too much work.

bathroom decor ideas

Ecological bathrooms

This is another trend to watch out for. Many companies are offering products to make the bathroom an environmentally friendly place. The Roca bathroom company, for example, has created ShowerBasin, a shower and sink combination with smart drainage and a digital water saving system. We have the already multi-award winning W + W, which combines a sink and toilet.

bathroom decorating

W + W has an elegant design, which makes it easy to save both water and space. The stall connects to the sink, making it more convenient to use both without walking across the room.

bathroom decorating ideas

Created by the Roca Innovation Laboratory, and designed by Gabriele and Óscar Buratti, W + W includes some smart functions. The unit has a unique drainage design and filtration system that make “every drop of water count for two.”

bathroom decoration

The solids are separated from the water, and then it can be reused in the sink, after being filtered in a small treatment tank.

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