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Kitchen island ideas

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Well-designed islands can be transformed into an integral part of kitchens. They are usually placed in the center of the room and provide extra space for cooking as well as eating. They can also become the focal point of the kitchen. Here we will show you some ideas and designs of very functional and modern kitchens with an island .

The kitchen islands not only add more space for eating, cooking and entertaining, but also make a great statement as a central design piece.

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Kitchen design with island

Measure the available space on the floor and make a sketch on paper. Play with different sizes of islands in the center of the space, or by forming an L or U with the countertop. You want to make sure you have enough space to comfortably move around it.

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It is also important that the island does not block the entrance or exit of the kitchen, so this is another important point to take into account.

Central Island

If you have enough space, the island can be located in the center of the kitchen, that is, in parallel with the worktop.

beautiful kitchen ideas

This kitchen has a central island with a breakfast bar, one of the most practical options.

beautiful kitchen islands
beautiful kitchen images

In U

It can form a U with the existing countertop, creating a great place to gather and entertain. The design provides plenty of space for preparing food, eating, or doing other tasks. It is ideal for large families, or for people who really enjoy culinary art.

beautiful kitchen pictures
beautiful kitchen decor
beautiful kitchen design
beautiful kitchen designs

In L

It can also be positioned forming an L with the worktop. This design is more appropriate for smaller kitchens.

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beautiful kitchen island
beautiful kitchen photos
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Islands with wheels

The islands do not have to be fixed to the ground, they can have wheels on the legs. This is an ingenious idea that provides a lot of flexibility and helps in maximizing space.

 kitchen decor

The island can be moved and used to prepare food or as a place to eat. Or, like the portable island shown here, it can be placed under the counter when not in use.

kitchen decor ideas

A steel leg table with lockable casters is a great option for industrial-style kitchens.

small kitchen ideas with island
l shaped kitchen ideas with island

With breakfast bar and stools

You can also incorporate a breakfast bar on the island. This idea works very well in apartments with little space. You don’t need a dining room if you can eat in the kitchen.

white kitchen ideas with island
galley kitchen ideas with island

This creative idea of ​​a removable seat provides a neat kitchen island and a seat when needed. And of course, it also saves a lot of space.

modern kitchen ideas with island
country kitchen ideas with island

With storage

The kitchen island is perfect to take advantage of as storage and organizer. For those who want a place for everything and hate rummaging through cluttered, cluttered drawers, using the ample space under the island as a cutlery organizer can be a great idea.

kitchen ideas with island

It can also be used to neatly store wines and other beverages, or heavy and delicate dishes. It is safer to store and retrieve heavy items from lower shelves or drawers than from an upper cupboard.

kitchen with island ideas
smallest kitchen island
kitchen island design
small kitchen ideas with island

Small appliances can also be stored under the counter. This swinging dumpster is well located, hidden and accessible.

small kitchen island ideas

It can also be ideal for hanging food and tea towels.

small kitchen with island ideas

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, not only cooking or eating, but also doing other things like talking, studying, working or planning a meal. Therefore, a few bookcases can be very useful.

decor for kitchen island

You can store spices neatly near the cooking area and / or the dining room. The kitchen island is perfect for a removable spice organizer, a very convenient and easily accessible place.

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Kitchen islands

More storage, more work surface and an additional place to sit and have a coffee are just some of the benefits they can offer us.

kitchen island decor ideas

The key to choosing the perfect island for your kitchen is understanding what your needs are and then finding a piece that meets several at once. If you want a square island, it is recommended that it be no less than 1 meter per side. If you want an elongated island, it will reach you with one 60 centimeters wide and 1 meter and a half long to have enough work surface.

kitchen island ideas with seating
kitchen island ideas on a budget

This island, for example, adds a significant surface for preparing food and provides a place for an extra person to help you with your food.

galley kitchen with island

The general design rule is to leave a gap of approximately 1 meter between the fixed island and the other surfaces for comfort, safety and ease of use. But in the case of movable islands, this is not so important, since the space can be adjusted as needed.

kitchen islands for small kitchens

Even in the smallest spaces an island on wheels can be accommodated. While it’s not a traditional island, it works the same way, adding a valuable work surface and extra storage space. When not in use, it can be pushed up to a window or wall and adorned with a vase of flowers.

kitchen island pendant lighting id

The rule of thumb for kitchen design is to respect the working triangle, between the sink, the refrigerator and the cooking zone, but this does not mean that you cannot add a small stop between the end points. This little island creates a great work surface in the middle of all the action. It’s a great place to store plates and pots, kitchen utensils, aluminum foil, tea towels, and oven mitts.

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Small kitchens with island

Adding an island may seem counterintuitive in a small kitchen, because it will take up space, but in many cases, the positives outweigh the negatives.

colored kitchen island

Do you want an island but your kitchen is too small? One of the solutions is a long, narrow island.

images of kitchen islands

But there are other options for those who have small kitchens. We put together some images to help you make the most of the space.

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When space is very small, a pull-out work table will provide additional work area only when needed. Just store it under the counter when not in use.

modern small kitchen with island

This small kitchen island on wheels is perfect when you want flexibility in your space.

unique kitchen islands
unique kitchen island ideas
open concept kitchen island with
island lighting ideas

Modern kitchens with island

Minimalism is one of the current trends in interior design. It is a very functional, efficient and very beautiful style. This Zen kitchen has almost no frills, but it offers a lot of functionality and efficiency.

kitchen island back panel ide

This piece is an island on one side and a dining table on the other. The limitless design offers flexibility of use.

open kitchen island

Among the best ideas is this modern bright white island style. A simple, modern and eye-catching design.

island decorating ideas

Another very modern idea is the curved islands. Keep the rest simple for a balance in design and décor.

small kitchen with island layout

Give your kitchen some character with reclaimed wood planks. Let the natural grains of the boards add a rustic and warm touch to the modern room.

small kitchen designs with isl

The rough, bare wood, with its warm tones, contrasts with the cool white, black and gray of the room.

kitchen island ideas diy

You can also use pallets. The space in between is ideal for additional storage and kitchen organization.

different color kitchen island

This design is unique and very beautiful. The weathered wood patterns match the chic and elegant rug.

kitchen island small space

The rustic Scandinavian style is also on the rise. The island is outfitted with a solid wood countertop and eclectic Boho-style seating.

10x10 kitchen layout with island

Modern and simple. This gray and wood kitchen design is a current favorite.

diy kitchen island plans

Not a lot of closet space upstairs? No problem, you have the kitchen island. Use a portion of the space under the counter to install some open shelves.

farmhouse kitchen island ide

You should also pay attention to lighting. This kitchen clearly wants to highlight its island with lights. Its simple construction highlights sophistication and refined style.

design of kitchen

The vintage style is also in fashion. A vintage sideboard turned kitchen island can be a great idea.

kitchen ideas

Give your kitchen a dash of Moroccan flair. The Moroccan patterned tiles on the island work well with the subway tile walls and the simplicity of the kitchen design.

kitchen remodel ideas
kitchen remodeling ideas

This no-frills contemporary kitchen design features basic colors, minimalism, and a fascinating dose of country flair. The simple-shaped black kitchen island is complemented by the lighter-toned stools.

small kitchen ideas

You can add a lot of metallic ornaments. Wear glittery shades like gold, chrome, copper, and silver as much as you dare.

kitchen island ideas
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This unique kitchen island features floating shelves in the front and a dining area at one end.

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Kitchen island table

Stainless steel tables can be found at restaurant supply stores, and they can be a great island choice for small kitchens. The workbenches can also be outfitted with a wooden top for a less industrial look.

kitchen decor ideas

Wooden tables are ideal for avid chefs who constantly chop and chop. You can find them in different sizes, including compact square versions that can fit into tight spaces.

kitchen decorating ideas

Make the most of the island by choosing a table with shelves, cabinets or drawers at the base.

kitchen island lighting

If you don’t have room for an island in the center of the kitchen, place it perpendicular to the counter or a wall. This will create an extension that can have bar seating and provide extra space for cooking.

modern kitchen ideas

For narrow kitchens, a long, narrow table can work perfectly. Whether you choose a modern Parsons-style table or a more traditional version with a marble top, the piece will add style and extra surface for meal prep.

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A kitchen island can be useful when you’re cooking, but it also takes up space the rest of the time. Look for a version with wheels, so you can place it in a corner and keep the kitchen clear when not in use.

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If you only have room for a dining table or a kitchen island, why not add a piece that can serve as both. A table with fold-out leaves can be a perfect solution, as the sides can be lowered when not in use.

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Just because the island is small doesn’t mean it can’t be the centerpiece. Hang an eye-catching pendant light above it to illuminate the surface and add style.

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IKEA kitchen island

The islands do not need to be custom made. At Ikea, there is an incredible variety of options available for all shapes and sizes of kitchens and for all budgets.

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modern kitchen design

If your main concern is having more counter space, you can find a relatively inexpensive table and ask a carpenter to make a quality countertop in any size, shape, or design. You’ll get an affordable custom piece that adds interest to your space.

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