15+ Animal Crossing Bedroom Ideas For The Ultimate Fan

Animal crossing bedroom ideas : best 15+ ideas and tips

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The most relaxing game to be released in 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become the go-to escape for many gamer and non-gamer alike. The game allows players to design their own island, and the best part of that is expanding and designing the house that they live in.

Having a beautiful house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the dream. Every day I see pictures of other players’ homes, and I admire their wild furniture choices and elaborate rooms. How can I get on that level?

This has nothing to do with the “feng shui” game mechanic that Animal Crossing uses because that, in turn, has nothing to do with interior design, and more to do with maximizing invisible stats. This is practical advice that you could use in your own real-life home, as well as in New Horizons.

I reached out to Diana Budds, who has written about interior design for many publications, most recently our sister site Curbed, where she’s a senior story producer.

“I think what’s really interesting about the game when it comes to interior design is that you can be so creative,” Diana says. “You are thinking a lot like an interior designer has to think which is: thinking about colors, thinking about different materials, thinking about patterns, thinking about the little touches that make it feel like home for yourself. How many of us actually get to have that much control over our homes?”

Animal crossing bedroom ideas

1. Conservatory with rooms theme

1. Conservatory with rooms

To make it follow this steps :

  • buy wallpaper for the curved window
  • add your best tile, and a shelf Anywhere else in the room.
  • customize the library to choose the color that best suits your theme.
  • add plants and wooden furniture
  • add other objects like, tables and chairs, shelves, a fireplace or perhaps musical instruments.

2. tropical room theme

2. tropical room

To make it follow this steps :

  • Create this illusion by applying beach-themed wallpaper and installing a few simple panels of French doors and shutters.
  • place them so that it looks like they lead directly to the sand.
  • put a wooden floor in the bedroom to separate it from the rest of the room.
  • add a bed!

3. cottage room theme

3. cottage room

To make it follow this steps :

  • use wood floor to give it an antique look. The wallpaper is also a little “worn”, but that could be anything.
  • Add wooden furniture and a wooden cabinet to match the theme.
  • Then the decorations. like stack of books or Add an oil lamp for reading at night.
  • add wreaths and flowers to your walls.

4. nursery theme

4. nursery

To make it follow this steps :

  • add wallpaper and blue flooring, anything that fits and doesn’t look a little childish.
  • Add a few shelves to finish the look.
  • add a box of toys, a teddy bear

5. modern bedroom theme

5. modern bedroom

To make it follow this steps :

  • separate the sleeping area with a screen
  • create a kitchen and dining area on the other side of the room.
  • Choose a black and white theme with the wallpaper and monochromatic flooring of your choice.
  • Then fill the small space with kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs and a TV!

6. pink room theme

6. pink room

To make it follow this steps :

  • cover the walls with pink wallpaper and add pink wooden floors.
  • put some snacks on your darling table.
  • add a mermaid bed to tie it all together.
  • add a toy chest and some shelves to complete the look.

7. ice chamber theme

7. ice chamber

To make it follow this steps :

  • collect frozen craft recipes by making snowmen. If you make them perfectly, they will reward you with different recipes from the frozen craft collection.
  • pick up snowflakes to do those things.
  • Now start decorating your walls, floor, bed, chair and counter.
  • add a baby tent and some candles to make the space really feel like the outdoors.

8. wooden room theme

8. wooden room

To make it follow this steps :

  • To recreate it, you only need a few elements from the old world. But first you need to decide which wallpaper and wooden floor to use. Any of them can work.
  • Once you have them up, you can start filling your space with piles of wooden furniture.
  • But what you really want is something that looks like old times. Something like this guy should do it.
  • add lots of plants and a big stack of books!
  • Finally, add ambient lights and candles. Big fan of these classic candles – they just work!

9. gymnasium theme

9. gymnasium

To make it follow this steps :

  • redecorate your space by adding stone walls and floors. .
  • put all the sports gear in your room. Try to collect as much as you can.
  • add a vinyl player to rock during your workout.
  • You can even make your own inspirational quotes for your wall! Very clever use of design on them.
  • Finally, remember that this is a bedroom (I know, hard to believe). So don’t forget to put your bunk bed somewhere.

10. nice room theme

10. nice room

To make it follow this steps :

  • choose floral wallpaper and a light wood floor.
  • add a bookcase and some shelves on the side.
  • What you really want here are the pastels. They all go so well together.
  • Let’s take the bed and chair as an example. Also the pink matching the color of the floor, everything goes so well together.
  • Complete the look with a few garlands of stars, half-moons and maybe some new lights.

11. bohemian chic bedroom theme

11. bohemian chic bedroom

To make it follow this steps :

  • start with wooden walls and floors and, of course, wooden furniture. In the example here, we see a large chest of drawers and a matching bed.
  • Add a funky rug to add some color to the room.
  • hang lots of photos and artistic frames on the walls, but try to keep them more neutral to give the room a bohemian feel.

12. heavenly room theme

12. heavenly room

Go adrift in space with this amazing celestial themed bedroom idea.

  • To get this room, take the wallpaper from the starry sky and tear it off. You can get a DIY recipe from Céleste, so don’t hesitate to contact her when she visits your island.
  • Then you spread a wooden floor, or you can lay carpets.
  • But the wooden floor is nice, because you can also match the lace carpet with the theme.
  • Now we want a lot of light wood furniture to really create an image.
  • Finally, add garlands of stars and new lights.
  • Bonus points if you put on an astronaut costume and really feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

13. winter night room theme

13. winter night room

To make it follow this steps :

  • To do it yourself, first get a wallpaper of falling snow (or do it yourself). You can then add your favorite wooden floor pattern.
  • Add a rug and matching wooden bed, as well as a small bookcase or table with a few trinkets of your choice.
  • A few hanging terrariums can be added for a fun accent.
  • What would this room look like without the fireplace? Add a few handles to make the love for your new bedroom last for months.

14. siren room theme

14. siren room

To make it follow this steps :

  • You can start this look by using wallpaper and underwater flooring to lay the foundation for the design of this aquatic room.
  • Then add a lot of mermaid furniture you can get from Pascal.
  • You will find him in the ocean. So if you find him and give him shells, he will reward you by giving you several pieces of furniture from the mermaid collection. It may take a while, but eventually you will get the full set.
  • You can also design some of your favorite custom mermaid clothes!
  • To end the piece, don’t forget to show some of the fish you caught. Anything that tickles your fancy.

15. Pirate room theme

15. Pirate room

To make it follow this steps :

  • To create this in your own home, you need to collect a lot of pirate wood and furniture. In the example above, there are many ideas, but there are also many sets that fit this style.
  • For a pirate set, you can get these items from Gulivarr. If you find him stranded on your island, you must help him find his communication pieces. Then he will reward you with various pirate items.
  • So don’t forget to add an emperor’s bed and some shelves!
  • Any piece of furniture reminiscent of the imperial style fits perfectly here.
  • And if you’re a bit of a fan of One Piece, you can even create custom designs for your walls.
  • Bonus points if you can catch a small bird by yourself.

5 Animal Crossing-Inspired Bedroom Design Tips

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Happy Home Academy (HHA) will score your home’s design periodically, explains Celeste O’Connor, blogger for UniKeep Organizational Products, a company that makes Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch accessories. There are a few ways to boost your HHA rank and nab a gold trophy—and you can even apply these tips to your own bedroom. Here’s how to create a serene virtual sleep space and a real-life sleep oasis.

Pick a color scheme and furniture style

Start by deciding on a color palette, which will help improve your rank in the game. “Think of your bedroom like a spa, like a retreat,” says Carmen Smith, founder of home decor and renovation site Living Letter Home and Animal Crossing enthusiast. The best bedroom colors for sleep include blue (which science shows promotes relaxation) and neutral earth tones. Brennan, meanwhile, says there are no rules when it comes to color, so choose whatever you like best for your bedroom. “It should be personal,” she says. “It should be something that speaks to you.”

Then consider your furniture style. “The HHA gives you extra points for using themed furniture,” says O’Connor, who has been collecting antique items to decorate the main room in her home in the game.

While there’s definitely a temptation in the game to put as many pieces of furniture in your bedroom as possible just because you can, doing so won’t impress the HHA. Instead, focus on adding the essentials to your room, says O’Connor. Besides the obvious—a bed—Brennan suggests a bench or chair to place clothes. “We don’t all hang up our clothes every day, so it’s great to have a little seat that can be a catch-all for items like that,” she says. Smith recommends putting a nightstand or two in your bedroom if you have the space.

Add a pop of personality to your bedroom

One of the ways I’ve personalized my bedroom in Animal Crossing is by using the customization design app in the game. It allows you to download patterns and use them as comforters, wallpaper, artwork, and more. You also have the opportunity to buy funky rugs and wallpaper from Saharah, a camel who will stop by your island from time to time.

Here’s a photo of my work-in-progress Animal Crossing bedroom:

Add a pop of personality to your bedroom

If you don’t want a bold pattern on your walls, a comforter or rug is a great way to inject a dose of personality into your bedroom, says Smith. You could also use a quieter wallpaper pattern, like herringbone, she adds.

Embrace feng shui

The HHA will reward you handsomely if you follow the basic tenets of feng shui, an ancient art and science developed in China thousands of years ago. The purpose of feng shui: to create harmony between your energy and the energy within your surroundings.

One of the easiest ways to feng shui your bedroom is to rest your bed against a solid wall, says Smith. Ideally, this wall will be the one farthest from the door.

Get rid of clutter

One of the main principles of feng shui is freeing your home of clutter. Cleaning up your sleep space will not only up your HHA score in Animal Crossing, but it’ll also help boost your mood in real life. “Clutter permeates our consciousness whether we’re aware of it or not—it really disturbs people on a deep level,” says Brennan.

In the game, it’s pretty simple—all you have to do is hit a button to put unwanted items in storage. You’ll have to work slightly harder than that in real life. Don’t know where to start?

As Brennan points out, most of us aren’t inclined to put stuff, like our clothes, away immediately. So having some sort of storage unit with open shelves, or simply a place that’s convenient to stack things out of your line of sight, is a great idea, she says.

The bottom line: Whether in Animal Crossing or real life, designing your bedroom should be fun. In the game specifically, you can build a fantasy home you could only dream of in your wildest imagination, so take advantage of that opportunity. “There’s low risk,” says Smith. “If you don’t like something, you can change it with the touch of a button.”

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