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Anime bedroom ideas : best 30+ ideas

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There are a thousand ways to decorate a room. Everything will depend on the tastes of the person. The custom is to create a room with a basic decoration that serves any time of life. But that is very boring and today we want to present you ideas that will help you create an original room.

Anime is really a passion. Brought directly from Japan, it has earned a place in everyone’s hearts. Regardless of how old you are, you have surely seen an anime that has stolen your heart and has had you waiting for answers. The advantage of anime is that they are relatively short series that present atypical situations that arouse our interest.

If there is a particular anime that has stuck in your head, then why don’t you capture it somewhere in your room? Today we will present you a series of proposals that will help you create an anime decoration for your room no matter how old you are.

Anime bedroom ideas

Studio Ghibli Inspiration

anime room studio ghibli

This movie production company has brought us a lot of anime. Each character is particular and has its own degree of prominence within the film. If you have seen Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro you must have been delighted with the animation and each character. Moving them into a room is easy thanks to this corner model.

Choose your favorite characters and paint them around two walls and create a kind of path that includes the corner. If you place the bed in that area, you will feel that you are sleeping among your favorite anime characters. When painting, use bright and intense colors to achieve the character of each one of them and thus have a true anime decoration for the room.

Anime decoration with fanmade elements

Anime decoration with fanmade elements

The incredible thing about anime is how well it has managed to unite many people in the same feeling within an animated program. Many people are in love with certain characters and are interested in knowing about them beyond what they live in the manga or anime. Therefore, they invent stories of them in the current era or in situations that are out of the classic anime.

The important thing is that the character still maintains canon attitudes regarding what to do. Drawings of this type, such as Sailor Moon with a more modern outfit, are perfect for decorating a wall only with paintings of this type. Choose images that you like the most and print them on or paint them on a canvas and place them in your own room.

Room flooded with Japanese anime

Japanese anime flooded room

This room really shows that its owner is an anime fan. First, we started with a bed full of cushions and stuffed animals alluding to different anime. We can see several of My Neighbor Totoro, Hello Kitty and even cushions with male characters. Next we find a nightstand on which is the anime cover with the main character. To continue the tour, we go to the top.

There we see several thick frame paintings in black. The largest has a painting of Japanese palaces during the cherry blossom season. On the bed, there are more paintings of different sizes and with images in the form of a collage. The largest one on the left has different images from the anime. Finish off the entire décor with a line of LED lights to add an aesthetic touch to the entire room.

Create an anime Frame Composition

Create an anime Frame Composition

What we love about this room is that it is designed for adults. Before, we had only seen inspiration for youth and children’s rooms, but with this design we began to give ideas for adults. It is not necessary to fill your walls with anime characters for it to be understood that the decoration is for that reason. That’s why we present you this wonderful and mature way to show love for your favorite characters.

This decoration is based on a composition of paintings of different sizes. In total there are paintings and each one is an important part of a single image. The painting reflects an image of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba where all its main characters can be seen in battle poses. The pictures vary in size but the one in the middle is the largest.

The entire composition is incredible thanks to the quantity and intensity of the colors present. You can combine all the decoration with neutral tones in the sheet, the desk and the rest of the furniture.

Dragon Ball, Always With You

anime room with dragon ball

One of the animes that managed to mark the childhood of many people was Dragon Ball. By itself, this anime has become a benchmark of Japanese culture and has taken anime to various corners of the world. For youth rooms it is a good idea to apply a decoration concept based on this anime.

This room is quite simple. You have a modern style and the bed is on a wide platform. The main colors in the palette are dark blue, white and gray. The jewel of the decoration is the recreation of one of the Dragon Ball characters that manages to revive the most memories: Gohan. The figure must be painted in large dimensions so that it can create the anime decoration and thus make way for the collage-type painting that is next to it.

Dragon Ball 3D Bedroom Wall

 Dragon Ball  3D Bedroom Wall


3D wall paintings are one of the best ways to add a new character to your room. And if you are a fan of dragon ball these 3D murals, they will take your room to another level. You can use LED lights to enhance the 3D look

Attack on Titan: The Legion in your Room

6. Attack on Titan: The Legion in your Room

If you’ve watched anime recently, you’ve surely heard about Eren and the whole plot created by Isayama. To bring the world of SNK into your room, you can decorate one of the walls as if it has been broken, revealing that the entire structure is made with Colossal Titans. On a white wall, make the drawing and then start painting it. Pay special attention to the shadows and for nothing in the world cover that space. People should know that the Titans are around them every time they come to your room.

Attack on Titan: The Legion in your Room


The Attack on Titan room decor are not only for fans of the anime but are also for people who love Japanese culture in general.With Attack On the Titans being a very popular manga and anime, many people are looking for ways to decorate their rooms with Attack On the Titan related items.

If you are a fan of the popular manga Attack On The Titans, then this is the room decor for you! You can have your children have their own version of the Attack on the Titans room decor.

The most important part of this room decor is to put up a giant poster of Eren Yeager

Naruto room Decor ideas

Naruto room Decor ideas

Image Source:i.pinimg.com

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the world of Naruto? Well, this one guy decided that he was going to bring it into his life with this excellent Naruto-themed room.

Niall Quinn, a young man from Northern Ireland has an incredible anime room.

This is an amazing example of how creativity can be put to use by people, even if they are not professionally trained designers or artists.

As this anime stays close to our hearts, we first start with a Naruto-themed anime room.

Every anime lover has a special corner for the brave and notorious Naruto.

Let’s see how you could incorporate the Konohagakure (The Hidden leaf village) anime room decor in your own space.

Unlike moss green and deep grey prevails in the bedroom, the orange and blue are highlighted by the system here. 

If your love for Naruto’s love for Sasuke is just like us, this is for you! The two people who sleep at the Uzumaki and Uchiha vibes use traditional futons. Under the futon, the checkered mat plays a role in keeping a room warm. You can choose this mat to be a black and grey or golden theme.

Naruto room Decor ideas

Image Source:i.pinimg.com

For a minimalistic and simple look, you can take inspiration from the photo featured above. The color theme is almost monochromatic with an edgy wall painting. Notice the showpieces on either side of the bed as well. Tiny detailed touches like these make a themed bedroom standout.

Uchiha Clan Theme Decor

Uchiha Clan Theme Decor

Image Source:readydepart

(Come on, you definitely know the Uchiha clan theme! And, that’s why we have mentioned it separately)

Uchiha Clan Theme Decor

Image Source:i.pinimg

In general, textures are important here. They enhance the richness of the culture in this room. Texture highlights soft wooden panels, the ground-built wall to the velvety mat.

Inazuma 11 Themed Anime Bedroom

Inazuma 11 Themed Anime Bedroom


If you are a soccer fan and an anime lover, there’s no way you wouldn’t like this trailblazing anime series.  

Assemble all the players and decorate your room with Inazuma Eleven wall art poster and home accessories.

Haikyuu Volleyball Themed Anime Bedroom

Haikyuu Volleyball Themed Anime Bedroom


A respected & successful sports anime series. Be a champ like the ‘small giant’ Shouyou. 

Decorate your wall with scroll wall art painting and awe-inspiring anime decor for the bedroom. This would make your bedroom look intense.

Pokemon Themed Anime Bedroom

Pokemon Themed Anime Bedroom

Image Source:girlstyle

Let the battle began. Bring home the Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venesaur. We can’t deny we all loved pokemon during our childhood.

So why not decorate your room with a Pokemon Theme?

Pokemon Themed Anime Bedroom

Image Source:i.pinimg.com

1. Dress your bed in a Pokemon Duvet bed sheet.

2. Decorate the wall with Pokemon wall paintings and posters

3. Match your pillows with your bedsheets with Pokemon character-themed covers.

One Piece theme

One Piece theme


The idea about this theme is all the same for kindergarten with Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. It is great to let the baby hang out with the crew of Straw Hat Pirates, in its growing stages. The show fosters beautiful friendship. 

Taking One Piece anime wallpaper shows the characters of this favorite manga in full. The happy-go-lucky Luffy and the crew unity are two remarkable features of One Piece that you can play with.

One Piece Themed Furniture

One Piece Themed Furniture

Image Source:behance.net

All furniture options concern the pirate ship concept of the One Piece.

Here, the baby boy’s red kitchen visibly takes Thousand Sunny. It is the second Straw Hat Pirates ship after Going Merry, which emphasizes the red and black. 

The structure of the crèche, especially, can rock back and forth, as a ship gets to the center of the sea. With the ship-like bed, your child can get comfortable, without any risk of becoming seasick. In the vicinity of the bedding, the parent can work or surf on the net while sleeping with the computer installed.

Byakugan & Sharingan Frames

Byakugan & Sharingan Frames


Apart from the above design, you can decorate your wall with detailed Bakaugan or any different Sharingan frames. 

Byakugan & Sharingan Frames

Image Source:forcloudcdn

This will give a bold look to your bedroom. It would definitely leave the visitors in awe. These monochromatic frames are best for a minimalistic vibe.

We suggest you go for it, for people who want simple yet striking anime feels.

Fullmetal Alchemist Themed Anime Bedroom

Fullmetal Alchemist Themed Anime Bedroom


Welcome to the world where alchemy is one of the most practiced sciences. You are definitely awesome if you love this one. Not only love but also if you’re planning to make it feel real by designing your place with this theme.

Tapestry is such a multi-purpose decoration as wall art and a beautiful anime decor for the bedroom. This would leave your room looking intense.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Image Source:animeware

A simple Canvas printed wall art with multiple FullMetal Alchemist panels will also leave your room looking vibrant.

Doraemon Themed Anime Bedroom

Doraemon Themed Anime Bedroom
Bedding Mesmerizing Bedroom Kid 18 Inspiring Kids Room Ideas For 2 – layjao

Image Source:layjao

Who wouldn’t love the plump blue robot cat with all his loyalty?

With the 4D pocket on his belly, Doraemon takes out the exciting gadgets when Nobita needs his help. His loyalty, friendliness, and kindness are everything to a real cat or not. 

Doraemon Themed Anime Bedroom

Image: i.pinimg

For the sake of our fantastic childhood, this room provides an opportunity to express how much we like this series. It’s all blue, you know. From the wallpapers, bedding, drapes on the shelf, and all the dolls. Indeed, only the Doraemon theme can make this great concept a reality.

The Kawaii Themed Anime Bedroom

The Kawaii Themed Anime Bedroom


You heard it right, some go too crazy in anime collections and may adopt such interior decorations. Give a shot at the anime decor and redecorate your room. So, fill your room with some anime-related stuff like magazines, posters, action figures, and stuff toys.

Set up this decor and add some innovative colors to your room to avoid a dull environment.

The Seven Deadly Sins Themed Anime Bedroom

22. The Seven Deadly Sins Themed Anime Bedroom

Image Source:media-amazon

The Seven Deadly Sins cast characters on the front in an anime room aesthetic & artistic fashion. Decorate your room with anime action figures, posters, and wall paintings and give your room an article visual touch.

Avatar The Last Airbender Themed Anime Bedroom

23. Avatar The Last Airbender Themed Anime Bedroom


A classic American anime that has conquered the hearts of pure anime fans. Design your room with the four Classical Elements Symbol Wall Art – The Earth, The Fire, The Water, and The Air. Maybe, this way, you can channel the powers of Aang, Zuko, Katara, and Toph in your bedroom.

Jujutsu Kaisen Themed Anime Bedroom

24. Jujutsu Kaisen Themed Anime Bedroom


Bring Late 2020 anime that has won the hearts of all Shonen fans.

Recreate your room with some dark-ish artistic posters and wall art of the Jujutsu Kaisen character.

My Hero Academia Themed Anime Bedroom

25. My Hero Academia Themed Anime Bedroom

Image Source:static.wikia

Be a superhero of your own. Add something fresh to your dull surrounding, with the My Hero Academia wall art. 

Pretty Anime Wallpapers for Themed Anime Bedroom

Pretty Anime Wallpapers for Themed Anime Bedroom


The girls adore the soft and rosy colors in their rooms.

Thus, the anime room wallpaper is the right option to bring the cute Kawaii ambiance to your daughter’s room. That too; without feeling overly cluttered and stuffed. Place the floating shelves near the bed to store their toys and anime collections.

Favorite Anime Scroll

Favorite Anime Scroll

Image Source:shopee.tw

You can show admiration through minimalistic anime ideas. It is not compulsory to renovate your entire bedroom. For the background of your bedroom, hang wall scrolls and you have everything here! Fierce designs help generate strong vibrations in the bedroom. 

Favorite Anime Scroll

Image Source:media-amazon

Anime romantic room

Anime romantic room

Anime style is not only childish style. With the right combination, you can create a teenage or even adult room for a romantic person. To create such an interior, use delicate peach, pink, blue, light brown, beige colors. On one wall, stick a wallpaper in pastel colors with a picture of a romantic anime couple, as, for example, in the photo below.

Anime kids room


If your child loves to watch anime cartoons, then the interior of a room with his favorite characters will be an excellent gift for him. Anime style is a cosplay style, that is, it assumes the presence of various elements and accessories from your favorite cartoons in the interior.

Photo 2 – Room for boys in anime style


For example, you can make a room in the style of the popular adventure cartoon “Naruto”, where the main characters are children – ninja. Such an interior is suitable for a boy’s room. Decorate the walls with cartoon pictures, beds with ninja blankets and pillows. In this case, the colors can be bright or warm shades: green, red, brown, olive, white or gray.

Photo 3 – Room for a girl in anime style

Photo-4-Anime-style-for-the-little ones

Light wallpapers are suitable for the girl’s room: pink or white, pale blue. On one wall, you can paint a beautiful heroine with long hair from your favorite children’s anime, for example, Sailor Moon. Or purchase ready-made stickers or drawings.

For the smallest children, you can create an interior in the style of the children’s cartoon “Hello Kitty” or “Tottoro”. Your child will develop joyfully and harmoniously together with funny cute anime animals. The main colors should be light, and the painted characters should be bright, but not overly intrusive.

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