Apartment with vibrant colors and integrated environments

Apartment with vibrant colors and integrated environments.

The renovation of this apartment, designed by CR2 Arquitetura , by partners Clara Reynaldo and Cecília Reichstul, brought new air to the home of a young couple with a 3-year-old daughter and a baby on the way: with the need for a bigger property to welcome another member , the space chosen was this 170m² apartment in São Paulo.

CR2’s mission was to optimize the area and circulation from small structural changes. Originally there were three suites and there was a passage between the laundry room and the living room. In addition to eliminating this service access, the architects transformed one of the rooms into an office and made the entrance to the two bedrooms through it. They also excluded one of the bathrooms to enlarge the children’s room.

The main change was the integration of the balcony with the apartment. It was decided to open the kitchen to the living room and the terrace – and the huge window that was there left the scene. The idea, according to the architects, was to create a support that took up little space and did not interfere with the flow of people.

A very charming kitchen


One of the bright colors that appears in abundance on the bookcase in the living room, blue also appears in the kitchen cabinets and on the hydraulic tile, in ultramarine blue and light gray. The tall cabinets, in white, match the adhesive inserts in the same color, which help to enlarge the room in a rectangular shape.

integrated environments


The kitchen floor continues to cover the entire length of the balcony, imitating a rug. Without the doors to divide the environments, the integration makes the living room even more expanded. The only division is very subtle: the floor that delimits each room. In the background, you can see the family dining table, made of wood and vintage, with period chairs.

Space for quick meals


By opening the kitchen and removing the door that divided the terrace, it was easier to walk through the spaces and see the entire social wing, from one end to the other. One of the original columns was extended and received a wooden bench, perfect for quick meals.

Vibrant colors


The project also invested in the combination of bright colors, which can be seen in the modular Brasiliana bookcase, by Securit – the alternation between full and empty spaces guarantees the dynamic aspect of the furniture and properly accommodates the objects.

Sliding door to join or separate


The open living room of 46 m² then gained three continuous environments: dining, living and TV rooms, and the TV room can be isolated with the cumaru wooden sliding door. On the opposite side, another similar partition separates the room from the kitchen.

a vintage touch


In the TV room, the exposed concrete wall was kept as in the original to show the structure of the property. The electrical network piping is all external in this environment. The antique-looking rack takes on the vintage feel of the space.

The renovation brought to light a completely new apartment, a project full of colors and with a touch of modernity in every corner, including combining contemporary furniture with antique furniture .

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