25+ Attic Closet Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Attic closet ideas : best 20+ ideas

Are you looking for Attic closet ideas ? then this article for you

Today we have some ideas for closet and dressing rooms in the attic to inspire you to use each space in these houses so difficult to organize. Wherever you live, you will never have enough space to store your clothes, or so it seems.

Attic closet

penthouse wardrobes attractive design white ideas

It does not matter if it is a simple wardrobe that you use every day or one that you need to store your winter clothes during the summer and vice versa.

closet in the attic bedroom

attic wardrobes bedroom design options ideas

It is very possible that you have not explored the entire space of the house. Our question is, have you ever thought of organizing a walk-in closet with a few closet in the attic?

Wooden drawers and shelves for shoes in modern walk-in closet

penthouse wardrobes design steel columns wooden shelves ideas

If you already use all the space in the house and have exhausted all the possibilities to mount a new closet. Our options today will help you find the solution.

  closet for attic rooms

penthouse wardrobes design studio penthouse colorful furniture ideas

Don’t be put off by its quirky architecture and third-floor location. If you put your mind to it, you can do wonders with this forgotten space. Your attic can become a dressing room or storage room with character and functionality.

  Attic with narrow walk-in closet

closets wardrobes penthouse wood design narrow walk-in closet ideas

Before your eyes you can see the images of penthouses turned into luxury dressing rooms. In addition to this we have some tips for you, but you should read on. Many people do not like the architecture of the attic because they are overwhelmed by its low ceilings.

Dressing room with Scandinavian design and white furniture

penthouse wardrobes modern design glass doors ideas

But if you try to think of the attic not as a narrow room but as something like a unique closet with sloping ceilings and quirky angles, your taste may change.

closet with very original shapes to enter the attic

wardrobes attic original design useful room ideas
slanted attic closet ideas

If you have enough space, you can design a walk-in closet to feel like you are in a luxury boutique with a center island or a cool upholstered seat.

Large wardrobe with eye-catching designer sliding doors

contemporary attic wardrobes-wardrobes design large wardrobe ideas

Fall in love with the sloping ceiling, but consider adding built-in cabinets or bookshelves along the walls to disguise the decreasing wall height.

Fully Equipped Attic Dressing Room

penthouse wardrobes design small dressing room ideas

Our advice is to seek help from professionals for better design or a carpenter to build your closet to fit your attic architecture.

Attic dressing room with large mirror and ceiling window

closets wardrobes penthouse dress design stool ideas

Professionals can give you different options and design and they are the ones who best know how to work with, and not against, the architectural forms of space.

Luxurious walk-in closet very well lit

wardrobe cabinets luxurious design shelves drawers ideas

If you have limited space, with sloping ceilings, nooks and crannies, it’s best to look for custom cabinets that are professionally designed and built for your space. There are exceptions, but most ready-made closet systems are worthless because they won’t be able to fit into your attic.

Large walk-in closet with mirrored doors

modern wardrobes mirror design ideas

You must make sure that the cabinets are high enough. Since sloping ceilings can cause some height problems.

Ideas of shelves and built-in closet on the staircase

penthouse stairs cabinets options interior design ideas

Don’t forget that efficiency is important for attic spaces. If you live in an area where it is very hot but you want a dressing room in the attic;

Very narrow dressing room ideas

place shoes cabinets drawers clothes ideas

You will need an air conditioning because the temperature of your space must be suitable for you and for the storage of the various items. Another thing to think about is lighting.

A whole wall for shoes in the spacious walk-in closet

large dressing room purple cabinets ideas

When it comes to an attic with sloping ceilings, the best option is to incorporate a skylight. Even a small skylight between the rafters will add a sufficient amount of natural light to the space.

Ideas for closet in the bedroom

dressing room attic bedroom design options ideas

Any addition of natural light to a space and attic will make a huge difference to the feel of the room. Use mirrors and their double function.

Gorgeous walk-in closet with mirrored closet doors

Luxurious bright white dressing room modern design ideas

In a modern but narrow space with cabinets, the best option is to add mirrors on the doors that reflect the light and make the space appear larger. For dark spaces of irregular shape, the first thing is to think and take advantage of any type of natural lighting available to expand the space.

Dressing room with mirror and rustic design details

dressing room design large mirror white shelves ideas

A mirror placed in front of a window or near a skylight will help reflect natural light throughout the space, making it more spacious and larger. Consider adding open shelves. If the space is tight enough, open shelving is the best option. Paint the walls a neutral color to make colored clothing more visible.

Black floor and white cabinets in the dressing room

dressing room design floor black color shelves ideas

So that your design is not simple and boring you can add some decorative details. Think that this room is the same as the others and you should personalize it like the living room.

Oval-shaped walk-in closet

dark dressing room furniture clothes island ideas

For this you can use lamps with modern designs that will not only provide some pleasant light in the room, but also enhance the feeling that the space conveys. Now we leave you with our images to inspire you.

Attic walk-in closet with white ceiling and furniture

penthouse dressing room white furniture mirrors medium island ideas

Attic Closet with Sloped Ceiling

Attic Closet with Sloped Ceiling

Walk-in attic closet features a sloped ceiling lined with rustic wood beams over angled built in shoe cubbies and sweater shelves next to a window seat.

Gucci Wallpaper

Gucci Wallpaper

Attic closet features walls clad in Gucci Wallpaper framing freestanding clothes rail alongside round teal velvet ottoman topped with blush pink velvet pillow. Floor to ceiling shelves for shoes sits next to window over skirted vanity table.

Attic Walk In Closet Bench with Shoe Shelves

Attic Walk In Closet Bench with Shoe Shelves

Rustic brick beam in the center of a large walk-in attic closet featuring a bench with shoe shelves. A long clothing rail is designed with a shelf overhead and lower shoe shelves for a simplicity, minimalistic appeal.

Attic Closet

Attic Closet


Walk In Closet with Leopard Print Carpeting

Walk In Closet with Leopard Print Carpeting

Clad in Leopard print carpet, this well appointed walk in attic closet features a white center island fitted with a built-in bench topped with a gray velvet cushion positioned facing white cabinets with bronze pulls fixed beside l shaped built-in custom lit glass shoe shelves located next to built-in sweater shelves.

Closet Island with Built In Bench

Closet Island with Built In Bench

Large walk in attic closet features a white center island fitted with drawers donning bronze hardware and a built-in bench topped with a gray velvet cushion lit by a white sheer drum chandelier hung from a sloped ceiling. Stacked glass shoe shelves are positioned behind the island beside built-in sweater shelves. Behind the island, double closet doors are positioned beneath stacked overhead shelves and flanked by clothing rails and a mirrored wardrobe.

Attic Walk In Closet with Built In Shoe Shelves

Attic Walk In Closet with Built In Shoe Shelves

Gorgeous attic walk-in closet boasts a white center island lit by a white sheer drum chandelier hung from a sloped ceiling as the wall behind the island is lined with custom lit built-in stacked glass shoe shelves fixed in an l shape between white cabinets and built in sweater shelves. The closet also features a treadmill placed in front of a window located beside a corner mounted flat panel television.

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