Author pieces and a retro bar mark the decoration of this apartment

Author pieces and a retro bar mark the decoration of this apartment

In 2017, Eduardo met Marcelo, and the certainty that he was the right guy pushed him to take new directions. Without the support of his family, Eduardo sold everything he had and moved from the countryside to São Paulo to live together.

First they lived in a flat and, “with the face and the courage”, they threw themselves into new changes until they found the apartment they live in today. It is in this space that the two share decorating tips, advertise their online business and exhibit several original pieces.

Residence type: apartment

Area: 110 m²

City: Sao Paulo, SP

Residents: Eduardo and Marcelo are engaged and live with their pet son Barthô – “a mutt full of class and elegance”, they say. The two are also entrepreneurs and work on their own business: an online decor store, JOSH Atelier .

Differential: “what won us over right away was the classic and super retro bar that already existed in the apartment, it was what helped us define the look of the space”, recalls Eduardo. The couple also says that the apartment is surrounded by nature, a rare situation to find in São Paulo. About his social profile, @02ape22 , Eduardo says that the idea came about to encourage people like them, “to show that it was possible and share tips on how to decorate on a budget”.

Eduardo and Marcelo’s apartment: a home of personality

02 APT 22

In the beginning, the two had very different tastes, reveals Eduardo: “I liked those decorated apartment stand environments, I thought it was beautiful, and Marcelo liked something more laid-back and industrial!”.

Gradually and despite the differences, the two decided to follow a more authorial decor: “various elements of the decoration we make, such as pictures, paintings, furniture, etc. And we think that’s the best! Because it has our history, our finger and our taste in everything.” The couple also opted for loose furniture: “this gives us the possibility to change the composition and change everything whenever we want.”

natural classic theme

02 APT 22

“In our current apartment, the theme is classic natural, so we try to bring more classic elements and natural objects, such as linen, bamboo fibers, plants, cotton, etc.”, points out Eduardo. Highlight for the chandelier invented and executed by the couple.

exclusive objects

02 APT 22

He also says that the table runner and the vases are from the two’s own store, as well as many other items in the decoration: “we like to bring this authorial design to the apartment, […] it’s our great differential. Everything has our personality, everything has our hand”.

Authorial design in decoration

02 APT 22

On the table set, the napkins and placemats are also by Josh Atelier, and all are handmade with linen and raw cotton.

plenty of warmth

02 APT 22

Lamps and blankets make the decor more cozy and make up a perfect corner to relax.

Green colored walls

02 APT 22

The color green, for them, “was the great transformation” and, with the boiseries, they completely changed the face of the apartment.

Comfortable and inspiring corners

02 APT 22

The paint chosen was Floresta Humida, by Suvinil. For Eduardo, “this color connected with the theme of the apartment, bringing coziness, calm and sophistication”.

An apartment full of history

02 APT 22

Eduardo also highlights the original slate and wood flooring in the living room: “this immediately brought us back to country houses.” And, with the retro bar, this element was what helped the couple to guide the choices for the composition of the space.

And with memories in the decoration

02 APT 22

The decoration of the apartment is full of pieces that represent the two, such as this airplane trolley restored by the couple and which recalls Marcelo’s time as a flight attendant.

Room with neutral tones

02 APT 22

In the living room, neutral tones prevail, with nuances of white, brown and gray. About the entire process of transforming the apartment, they reveal: “the walls were painted by specialized professionals, the chandeliers were installed by the insurance company’s staff and the kitchen bench was restored. All the rest of the decoration and other installations were done by us.”

Sophistication in details and economy

02 APT 22

And they add: “Overall, our investment here was low, only the painting and boiserie have completely changed the apartment. We are experts in finding good furniture at a great price and that was also a plus in the economy!”

a bar to impress

02 APT 22

The old wooden bar was what won over the couple right away and is one of their favorite items in the apartment. Eduardo and Marcelo take great care in every detail and proudly remember their trajectory: “today we are in our third home, more confident, more united and more prepared for life.”

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