Reading: 20+ Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas That Will Work For Any Home

20+ Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas That Will Work For Any Home

Awkward living room layout ideas

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Each one in its square , could be a great definition for the decoration of the rooms. However, the spaces of a home are not always delimited with well-defined lines. It is common that, due to the limitations of the land on which the property was built, the floor plan of the property is not drawn in formats with the correct angles, which, therefore, are easier to decorate. 

Rooms with irregular shapes, such as triangular ones, end up bringing difficulties precisely because they do not offer straight lines to which furniture can adapt more easily. For this, opting for solutions that bring with them some easy-to-apply tricks can be the ideal solution so that your decoration can be done in an easy and practical way. 

Thinking about bringing the best solutions that can make your life a little easier when you have a room with an irregular design to decorate in front of you, we have separated some special tips that can work very well in your home. These are tips aimed at decorating the  living room , but which can serve as a basis for solutions in other rooms formed with walls designed without the exactness of a square. 

So, we invite you to follow us, to check out some of these great suggestions that can work perfectly in your home and, to top it off, let’s see together good decorative projects that will leave great inspiration for your living room decor. So, join us and come with us to find the ideal solution for the unusual dimensions of your home. We’re sure you’ll find great answers to your questions. Enjoy!

magic square

awkward living room layout ideas 1

Using auxiliary pieces that work as a point of attention in the decoration is a very interesting way to disguise uneven spaces in an environment. For this, arrange your furniture in a square shape in the living room, making the furniture work at an angle of 90º to each other. This way of balancing the decoration, will disguise the uneven spaces of the environment very well, making them pass almost ignored by those who occupy the space.

A great example is this project by the talented duo of architects  Cardoso Chouza , from Itapetinga (BA). With the use of a large piece centered in a square shape, and the organization of the furniture that accompanies the design of the piece, the irregular shape of the room went completely unnoticed. A smart design and excellent taste.


awkward living room layout ideas 2

In environments where the walls are not exactly parallel to each other, the best way to bring balance to the composition is to opt for elements that fill spaces in walls or openings that, inevitably, can occur in the decoration of the space. 

An example of this is in this project designed by the office HB Arquitetos Associados , from Porto Alegre (RS). In the image, we can see, through the drawings on the ceiling, the inaccurate shape of the living room. However, the space, perfectly decorated with white elements, is filled with the  built-in shelves on the wall beside the TV. The enhancement with this option offered an ideal complement to the environment, as well as the organization of the furniture was perfect so that the opening near the window could be completely free and, thus, be an interesting environment option parallel to the TV room.

sofa and TV

awkward living room layout ideas 3

Another interesting trick to be used in an environment with irregular design can be the definition of the sofa and TV. Even if your living room is small in size, ideally, you should arrange the sofa in front of the TV at opposite ends. In this case, choose the organization that best favors the design of a square in the environment.

In the image, we can see how well worked on this living room, designed by the interior architect, Angela Ognibeni , from Porto Alegre (RS). Using pieces that allowed the perfect decoration of the irregular space room, the decoration was beautiful. The carpet with cutouts following the design of the walls and the construction of a panel made of stones, where a fireplace was installed, allowed the space to have a perfect design. The use of the TV on the wall, right in front of the sofa, gave the space an aspect of organization and welcoming. 


awkward living room layout ideas 4

Plants always make all the difference in living room decor. Whether to decorate the room’s coffee table or to fill in spaces, the plants, in addition to being great for improving the air in the room, are also amazing for organizing an irregularly designed space. As an example, we brought this beautiful living room designed by Studio 011 Arquitetura , from São Paulo (SP). 

Even with the non-uniform design of the space, as we can see on the ceiling, the square-shaped arrangement between the sofas was great to balance the space. As a way to reinforce this balance, the three flowers in the background work as a point of attention, bringing an imaginary design in straight lines between the side walls. With this, the result was perfect!


awkward living room layout ideas 5

Delimiting space in an irregular environment is critical. One of the ways to do this, as we said in a previous topic, is to use the furniture in a 90º setting, visually isolating the space. However, there are other tricks you can use, such as organizing objects on extreme sides, where, unconsciously, the boundaries of the living room with other spaces will remain – in cases of integrated environments.

A great example is this project by Alkaa Arquitetos Associados , from São Paulo (SP), which used a beautiful lamp on a chair arranged for reading, perfectly closing the space in the TV room. 

Focal point

awkward living room layout ideas 6

Another great tip for your living room with irregular design can have the perfect balance, is to use a focal point in the center of the space. A small table with decorative elements, a lamp and other options can perfectly serve to shift the focus of attention and, thus, the irregular shape of the room being just a second point of view.

In this project, for example, the central point of focus are the candles lit in the center of the living room, while another point of attention can be considered the curtain with great emphasis due to the contrast of the red color in the neutral environment.

Furniture with exposed feet

Photo: Shutterstock

To create a small room decoration with irregular design in a simple way, a great option is to bet on furniture that has exposed feet. This is because this feature increases the field of vision from the floor, giving the impression that the room is larger. Some of the furniture you can look for with this feature are racks, shelves and sofas, for example.

 Furniture with little depth

 Furniture with little depth
Photo: Shutterstock

Television panels are also a great alternative when it comes to small living room decor with irregular design . Because it has little depth, the furniture creates more space for the environment. Other items that can be applied in this tip are racks and even sofas! 

Format L

Format L

In L-shaped rooms, residents usually install more than one environment , such as living and dining, or lounge and office. Ideally, the narrowest part receives the dining room or office, leaving the wider part for the living room.

As it is narrower, the part destined for dinner or office calls for tables with rectangular shapes , to maintain harmony. L-shaped sofas are a good option, but they can also be fitted with traditional shaped options if there is space.

How to choose the space of each zone

As a starting point for the creation of each area (living room and dining room), an imaginary straight line must be drawn from the most distant points of the room. At both ends of this line is where it is most advisable to place the main furniture in each area. Although the function of each area is so different and they are physically far apart, there must be a visual integration that makes the room look like a single unit.

Ideas to decorate a circular living room

How to choose your living room furniture

When the shape of the living room is peculiar, one of the tasks that cause the most headaches is the choice and placement of the main furniture. The choice of living room furniture and its shapes will depend on how irregular the space is and the available meters.

Bulky furniture should be placed on the longest walls of the room. If you opt for an L-shaped sofa then it should be placed on a wall with the same shape and facing the irregular wall. In this same position you can also place a sofa with two U-shaped armchairs on the sides, to create a sensation of movement. In the same way, you can choose a corner sofa with a semicircular shape.

A good resource may be to choose some furniture whose lines are coupled with the irregularity of the space. For example, if an auxiliary table is to be included in the center of the room as is generally recommended, it is best if it has a triangular shape. This shape will blend in naturally with the irregularity of the space. A round one, without corners, can also come in handy.

It is not advisable to carpet the irregular area of ​​the room, since the corners do not help to hide the irregularity and maintain the consistency of the entire space.

How to decorate an irregular living room

How to take advantage of an uneven wall

A common mistake that is made is trying to hide an uneven wall, as if it were a defect that must be hidden at all costs. Instead, what should be done is to try to give it life and highlight its originality, compared to the rest of the space. This can be achieved by painting the uneven wall a different color from the rest, so it will look custom-made.

How to decorate a living room with columns

How to make the most of columns

In irregular rooms it is quite common to find some columns or pillars, for which it is not always known how to find a utility. The first thing is to stop seeing them as an inconvenience, to start thinking about how to get the most out of it. How? Well, this will depend on the type of column, here are some ideas:

Column integrated into a wall: If the column is integrated into a wall, the space between the column and the wall can be used to place shelves, as a practical shelf. A shelf can be seen as another decorative element within the space, in addition to its organizational capacity.

Column near the wall: A column near a wall can serve as a delimiting element of a small space, in which a reading or work corner can be placed. It can also serve as a support to build a new wardrobe, using plasterboard or some similar material.

Central column: If the position of the column is central, it will not go unnoticed no matter how hard you try. So the ideal is to enhance it as an intermediate separator of the area that will be dedicated to the living room and the one that will occupy the dining room.

Design lesson – Decorating oddly shaped rooms

Lesson 1 :

Use floor space creatively

Use free-standing book shelves and other tall furniture to effectively divide the room. Partitioning an irregularly shaped room is a great way to organize the flow of movement in the room. For example, a four-sided book stand is accessible from all sides. This means less reach for sofas and chairs with wall backs. In addition to creating balance in an asymmetrical room, you can move freestanding furniture at will and not be held up by a wall. It’s also a good idea to put a rug in the center of the floor to draw attention to the middle of the room rather than the corners.

awkward living room layout ideas

Lesson 2:

Maintain consistency in the decor

The repetition of design elements throughout the interior helps to make the room more balanced. It is important to have matching window coverings. The furniture should be matched and the wall trim should also be consistent. This means that you can’t have a themed wall with a decor style that conflicts with the general design elements of the room, unless you want that wall to be the focal point of the room. 

awkward living room layout ideas

Lecon 3 :

Use color wisely

Choosing the right colors is a crucial part of making up for an oddly shaped room. Bright colors are a no-no, as they will highlight the shape of the room. The right color can make your walls blend together and keep them in the background. If your walls are sloping, paint them crisp white, which will open up the room. And use complementary colors for the rest of the design elements; do you remember the consistency we talked about?

awkward living room layout ideas

Lesson 4:

Divide & conquer

You know you can’t decorate an oddly shaped room the ordinary way, placing a sofa along one wall and a shelf on the other. So what can you do? Start by dividing the room into more manageable sections.

If the room is large enough, divide it into a space for lounging and watching TV, and use the other space for reading or as a study area. This way, you can use different types of furniture in each space to separate them, making it easier to conventionally arrange the furniture in each section, while using the space wisely.

Room dividers and dividers are another way to create segments and make an oddly shaped room less eerie. Freestanding book shelves are a great way to divide a room and create different defined areas.

No matter what you use to segment the room, take advantage of the odd shape to create the illusion of a larger living space in your home or apartment.

awkward living room layout ideas

Lesson 5:

Have consistency

You can create a more unified look to the room with consistency. This means using the same window coverings, doors, color palettes, and other decor to make it look uniform and tie the separate sections together nicely.

All design elements should be matched, including furniture, trim, and wall colors. Do not create an accent wall as this will unbalance the whole and take away from the overall harmony of the look.

Lesson 6:

Think about custom furniture

Whether you have an apartment, a small apartment, or a large house with oddly shaped rooms, consider having furniture made to measure. You can have unique pieces made that create a focal point for a room, or have a custom piece designed to fit a particularly hard-to-fill area of ​​a room, like the custom shelves and wall niches below. There are many companies that make custom furniture for any room in the house, even outdoor furniture.

awkward living room layout ideas

Lesson 7:

Create a focal point

Rugs are a great way to create a focal point and keep the eyes away from awkward corners or other oddly shaped room elements. The rug draws the eye to the edges of the room and draws them to the center.

You can use any piece of furniture as a focal point. If you want your TV or upholstered chair to be the focal point, place it in the middle of the room and decorate it around. Just be sure to place all of the furniture intended to serve as a focal point in an obvious spot in the room.

Lesson 8:

Use a disguise

Awkwardly shaped pieces often have hard angles and weird corners. You can disguise them using round furniture. The use of rounded furniture emphasizes the odd corners and places it on the furniture. Plants are another great way to hide areas that you don’t want to draw attention to.

awkward living room layout ideas

You will find that the room will look less eerie when the focus is removed from sharp angles. You can also use different types of furniture or objects as disguises. Use easels, bench, or reading chairs to give a weird nook its own function and instantly transform a cozy little nook into a more usable space.

awkward living room layout ideas

Lesson 9:

Use the right color scheme

The right color scheme is important when working with oddly shaped rooms and awkward walls. For example, sloped walls and ceilings should appear more open, so using a crisp white color scheme can help. Avoid dark shades, it will make the space appear closed and small. Plus, using a semi-gloss paint helps reflect light throughout the room.

Using earth tones can also help bring the room together, so it doesn’t look so odd. Colors like beige, dark blue, and light gray set the walls in the background and emphasize the shape of the room.

Even if you have an oddly shaped piece, don’t think it’s impossible to work with. You can make it the highlight of your home or apartment. When decorated with care, the shape of the room becomes unimportant.

Get creative and try out different ideas until you find something that works best for you and your unconventional space.

Some questions and ansswers

How do I arrange a small awkward living room?

Small, awkward spaces can be a challenge to decorate; however, there are many ways to make them look bigger and more comfortable. While you may be tempted to buy a large couch or overstuffed chair for your small living room, that might end up making your space feel even smaller. Instead, choose simple but well-made furniture.

How do you arrange furniture in a weird room?

Arranging furniture in awkward spaces like long hallways, circular rooms, or L-shaped spaces isn’t as hard as it seems. Learn how to arrange your living room furniture for any space :

1- Pick furniture that works well in small spaces. Stick with one large piece of furniture and a few smaller ones if you have limited space. That way, you don’t have to rearrange everything every time you need to do something different in your living room. Add a side table or coffee table near seating for some extra surface area.

2- Don’t be afraid to go big. If you have a lot of empty space in your living room, fill it with a huge ottoman or an armchair that takes up more than one seat. You could also choose a long chaise lounge or sectional so you can lie down and kick back in your awkward L-shaped space.

3- Group your seating together. If you have an L-shaped or U-shaped living room, create groupings of two or three furniture pieces, placing them close to each other so they feel more like one large sofa than a few separate pieces. Just make sure there’s enough open space around each grouping so everyone can get in and out of seats easily.

How do you place furniture in a rectangular living room?

Placing furniture in a rectangular living room can be quite tricky. If you’re trying to make your space functional, but it just seems awkward no matter what you do, we have some tips for you. Follow these suggestions and soon enough, your rectangular-shaped space will look more spacious.

1- Arrange Furniture Based on Functionality, Not Looks: Chances are you want to be sure that your furniture looks great first and foremost. However, if you’re trying to squeeze in as much space as possible, then it’s best not to focus too much on aesthetics. Instead, choose furniture that is highly functional. For example, a couch could be placed against one wall while storage cabinets can be placed against another – combining form and function!

2- Don’t Put a Bar in Your Living Room: Most homes have a bar in their kitchen, but it may be hard to integrate one into your living room. The biggest reason for that is because bars usually take up an entire wall and are generally quite large. If you try to place one in your space, chances are that you won’t be able to move around it very easily.

3- If You Can’t Fit a Sofa Against a Wall, Place it in Between: It’s pretty hard to fit a sofa against one wall because sofas tend to be quite long. However, if you’re unable to position it against a wall and your space is getting crowded with furniture, try placing it in between two pieces of furniture instead. The difference will make your floor plan look much less cluttered.

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