Bathroom art ideas : 100+ Wonderful Art

bathroom art ideas : Top 100+ art brought a bathroom to life

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Art is an essential part of interior design for its ability to completely transform the environment and add a personal touch to each room. The bathroom should not be an exception, although many times we perceive it rather in its functional role that does not allow many decorations. However, as a place of relaxation, the bathroom should also be an aesthetic and original place where we feel comfortable and satisfied. That is why in this article we present you several decoration proposals with paintings for bathrooms that will surely convince you to experiment and reinvent your bathroom.

bathroom art

How many and what pictures to put? From children’s drawings to reproductions of classic paintings, all types of paintings can become a decorative element in your bathroom when they correspond to the chosen style and colors. Large oil paintings are usually a contrasting focal point and are appropriate for large bathrooms decorated in one or two predominant colors. If you like landscapes, opt for a marine image or landscapes of lakes and green meadows. In general, blue tones are a very good choice for the bathroom because they combine well with almost all types of decoration and also have a calming effect. You can even opt for an abstract painting with colored spots or geometric figures especially suitable for interiors with clean lines in a minimalist style.

Portraits are another classic option in bathroom paintings because they capture the attention and add a sophisticated touch to the interior. Close-up portraits, whether they are paintings or photos, are very expressive and immediately fill the environment with a certain emotion. Our advice is always to prefer close-up plans or images of some detail. The reason is that the bathroom is a limited space, often without windows, where paintings with large landscapes do not fit well. Of course, there are exceptions, especially large and luxurious bathrooms where a complex painting can be a perfect decorative element.

Bathroom paintings are an important part of luxury decoration

wall bathroom decor

The paintings for bathrooms with naked human figures represented in an abstract or concrete way are a good way to add style to the bathroom. The same can be said for sketches of any kind that in combination with an appropriate framework will become a true work of art. You can create a composition of black and white photos or photos with a vintage effect. Opt to put a larger photo in the center and place the other photos around it. Try to avoid strict symmetry to escape boredom. If you choose black and white images, combine frames of different color and size. Laminate posters are also a classic for the bathroom due to their informal character that brings an original touch and is reminiscent of pop culture.

The paintings can contrast with the bathroom decoration or complement it with colors

bathroom paintings ideas

Where to put them? – Most of the time the pictures are hung on the wall over the toilet or over the bathtub. However, we want you three other ideas about the position of the paintings that will give some originality to your bathroom:

  • Picture or photo on the opposite wall of the mirror – this way the image is going to be duplicated giving the feeling of more decorative elements. The only downside is that the reflection of the painting can bother you when looking at yourself in the mirror, which can be irritating for many people.
  • Make a composition of paintings by surrounding the mirror and filling the space between the mirror and the sink. You can even choose paintings or photos and decorations in different styles. This type of decoration is more bohemian but at the same time very modern and original. It can even be a composition of elements of the same type such as vintage posters or laminated inspirational quotes.
  • Use the niches in the wall to place decorative elements. The niches in the wall near the bathtub are always filled with bottles of shampoo and other cosmetic products. Change its usual function and add originality by placing small photos or framed postcards, you will surely not regret it!

The presence of valuable art in the bathroom is not recommended – therefore opt for reproductions

bathroom wall decoration ideas
bathroom art ideas
bathroom wall art ideas

Paintings with nude figures are a classic option for the bathroom

bathroom decor wall art

Vintage bathroom in white and gray where paintings are the focal point of the decoration

bathroom decor art
rustic bathroom wall decor

Laminate posters are a great bathroom decision where moisture can damage expensive artwork

elegant bathroom wall decor

Composition with elements of different style and size 

wall art bathroom wall decor
modern bathroom art ideas
modern bathroom wall decor

Art in the bathroom

The en suite bathroom should be enjoyable and relaxing spaces, almost as personal sanctuaries, and since the art is food for the soul, the bathrooms are good containers for art.

pictures for bathroom wall de

When thinking about the rehabilitation or reform of the bathroom, It is thought detail in the tiles, sanitary, auxiliary furniture, accessories, lighting, curtains or shower screens, but often ignore the art , as if it were reserved for other areas of the house such as the living living room, hallway or lobby.

However, although they are often seen as auxiliary rooms, bathrooms are very important spaces in a home, because daily cleaning is like a ritual of cleaning and relaxation, and a space in which we end up spending more time than we do. It seems. In addition, one or a few well-placed photographs and / or works of art can have a great impact on the aesthetics of the room, transforming and revitalizing it completely, whether they are oil paintings, in digital printing or through vinyls, sculptures, statuettes, photographs and / or illustrations protected with glass, mosaic compositions, or hand-painted tiles and murals, among others.

bathroom artwork ideas

An easy and effective way of being able to put our favorite photographs, illustrations and sheets in the bathroom without being damaged by moisture or water vapor normally present in bathrooms, is to protect them with a watertight frame and glass , which act as a air chamber that keeps the paper isolated and protected.

master bathroom wall decor
cute bathroom wall decor
bathroom canvas ideas

With mosaics , tiles and tiles , you can create compositions that are artistic designs in themselves, the legacy of the mythical Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí is a good example of this. Once placed, the art is part of the bathroom or toilet container, it is practical, easy to clean and perfect for a humid environment such as the bathroom. In the following photo, by Anthony Lindsey you can see the lavatory area of ​​the ‘ Gaudi Submarine ‘, in whose artistic work several artists participated, in the Granny’s Grannyboot house for the film «Brazil»:

country bathroom wall decor

Today the variety of sizes and colors offered by the market is practically unlimited; but also, with a little creativity, everyone can make their own artistic recycling compositions with small fragments of broken tiles. You can use different materials to create different compositions, such as the mosaic that we share below, seen in wetcanvas , where Chrisgb shows the precious mosaic that he has made with a mixture of materials: glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stones, pearls, shells and wood :

bathroom wall pictures ideas


modern farmhouse bathroom

All of them are materials that can be found on the banks of rivers and beaches, and recycled remains of reforms or broken tiles, in the case of tiles. Do you dare to try it?

What is your favorite bathroom art form?

11 times a piece of art brought a bathroom to life

guest bathroom wall decor

Older photos

In Cape Town, a Turkish interior designer and her husband found an 18th-century farmhouse and turned it into their creative headquarters, a hotbed of ideas full of ‘midcentury’ pieces. This is also reflected in the original bathtub bathroom from the 1930s and a nude photograph of Dook that presides over the wa

bathroom canvas painting idea

San Francisco stuff

In San Francisco, interior designer Ken Fulk lives, works, and welcomes in an old furniture factory: a warm, hybrid loft with brick walls and high ceilings, packed with flea market pieces. The bathroom is not closed to the ceiling and only a mirrored panel separates it from the kitchen. The Sputnik sconce, at the Antique & Art Exchange, and the arm, available in March, add the arty touch.

bathroom decor canvas

A Kelly Wearstler Bath

Aesthetes entrusted Kelly Wearstler with the decoration of a Georgian villa in Bel-Air. In the bathroom with the honey onyx front and marble marquetry floor, the Pedro Friedeberg chair-hand stands out, which completely transforms the environment.

bathroom decor prints

Have a head

Graphic designer Álvaro Lumbreras managed to bring this seemingly simple bathroom to life, in which its Silestone countertop stands out, with an Anmoder resin mannequin head.

bathroom wall accents


In the house of Marta de la Rica, and on a wall of aged glass, a Collage by Gerardo Rueda bought in Candelabro is striking. The crystal chandelier, unexpected over a bathtub, is by the antique dealer Agurcho Iruretagoyena.

art deco bathroom ideas

A study in Moscow

This study in Moscow combines a basic such as an Ikea washbasin with a differentiating element: the On Air sheet by Dr. Lukas Brezak.

bathroom wall decor farmhouse

To the top

What if you add pictures? What if there are many? This bathroom full of old graphic work can be found in a house in Mexico City of the decorator Dirk Jan Kinet. Above the sink, French engraving Le Coucher and, above, Les maîtres de la musique.

diy bathroom wall art

A ‘sacred’ bath

Converting a church into a contemporary home for a family living in Little Italy, Chicago, was the challenge of Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects. The result was amazing even in the bathroom, where the old stained glass windows add a touch as special as it is sacred.

art deco bathroom decor

Ode to the sea

Linen towels, rope sculpture and ceramic soap dish, both by Hornbuckle, are in the bathroom of photographer Martyn Thompson’s New York loft . The painting of a vintage lighthouse above the sink places art in a place we would never look for it.

bathroom decor paintings

Geometry and color

Architectural geometry and bright colors are used in the bathroom of this house designed by Guilherme Torres in Brazil to create a unique atmosphere. The small table by Zanine brings a touch of color in front of the main unit by Studio Vitty.

teenage bathroom wall decor

Magic mix

Pepe Leal’s attic in Madrid is a small candy box, but very neat. In the bathroom, the sink is an antique Indian bucket with garden taps. On the wall, a Portuguese mirror and French Napoleon III enamels do the rest.

Decorating bathrooms with paintings, what type can I use?

Before choosing the illustration and painting that will accompany your bathroom, you must bear in mind that a lot of humidity is generated in the bathroom and if it is not ventilated correctly, it is possible that the painting will end up deteriorating. Therefore, it is recommended to choose resistant materials such as sheets framed with glass, since they will be better preserved than other materials such as wood .

Once this aspect has been taken into account, it is time to choose what type of painting we want to decorate our bathroom.

There are several options, depending on the objective with which it is to be placed, to know which is the ideal painting for our bathroom. As suggestions, we highlight the following:

Solid color or contrast?

The objective of using a painting to decorate the bathroom can be to give a touch of modernity and color to the room . The colors that can be used can produce various effects.

The use of a color similar to the chromatic range used in the general bathroom will give a touch of elegance and generate a balance with the other elements.

If the objective is to break with the routine, we suggest that you use a box with colors that are opposite to the usual color range . With this, you will enhance the painting while giving a different touch to the bathroom.

art deco bathroom design

According to the decoration theme

This section is dedicated to the most daring, since it is about paintings for bathrooms focused on a specific theme . Today, vintage-style bathrooms are in high demand. For this type of bathroom, paintings that follow the line of the environment are recommended, such as images or frames of the time. It is not recommended to use paintings or decoration items that are outside the established theme, these will break with all the bathroom decoration.

Recreation of environments

Bathroom decoration is a very wide world where you can use environmental decorative elements to recreate a specific feeling in the room.

An example could be to create a relaxing environment in your bathroom , so it is recommended to choose paintings in line with the chosen environment. Warm colors and images that evoke tranquility, such as those related to spas, would be an ideal option.

Another model of environment could be artistic, where the use of paintings related to art would be highlighted , always keeping coherence with the rest of the decoration.

bathroom art decor ideas

What is the best place to put a painting in the bathroom?

All bathrooms, whether larger or smaller, have spaces to decorate. It is possible to play with larger or smaller squares so as not to overload the decoration and thus have an ideal bathroom. We show you some of the places where your paintings will be perfect.

  • Next to the mirror and sink . If your bathroom is long and there is a space on one side of the mirror, it is an ideal place to place it! This is a place where the painting will take center stage when it is next to the sink . You also have the possibility of making a combination of smaller pictures as a gallery depending on the space that is available.
  • On the towel rail. To be able to place a painting in this place, it is necessary to leave distance to avoid that the space is very overloaded , as well as to avoid that the person using the towel rail feels obstructed. It is recommended to place it at approximately eye level to enhance it and catch all eyes.
  • Above the toilet. Depending on the type of bathroom, the space above the toilet is not used, a perfect place to decorate! It may be a space that at first you do not believe that it can be decorated, however, it will add a touch of elegance to the area where the toilet is located, creating a more comfortable and refined space.
bathroom wall art decor ideas
  • On a shelf or shelf. There are bathrooms that have furniture designed to place and organize bathroom objects, and why not a painting? Picture shelves can help decorate your bathroom, in addition to the painting! The most positive thing about using the shelves is that you will not need to make holes in the wall or use any type of hook beyond what is necessary for the shelf. This will allow you to change the tables whenever you want more easily.

Now that you have the tricks to be able to decorate your bathrooms with paintings, which of them did you like the most?

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