50+ Fresh Bathroom Color Ideas to Brighten Up Your Day

bathroom color ideas : best 50+ ideas

The bathroom is one of the main rooms in our home and its decoration is very important to make it a relaxed and comfortable space. We must pay special attention to the color we choose when painting it. You have to choose the right shade and combine it in the best way with other shades.

For this, here we show you some bathroom color ideas that may serve as inspiration.

Bathroom colors

The photos that we show you below are a sample of bathrooms that have acquired a lot of style through the incorporation of colors.


White is synonymous with cleanliness, which is essential for a comfortable and pleasant bathroom. White is a color that brightens up any type of room, and vibrant color accents can easily be added to it.

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Strong colors are perfect to complement a white bathroom, but we must learn to apply them. Choosing accessories in vibrant colors is the easiest way to add color, for example through plaid.

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You can add color with towels, rugs, benches, or even a brightly colored bathtub.

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You can also add a lot of color using wallpaper. It is important to maintain consistency in the room, always taking into account the design of the paper and its colors.

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Black and white

The success of this combination is assured, either through small black additions such as basic utensils such as soap dishes, bathroom rugs, soaps or towels or through larger additions such as painting the walls, ceiling or floor, or by choosing tiles of this color.

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A clear example of the attractiveness of this color combination in the bathroom, are the photos that we leave you below.

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White with gray elements is synonymous with elegance and good taste.

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Some metallic elements, such as the gold on the mirror frame, can add a lot of glamor to a bathroom.

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Dark gray

Combinations with dark gray are synonymous with originality in modern decoration.

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It is a color that is being used a lot, and it is mainly combined with wood.

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Another way to achieve a very clean-looking bathroom is to use white only on bathroom fixtures and then to add color, for example yellow, by playing with its different shades. The result will be a colorful, subtle and elegant bathroom.

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Finally we show you a perfect combination for a bathroom: white, yellow and black.

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If you want to go for more, and you enjoy giving your home a renewed look, the orange proposals will surely be of interest to you, since they are very energetic and attractive ideas.

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Since it is a vibrant and striking color that tends to harmonize any environment, and gives spaces a cheerful and calming touch, it is perfect for a space as intimate as the bathroom. You can incorporate this color by mixing different textures and accessories.

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The mandarin tone is a color that has been used for several years, that is why we have included it in this selection. It is an ideal color for those who enjoy intense colors and dynamic spaces, full of energy.

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And the best of all is that it is very easy to take to the spaces, since it is enough to implement details such as shower curtains, soaps, candles, ornaments and furniture in that color. While those who prefer a more impressive look, they can choose to paint walls, floors and ceilings.

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Regardless of the option you choose on how to wear this color to the bathroom, the result will be also very revitalizing, since being an intense color, even if it is included through discreet elements, it will easily impose presence.

Violet or lilac

If what you want is a bathroom full of style, modern and with a very strong positive energy charge, we recommend joining one of the main trends in bathroom decoration.

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It promotes opting for any of the immense number of shades that violet offers us, a color that undoubtedly fills spaces with its presence and provides them with a high dose of freshness.

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Undoubtedly an ideal option also for those looking to make a style statement and make a difference, since this in itself is not a color that takes up a lot of space in classic decoration and less in bathrooms. On the other hand, it seems to be getting more and more followers in modern decoration, thanks to its charms.

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In addition to the fact that, undoubtedly, thanks to the extensive range of existing purple tones, it will be easy to find one according to the taste of each one and make a statement of style and personality with it.

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As you can see in the photos that we present below, since any of them are a statement of good taste, regardless of the style you have chosen to incorporate it.

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Bathrooms in blue are one of the clearest trends this year, and are ideal both for achieving a modern bathroom as well as for those who want to recycle their vintage-style bathroom.

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Shades such as blue with green hues, intense light blue or pastel, are the most recommended to adopt this trend, and thus give a more modern and relaxing air to this special room.

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They are colors that go very well on the walls, especially contrasting with tiles or marble, which creates a really striking, bright and neat aesthetic; three characteristics that we all generally look for in our bathrooms.

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Yellow, its opposite color on the color wheel, can be used for a more striking effect.

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You can get a colorful bathroom without adding too much color. Choose a special color for a bathroom area and then play with materials and accessory styles. It will be a bathroom with color and style.

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It is important to previously analyze the bathroom and choose areas to color it. Vibrant color curtains such as red and fuchsia and a special design such as ruffles will add cheer to a dreary bathroom.

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Many times when we think about home decoration, we do not spend too much time in the bathroom, however it is one of the most important rooms, since it is our most intimate space. The green color, which is associated with nature, is one of the favorite colors, since it brings us a lot of calm and peace.

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The darker shades of green bring a lot of sobriety and elegance.

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While the lighter tones, they bring a lot of luminosity and joy.

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Another way to add color to a white bathroom is through the furniture. For example, this emerald green undercounter looks fabulous.

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Brown is another classic color that never goes out of style. Combining it with white is an option that guarantees success, thus giving life to a bathroom with very soft and delicate tones.

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Implementing color in the bathroom is a very simple task, and the best way to make this space a warm and pleasant place. You can give it a touch of pink, through painting, a colorful bath mat, soaps, the incorporation of a striking accessory, among many other ideas that you can come up with.

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