45 Inspiring Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

bathroom mirror ideas : best 45+ ideas

If there is an essential for daily use, it is undoubtedly the bathroom mirror . As much or more important than the toilets themselves such as the toilet, the shower or the sink, the mirror also becomes a decorative object with different designs depending on the style we want to give to our home.

Even the most basic bathroom mirrors can be turned into a true work of art with a little imagination. Today we discover the best ideas to decorate a bathroom mirror , on a budget and using recycled material. Following the most current bathroom trends, you can completely change the look of your mirror with little effort.

Discover how to go from a boring mirror to a more original one , adapting the advice of interior designers to personalize the bathroom easily. But … how are mirrors in the bathrooms? Take note!

Original bathroom mirror ideas

Bathroom mirror lights

Having a good light in the bathroom is essential to be able to see yourself well in the mirror. In addition to the ceiling light, the ideal is to place lights around the mirror , which provide more luminosity to this area where we take care of the face, shave, and even put on makeup.

how to decorate a bathroom mirror
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In the market you can find many bathroom mirrors with lights that are already incorporated.

how can i decorate the bathroom mirror
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The mirrors with backlighting are that offer more clarity, with the possibility of choosing different lighting effects according to the needs of each moment. But if your mirror doesn’t have this function, don’t worry, you can do it yourself at home.

decoration with mirrors
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The most practical option is to place a spotlight on the wall directly above the mirror . You can also opt for two lights, one on each side, leaving the mirror in the center.

how to decorate a bathroom mirror

Use small sconces with which you can direct the light, preferably with white light bulbs that illuminate better.

turn glass into mirror

To improve visibility when applying makeup in the bathroom, strings of lights are best. With this detail we go from a normal mirror to a vanity mirror, which provides the necessary brightness to avoid shadows in the reflection.

Shelves for the bathroom mirror

If you want to recycle mirrors without any grace that you already have in the bathroom, but you need to add extra storage space to place your beauty products, take the opportunity to place some shelves . With this simple gesture you can make a more functional mirror in a toilet or small bathroom.

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This option works both for built-in wall mirrors, as well as for hanging mirrors of any size that are completely flat. Take measurements and start making a mirror frame by adding shelves under the mirror or on the sides .

bathrooms with large mirrors
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Depending on the decorative style you like, choose a bathroom mirror design that goes with the aesthetic.

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For a rustic touch , try natural wood mirrors. A more minimal design will look great with a black or white shelf. For a glamorous effect, add a small glass or gold metal shelf.

original black bathrooms
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Install the shelves or shelves next to the sink mirrors, securing them well to the wall. Once you check that it supports the weight well, you can use them to place your creams , have perfumes, makeup items, or some nice decoration object on hand along with your favorite bathroom air freshener.

Decorative vinyl for mirrors

Large mirror vinyls are nothing new in the world of decoration. The original mirrors are completely changed when a nice removable sticker is added , decorating the glass or frame.

vinyls for framing mirrors
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The best thing is that they can be easily changed . So if you get bored, remove it and put on a new one.

vinyls to cover mirrors
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Vinyls add a precious touch to a frameless mirror. In the market you can find many designs specifically for mirrors, with decoration for bathrooms of different styles .

how to make a frame for a mirror
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With flowers, marine motifs, geometric figures , or very simple lines, so you can choose the one that best goes with the bathroom mirrors.

decorative vinyls for bathroom mirrors

For the children’s bathroom there are children’s vinyls that are super fun. Christmas-style ones, Halloween-themed ones and other celebrations are usually very popular with kids. You will find them in decoration stores such as Ikea, Maison du Monde or Leroy Merlin.

decorative vinyls for modern bathrooms
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If you are a lover of beautiful phrases, there are some mirror stickers that you will love . Surprise your partner or your family with these vinyls, with motivational phrases or the right words for the occasion. It will be the first thing they see every morning!

Gold mirrors for the bathroom

In an art deco style, a large bathroom mirror looks more elegant with its gold or metallic-colored frame . In silver, bronze or rose gold tones, if you don’t know how to paint a mirror frame, there are many tutorials on the internet that teach you how to do it.

how to glue a mirror to the wall

For example, you can recycle a square mirror that you have at home by completely changing its appearance. Check that the measurements are appropriate for the bathroom wall, and get down to work by giving the frame a coat of paint .

golden mirrors for bathrooms

There are many ideas to decorate a bathroom mirror by painting it gold. From the simplest designs with a plastic frame in straight lines, to baroque mirrors with carved wooden frames.

gold color bathroom mirror

Choose the one you like the most, and give your bathroom that vintage style you’ve always wanted.

rustic bathroom mirror

By decorating the bathroom with a mirror with personality like this one, you wo n’t need to add many more decorative objects .

golden bathroom mirrors

Let your golden mirror be the protagonist of the room, to match a classic taps, or with details that combine with the chosen decorative style.

Mirrors with leather strap

One way to place a bathroom mirror that has revolutionized social networks in recent months is to use a leather strap to hang it .

how to decorate mirrors crafts

This trend can be found in the main low cost decoration stores such as Zara Home, Westwing or H&M Home, among others. But you can also make your own version, even cheaper.

glue mirror to wood

The round mirrors with a leather strap look very elegant. You just have to get yourself a sturdy leather strap, and frame a mirror with it. The strap has to be long enough to go around the mirror and leave a space at the top to hang it on the wall.

vinyls for bathroom mirrors

This technique can be done with any type of mirror. Also with rectangular, square and even triangular mirrors. It has to be mirrors with a somewhat thicker frame, to be able to stick the leather tape safely , thus preventing them from moving or falling.

mirrors hung with rope bathroom

If you are not very handy, and you think that your thing is not to decorate a mirror in this way, invest directly in a ready-made one .

mirrors hanging on the wall
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Take advantage of the sales and discounts online to buy round mirrors with leather strap , and include this avant-garde design typical of the 50s. Your bathroom will look incredible!

Bathroom mirrors with shells or stones

A classic design that has come back into fashion is to decorate frameless mirrors by gluing small pieces around to make an original frame . Some of the best bathroom mirror ideas are to add seashells, stones, natural tree branches, or other recycled items.

mirror with recycled wood
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Although these are related to original and strange sinks, restoring a mirror giving it this kitsch touch can be the most fun.

how to decorate an old bathroom

The key is not to cross the fine line that turns an original mirror into a tacky piece. But if you like it, it doesn’t matter what other people think. You just enjoy it!

how to decorate a bathroom mirror with recycled material

Use natural elements to decorate bathroom mirrors by gluing piece by piece with special glue or silicone. There are many decorating ideas that you can turn to, recycling multiple materials. Give it texture by adding foami, venecitas or mosaic stones, or whatever you want.

mirrors decorated with seashells
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A bathroom mirror with a marine aesthetic is ideal for a vacation apartment or if you live by the sea. Glue lots of seashells around the frameless mirror or over the frame, or focus them in a corner for a large mirror so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

Rustic Style String Mirror

One of the most shared mirror crafts on the internet is decorating mirror frames with ropes . They are very simple, and the strings can be found in any bazaar or DIY store for very little money. With this detail, your bathroom mirror will look more rustic, but without going overboard.

how to make a mirror of esparto

Making frames with ropes adds warmth to a simple mirror frame , with a handmade touch that will not go unnoticed. In addition, it can also be adapted according to the shape of the mirror or the decorative style you are looking for, using ropes of different thicknesses and colors.

how to make a mirror with rope

Wrap the rope around the small bathroom mirrors, covering the frame taking care not to leave any visible gaps. Go sticking the rope with glue or silicone, so that it stays in place without moving.

decorate mirror frame crafts

When finished, you can leave the natural color of the rope, paint it white, with a nice gold or silver paint , or the color that best goes with your bathroom.

decorate bathroom mirror frame

With this simple technique and using materials as cheap as natural hemp rope, you will have original bathroom mirrors that follow the latest trends, but that are not in any decoration store. Your mirror will be unique!

Mirror with flowers of romantic airs

Another widely shared idea on social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest to decorate bathroom mirrors is to add dozens of small flowers.

flower frame mirror
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Instead of using natural flowers, it is most convenient to make them manually using other materials, and then decorate mirrors by gluing them directly.

mirror frame decorated with flowers
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Since they will be used in the bathroom, and this is the wettest area of ​​the house, sturdy materials are best for making mirror decorations. Use artificial flowers or EVA rubber , cutting out pretty flowers to make a decorative bouquet.

mirrors with artificial flowers

Choose the colors you will use for the flower petals and leaves first. Then cut out the pieces, and assemble a bouquet combining different flowers of various sizes . Glue them directly onto the frameless mirror glass, in a top or bottom corner.

mirrors decorated with artificial flowers
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The decorative mirrors with flowers require a more delicate cleaning. Take this into account before choosing this decorative motif for your bathroom mirror. Although the EVA rubber and plastic flowers are very resistant, they can accumulate dust and dirt, which will be easily removed with a damp cloth, gently wiping each flower.

Vintage mirrors for the bathroom

Something easier to carry out and to clean are the vintage-looking mirror frames. This is a decoration trend widely used in both large bathrooms and small toilets , finding a mirror with the right size for each space.

vintage bathroom mirrors

You can do this at home by using an existing wood-framed mirror, or by looking at a thrift store for antique-looking bathroom mirror frames .

mirror ideas for bathrooms

These should be made of wood or metal , with a worn touch, which we will also accentuate to make them look even more original.

how to decorate a bathroom mirror
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Using a DIY sandpaper, abrade the frame to give it an aged touch . Rub only some areas, leaving others with the paint intact, so that you can see the passage of time in the mirror.

decorate bathrooms with square mirrors

Another option would be to varnish the wood or paint the frame with chalk paint or  antique gold paint . Let it dry well before acting, then abrading with sandpaper, working carefully in the areas that you want to highlight in the mirror decoration.

Composition of mirrors in the bathroom

If you can’t just go for one of these decorated mirror frames, why make a composition with multiple mirrors in the bathroom ? One of the ideas to decorate mirrors that is hitting the strongest in recent months is the mirror collages in the bathroom, covering an entire wall with them.

decorate wall various mirrors
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Take as a reference a larger mirror that will serve to give it the usual use. Around this, place several mirrors of smaller size , within the same style or combining different colors, materials and shapes.

bathroom with many mirrors

A bathroom with mirrors gains luminosity, making the most of the natural or artificial light in the room. By including more surface area where light is reflected , it is enhanced, and the smaller bathroom will look more spacious and functional.

bathrooms with round mirrors

You have the option of including all the original types of mirrors that you can think of. With a more youthful touch, for an elegant environment, or simply using mirrors with simple lines, this idea to decorate with mirrors is sure to surprise your guests a lot.

toilets with several bathroom mirrors
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And you, are you already sure how to decorate a bathroom mirror ? Do you dare to do some homemade crafts to get the best mirror designs to decorate?

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