Bathroom rug ideas : 75+ Awesome ideas

Bathroom rug ideas : Top 70+ Awesome ideas

Are you looking for Bathroom rug ideas ? then this article for you

If you are thinking of buying or redecorating your rugs, we have come with a list of those that you love with the key ideas to put the batteries and dare with it. Why not ? You can’t imagine the things you can reuse to create your own DIY rugs or redecorate and create different ones with the ones you already have. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

This rugs lists can be used in any room

1. Paint your rugs

If you think that that rug you bought is missing something, Boho Deco Chic dared to paint his and see what a result! A cool touch that is sometimes needed.

Bathroom rug ideas

Via: Boho Deco Chic

2. Reinvent your carpet

For those rugs that need a total change, a twist: cut it out and create different patterns with it. We bring you a cloud as an example, but you can make hearts or even animals for the children’s room.

grey bathroom rug

Via: LifeFlix

3. Recycle old t-shirts to create a rug.

Ditch the old wardrobe t-shirts! Make them your new carpet 😉 Recycle and reinvent.

large bathroom rug ideas

Vía: The House that Lars Built

4. Carpet with pompoms

Pom pom, pom pom, pom pom! I have my pompom! If you are looking for a sweet, cozy and lively touch, your idea is to create this rug with fluffy pompoms in different colors! You want to even lie on top 🙂

beach theme bathroom rugs

Vía: Say Yes

5. Nature in your bathroom

Give your bathroom a natural touch with this stone rug. Put it on when you get out of the shower and you will think you are coming out of the sea …

small bathroom rug ideas

Vía: Tattoed Martha

6. Cork carpet

In case it went unnoticed, we remind you of this cool rug with cork stoppers from our post on 10 original crafts made with cork stoppers . What do you think?

bathroom mat ideas

Vía: Craftynest

7. Create DIY rugs with rope

An option that you can do with the rope that you have around at home, your carpet with rope.

master bathroom rug ideas

Via: Very Ingenious

8. T-shirt yarn rug

And how could a carpet with fabric yarn be missing? Essential 😉 In addition to the XL rug that we already told you about in our post of 10 crafts with cloth , we also loved this other heart-shaped idea. Very cute!

bathroom rug placement ideas

Via: What a little number / Susi Miu

9. Patchwork carpet

Reuse the scraps that you have stored there to create this beautiful rug.

rugs in bathroom ideas

Vía: Everyday Art

Bath Rugs for a Magazine House

Much more than a decorative element, the crochet bath mat has an important function in this environment: to protect your feet from the frozen ground. In addition, it also helps to hide the water droplets that splash from the sink or shower faucet.

If you want to find a piece to decorate the environment, take a look at the best images of crochet rugs for the bathroom and even videos with step by step so you can create your own at home!

1. Two-color round rug idea for the bathroom

half bath rug ideas

2. Heart-shaped rug for a delicate bathroom

bathroom rug decorating ide

3. Watermelon-style crochet bath mat

powder room rug ideas

4. Stripes to decorate a modern bathroom

modern bathroom rug ideas

5. Pastel colors in crochet make you fall in love at first sight

farmhouse bathroom rug ide

6. Delicate color combination for the crochet bathroom rug.

bathroom decor rugs

7. Black and white never goes out of style

bathroom area rug ideas

8. Royal blue crochet bath mat

bath rug ideas

9. Modelinho will be placed right in front of the sink.

bathroom carpet ideas

10. Baby pink bath set

beach theme bath mat

11. Rug with bright colors and fringes, why not?

bathroom rug ideas for small ba

12. Pure elegance in this all-black rug

houzz bathroom rugs

13. Raw rope and yellow satin ribbon

bathroom rug color ideas

14. Classic model of crochet bath mat

bathroom rug ideas pinterest

15. How about a doily shaped like a butterfly? A charm!

bathroom floor mat ideas

16. Lots of color to lift your spirits

bathroom rug design ideas

17. Crochet bath mat with flower application.

rug ideas for bathroom

18. The classic always delights

bathroom floor rug ideas

19. A touch of color in bathroom decoration

bathroom rugs for small spa

20. Delicate color palette

rug ideas

21. How about making a complete set of crochet?

bath mat

22. A star! It is beautiful made of both yarn and knitted yarn.

bath mat cute

23. Colored buttons, also in crochet, applied to the piece

bath mats

24. Analogous colors for the carpet

bath rug

25. Many colors to make the crochet rug stand out in the bathroom

bath rugs

26. White, pink and gray always go hand in hand!

bathroom area rug

27. Beauty and functionality in one piece

bathroom floor mat

28. Children’s bathrooms may have special rugs.

bathroom mat

29. A tenderness in the form of a carpet

bathroom mats

30. Teddy bear rug to make your bathroom amazing

bathroom rug

31. Rectangular rugs are ideal for the bathroom

bathroom rug ideas pinterest

32. How about a personalized rug with Minnie?

bathroom rugs

33. Princesses will love this idea

bathroom rugs ideas

34. It’s even shaped like an elephant.

best rug for bathroom

35. Idea of ​​a special finish for your knitted rug

best rugs for bathroom

36. Delicacy above all

best rugs for bathrooms

37. Innovate in the format and combine your favorite colors

best rugs for the bathroom

38. The star in the center of the rug gave it the special touch

cute bath mats

39. Dark tones help hide dirt.

cute bathroom rugs

40. Orange crochet bath mat

farmhouse bathroom rug ideas

41. ​​White and beige: a combination that never fails

how many bath mats do i need

42. Anyone who is a fan of owls will love a rug like this.

large bathroom rug ideas

43. The delicacy of the flowers on the crochet rug

master bathroom rug ideas

44. Cardboard fans have a custom rug for them.

modern bath mat

45. Your bathroom will be beautiful with a crochet mat!

modern bath mats

Did you like the models? Crochet bath rugs are usually made with yarn, because this material is capable of making the rug thicker and more resistant. Those who want to use thinner lines can too, if they can’t find a string in the desired pitch. Another material that is worth betting on is knitted yarns, the result of which is an elegant and very soft rug. One of them is sure to look beautiful in your home!

If you want to find more inspirations, take a look at a list of models of crochet rugs for living room that will make your home even more cozy.

How to choice the best bath rugs

The choice of a bath mat is not a trivial matter. It should be non-slip and ensure that you do not slip and fall when leaving the shower or bath. And of course, it must be beautiful and comfortable, and give that final touch to achieve a magazine bathroom. We tell you where to buy the most beautiful bathroom rugs!

Unlike carpets living room , the hallway carpets and rugs bedroom , one bath mat , pretty well, should be functional.

And for this, you must take into account a series of criteria:

What are the best bathroom rugs


Because the rug should prevent you from slipping and falling, the bathroom rugs should have a non-slip coating . For a better grip, you can even go for a model with suction cups on the back. In any case, choose a thick model (with more weight) so that it absorbs water much more easily than the lighter models.

modern bathroom rug

Rope rug, black


When you get out of the bathtub or shower, you will touch the sky when you put your feet on a warm and cozy rug. To do this, choose a soft material that is pleasant to the touch to warm your feet and avoid the cold contact of the tiles.

modern bathroom rugs

Gray bath mat


The bathroom is humid par excellence, so it is a favorable place for the development of bacteria and molds. In this sense, the bath mat must be easy to maintain and must be able to be washed regularly to avoid creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Remember to hang it to dry after each use.

rug for large bathroom
Photography Villa Sant Font.

Black bath mat

Where to place the bath mat

Feel free to place several bath mats:

  • One at the exit of the shower or bathtub.
  • And another in front of the sink.

Cross bath mat

Materials for the bath mat

There are various materials to choose from for the bath mat. And very often, they are divided into two categories: synthetic materials and natural fibers .

Synthetic materials

The polyester is the main artificial material found on bathmats. It has the advantage of being easily washable and drying quickly . In contrast, a polyester mat is not very absorbent. It should also be borne in mind that polyester, if it is not equipped with an anti-slip system, is better avoided because it will not be effective against the risk of falls.

modern bath mat

Natural fibers

Cotton rug

When it comes to natural fibers, there is a lot to choose from. However, cotton is still king ; natural, absorbent, soft and fluffy, easy to maintain, dyed in multiple colors … Cotton is not without its attractions. Which makes it the preferred material for the bathroom!

bath mat cute
Photography Pere Peris.

Cotton bath mat

Jute, bamboo and coconut fiber rug

The carpet jute , bamboo and coconut fiber are ideal for people allergic to dust mites. But keep in mind, these materials are less pleasant to the touch .

bathroom floor mat

Round carpet

Wood grating

And finally, a rigid bath mat is also a good option. Think, for example, of gratings, especially of exotic wood plates . We really like how it looks and how sturdy it is, but to be honest, this is not the most practical solution for drying !

cute bath mats

How to decorate a bathroom with rugs

You can play with the color, the pattern and the size:


Some seek harmony by associating the colors of the bath mat with those chosen for towels, curtains and other decorative accessories in the bathroom.

modern bath mats

Pile Bath Mat


You can create more dynamism by choosing a patterned model: stripes for the most classic, flowers for romantic souls, ethnic motifs for travelers and colorful patterns for the most bohemian.

modern bathroom rug
Styling Almost Makes Perfect | Photography Jeff Mindell.

Zebra Bath Mat


Smaller bathroom rugs are usually unobtrusive, but when they stand out in large size, they give the bathroom a whole new look.

modern bathroom rugs

Have you found the bath mat that best suits you?

Bathroom rug DIY & Crafts

urely you like to save, or not spend a lot of money as much as we do, and now that the cool begins, you will most likely want to put a rug in the room, in the living room, in the hallway, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. of children, even in the kitchen …

Making your own rug is that easy and inexpensive. So today we bring you four options for you to make your own rug:

T-shirt yarn rug, wool pompom rug. denim rug and / or rock rug.

Making your own rug is that easy

T-shirt yarn rug

unique bath mats

There are few materials that you will need to make the T-shirt yarn rug:

-Grid or metal or plastic mesh: In the size and shape that you want to make your carpet.

-The T-shirt yarn: You can make it yourself by reusing t-shirts or buy it in rolls in Asian bazaars or haberdashery. You can also choose the T-shirt yarn in one or more colors, depending on the final result you are looking for.

-Pair of scissors

cute bathroom mat

How to do it? It is very simple. The first thing we have to do is cut the cloth into strips of about 8 cm more or less (You can put the longer strips, but then it will not be so fluffy). Once you have enough strips already cut, we move on to place them on the grid / mesh. We will tie the strips in order and in rows (As seen in the photo) And so on until it is complete. Making your own rug is that easy!

cute bathroom rugs

Denim rug

Denim is always a hit, since… It never goes out of style! And it’s also super resistant.To make a denim rug you need:

-Grid or metal or plastic mesh

-Denim fabric (You sure have some old jeans lying around that you can use)

-Pair of scissors

The step by step is the same as in the case of the T-shirt yarn rug. The result is great and it is perfect to place in a youth room.

cute bathtub mats

Wool pompom rug

cute shower mats

It is very nice to put in any room in the house, don’t you think? Of many colors, of only one color … To make this rug we will need very few materials and very cheap:

-Grid or metal or plastic mesh

-Smooth and flat basic rug

-Lana (You can use scraps that you have left from other crafts or whole balls)

-Pair of scissors


-Glue gun (Thermo-fuse)

How do I do it? The first thing we have to do are the pompoms . We explain two ways to make them very simple:

With your hand, roll the wool directly over your fingers, tie it and then cut it from one end to the other, always leaving the two strips of wool so that you can later tie it to the grid and thus form the carpet.

pretty bath mat

The other option that we suggest is to make the pompoms with cardboard earrings. Cut two donut-shaped cardboard (both have to be the same size / equal). Roll up the yarn and then cut it through the center of the two cardboards.

pretty bath mats

Once we have enough pom poms made, the next step is to tie them to the grid / mesh or glue them to a flat rug.

-Grid or mesh: Go tying one next to the other until you cover the entire surface of the carpet.

-Smooth rug: Go sticking the pompoms one by one, and one next to the other until they are completely covered.

Ready! Making your own rug is that easy and inexpensive. With pompoms made by ourselves. Tell the little ones in the house to give you a hand, they are going to love it!

bath mat

Stone carpet

bath mats

This rug is perfect to use in the bathroom, kitchen and at the entrance of the house. It is very decorative, right? To do it we need:

-A non-slip basic mat

-Sturdy glue

-Flat stones

bath rug

To do it, you just have to stick one stone next to the other (trying to leave as little space as possible between them) until the entire surface of the non-slip mat is covered. Remember that it is important that the stones are fairly flat. Making your own rug is that easy.

We hope you liked these 4 ideas of rugs that you can make in a piss and super cheap. If so, don’t forget to share this post on your social networks.


The bathroom rugs are one of the essential accessories in this room. In addition to being an object at the service of the decoration of our bathroom, when you get out of the bath, having a soft and dry surface on which to put your feet is a very pleasant sensation. Can’t find a model to your liking? A homemade bath mat is the option you are looking for. Learn to make it yourself and give it your own style. We give you some original ideas that are easy to do, tell us about your experience!

Bath mat made from used t-shirts (method 2)

We love the idea of decorating the bathroom with recycled items . This time we teach you to give a new use to your used shirts, you will have a home made bathroom rug , with a very original design.


  • Old t-shirts or t-shirt yarn (comes in rolls)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Non-slip rubber grille

Step by Step

  • Cut the rubber grid to the size of the bath mat you want. It doesn’t have to be rectangular, go for circular, square or irregular shapes.
  • Cut the old t-shirts into equal strips of about 8 centimeters.
  • Tie the strips to the rack with a knot
  • You can combine colors and even draw pictures.

Rope bath mat

Jute or rope rugs are very fashionable. Ideal for decorating a Mediterranean-style bathroom or for a summer bathroom, this model is easy and quick to make.


  • Rope (The thickness of this will make the carpet higher or lower, keep that in mind)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Non-slip rubber grille
  • Felt cloth
  • Mounting adhesive

Step by Step

  • Lay out a piece of felt that is larger than the final size of the rug.
  • Wind the rope in a spiral around itself until it is the size you want.
  • Sew the end of the rope so that it is attached.
  • Glue the rope on one side of the rug (the one that is hidden).
  • Mark around the rug and cut the felt one more inch inward so that the bottom won’t show when you turn it over.
  • Apply the mounting glue, from the center to the sides all the way around.
  • Place the felt and press gently to stick, wait 24 hours.

Bath mat with pompoms

Do you remember when you used to make pompoms as a child? Get down to business and get the whole family involved in creating a fun homemade bath mat . Use colored wool and you will have the ideal rug for a children’s bathroom .


  • Wool (one color or remnants of colored wool)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Non-slip rubber grille

Step by Step

  • Start off with pom poms non-stop. The more you do, the bigger the rug will be.
  • Tie the pom poms to the non-slip rack.

This is the most complicated version but also the longest lasting. If you want something simpler, try gluing the pom poms to a felt fabric instead of tying one at a time. Finally, you glue the anti-slip grid to the fabric and your new carpet is ready to use.

Bath mat with old towels

Towels lose thickness with use but it is such an ideal fabric to absorb moisture that it is worth throwing them away. An original decorating idea for a homemade bath mat is to reuse old towels and bathrobes.


  • Used towels
  • Scissors or fabric cutter
  • Non-slip rubber grille

Step by Step

  • Cut strips of terry toweling about 5 cm.
  • Group the strips three by three.
  • We form braids, to facilitate the task, hold the strips at one end or sew.
  • When you reach the end of the braid, you join another group of three strips and continue doing consecutive braids.
  • When we finish braiding all the strips, we sew the end.
  • We give the braid a rounded shape, winding in a spiral. So that it does not fall apart, we sew in different points of the carpet.
  • If we want more security in the bathroom, it is better to place a non-slip rack under the carpet.

Bath mat with cork stoppers

Did you know that cork is an excellent thermal insulator? Take advantage of those bottle corks that you throw away and recycle to create an original homemade bath mat that gives you warmth and adds an original touch to the decoration of a bathroom in winter .


  • Corks
  • Cutter
  • Non-slip rubber grille
  • Glue silicone gun

Step by Step

  • Fill a pot with water and put it on the fire.
  • Add the corks and when the water boils wait about 15 minutes for them to expand with the absorbed moisture.
  • Cut the corks in half, lengthwise.
  • With the hot silicone we glue the halves of the corks on the flat part to the non-slip grid or first to a fabric.
  • You can glue them all to the same side or form shapes.

We love all the inspirational models that we have found both in decorating blogs and in magazines and craft pages. The most important thing is to try to reuse it to create new fun and functional objects that contribute to a stylish decoration in our bathroom. What model of home made bath mat have you decided on?

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