Bathroom Showers Ideas: 30+ Ways To Make Your Shower Stand Out

bathroom showers Ideas : best 30+ ideas

The shower is one of those ancient inventions that we continue to hold in high esteem in modern times. With an existence that dates back thousands of years, this bathroom element has never been supplanted by a more recent creation. 

In fact, our showers are not much different from those used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, with the exception that today we have a more sophisticated plumbing system which saves us the need to visit public baths every day. days. And, as the shower is not ready to leave our homes, we always need more elegant bathroom showers Ideas that are more suited to our lifestyle. This is precisely what we are going to be interested in here.

bathroom showers Ideas and bathtub

bathroom ideas with italian shower cabin modern

It would seem that there are two types of people: some become more attached to their shower, others – to their bathtub . Whether this is true or not, the point is that in most cases one would like to be able to take advantage of layout options that include both a tub and a shower stall.

Marble bathroom with shower and bathtub separated by a glass wall

Pictures shower marble wall glass tile white

And it is a completely justified choice when there is sufficient space for the installation of a shower and a bathtub. However, as the photos in this collection show, there are many variations of combining these two elements, even when you only have a limited area.

Bathroom and shower ideas combined with bathtub and gray wall tiles

Shower gray tiles bathroom children's room

Of course, the first option for small spaces is to have the tub and the shower coexist in a common area. This is a solution that has two useful aspects: it saves us space and it protects surfaces from splashing water more than other bathroom countertops.

Italian-inspired shower and bathroom with white bathtub and wood coverings

Zen bathroom inspiration wood deco shower

Next to this option, there is another very practical bathroom idea: arrange the shower next to a bathtub, taking inspiration from the Italian shower model which does not require a cabin or a dividing wall. .

Side-by-side shower cabin and bathtub layout and designer leather chair by JF Chen

luxury bathroom interior design example

In this bathroom , which is part of a superb Hollywodian villa with design by Waldo Fernandez, we applied another well thought out solution: we installed a white marble bathtub along a window and we took advantage of the niche formed next to it to build a shower cubicle with glass door.

Bathroom ideas with Italian shower and marble bathtub

luxury bathroom tile shower marble

Designer bathroom marble and glass shower cabin

Luxury bathroom ideas deco marble shower

Timothy Corrigan, the decorator of this room, came up with a similar idea for organizing the interior of this bathroom with shower enclosed in an Italian marble and glass cabin and adorned with designer fittings by Perrin & Rowe.

Attic bathroom ideas: small space shower cubicle

bathroom ideas under the shower slope

Other small areas, contiguous to the room which is reserved for the bathtub, are quickly assimilated to the bathroom, especially in old houses. In the image above, an illustration of such a shower enclosure invented by Mark Hutker and Kathleen Walsh with tiling by Exquisite Surfaces.

White and wood bathroom with shower and small bathtub

modern design bathroom shower

Glass-enclosed shower cubicle installed near a white bathroom tub

Example of arrangement of glass shower white bathtubs

Of course, this kind of bathroom ideas is also applicable to open interiors and private niches identical to those we have just seen.

Modern bathroom decor with glass shower cubicle and rectangular bathtub

white glass bathroom shower

In these cases, it would suffice to fit out a glass cabin, to clearly delimit the area reserved for the shower.

Luxurious bathroom with Italian shower and bathtub separated by glass

bathroom decorating ideas luxury bathroom decorating ideas

The luxury bathroom, often decorated with glittery wall coverings, is a comfortable space that necessarily includes a bathtub and a shower.

Italian shower with elegant taps and rounded bathtub

Italian shower with elegant taps and rounded bathtub

In one of its modern versions, this type of decor unites the best traditions of minimalism and sumptuousness. We discover a wonderful example in the photo above, taken from a house located in the state of Colorado, in the United States, whose shower is equipped with faucets signed Dornbracht.

Bathroom decor with vintage bathtub and shower enclosed behind glass walls

Vintage bathtub ideas glass shower cubicle

When you decide to transform a sloping space into an otherwise spacious bathroom, you are immediately faced with the question of how to arrange your bathtub and shower cubicle.

Photo of white bathroom with shower and metallic accessories

Glass bathroom deco shower white tiles

The most natural answer is: take advantage of the highest point in the room to install your shower cubicle, then organize the rest according to its place.

Example of a spacious bathroom with a shower area bounded by a glass wall

Italian shower cabin contemporary bathroom

When you have a large bathroom, you also have more freedom with regard to the distribution of furniture and its shower.

Photo of designer bathroom with black tiled shower covering

black bathroom deco glass shower cubicle

Suddenly, we are entitled to design really daring bathroom ideas, as the decorators at Jacobsen Architecture did with this vertical rain panel type shower enclosure from the Kohler brand.

Beige bathroom with rectangular bathtub and outdoor shower

photo shower bathtub layout bathroom

The lucky ones among us even have the possibility of installing their shower in the open sky, as in this holiday villa decorated by Legorreta + Legorreta, whose beige bathroom opens onto a fitted shower in the garden and accessible by a glass door.

Small space bathroom ideas and modern design shower layout

Small space bathroom ideas and modern design shower layout

But when you have a bathroom of limited size, the bathtub sometimes becomes an accessory that you can do without hesitation. And there, we realize plenty of options and new bathroom ideas that are opening up before us!

Bathroom with oriental decor and designer shower cubicle in white and blue

oriental bathroom mosaic shower images

Among the most ambitious, there is that of a shower cabin decoration inspired by the hamams of Africa or the East.

Bathroom with modern Zen-style shower with beige tiles and wood accents

bathroom shower ideas

Zen-style wooden shower room with natural blinds

ideas for bathroom wall shower wood

Less daring, but just as interesting, the Zen-style shower has its modern versions: open, adorned with wood and bathed in natural light, like this design space by DM Dominicana with tap fittings by Hansgrohe.

Original shower cabin idea in black and designer taps by Grohe

bathroom photos shower design ideas

The freedom to be able to imagine a truly unique shower stall prompted Isabel López-Quesada, the home decorator pictured above, to invent a snail-shaped structure, fashioned in Moroccan plaster with, in the center, a Italian shower by Grohe.

Shower cabin tiles in purple and luxury bathroom decor in white

Tile design shower bathroom color

As spectacular as they are, these bathroom ideas aren’t always easy to accommodate in smaller homes.

Shower room in white and black with marble tiling 

bathroom ideas marble glass shower cubicles

This does not mean in any case that we should give up and resign ourselves to a mediocre bathroom decor !

Space-saving shower cabin and refined decoration with marble coating

modern style bathroom ideas

Shower arrangement with glass door and pebble floor covering

bathroom shower ideas pebble floor

Instead, we will think of bathroom ideas that touch on really creative surfaces like, for example, a floor in small pebbles.

Image of modern style bathroom: black wall cabinet and shower with gray stone wall covering

Modern bathroom ideas stone shower

Bathroom with shower cubicle dressed in black marble

Pictures of shower room black marble wall tiles

Or again, to striking black marble facings. In any case, this is the path that Thomas Juul-Hansen and Amy Lau decided to take by fitting out this interior of a private residence in the Manhattant district, in New York.

Beige marble shower room and modern style wooden cabinet

beige bathroom ideas design shower cabin

Another New York shower room, this time a creation by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts, relies on a less striking but very chic and elegant decor.

Concrete shower cabin with Italian shower framed by black metal bars

italian shower photo modern bathroom

Finally, some showers, like those of the rain panel type, are synonymous with ultimate relaxation … so much so that they do not even require an overly sophisticated decoration

Black and white industrial style bathroom with Italian shower

black and glass bathroom shower ideas

Photo of bathroom with Italian glass shower cubicle by  Roger Davies

vintage bathroom shower ideas

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