Bathroom Storage Ideas: 25+ Ways To Organize Your Space

bathroom storage ideas : best 25+ ideas

Your bathroom should be neat and clean. That way you can get ready faster and feel so relaxed. If you are looking to organize your bathroom space, luck is yours. I’ve put together some nifty bathroom storage ideas.

These tips and tricks encourage you to take advantage of all your space. From open shelves to elegant bathroom storage towers, at least one detail should amaze you.

1. Rustic bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas 1

This bathroom is filled with unfinished wood furniture to give it a rustic look. The custom shelves under the white sink hold extra bedding and beauty supplies.

The high-back chair offers additional space. Neatly arrange a wooden basket and spare towels.

2. Storage in the bathroom above the toilet

Bathroom Storage Ideas 2
creative bathroom storage ideas Lovely Storage 45 Fresh Bathroom toilet Storage Ide Seapavaa

Do you have a small bathroom? It is no problem. You can make use of your vertical space. Mount open black shelves on the white wall above the toilet.

Place towels, framed artwork, plant pots, and rolls of paper on the shelves. Lastly, hang a painting between the bottom shelf and the toilet tank lid.

3. Bathroom storage ideas Pinterest

Bathroom Storage Ideas 3

In this bathroom, the dark wood wall cabinet offers plenty of storage space. It also brings a homey feel to the space.

In addition, the cabinet has shelves to store towels and cleaning products. Therefore, those items are always easily accessible.

4. Creative bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas 4

There is a cubby storage cabinet next to a pedestal sink. Use baskets and boxes to keep bathroom fixtures off the floor.

The owner placed a wooden tray, a flowerpot, and decorative pieces on top of the white cubicle organizer. A bold blue bar stool handles folded towels.

5. Slim bathroom storage tower

Bathroom Storage Ideas 5

A slim white storage tower blends effortlessly into the surrounding walls. It also creates an airy environment.

The cabinet tower doors hide a nasty mess. Meanwhile, its open shelves display things that are used frequently.

6. Storage ideas in the en-suite bathroom

Bathroom Storage Ideas 6

The black shelves stand out against the background of white hexagonal tiles. Of course, the owner, due to their ink tone, will not ignore them.

Eyeglasses, skin care products, and ornamental bottles sit fascinatingly on the shelves. Gold accents beautify your private bathroom in an instant.

7. Bathroom storage on wheels

Bathroom Storage Ideas 7

The metal storage shelves and wheels make for a cool bar cart. You can move it from one place to another with ease.

Black rolling cart keeps towels, bedding, and bathroom essentials in place. It also adds drama and industrial charm to the bathroom.

8. Modern bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas 8

The mirrored and clear tones promote a feeling of light. A black cabinet with a pull-out drawer under the white sink is an eye-catcher.

Without a doubt, the cabinet adopts a modern design. Towel bars on the sides offer additional storage space.

9. Separate bathroom storage

Bathroom Storage Ideas 9

Upstairs is a separate white cabinet. It doesn’t take up too much floor space as it has a slim design. White and green towels are placed on top of the closet. The cutout drawer handles are easy to use.

10. DIY bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas 10

Does your bathroom crave the traditional aesthetic? Create shelves with black iron brackets and stained reclaimed wood planks.

Place towels and vases on beautiful shelves. Display river rocks in glass boats. You can also invest in shower niches to add more storage space.

11. Built-in storage in small bathroom

Bathroom Storage Ideas 11

Here, the wooden bathroom vanity uses drawers. They hide unpleasant items, while the bottom shelf displays spare towels. Meanwhile, the built-in shelves are home to perfumes and skincare products.

12. Storage under the bathroom sink

Bathroom Storage Ideas 12

The black cabinets contrast dramatically with the white sink and vanity. They give the space a generous storage capacity. Stainless steel rings and hooks are used to hang the towels.

13. Storage ideas for very small bathrooms

Bathroom Storage Ideas 13

A single door white floor cabinet keeps the small bathroom modern and organized. It is equipped with storage containers, wooden box, tray and cans. An open shelf above the cabinet has ornaments and greenery.

14. Bathroom storage baskets

Bathroom Storage Ideas 14

There is no wasted space in this little bathroom. Off-white built-in cabinets hide bulky items.

Corner shelves accommodate toilet paper, flowers, washcloths, and perfume. Wicker basket and towels to store rings.

15. Ideas of open shelves for bathrooms

Bathroom Storage Ideas 15

This contemporary bathroom looks bright and open, thanks to the white color scheme. Built-in shelves allow the homeowner to gain storage space within their bathroom walls, while flowers stimulate the area.

16. Natural wood bathroom shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas 16

The natural wood tones of the shelves, floating vanity countertop, and laundry basket add warmth to the bathroom space. The stainless steel rail is perfect for holding clothes. Hydrangeas and indoor plants cool the room.

17. Storage ideas for small IKEA bathrooms

Bathroom Storage Ideas 17

IKEA white open shelves not only organize the bathroom, but also allow the eye to focus on bright colors. Lidded woven wicker baskets hide monstrosities and develop a farmhouse feel.

18. Bathroom Storage Cabinets Wall Mount

Bathroom Storage Ideas 18

This bathroom is furnished with a wall cabinet. Its wood grain is instantly eye-catching.

In addition, it has drawers of different sizes. The bottom one is used to store hot styling tools.

19. Bathroom storage towers with drawers

Bathroom Storage Ideas 19

The pastel gray dresser and slim tower provide plenty of storage space. Curved stainless steel pulls scream traditional style. The patterned tile wall works like a show.

20. Bathroom sink shelves

Bathroom Storage Ideas 20

If you’re short on space, put custom raw wood shelving under your bathroom sink. They bring a modern rustic feel to the area. Not to mention, they prevent necessary bathroom items from creating an unwanted mess.

21. White bathroom storage cabinets

Bathroom Storage Ideas 21

The white handleless cabinet under the sink features a sleek aesthetic. Three white open shelves display frequently used bathroom essentials. Lastly, the windowsill offers additional storage space in a small bathroom.

22. Standing bathroom storage cabinets

Bathroom Storage Ideas 23

You can never go wrong with open floor-to-ceiling cabinets. They are painted pastel gray to match the door and dresser. Rolled white towels, baskets and bowls are stored in cubicles. What a captivating display!

23. Walmart bathroom storage

Bathroom Storage Ideas 28
bathroom under cabinet storage Unique Lovely Under Bathroom Sink Storage

Ditch the cabinets and put separate Walmart shelves on the floor under your sink. Not only do they keep clutter at bay, but they also create a sharp look and airy scene.

In essence, my bathroom storage ideas motivate you to live a life without chaos. Try any of those at home. I guarantee that you will love your bathroom space time and time again.

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