40+ Bedroom Ideas For Women Who Want To Feel Like A Queen

bedroom ideas for women : best 40+ ideas

Gone are the days when, in order to have a female room, it was necessary to invest in pink or lilac walls and furniture. It is possible to create an environment with femininity, and at the same time mature and full of personality, with only a few elements that will bring delicacy to the room, without needing to look like a doll’s room. It’s all a matter of common sense and creativity.

The most fundamental items in a feminine decor are subtle textures, graceful prints, light colors or fabrics, and fine finishes, not necessarily all together and in the same order. The secret is not to weigh too much in the choices, but to put a few fundamental references, not only to the theme, but also to your personality.

And anyone who believes that only the Provençal style refers to feminine decoration is wrong. All styles can fit this concept perfectly, especially contemporary and Scandinavian – just put creativity and good taste to work. Below are some inspiring ideas for transforming your dorm room into a stylish, feminine space:

bedroom ideas for women

Use a patterned wall

bedroom ideas for women -1

Women have evolved in terms of design, we no longer usually paint the walls pink, sometimes we prefer a simple design, without much color, but with something striking. This bedroom is an example, all in sober tones, but the patterned wall is the plus!

Use moldings

bedroom ideas for women -2

If you are girly, you can use moldings as part of your design, this will give the perfect feminine and sweet touch.


bedroom ideas for women -3

If you don’t want to paint the walls, we recommend using a wallpaper that simulates an abstract flower design, like the one we can see in the image, it is perfect and adds a vintage touch to the environment.

Green decor

bedroom ideas for women -4

It uses decorative elements in green (all shades), this color adds weight to the environment without being masculine and above all attracts good vibes, it is the color of luck!

Clean, classic and elegant

bedroom ideas for women -5

If you prefer your bedroom to be “clean” and classic, we recommend you keep the walls blank and add a touch of design with the furniture, you can use earth colors to give a touch of life to the space.

Ceiling design

bedroom ideas for women -6

Accentuate your bed area by placing a design on the ceiling, it can be wallpaper or the paint color you want, this will give the perfect visual focus to the bedroom. You can accompany it with a chandelier type luminaire.


bedroom ideas for women -7

For those of us who prefer a more neutral and sophisticated design, we recommend that the headboard be very well designed, use a wooden panel to mark that area very well, you will not need more!

Princess elements

bedroom ideas for women -8

If you love pink and dream of a fairy tale, including princess-like decorative elements is ideal for you, you can place a decorative tulle on your bed that resembles a castle. This image is the perfect example.

Play with colors

bedroom ideas for women -9

Play with the colors, combine them and find the perfect match for you, if you are one of those who loves bright colors, we suggest you use pink and green, a combination that does not lose.


bedroom ideas for women -10

If your style is more sophisticated, a couple of medium paintings is the best option, preferably in neutral colors so that they do not clash with the colors of the bedroom. Abstract paintings or portraits are recommended.

Dressing tables

bedroom ideas for women -11

Incorporate a dressing table in your bedroom, it will look super cute and at the same time it will help you a lot to get ready every day there. Use a classic chair with velvet upholstery.

All white

bedroom ideas for women -12

It is fashionable for spaces to be minimalist, the best way to achieve this is to have everything white, however, you can use textures to differentiate and highlight certain spaces, such as this white stucco wall.

Differentiate the furniture

bedroom ideas for women -13

You can have the walls, cushions, set of sheets and a lot of decoration in a single color, but we recommend that the furniture be different, wooden side tables would be the ideal combination so that the bedroom is not loaded with a single color.

Wall decoration

bedroom ideas for women -14

If you don’t have a lot of furniture in your space, we recommend that paintings and other wall decorations be your allies.

Eye-catching quilts

bedroom ideas for women -15

If you want to leave the walls clean and use minimalist furniture, the best thing you can do is use eye-catching sheets or quilts, look for cute and colorful prints to make them stand out.


bedroom ideas for women -16

Give a boho style to your bedroom using wooden elements, the headboard and some wooden shelves will be perfect for this style.

Header + box

bedroom ideas for women -17

Who says you just have to use a headboard as a decoration? With this example we show you that it is not like that, add a large painting or a couple of shelves above the headboard and voila.

Colored luminaires

bedroom ideas for women -18

Let your luminaire be the center of attention, a luminaire with a striking color can be the best point of color in your space. What do you think of this yellow one?


bedroom ideas for women -19

Do not forget the mirrors, next to the headboard they are fantastic and if you can add a closet with mirror doors it would be great.


bedroom ideas for women

Use the right lighting, we suggest focused lighting for the desk or spaces that you want to highlight.

Drape curtains

bedroom ideas for women

The curtains with fall have not gone out of style, to give a more sophisticated touch to your bedroom, use classic and light curtains in base colors such as white, gray or beige.

Wall and quilt

bedroom ideas for women -21

You do not need anything more than the wall where your bed goes and your quilts or sheets to match.

In this example we show you how this wall with wallpaper in green tones goes hand in hand with the duvet in this room.

Decorative elements

bedroom ideas for women -22

Plants, paintings, table lamps and more decorative elements are allowed to accompany the design of your bedroom, it depends on the colors you are using, it will be the color of the elements.


bedroom ideas for women -23

The elements in gold could not be missing, a gold frame for the mirror or a light fixture in gold is all you need for a really elegant and modern bedroom.

Big bed

bedroom ideas for women -24

Your bed is the most important place in your bedroom, make sure you choose a wide bed with a nice base design, at the end of the day that is where we rest.

Custom furniture

bedroom ideas for women -25

Do not buy furniture that will not fit or will look too large in the space. Take the time to measure spaces and find the perfect furniture that fits your bedroom. This is how you will make the best use of the space.


bedroom ideas for women -26

If all you want is for one of the walls to stand out and you don’t want to paint the entire bedroom, a simple but beautiful wallpaper is the right option.

Headboard and furniture in the same tone

bedroom ideas for women -28

In search of harmony, we recommend that the most outstanding part of your bedroom (in this case the headboard) is the same tone as the furniture, differentiating itself from the bed and other objects.

Green + gold color

bedroom ideas for women -28

One of my favorite combinations, green with gold, elegant, classic and modern, all at the same time. Accentuate the design with side tables in wood or wood color.

Double height in small spaces

Finally, if your space is very limited you can use double height, place your bed in a kind of second level and under this weapon your desk. Ideally, you should use the furniture in white tones so that this gives the feeling of spaciousness in the space.

The keys to decorating women’s bedrooms

bedroom decoration for women home design ideas
Source: Home Desing Ideas

Surely when reading the title of this post the question has arisen: why? Is it that perhaps you have to decorate a woman’s bedroom differently from a man’s? Well, it is not that there is an obligation to do so, but that it is the differences that exist between both sexes that dictate different forms of expression, different needs and concerns.

That does not mean that the decoration of bedrooms for women has to have pink as the main color, far from it. The difference is more subtle, I would say. As a general rule, and although I suppose that there will be many exceptions that confirm the rule, women are practical but without neglecting the aesthetic aspect (that which is more indifferent for men).

Women abhor chaos and need space to maintain order to feel good. This is one of the advantages of not having to share the bedroom with anyone: it will always be to your liking. You will be the only one responsible for keeping it orderly, for keeping everything in its place. Of course, you can not blame anyone when you do not find something …

A serene atmosphere with personality

bedroom decoration for women maisons campero
Source: Maisons du Monde

A bedroom is one of the most important areas of the house. It is our refuge within the home. The room where we rest and recharge our batteries every day. That is why it is so important to achieve a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

That does not mean that we cannot use intense colors when decorating it. Simply, it is about achieving the perfect balance through the use of soft tones and elements that add personality to the environments.

Potentially feminine colors

bedroom decoration for women female bedroom
Source: Bedroom Decoration Ideas

When we think about the colors that should dominate in the decoration of bedrooms for women, the first that comes to mind is pink, the color understood as feminine par excellence. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Although it is a delicate and romantic tone, there are many women who are not inspired or motivated by pink.

It is true that quartz rose is one of the colors of 2016 according to Pantone experts and that it seems very elegant to me, especially combined with gray and mustard, but it is clear that a female bedroom does not necessarily have to be decorated in pink tones.

bedroom decoration for women bedroom verde
Source: Bedroom Decoration Ideas

You can use other options such as purple (it looks great combined with gray and some touches of black) or green (I love it combined with white).

You can also accentuate the romantic style of a bedroom by using floral prints for the bedding (just right, of course) or by covering the wall with a pretty toile de Jouy wallpaper .

The importance of plugins

bedroom decoration for women maison exotico
Source: Maisons du Monde

The decoration of a bedroom is not only defined by the color of the walls, furniture or bedding. There are other accessories that can be decisive, if we give them the importance they deserve. This is the case of lamps, for example, or also of rugs, paintings or decorative objects.

If you prefer to use neutral colors for your bedroom such as whites, ecru or sand tones, you can add a note of color with a nice rug. In addition, a rug is a very cozy element in a bedroom, especially when we get up when we go barefoot.

7 Tips to decorate adult woman rooms

The bedroom is a great reflection of the owner’s personality. That is why women should be conscientious when decorating their bedroom. There are many details through which you can show your skills and style. Women can use combinations of colors, textures, patterns and accessories in the bedroom to create an ideal feminine theme. Here are some bedroom ideas for women that could inspire your décor:

1-Blooming violet

room adult woman violet

Violet is an easy color to work with and a shade that you can maneuver to cover the room without going overboard. For this women’s bedroom setting, you should paint the walls purple or another strong shade of purple. At the same time, the carpet and the head of the bed should be lilac or lavender to contrast the empowering purple.

Adding accessories like white end tables, sofas, and seating will do wonders for this theme. You can also place chandeliers and decorative pieces to enhance the colors of your purple room. For example, matching flower vases and white frames on shelves, sideboards, and end tables will create your ideal purple-themed feminine bedroom.

2. Luxury queen

luxurious adult woman room

This is one of the bedroom ideas for women who enjoy luxurious and extravagant decor. For starters, you will need a cool background like pale blue. This will give you the space to use darker shades for your settings. A bed with a gray and black frame decorated with pink pillows and cushions will add the feminine touch to this bedroom setting.

Decoratip : These tips to decorate your home with pink cushions are going to seem charming.

On top of that, to mark this room as ideal for women, you need to add particular pieces of furniture like a bed bench, wooden chairs, and dresser. A heavy, detailed chandelier on the ceiling will do the job of making your bedroom look lavish and luxurious.

3. Chalk white

white adult woman room
Easthillinn Solution

There is no way you can go wrong with an all-white theme when it comes to bedroom ideas for women. However, it is critical to pay attention to how you detail white on white. A white background with wood patterned tiles will create the space to begin layering white. A white bed frame with white bedding is a great way to create the all-white theme.

The key is to choose various shades of white, such as oatmeal, powder, moth gray, and touch white. These curtains can be used to choose your lamps and curtains. Add a white wood-framed bed bench along with wood end tables for a stylish contrast of hues. The combination of white and wood will make the bedroom look spacious and fresh as well.

4. Delicious room for adult women

Delicious room for adult women

There are many ways to use pale tones to make the room look feminine in bedroom ideas for women. For example, wearing a combination of gray, baby pink, and white will definitely make the bedroom look feminine and cozy. A gray background will make a cool background for a white frame bed covered in white and gray bedding. Use pale pink cushions and pillowcases to create the feminine theme.

You can add frames that have art done in the same color scheme, by placing them on the walls, headboards, or shelves. Add a white desk, end tables, and drawers for storage and organization. Adding Aztec patterned rugs in the same shades will also make the bedroom look feminine and elegant.

5. Colorful women’s room

Colorful adult woman room

Your bedroom can also reflect your mood. This is why cheerful bedrooms are a great decorating idea. This is one of the bedroom ideas for women that can be styled in various ways. However, you can always stick to particular colors. For example, pink, green and yellow will give you a bright and cheerful combination.

You can also get matching curtains, cushions, and pillows for this setting. If you want to keep the tones, invest in pale tones for bedding and backgrounds. A bouquet of white roses in a vase will also do the job of balancing bright hues with more subtle hues. The use of striking pink and green frames will make your room look feminine too.

Decoratip : These beautiful beds in pink will blow your mind.

6. Classy bedroom

Classy adult female bedroom

An elegant woman deserves an elegant bedroom where she can relax and find the inspiration to rule her life. One of the easiest bedroom ideas for women is to use white with beige to decorate the room. To fill the room, try adding black and white decorations to outline parts of the room, creating a cozy, padded feel. Add caramel brown pillows and warmers to the bed for a feminine touch.

You can get minimal wall hanging artwork done with black and white colors. Adding flowers and framed quotes will also make your bedroom look organized but elegant. You can place matching bean bags to create a seating area where you can sit back and relax. To make this bedroom theme look comforting, you can also incorporate a rug in the next theme.

7. Canopy bed for adult women

Canopy bed for adult women

Canopy bed frames look traditional yet on trend. It is a design that comes from ancient times, but contemporary designs and colors still make the bedroom look modern and great. In addition to the white canopy bed frame, add a stylish mirror just above the bed. The combination of the two is among the best bedroom ideas for women who enjoy luxurious settings.

Decoratip : These rooms decorated for modern women are really beautiful.

Use white, lilac and violet tones in the bedroom to hint at the feminine look of the room. If you’re incorporating a work desk, pair it with a splendid piece of art to further enunciate the opulent and luxurious statement of this decor.


There are many ways to design a girl’s bedroom, different styles, tastes and sizes of bedrooms exist, use the advice that we have given you in this article and you will achieve a beautiful room. Did you see that you don’t need to wear everything pink?

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