Reading: 100+ Bedroom Office Combo Ideas For A Productive Workspace

100+ Bedroom Office Combo Ideas For A Productive Workspace

Bedroom office combo ideas : best 100+ ideas + advice's

Are you looking for Bedroom office combo ideas ? then this article for you

More and more of us work from home, and I’m really glad.

Being your own boss and not being accountable to anyone is one of the greatest releases we can achieve.

But leaving this issue aside, it is true that, having to work from home, you have to find a hole somewhere to put an office, where you can work as comfortably and efficiently as possible. Don’t you think

this article I wanted to focus on a more specific place, in the bedroom.

So, let’s see these ideas to integrate an office or work area in the bedroom.

Bedroom office combo ideas

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography The Diy Playbook

As there are not many ideas that serve for everyone in general since each bedroom is different, with its own space, furniture, distribution and others, I would like to advise you, regardless of how your space is, that you use, whenever you can, the brightest area of ​​the room to create the office.

Of course, this area is always on the window. Either under it, or to the side, if you can, create your office there to receive the most natural light.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography @Susanna Hawkins

Of course, if you have an empty space between a pillar and the wall, as in many bedrooms that have exposed structural elements, you should take advantage of it to find a custom desk and install it there.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography Alice in Scandiland

I imagine that if you have an ordinary bedroom, you will not have much space, as we all do. In this case, the wall desks are the most suitable, since they extend in a vertical plane, leaving the practicable space practically free.

Or if not, use the versatile and legendary String shelf, with which you can compose your own vertical desk, with as many shelves as you want.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

You can use one module, two, three, with shelves only, with drawers, with a large or small desk top, in white, black, red, and many other colors.

Well, what am I going to tell you about the classic String that hasn’t already been said. If you are going to create a vertical desk for your bedroom, one of the best solutions is the String shelf.

At the firm, we can configure our own shelf with its configurator and have it sent to us at home.

Let’s continue with other examples to put a wall desk.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography @LustLiving

We can also use a shelf with wall drawers, like the one we see above these lines from the IKEA firm, the EKBY VALTER model.

It is a simple system to install that leaves the floor free and provides us with a space to work in addition to two large drawers.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography Livingonabudget

If we do not have space, we should not put a desk furniture with a shoehorn.

We have to use ingenuity and look for practical solutions, like the one we see above these lines for example, where a simple wall-to-wall wooden plank serves as a desk.

Simple, without taking up much space and fully functional.

Then you add a nice chair and some drawers and complete the office.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom

Photography The Creativity Exchange

Do you remember when you designed and chose the furniture for your child’s room? You needed a desk area, right?

Well this is the same premise but for an adult bedroom.

In the space you have free, if you are going to work from home, use it to create a custom desk, well prepared, with cabinets, shelves and other storage space so as not to create chaos in the office that dirties the aesthetics of the entire bedroom , and have a work area as God intended.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom inside the closet

Photography I Heart Organizing

It is not very common to have a small closet that we can use. But if you have your clothes and other belongings elsewhere, you can turn the closet into the desk area.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom in a corner

Photography @tabitaaundal by Tabita Aundal

Keep it simple and stylish.

The office is inside your bedroom, so integrate it with the decoration, create a beautiful space, according to your tastes, and keep it simple and straightforward.

It is not necessary to recharge the space to show off a nice style.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom on the bedside table

Santy 2 Chic Photography

Another alternative to putting an office in a room is to put it in a corner next to the bed, since these areas are usually free. Although it is true that there is usually not much space in them.

If you see that it is very overloaded, use transparent polycarbonate furniture, which, in addition to being very fashionable, is decorative and does not visually overload the space.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom in a corner

Project and photography  Estudio Marcos Mela

At the foot of the bed, we can also put a nice desk that goes with the style of the bedroom and take advantage of the space, as did the interior designer Marcos Mela in this small bedroom.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom next to the bed

Project  Nice Home Barcelona

On one side of the bed. If we have the necessary space, we can add a fine desk, which adds decoration and serves as an office, as the Nice Home Barcelona studio did .

Again, we see how a transparent polycarbonate chair makes the space less burdensome by adding a desk attached to the bed.

An office, desk or office in the bedroom on the bedside table

Photography @interiorbysophia from Home Elements

You can also remove one of the bedside tables and replace it with a nice and slim desk, which will serve as a bedside table and desk.

It is one of the most popular ideas and not only because of how practical it is, but because the space on the table is always available in almost any bedroom, and adding a stylish desk gives a certain different touch to the bedroom.

It’s like a decorative plus.

An office area in the bedroom: what to think about?

It is common for the master bedroom to be one of the largest in the house. If the office area is not installed in the living room or in the guest bedroom, it is therefore possible to set it up directly in the bedroom … taking the time to think it over!

The bedroom is essentially a place of rest, when the office is by definition dedicated to work. Making these two spaces coexist in the same room can therefore be tricky. The first step is to structure the space you have, or to choose a very discreet desk.

 Office Behind A Screen
© But

In a room with spacious rooms, you can simply isolate the office area by installing a screen. From the seaside- inspired decor to the neo art deco bedroom, including a very chic classic decor, this piece is available in all styles.

Office In The Niche
© Leroy Merlin

If you have a niche, you can set up a well-equipped office area. Do not hesitate to use color or wallpaper to give it depth and delimit the office area. The good idea: use shelves or storage modules to have a well-organized space.

An Islands Bureau
© La Redoute Interieurs

To materialize a demarcation between office area and space dedicated to relaxation, fall for an office equipped with its own screen. Not only does this type of desk create an intimate atmosphere when you settle in, but it also looks hot!

Where to install the office area?

In the bedroom, it is of course the bed that takes the spotlight, and which takes up most of the space. The challenge is therefore to find the ideal location to set up the office area. In making your choice, you must first consider your needs.

Traditional Corner Desk
© Ikea

If you want to set up an office intended for daily teleworking, it is essential to have sufficient space to combine worktop, storage and comfortable chair. The corner desk is then a good option.

Intergre Office In Dressing
© Mobalpa

The walk-in closet is a real must have in the master bedroom . This XXL storage solution can also integrate the desk, and various storage spaces to install your files.

Lost Space Optimizes
© Leroy Merlin

Underside of window or section of wall in the attic  : if you spot a lost space in the bedroom, the office area will easily find its place there. With a little imagination, it is even possible to fit in as much storage space as possible.

Office At Place Du Chevet
© istock

In recent years, the traditional bedside table has tended to disappear to give way to a more minimalist option: the pendant light. When space is scarce in the bedroom, it may be wise to adopt this solution, to make room for the office area.

Desk Behind The Headboard
© Ikea

Do you have neither a section of wall nor any usable wasted space? Never mind: you can create one by simply using the headboard as a partition!

Desk And Trestles
© istock

If you are definitely having trouble choosing the location of your office area, bet for a modular option: two trestles and a board, and here is a desk that you can move and remodel as you wish!

A discreet office area

In the case of an office corner intended for occasional use, a wall corner is more than enough. You can even dare to divert furniture, or create a modular space, to use according to your current needs.

Console Detournee
© Start

A hijacked console, a pretty stool: here is a discreet, compact and very practical office area!

Wall Desk
© Unniq

The folding wall desk is a very effective alternative for a functional office area, which knows how to be forgotten.

Desk And Dressing Table
© La Redoute Interieurs

The dressing table is no longer reserved for the bedrooms of our pre-teens! And since it is making a comeback, why not opt ​​for a hybrid piece of furniture? The combined make-up table and desk offers you a rather practical workspace!

A very decorative office area

The bedroom is one of the rooms that we make a point of pampering. It is true that it is essential to feel good there. So, set up an office area there, okay… but no question of ruining the decor! The choice of desk and chair is therefore of particular importance.

Bureau Neo Art Deco
© La Redoute Interieurs

Dark wood essence, deep color and golden brass  : here is the perfect combination for the office corner of a neo art deco-inspired bedroom.

Trendy Cannage Office
© La Redoute Interieurs

Trend, rattan! If you have adopted the cane headboard , let yourself be tempted by a fitting desk. You can even dare the box model, which offers a generous capacity. With its openwork weaving, caning has the particularity of bringing lightness to massive pieces of furniture.

Scandinavian Office
© Houses Of The World

The Scandinavian desk has a special knack for blending into the decor, especially if you opt for a light wood model.

Round Shapes
© La Redoute Interieurs

In a room with a slow life or bohemian spirit , we fall for rattan. This supple wood also allows smooth, curved lines, which will make the desk appear smaller than it really is.

Optimize the smallest space to gain surface area

This is the only way to succeed in setting up an office in a small apartment . It is advisable to start by going around the room and thinking about the different possible options.

Optimize the smallest space to gain surface area
Optimize the smallest space to gain surface area

Successfully combining a desk with the bedside table is a first trick to explore in order to gain more space. It’s up to everyone to see the installation of shelves or storage boxes that can complete the set.

Office storage unit for teenagers - Leroy Merlin
Office storage unit for teenagers – Leroy Merlin

For a bedroom in the attic, the use of sloping spaces in order to install a custom office area is also an interesting alternative. You only need to choose a shelf without a stand to obtain more floor space. Attaching shelves to the wall also optimizes storage. Be careful with the ceiling height, however: having to sit down while stooping is not practical on a daily basis: check that it is still possible to get comfortable and work comfortably. The only precaution to take is to avoid getting up in a hurry so as not to hurt your head.


A window corner can also be converted into a workspace in order to take full advantage of the daylight for working. This is another way to find inspiration by observing the evolution of the landscape with the seasons. The edges of the window can be used as storage to have pencil pots, the dictionary and other essentials close at hand.

Workspace in front of a window - String Shelf - On The Cool Republic
Workspace in front of a window – String Shelf – On The Cool Republic

A niche or an alcove , often considered a lost nook, can be used as office space. To do this, simply put shelves and use the top ones for storage of things. The last shelf is to be installed at the height of a seated person to serve as a work surface.

WOUD SS19 Elevate Mono Desk and Storage Accessories
WOUD SS19 Elevate Mono Desk and Storage Accessories

For DIY enthusiasts at heart, a closet or bookcase can also be transformed into an office . It is possible to install a sliding shelf to place the computer keyboard if necessary. After work, all you have to do is put away the equipment to make room for a console or a dressing table. This clever solution saves even more space with a two-in-one cabinet. In the same vein, if the bedroom has sufficient height, have a mezzanine built to put the workspace under the bed.

caning desk La Retoure
Small but so beautiful with its retro cane: this desk doesn’t hide it anymore! – La Redoute

Adopt retractable furniture

Various pieces of furniture specially designed for fitting out small spaces are commercially available. A retractable wall shelf thus provides access to an auxiliary desk to work quietly. Once the job is finished, just fold the shelf down and save some space to move freely around the room.

Miliboo Bureau
Miliboo Bureau

To finalize the layout, take care to optimize the storage of the office . Different supports are available, you just have to choose them according to the configuration of the room.

  • A wall grid brings a touch of style to the decoration.
  • A DIY jumble is also practical to equip the work plan.
  • A magazine rack and storage boxes attached to the wall are tips for keeping important papers close at hand.
Ikea parent-child desk 2019
Ikea parent-child desk 2019

A Murphy bed is ideal for saving space and providing ample workspace once it is raised to the ceiling. Some models are even equipped with small sofas and can be modulated in the living room. You just have to raise the office table once the various tasks have been completed to enjoy a relaxation area and relax with friends.

Furnishing solution for young adults and students
Furnishing solution for young adults and students: the mezzanine bed allows more than just storage under the sleeping area: desk, sofa, relaxation area… – Ikea

Arrange the office in harmony with the bedroom

To remain functional and allow everyone to work with peace of mind, an office must be tidy. With this in mind, why not set up a Feng Shui organization ? This philosophy promotes harmony by living in harmony with the environment. It is about playing different elements to achieve balance by relying on orientation, nature, colors , shape …

desk Old School  Zago
desk Old School Zago

Sobriety and lightness are the hallmarks of Feng Shui. For the choice of office furniture , it is therefore essential to choose a modern style without storage compartments. The drawers are to be avoided, because they do not promote the circulation of energies. When choosing materials, focus on natural materials: stones, wood or glass… Synthetics should be avoided, as they are sources of conflict.

Wooden desk
Wooden desk – GOAL

So that the workspace does not clash with the rest of the bedroom, do not forget to harmonize the overall decoration . It is advisable to choose the same color for the wall while playing on the nuances, unless you want to delineate the office area deliberately. In this case, do not hesitate to use light tones like a soft blue or a soft green, shades that help to stay focused and soothe .

Choosing the right Feng shui colors for better concentration
Choosing the right Feng shui colors for better concentration – Painting 1825

In short, it is possible to afford a functional and comfortable workspace, even if the bedroom has little space. The most important thing is to choose its location correctly and to think about its layout so that it does not encroach on the living space. A nicely appointed office area allows its users to sit down and work quietly without having to sit on the bed with a ton of papers.

10 tips for creating a nice office area in an adult bedroom

10 tips for creating a nice office area in an adult bedroom

Do you need an office area, but no space elsewhere than in the bedroom? With a few tips and the right tips, anything is possible. Open your eyes wide, we take stock of the reflexes to have to optimize your room with a decorative and functional office area at the same time!

1. We choose the location of the office

Ideally, the office area in a bedroom should be near the window , to get as much natural light as possible. And avoid as much as possible to turn your back on it, so as not to receive the sun entering directly on the computer screen! For the rest, we move it as far as possible from the bed, but we place it near an electrical outlet, so as not to run cables throughout the room.

2. We delimit the space

To set up a nook in a room having another use, the first reflex is to delimit the space. Clearly, to separate the “sleep” zone from the “work” zone, even if they are side by side! In a large room, we consider a false partition: clothes rack, screen, fencing, dividing shelf, mini-canopy … In a small room, we put on paint or wallpaper, with an accent wall, or even a geometric shape or a single strip.

3. We harmonize the style

Delimit the space, yes, arrange a baroque office corner in a minimalist room, no, otherwise the function of the room will be changed. The workspace must remain discreet and therefore integrate with the existing one: we adapt the furniture, from style to color, to the decorative spirit of the bedroom . If the whole is mouse gray, no fluorescent yellow desk corner!

4. On suspend the coin bureau

Creating an office area in a small bedroom can feel like cluttering up the space. In this case, make way for space-saving solutions! There are many desks to hang directly on the wall to leave the floor completely clear. Others can even fold up when not in use, from folding boards to wall secretaries .

5. We hide it

Another option is to hide the desk as much as possible when not in use. In this case, it is integrated into the furniture using a table painted in the same color as the wall, for example, or a shelf integrated into another piece of furniture, from the bedside table to the headboard. And why not set up the office area in a cupboard , open for working, closed the rest of the time?

6. We dare the two-in-one with a versatile office area

If the bedroom is really small, integrating a desk can turn into a puzzle unless you think of versatility: a desk can also serve as a bedside table, headboard or dressing table. The only condition is that it must be perfectly stored when you are not working on it.

7. Storage is provided

For a functional office area , practical arrangements are made, depending on the configuration: shelves above the desk, a bookcase next to it, a storage unit underneath, a cart with wheels to move, a perforated board on the wall, etc.

8. We clean up the office

Since we have already added an additional function to a part which in theory should only have one, the watchword is: discretion . Hence the importance of storage! Avoid the desk overloaded with pencil holders, stacked books and visible cables, unless it is hidden in a closet. On the contrary, we tidy up and purify as much as possible to lighten up.

9. We think of the light

An optimized workspace has its light, no matter how small. If the desk is fixed and spacious, we choose a pretty decorative desk lamp to put on. To save space or with a folding desk, we think of portable lamps and wall lights. As for the office corners fitted out in a niche or a cupboard, recessed or simply glued spotlights are considered!

10. We choose the right seat for the office

When it comes to office chairs, it’s all about balance, and the balance is subtle … Good seating must combine comfort, style and practicality . A stool is only possible for short work sessions, otherwise the backrest is essential. On the other hand, we avoid the maxi armchairs in a small bedroom, the casters on a carpet or the chic boudoir armchair in an industrial decor!

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