30+ Creative Minecraft Bedroom Ideas For The Ultimate Fan

Best 30+ Creative minecraft bedroom ideas

The minecraft bedroom decor is the perfect solution to decorate the bedroom of your child who has already discovered this famous video game, mastered it and even integrated it into his life filled with school tasks, interesting discoveries and fun activities. . But what exactly is this Minecraft game? For those who aren’t quite in the know, we can start with a short intro reminiscent of the very beginning of the story. Previously called Cave game , then Minecraft: Order of the stone , the game eventually adopted the name minecraft for ease and simplicity.

Creative minecraft bedroom ideas to create a jovial atmosphere

minecraft bedroom decor jovial atmosphere

This video game, known today in the four corners of the globe, has been translated into just under a hundred languages ​​and sold to over a hundred thousand people, so intriguing and captivating our children. And for good reason !

Minecraft bedroom decor made with a lot of love and creativity

Minecraft bedroom decor made a lot of love creativity

Developed in its beginnings by the Swedish Markus Persson, this one known under the name of Notch, and taken, subsequently, by the game developer the Swedish studio Mojang, created by Notch himself, his original and main idea has has been to collect natural resources for survival while using them for productive purposes through freedom and creation.

Minecraft bedroom decor allowing the creation of a magical and unique corner for children

Minecraft room decor unique magic corner children

The game is made up of 3D pixels, commonly referred to as voxels, themselves representing cubes of earth, water, sand and other materials, as well as ores, all of which form the Earth as we know it and that we exploit, with all kinds of living creatures, most of which have existed in prehistoric times. The exploitation and development of these resources can be carried out in a completely free way with the aim of creating a world according to the imagination, perception and desire of the participant in the game.

Minecraft bedroom decor for an atmosphere reminiscent of the time of the Templars

Minecraft bedroom decor reminiscent of templar times

The player has an identity that he personalizes as he wishes after changing the character that was given to him by default at the time of the purchase of the game. The player can even make his character given to him by default right-handed, a left-handed character. , if he wishes. He can choose not to be alone and create two more characters.

Minecraft bedroom decor and atmosphere reminiscent of the time of the Templars: change of shooting angle

minecraft bedroom decor atmosphere reminiscent of templar times change angle shot

The game is sometimes reminiscent of fairy tales where the prince must kill the evil dragon in order to achieve the vehemence which is due to him but also the feeling of bravery which is identified with a kind of end of the game.

Minecraft bedroom decor and light show

minecraft bedroom decor

The richness of situations or landscapes makes all the interest of the game. The world created in the game of Minecraft can be as rich and varied as the world that we all have and that we ultimately do not know so well.

Minecraft bedroom decor in blue or green: the choice is yours

blue green minecraft bedroom decor

This virtual world created by the player has been amazingly reproduced by the producers of derivative products  of all kinds and in particular by the producers of minecraft bedroom decor. This is how you can buy yourself cushions, figurines, wallpapers, clothes, furniture, etc., which you can decorate your home and especially your child’s room.

Minecraft bedroom decor to make the place pleasant to live and create


Minecraft bedroom decor: wooden stools covered with green cushions


You see above a typical IKEA decoration with a nice carpet, stools and boxes in the form of cubes made in the image of the cubes present in the video game Minecraft, the boxes themselves designed to be placed on shelves divided into cubes like classic IKEA cube boxes and furniture. Below, you see furniture filled with accessories a little more design, like this enormous cushion with cubes, for example, or the drawings resembling works of art of new style, represented on the wall.

Minecraft bedroom decor: cushions or wallpaper ideas


A minecraft bedroom decor can also be created for your other rooms in the house. There are also table decorations that you can store sporadically for lunch or dinner, or even for a birthday party where kids will be invited to immerse themselves in the world of minecraft. while remaining in the real world and therefore without entering, strictly speaking, in the virtual world created by the game.

Minecraft bedroom decor: ideas for original and cool accessories


In other words, through minecraft decoration, you can make your kids play their favorite game without enticing them to play video games!

Minecraft bedroom decor: some original furniture


Minecraft bedroom decor: an original table installation


When it comes time to relax, nothing prevents them from allowing them to taste their favorite dishes and delicacies without removing them too much from their beloved world, or even without disorienting them.

Minecraft bedroom decor suitable for all rooms of the home


Minecraft bedroom decor to create a festive atmosphere


Here are some ideas of objects and decorative objects that you can get to bring a modern, current and design touch to your interior while pleasing your children, ardent fans of the game.

Minecraft bedroom decor: various ideas of accessories for a cool interior


And here are some minecraft bedroom decor ideas that your little ones would love.

Minecraft bedroom decor: ideas for all tastes


Take a look at the wall decorated with plastic cubes arranged in the shape of a cube from the game Minecraft. It is an original and simple to achieve minecraft bedroom decor idea.

Minecraft bedroom decor on glass or plastic tile wall


This decoration can find its place everywhere in the house. Ideal for your child’s bedroom, it is also ideal for the kitchen where the walls are often painted in monochrome paint and left empty and a little sad.

Minecraft bedroom decor on the wall and some other original objects


The small cubes creating the giant cube and representing the ideal and simple to achieve Minecraft bedroom decoration can be made in plastic, as is the most common case, but also in glass or metal to create a more original effect.

Minecraft bedroom decor: the wall to make to please your child, the real fan


Here is the same idea of ​​minecraft bedroom decor made on the wall but in fabric. Pretty, isn’t it?

Minecraft bedroom decor on wooden wall decorated with fabric objects illustrating the characters from the game


It also exists in wallpaper.

Minecraft bedroom decor: original and giant wallpaper


But if you are really good at decorating, you can go for painting and try to recreate the minecraft world by painting on the wall the design you saw in the photo showing you the wallpaper above. You don’t have to do quite the same. Indeed, be more abstract and more original!

Successful minecraft bedroom decor: an originally painted wall


You can do both. There is always room for wallpaper and for drawing. Let your child draw whatever he wants. After all, this is his room!

Minecraft bedroom decor: wallpaper or painting ideas


Minecraft bedroom decor: ideas for wallpapers or paint to create an atmosphere screaming adventure


Minecraft bedroom decor: ideas for wallpapers or paint to create an atmosphere inviting to games


You have to be really talented to be able to paint as shown below. Good luck if you have decided to do it yourself!

Minecraft bedroom decor for the wall, funny and original


Here he is Steve, the character created by default in the game that you can play as or do with him whatever you want, everything freely, such as dressing him differently, making him left-handed, etc.

Minecraft bedroom decor: a fully painted wall to have an original effect


The drawing presented in the photo below is an illustration of creativity and taste for design. Nice and dynamic, this drawing can just as easily decorate the wall of your child’s bedroom as that of your living room.

Minecraft bedroom decor: wallpaper or original drawing on the wall


If you like graffiti you can embellish your walls with it. If you like posters, you can stick them to decorate the place. In both cases, you will have a trendy Minecraft bedroom decor!

Minecraft bedroom decor: wallpaper or graffiti type drawing


When it comes to wallpapers, keep in mind that there are plenty of them, in all colors and for all tastes. Spoil yourself by taking one last look at our photo series showing you the choice of wallpapers you have!

Minecraft bedroom decor: various and varied ideas


Minecraft bedroom decor: cool wallpaper


Minecraft bedroom decor: wallpapers, paintings and original drawings


Minecraft bedroom decor: giant wallpapers


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