70+ Bathroom Plant Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Even More Relaxing

bathroom plant ideas

Are you looking for bathroom plant ideas ? then this article for you

Plants give life to the house and can even be used inside the bathroom. This room, often neglected in terms of decoration, can benefit a lot from a simple green vase. Learn more about bathroom plants:

The presence of plants in the bathroom makes the space more cozy and welcoming, renews and purifies the air, not to mention that they add charm and beauty to the decor.

Feng Shui gives you another reason to bet on plants in the bathroom. According to the ancient Chinese technique of harmonizing environments, the bathroom is the place in the house with the greatest concentration of negative energies, it is there that we naturally eliminate what no longer serves us. And, within that context, plants have the power to filter these energetic impurities.

But beware! Not every plant can be grown inside the bathroom. There are more appropriate species capable of adapting to the particularities of this place in the house.

If you are interested in having a green bathroom in your home, check out the tips below. We will tell you the care you need to take to keep your plants always beautiful and introduce you to 37 different species that can be cultivated without fear in the bathroom. Come with us:

Tips for growing plants in the bathroom

  • Prefer species that appreciate humidity and do not suffer from changes in temperature with each bath taken;
  • Every plant needs light, even minimally, so be sure to ensure a minimum amount of light for the plant. If your bathroom does not have any type of ventilation or natural lighting, the ideal is to opt for an artificial plant;
  • Watch out for watering. As the bathroom is a humid place, it may be that the plant needs less watering than usual. Always check the soil in the pot before watering;
  • Opt for foliage over flowers. They are easier to grow and better adapt to bathroom conditions;
  • Prefer a plant already developed to grow inside the bathroom. Very small seedlings can have difficulty growing and staying healthy in the environment;
  • Water, fertilize and can the bathroom plants like any other house plant;
  • Aromatic plants, such as lemongrass and citronella, release pleasant aromas when in contact with the hot steam of the shower and, therefore, end up becoming good options for this type of environment;

bathroom plant ideas to grow inside the bathroom

Make a note of the main species of plants to grow inside the bathroom and their main characteristics, so it’s easier to define the best type there for your home:


Aglaonema does not support dry places, so it is a great species to be cultivated inside bathrooms. The species does not require much care, just good ventilation, fertile soil and frequent watering.

Image 1 – A set of aglaonemas in colorful vases to brighten up the lighted bathroom.

bathroom plant ideas

Image 2 – A set of aglaonemas in colorful vases to brighten up the lighted bathroom.

A set of aglaonemas in colorful pots to brighten up the bright bathroom


Measuring a maximum of one meter in height, Alocasia is a great plant to be grown indoors, especially in bathrooms, as the species appreciates humidity. To keep it always beautiful, prefer to grow it near the window, as the plant needs a lot of natural light to stay healthy.

Image 3 – Alocásia is characterized by its beautiful bursting leaves with a dark green background.

Alocasia is characterized by its beautiful bursting leaves with a dark green background.

Image 4 – Take a more relaxing shower in a bathroom decorated with plants.

Alocasia is characterized by its beautiful bursting leaves with a dark green background.


Anthurium is a plant that flowers all year round and is very easy to grow indoors. Inside the bathroom, the anthurium must be kept in semi-shade with the soil always moist and fertilized. Another option is to grow the anthurium directly in water.

Image 5 – Wow! A vertical garden of anthuriums inside the box; was astonished too, right?


Image 6 – Another option is to cultivate the anthurium in a simpler way, just on the bench.

best bathroom plants-6


Aspidistra is another plant very suitable for growing inside bathrooms. Rustic in appearance, aspidistra thrives well in hot, humid environments but needs plenty of natural light and frequent watering.

Image 7 – Aspidistra fit like a glove in this rustic and industrial style bathroom.

best bathroom plants-7

Image 8 – In the clean white bathroom, aspidistra stands out for the intense green of its leaves

best bathroom plants-8


Asplenium loves damp, shady environments, but as it grows faster it’s better suited for larger bathrooms, unless you can keep it under control in a smaller pot.

Image 9 – A beautiful and voluminous asplenium vase decorating the white bathroom.

best bathroom plants-9

Image 10 – Asplenium and other species harmoniously decorating the bathroom

best bathroom plants-10

Image 11 – The elegant black and white bathroom received a copy of asplenium to complete it.

best bathroom plants-11


The maidenhair is a beautiful and delicate looking foliage that luckily adapts very well in humid environments such as the bathroom. To keep it always beautiful, water it often and don’t leave it exposed to sunlight.

Image 12 – Unpretentiously, this fern vase makes the bathroom more showy and full of freshness.

best bathroom plants-12

Image 13 – In this other bathroom, the option was to use the beautiful and delicate maidenhair fern on the countertop.

best bathroom plants-13


Balsam is a species of succulent that thrives very well in extreme environments where other plants would probably not do very well. And don’t be fooled by the size, despite being small, the balm achieves a very beautiful decorative effect for the bathroom.

Image 14 – The retro-style bathroom bet on resistant balm to compose its decor.

best bathroom plants-14

Image 15 – And the modern bathroom also knew how to take advantage of the beautiful green leaves of the balm

best bathroom plants-15


To make the bathroom look like a spa, invest in a bamboo vase. The plant is resistant and thrives indoors and in poorly lit environments.

Image 16 – On the stone floor, a tall and elegant bamboo vase.

best bathroom plants-16

Image 17 – Bamboos and palm trees decorate this wooden bathroom with a spa feel.

best bathroom plants-17

Image 18 – A bamboo curtain for the bath area; an amazing look, isn’t it?

best bathroom plants-18


Rustic and tropical, bromeliads love warm, humid climates. In other words, great for growing in bathrooms. Always keep the soil moist, but be careful not to rot the plant with too much water.

Image 19 – Next to the window, bromeliads find their ideal place to grow and develop.

best bathroom plants-19


Cactuses are great options for the bathroom. To grow them there, place them near the window so they receive indirect sunlight. Pay attention to watering: cacti cannot withstand excess water, the humidity in the bathroom is often enough for them. When in doubt, touch the soil and check the need for water or schedule watering once a month.

Image 20 – A large-scale cactus that absorbs all the steam in the bathroom.

best bathroom plants-20

Image 21 – Inside the basket, the cactus is one of the biggest trends in interior decoration.

best bathroom plants-21


With an exotic beauty, Caladium stands out for the exuberance of its bursting leaves. Grow the plant in half light and with periodic watering. And don’t forget one important thing: caladium is toxic, so keep it out of reach of children and animals.

Image 22 – White, pink, red and green: the different shades of the Caladium leaves are extremely decorative.

best bathroom plants-22


Chamaedora, also known as bamboo palm tree, is a plant widely used in interior decoration. This is because, in addition to being beautiful, Chamaedora does not require constant sunlight, living very well in half shade.

Image 23 – Modern and elegant bathroom enhanced by the presence of Chamaedorea.

best bathroom plants-23

Image 24 – Chamaedorea in mini version to decorate the bathroom countertop.

best bathroom plants-24

deer horn

The deer antler is a species of fern that adapts very well to indoor environments. Grow the plant with frequent watering and close to the window, as it grows best in natural light.

Image 25 – Deer antler suspended under the bathtub: a knockout in decor!

best bathroom plants-25

Image 26 – The well-lit bathroom chose to grow the deer antlers on the wall

best bathroom plants-26


Columéia is a beautiful choice of ornamental plant for bathroom decoration. In spring, Columéia blooms small orange flowers, making the environment even more beautiful. Cultivate with frequent watering and plenty of natural light.

Image 27 – On the macramé support, this column enjoys the view from the window.

best bathroom plants-27

Image 28 – Suspended, the column fills the environment with life.

best bathroom plants-28

Nobody can with me

Beautiful but dangerous. The one with me nobody can is great to be cultivated indoors and requires greater care, but it requires extra attention due to its degree of toxicity. Just in case, keep it away from children and animals.

Image 29 – Strategically positioned on the wall, this With Me No One Can does not offer greater risks.

best bathroom plants-29

Image 30 – Absorbing all the light that comes from the window and kept away from any incident.

best bathroom plants-30

Adam’s rib

Another trending plant in decoration that can be used successfully inside the bathroom. Adam’s Rib is not demanding, it just needs a lot of light to keep it beautiful.

Image 31 – If you cannot grow the plant inside the bathroom, take just a few leaves to compose the decoration.

best bathroom plants-31

Image 32 – Joined to the wall covering, this solitary Adam’s rib leaf gives a special touch to the decor.

best bathroom plants-32

money in bunch

Popular custom says that the Money plant in Penca attracts prosperity. But even if this is not true, it is worth growing a specimen of the species in the bathroom. The plant is ideal to be cultivated in a suspended mode due to the grace of its branches. Water it often.

Image 33 – Grown on the bench, with money in bunch becomes the highlight of the decoration.

best bathroom plants-33

Image 34 – The money vase in bunch creates a strong and harmonious contrast in the dark-toned bathroom

best bathroom plants-34

Sword of Saint George

The Sword of São Jorge is surrounded by symbolism, one of which is the belief that the plant wardes off the evil eye. In any case, the plant does very well indoors and is very easy to grow, especially as it does not require direct light or frequent watering.

Image 35 – Small, but with a presence on the bench.

best bathroom plants-35

Image 36 – Here, the option was for a more developed vase of Espada de São Jorge.

best bathroom plants-36

Filodendro Pendente

The Philodendron is a species of foliage for hanging cultivation and that thrives in bright environments. In the bathroom, prefer to cultivate it in front of a window.

Image 37 – The curtain support also worked to support the philodendron vessel.

best bathroom plants-37

Image 38 – Living inside the box is not a problem for the philodendron.

best bathroom plants-38


Hera loves moisture, shade and needs frequent watering, which makes it an excellent choice for growing in bathrooms. The plant is also characterized by being a vine, which can create an interesting effect in the bathroom if it is cultivated in this way.

Image 39 – Next to the window, these ivy vases take advantage of the light.

best bathroom plants-39

Image 40 – Nothing like a green vase in a white bathroom.

best bathroom plants-40


With shiny and glossy leaves, Imbé is one of the most used plants in interior decoration, precisely because it adapts to different conditions, from direct light to shade. Water it often.

Image 41 – Imbé’s vase placed on the floor makes the white bathroom cooler.

best bathroom plants-41

Image 42 – Black and white bathroom decorated with a graceful imbé.

best bathroom plants-42

boa constrictor

The boa constrictor is a very popular species for suspended cultivation. Its light green leaves with white veins stand out in any decor. Grow it in half shade and with regular watering.

Image 43 – This white bathroom bet on a rustic corner decorated with a boa constrictor vase.

best bathroom plants-43

Image 44 – Even in the most classic and sophisticated decorations, the boa constrictor also guarantees its space.

best bathroom plants-44


Fragrant and with bluish flowers, Lavender, in addition to beautifying the bathroom, also helps to make it more cozy. To care for lavender, keep it under indirect lighting and water only when the soil is dry.

Image 45 – That Provencal touch that only a vase of lavender can give to the bathroom.

best bathroom plants-45

Image 46 – If you prefer, use only the flowers in the decoration.

best bathroom plants-46


The Peace Lily is a very delicate plant that adds a lot of beauty to the environments. A great choice for bathrooms, as it does not require direct sunlight. Just be careful not to touch the flowers as they tend to darken.

Image 47 – How to make the bathroom more elegant? Using a vase with lily flowers.

best bathroom plants-47

Image 48 – Next to the bathtub, the showy vase of peace lilies gives that power to decoration.

best bathroom plants-48


The variety of tones that make up Maranta’s leaves made it another trend in interior decoration. Suitable for indoor cultivation, maranta does not tolerate exposure to the sun and adapts very well to low-light environments, such as bathrooms.

Image 49 – On the bathroom countertop, Maranta’s glossy sheets stand out.

best bathroom plants-49

Image 50 – The white vase makes the perfect contrast with the dark green leaves of Maranta.

best bathroom plants-50


The orchid is the symbol of glamour, elegance and sophistication. Despite its delicate appearance, the orchid is a resistant plant, it only needs good natural light. Enjoy the immense variety of this species to decorate your bathroom.

Image 51 – A slender and elegant vase of pink orchids to decorate the bathroom.

best bathroom plants-51

Image 52 – All grace and delicacy of white orchids.

best bathroom plants-52


Pacová is a plant of heat and humidity, and is therefore ideal for growing indoors. Keep it away from the window as the sun can burn its leaves. Water it whenever you feel the need.

Image 53 – Bathtub framed by pacovás.

best bathroom plants-53

Image 54 – Even discreet on the bench, the pacová does not lose its majestic air.

best bathroom plants-54

palm tree raffia

Palmeira Raffia is a plant widely used in interior projects because it adapts to low light environments. However, as the plant is fast growing – it can reach up to 1.5 meters in height – prepare a place in the bathroom that can handle this size.

Image 55 – Prefer to use the Palmeira Raffia in larger bathrooms, able to comfortably accommodate the plant.

best bathroom plants-55

Image 56 – Next to the window, Palmeira Ráfia develops very well.

best bathroom plants-56


The round and burst leaves of the peperomia make it an excellent decorative option. In bathrooms, the plant adapts very well, as it does not require constant lighting. Watering must be done every two days. In the warmer months, it is advisable to water it daily.

Image 57 – Is there a shelf in your bathroom? Decorate it with a peperomia vase.

best bathroom plants-57

Image 58 – In the corner of the bench, peperômia also shows its charm.

best bathroom plants-58

Image 59 – For larger bathrooms, opt for a peperômia on the floor.

best bathroom plants-59

spider plant

The spider plant is characterized by its elongated, thin and flat leaves resulting in a beautiful decorative effect. The cultivation of the species is simple, just keep it in a semi-shade place and water it frequently, always making sure that the pot is well drained, as waterlogged soil can kill the plant.

Image 60 – Along with cacti, the spider plant shows its decorative strength.

best bathroom plants-60

Image 61 – Another option is to use the suspended spider plant

best bathroom plants-61

Mosaic Floor

Moist soil and indirect light. These are the secret to cultivating the mosaic plant, characterized by its perfectly designed leaves.

Image 62 – The porcelain jar was the place chosen to house the leaves of the mosaic plant.

best bathroom plants-62

Image 63 – The green touch of this bathroom was due to the mosaic plant vase.

best bathroom plants-63


Rhiphsalis pendant leaves make it a great choice for interior landscaping. Grow it in half shade and with little watering.

Image 64 – Rhiphsalis’ hanging sheets have taken over this cabinet.

best bathroom plants-64

Image 65 – On the floor, together with other species, Rhiphsalis contributes to the decor of the white bathroom

best bathroom plants-65


The fern is a tropical plant that appreciates heat and humidity. On the rise in decor, after spending time forgotten by landscapers, the fern may be the species that was missing for your bathroom decor.

Image 66 – Vertical garden full of tropicalism; the fern, of course, is there, making its presence felt.

best bathroom plants-66

Image 67 – Bulky and lush, this garden suspended in the bathroom was created only with ferns.

best bathroom plants-67


Succulents have never been so fashionable. They are easy to care for, adapt very well indoors and are very decorative. To have succulents that are always beautiful, invest in a place in the bathroom with indirect lighting. Waterings must be spaced.

Image 68 – Succulent garden to decorate the bathroom.

best bathroom plants-68

Image 69 – Inside the box and in the window: they go well anywhere.

best bathroom plants-69


Indirect light and lots of humidity. Everything a bathroom has that Tillandsia needs.

Image 70 – With a succulent look, tillandsia adapts to poorly lit environments.

best bathroom plants-7

Image 71 – Compose tillandsia with other species

best bathroom plants-71


Durable and resistant. These are the best definitions for Zamioculca, a natural Tanzanian species that lives very well in low light places. Watering should be spaced out, as the plant does not tolerate wet soils.

Image 72 – Inside the ceramic vase, the Zamioculca brings a rustic look to the bathroom.

best bathroom plants-72

Image 73 – For a more clean and neutral environment, bet on a white vase with zamioculca.

best bathroom plants-73

Now that you know a variety of plants suitable for use in this space and the care to grow each one, choose your favorite or use several species to decorate your bathroom. Thus, you will make the environment much more pleasant with a touch of green and freshness!

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