Best gift for wedding – best 30+ ideas

Best gift for wedding

We present many options, all original and interesting to give to the bride and groom, as well as tips to find the perfect gift.

Nowadays, thinking about what to give at a wedding seems to have become a difficult task. But it’s not like that! And although we still see the trend of the rain of envelopes, many guests consider this detail somewhat cold and therefore take risks – yes, we are talking about risk because you must know the bride and groom very well – with wedding gifts .

But rest assured that in our site we are here to help you. Although many of the bride and groom who are about to get married opt for a personalized wedding gift list with endless products and services, on which you can choose according to the value you want, there are others who will be excited to receive gifts from original and very different wedding that will surprise you. And here are some of the best wedding gift ideas .

First: gift list or money?

The final choice between a shower of envelopes or a gift list will only depend on the couple and the reasons they have for choosing one or the other option. If they choose a gift list , the couple will be able to include those objects they want, without fail; However, if there is no gift list, the range of possibilities expands and it will depend on how much you want to invest in the gift for the bride and groom . Here we will present some of the best wedding gift ideas that you can give away that will leave the bride and groom with their mouths open!

Wedding list: key to success

One of the keys to succeeding in wedding gifts for the bride and groom is to create a wedding list in a specialized site , in which they choose a series of objects or also stages of the honeymoon, thus facilitating the things to both parties, since the gifts are not repeated and the guests have much easier the task of choosing the wedding gift  and not fail by choosing an unnecessary gift.

  1. Home furniture
  2. Tech gifts
  3. Wedding services
  4. Emotional gifts
  5. Experience gifts
best wedding gift

Below we detail a series of wedding gifts that the bride and groom will surely love and that we classify into five (5) groups: household items, technological gifts, wedding services, emotional gifts and experience gifts

1. Household items

Giving the bride and groom household items always works, since the next step after the wedding is to start a new stage as newlyweds, sharing the same space. Therefore, they will need to stock their new home with items and elements that they will need for their daily tasks.

best wedding gifts

Decorative elements

For the decorative elements, it is very important that you know the tastes of the bride and groom and thus know which items fit their personality and style. The range is quite extensive so you have a lot to look at, detail and compare to choose the perfect decorative item for your home. Some examples are:

  • Floor or table lamps
  • Modern picture frames or photo frames
  • Paintings and works of art
  • Wall clocks
  • Standing or entrance racks
  • Fruit bowls and luxury tray sets
  • Decorative cushions or bedding sets

Home appliances

Appliances will always be necessary in life as a couple and as a family, so if the bride and groom are just going to live together, these appliances will make life easier for them at home. And the best thing is that the appliances, in addition to being innovative, come in luxury presentations where their aesthetics harmonize with the style of the home.

  • Kitchen robots
  • Capsule or drip coffee makers
  • Dryers and irons
  • Blenders and mixers
  • Kitchen and cleaning robots
  • Ironing centers
  • Juicers
  • Food processors
  • Minibars
bride & groom gifts

Household items

Although it is not usually used lately in gifts for the bride and groom, household items are undoubtedly an important aspect of married life. The household items can be classified into tableware that includes all the items used at the table: crockery, cutlery, jugs and all glass implements; and kitchenware , everything used for the preparation, such as pots, pans, coffee makers. Here we leave you a basic list

  • Knives, spatulas and cutting boards
  • Jugs, decanters, ice buckets, coasters and bottles
  • Pans, pots
  • Colanders, refractories and salad bowls
  • Kitchen aprons
  • Corkscrew and can opener
  • Sugar, salt and pepper shakers
  • Oil and vinegar containers
  • Tablecloths, napkin rings and table runners
  • Kitchen scales
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2. Tech gifts

It never hurts to receive a gift that can be useful to the couple in the marriage ceremony, on the honeymoon or also once installed in their love nest. Keep in mind to give away objects that are highly valued for their usefulness, as well as for their practicality. Do not miss the details in which you should invest to have an unforgettable wedding. The most interesting options are:

  • Off-road sports or digital camera
  • Tablets
  • Wireless speakers
  • Chargers
  • Drones
  • Consoles and video games
  • Smart Watches
  • Voice assistants
classic wedding gifts

3. Wedding services

Wedding music

One of the highest investments that are usually made is that of music for the wedding. If you or a group of friends save that expense for that couple who invited them to the wedding, they will love them forever … Well, that also depends on the type of musician that you send them. Our recommendation is that you look for a quality company  that can take care of the music from the ceremony, through something soft for the cocktail and until the party ends, with the best musical proposals.

A wedding shooting

Surprise the bride and groom with a shooting , it will be something they will never forget. You can contact the wedding photographer in advance to coordinate a surprise and give the bride and groom the pre- wedding session , the post- wedding session or also the report during the wedding, in the ceremony and celebration. A beautiful detail that will reinforce the affection you feel for the couple.

couple gifts for wedding

4. Emotional gifts

Photographic memories

Yes, it is true that the bride and groom have already hired a person to take care of the wedding photographs. But, for sure, you will love this idea. You can arm yourself with a digital or instant camera and ask the other guests to write congratulatory messages, take some photos of the bride and groom during the ceremony and put together an album with stickers and other details that will make them fall in love with your gift.

A craft

If you have artistic skills,  a craft can be a beautiful and emotional gift for the bride and groom . You can make wooden figurines to decorate, a painting or drawing that the bride and groom can hang, or even frame a literary passage or verse that has meaning for the couple. For the latter, you can use one of the readings from the ceremony or the first song. You may be interested in knowing how to be the perfect guest 

gift for marriage

A time capsule

Is there anything more romantic than a special box where you keep all your emotions and wedding memories? You can build and personalize a souvenir capsule for the bride and groom . To do this, you will need a box, some notebooks or cards for the couple to write their feelings towards each other, a photo album, some stickers and an envelope. You can add whatever comes to your mind. All this can be personalized with their names or buy them in your favorite style and give it to them so that in the future they can relive all the emotions of their big day.

5. Gifts of experience

Honeymoon surprise

One option that will surely surprise them is to find out the destination of the honeymoon and hire a romantic dinner or a tourist pack for them. They won’t wait for it! Or if you are not sure about their honeymoon plans, you can give them an adventure pack , according to the tastes of the couple, with the date open for them to use whenever they want

gift for wedding couple

A spa session

It is a good alternative because the couple can share some time together and at the same time relax with body and facial treatments, in centers specialized in serving couples and all their requirements in an environment with all the necessary comforts for them to spend a different day.

A year ago my sister got married and she got many gifts and I will mention them to you

My sister wedding gifts list

Jewelry gifts for marriage

Jewelry can be a very symbolic marriage gift, a delicate detail that reflects the strength of the couple’s union. The most suitable jewels are those in silver and gold, there are plenty of matching accessories for the bride and groom such as bracelets or rings, even combinations of earrings and cufflinks that they can wear on the wedding day. Consider a personalized jewel with the names of the couple or a dedication.

gifts for wedding couple

Travel gift ideas for marriage

If you are looking for the most original wedding gifts then traveling as a couple is your best option. A married couple, young or old, will love to receive this present and will enjoy it to the fullest. What destination to choose? Tropical destinations where the sun and good weather prevail are good ideas because the couple can travel any time of the year. In Spain the Costa del Sol is always a great option. If you are looking for exotic and tropical destinations, Costa Rica with its lush jungles, Mexico with its beautiful coasts and ancient culture, or the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean are just some of the favorite destinations for many couples.

There are also other exotic Asian destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and the Philippines. They are less visited, but just as incredible. If the couple who will receive the gift is a lover of history and art, the destination is Europe, countries like France and Italy bring together the most important works of humanity. For those who enjoy animals, a safari to Africa to visit the large reserves will be ideal, and if the marriage is more cosmopolitan, large cities such as New York or London are recommended destinations.

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gifts for wedding couples

Gift boxes for marriage

The chests are bridal gifts that are used at the time of the banquet or the party so that people include letters usually with money or dedications, although there are also special chests to place the wedding rings and store them before the ceremony. If you want to give a box as a gift, you can buy the model that best suits the style of the wedding or ask for it personalized, the latter would be the most appropriate, since it is a decorative and functional object that will be at the entrance of the place of celebration.

ideas for wedding present

Gifts for the kitchen and home for marriage

Home and kitchen items are perfect gifts for a young married couple, since they usually need many things to decorate and enjoy their new home. Some ideas include: accent rugs for the living room, welcome mats, and cushions with homely messages. There are decorative objects that can have a very symbolic meaning for the new couple, for example, beautiful piggy banks for good luck in the family economy or a small plant for couples who will see love grow.

Other special gifts for couples are a pack of wine and an electric corkscrew, a table and cheese knives for the evenings of sharing with friends and family. Also, there are many personalized objects such as glasses, glasses, cup holders, mugs and aprons with the initials and names of the couple.

last minute wedding gift ideas

Marriage appliances

As with the previous category, household appliances are one of the most popular products and many married couples use these gifts to equip their homes. There are from the most expensive and bulky to cheaper options ideal for gifts. We recommend kitchen helpers and bread makers, they are very practical and efficient, the best thing is that they make food preparation easier. Other popular ideas are: toasters, rice cookers, waffle makers, microwave ovens, griddles, mixers, and even a television.

personalised gifts for wedding

Art and design gifts for marriage

Many couples are fans of design and for them you can look for an artistic product, perhaps a beautiful painting to decorate the living room or a piece of crafts to place on the walls or as a centerpiece. Also, photos of the couple in elegant picture frames and different collectibles. Other options are wine bottles with designer packaging that can be displayed, vases and lamps.

personalized wedding gift

How much to spend on a gift for a married couple?

gift in hands

Wedding gifts can range from 30 dollar to several hundred depending on what you choose. Jewelry made of semi-precious and precious materials, as well as large appliances are usually the most expensive, but everything will depend on the type of product, its use and brand.

If you are not a newly married couple but celebrate your wedding of silver , gold, diamond … various gifts, as well as what you can spend on them. However, the important thing will not always be the amount you spend, but the meaning of the gift.

Tips for choosing the right gift

If you want to choose well, follow these tips:

  • Do not risk if you are going to spend a considerable amount on the gift, focus on the taste of the couple, their style and personalities.
  • The gift should be useful for both of you, whether it is something that both of you can enjoy at home, that facilitates coexistence or helps you with family dynamics.
  • He prefers useful gifts, but if you choose something decorative, think about the taste of the couple, do not choose something that only one of them will like.
  • If you can afford it, give away experiences that the couple can share.
  • If there is a gift list, check it and you can give a gift that will be precious and will not be repeated.

Questions And Answers

2. Is it okay to give a group wedding gift?

If the only items left on the wedding list really exceed your budget , or if, on the contrary, you want the couple to receive one of the most expensive gifts , it is not a bad idea in these cases to join forces with other friends.

For bridesmaids and godparents who have already invested money in dresses, the hen or bachelorette party, or the breakfast of friends, this option is also valid. In this way, the couple will receive an important gift and the godparents will be able to cut expenses a little

Can I give away something that is equal to the estimated cost per guest?

‘The formality of a wedding impacts on a set of elements that go from the day and the type of clothing selected by the bride and groom. But there are no limits when it comes to gifts . What you give to the couple should be linked to the relationship you have with the couple, and according to the available resources. No guest should feel obliged to spend an incredible amount of money due to the fact that party etiquette requires wearing a long or a bowtie, ‘explains Carlson.

Similarly, this does not imply that if your best friend is throwing an intimate party for 10 guests in her backyard (because of the pandemic) you are presenting yourself with a cheap gift . Another aspect to consider is that if you must attend several events organized by the couple, you can apply the 60-20-20 rule . That is to say: you must spend 20% of your total budget on the engagement party, 20% for the ‘shower’ and 60% on the actual gift for the ceremony.

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Is it okay to give cash as a gift?

There is nothing wrong with giving cash . According to the same study compiled by American Express, a third of those surveyed prefer to give money as a wedding gift . In fact, many millennials already have their homes very well equipped when they get married, so they prefer the money to save it or make other specific purchases.

If you give cash (or a check) , it is better to send it in time, rather than giving it on the wedding day. It is very easy to lose things in the chaos of that day. Some grooms even prefer that the money be transferred directly to their accounts through instant payment systems, which even allow you to include a note or send a digital card.

Should I buy a gift for a wedding to be held in another destination?

‘Although there are no strict or direct rules, and many times we can take the fact of traveling and honor them with our presence, as a gift … We must also understand that they have invested time in their wedding. With this in mind if a guest decides to travel and also give a gift , this is perfectly fine, ‘says Carlson.

If you want to give a gift , but already the cost of the flight and the hotel put you in trouble, remember that you can wait until a year later to surprise the couple. Regardless of the arrival time, the bride and groom will always receive the gift very well .

Should I send a gift if I am not attending the wedding?

“The author Emily Post always claimed that if you were invited, you should send a gift , unless you really had a lot of time without contact with the couple,” says Carlson. ‘I always like to think that it’s totally understandable that if you decline an invitation, and you don’t have the money to send a gift, then don’t do it, and that will be fine. Instead you can send a personal note with your handwritten congratulations . ‘

If you are very close to the couple, it is best to send a gift. If, on the other hand, the invitation comes from your distant cousin, who has already invited 300 people and you know that you were the 299th guest, a congratulation on the invitation will be more than enough.

In case you decide to send a gift , feel free to spend less than what you would have invested if you attended. For example that corkscrew for bottles of wine that costs 30 dollars will be very appreciated by the couple.

Should the value of my gift increase, if I bring a companion?

There is no manual with all the rules of a wedding, especially if you bring a companion. “While it makes perfect sense to spend a little more because you have one more mouth to feed, no one really expects you to,” says Carlson.

How long after the wedding does it take to send them a gift?

According to tradition, you have until after a year to send your gift . With this in mind, etiquette specialists ensure that the sooner the better. All couples want to open their gifts while still retaining that newlywed glow .

How do I write a check on behalf of ‘the couple’?

If you plan to give a check to the happy couple, avoid writing the new last name of either of the bride and groom on the recipient. You may want to mention the union that you are going to witness, but many times banks do not accept checks with names that are not properly registered. To play it safe, just put the name of one of the bride and groom and add an additional note when sending the check to congratulate them.

Should I bring the gift to the wedding or send it to the bride and groom’s address?

‘The ideal method to deliver the gift is to do it to the address of the couple directly. There are so many things to supervise that day that the bride and groom will appreciate your easing the transfer of gifts. Hopefully, it is almost a fact that you will be able to send your present directly to them, at the time of purchase, ‘explains Carlson.

Bringing a physical gift that day is left for those people who did not select the gift from the list of any of the stores selected by the couple. So if you have doubts, it is best to follow the instructions on the wedding website and thus avoid the hassle of even having to cover the gift .

Is it okay to buy a wedding gift that is not on the list?

The give away something that was not included in the original list of boyfriends, it does not represent any violation on the label of a wedding . If you decide to go for something that was not previously thought by the couple, consider that it is something that the couple really needs.

‘The couple have already invested time selecting the items they want, so it makes perfect sense for people to simply stick to the wish list . With this in mind, and if you are close to the couple, and you are sure that your gift suits them, do so, ‘says Carlson.

Should I buy a gift for a wedding that I was unable to attend or that was diminished as a result of the pandemic?

As the pandemic has been an unprecedented situation, there is not really a rule for these cases. This means that the couple may also not have any expectations about receiving gifts.

Was the wedding canceled early enough that you didn’t receive the gift list information? If you received the list, it would be a good gesture to send a gift . Your partner may not invite you out for dinner or drinks, but sending them something is a sweet way to celebrate their love.

If there is a possibility that the wedding will be postponed, it is okay to wait for more details from the couple. What happens if the couple chooses to organize a micro wedding only with direct relatives? In this case, it is most likely that there is no list or expectation of receiving a gift , but if your budget allows it, it is recommended to send them something by mail. A handwritten note and detail will go a long way.

If you are going to celebrate your union soon, we recommend using  our wedding gift list , in which you can select the gifts of your choice quickly and conveniently. We hope that these ideas that we present will help you find that special wedding gift that you were looking for. Always remember that originality and the surprise factor are very important in this type of decision.

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