Best cheap 5 kitchen trash can ideas

kitchen trash can ideas

We are very happy to see you here again, and this time we want to talk about the Best kitchen trash can that help us every day to contain our waste and keep our spaces clean.

Like many products, trash cans have also evolved over the years. They are no longer just about any inconspicuous container that we hide in some corner of the house; Currently, improvements have been included, they are easy to use, clean and of course it is an essential element in homes.

For this reason, we want to give you all the keys so that you can choose the best one based on the technical aspects that this product offers, your personal tastes and the experiences of other users. With this formula, we hope you can form your opinion about trash cans and choose the best one.

Top Best kitchen trash can ideas

First things first

  • A trash can is a type of container that can be made in many different sizes and designs; It is used to store garbage for a certain time, it helps to maintain cleanliness, among other benefits. On the other hand, it is an excellent element to decorate, if used correctly.
  • You should pay attention to the type of trash can you choose, this can be a traditional one that serves for all waste and you can place it wherever you want. On the other hand, we have the garbage compactor that helps us manage our waste in a more comfortable way by reducing it in size, facilitating its transport.
  • To choose the best copy, try to think about the place for which it is destined and the amount of garbage you produce in that place. So you can think of other factors that facilitate its use, such as the way of opening, the best materials or if you need them for recycling.

Ranking: The 5 best trash cans

  • 1st Place – Round Trash / Trash Can Only – SimpleHuman
  • 2nd Place – Recycling Bin Double Mechanism Organic Inorganic Pedal Touch OR-436911 – Namaro Design
  • 3rd Place – Mesh Trash – AmazonBasics
  • 4th Place – Pop-up Open Trash Can – Rubbermaid
  • 5th Place – Mezzo Trash Can with Lid, Bronze, 2.5 Gallon – Umbra

1st Place – Round Trash / Trash Can Only – SimpleHuman

simplehuman, round pedal trash can, brushed stainless steel, 30 L

simplehuman trash can

The capacity of this trash can is 30 liters, quite convenient for a kitchen. Because it has a lid that helps prevent odors and a long-lasting pedal that helps you uncover it without the need to touch the lid with your hands.

It is made so that you can put the garbage bags and these do not come out or remain in sight. Its round shape is ideal to put it in any corner and go unnoticed; Although its metal design is quite elegant and does not leave a mark when taken with your hands. An excellent price-quality ratio.

2nd Place – Recycling Bin Double Mechanism Organic Inorganic Pedal Touch OR-436911 – Namaro Design

Recycling Bin Double Mechanism Organic Inorganic Pedal Touch OR-436911 20 Liters Namaro Design

kitchen trash can

This garbage can stands out for being ideal for recycling. It has double compartments and is perfect for separating organic from inorganic materials, anyway you can give it the use you want since it also works for glass, paper, cardboard and much more.

It is the favorite of many since its size is ideal for the kitchen and it is very easy to move and assemble. It has a lower pedal for opening the lids. Of course, some users comment that the smell escapes between the lids so you will not be able to have the waste for so long. Otherwise, it is very practical.

3rd Place – Mesh Trash – AmazonBasics

Greenco GRC2586 Mesh Round Wastebasket Trash Can, 4.5 Gallon, Black, 2 Pack

trash can for kitchen

By far, this trash can is a favorite for offices or workspaces. It is made of reinforced metal mesh at the bottom and top, yet still offers enough darkness that you cannot easily see the trash. They are very durable and will give a modern and industrial look to the place where you put it.

It is cylindrical in shape and has a capacity of 17 liters. Its size is special for its function, despite this, users love being able to use it for other purposes, such as collecting dirty clothes, toys and whatever you can think of. Its appearance is ideal to combine with any decoration or to go unnoticed.

4th Place – Pop-up Open Trash Can – Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid Michelin EdgeLiner 72, Push-Open Pop-up Trash Can, Black, Round

trash can kitchen

The pop-up trash can seems too creative to us. It is made mainly for the car, but you can also give it other uses. It is ideal to hang behind the driver or passenger seat and is capable of storing trash from an entire trip.

It is very easy to move, clean, flip and store. Since with just one touch it opens. It also has the lid that is made of hard material, not only helps to avoid bad odors, but it is also much simpler to open.

5th Place – Mezzo Trash Can with Lid, Bronze, 2.5 Gallon – Umbra

This trash can is glamorous enough for a trash can, its metallic paint finish style gives a different and elegant look to any place. It has a capacity of 10 liters, it is small but ideal for bathrooms or places with little use.

Its lid is slideable, you just have to push it a little with your hand or with the same garbage that you want to throw away. It can also be removed if you want easy access. It is very durable as it is made of plastic, easy to clean and move wherever you want.

Shopping guide

It is likely that many of us think that you can choose any trash can since they are all more or less the same. The truth is that there are different models that directly influence your satisfaction as a customer. For this reason we want to show you all the necessary information so that you know in depth this product.

kitchen trash can ideas
Taking out the trash can be very unpleasant, but the task is made easier by having the trash can. (Photo: Freepik /

What is a trash can and what advantages does it have?

Trash cans are essential elements in homes and in public sectors, they help us collect all kinds of waste that we generate every day. With your help we can have clean and tidy places, control odors and facilitate transport to the collection truck.

There is a great variety of designs and materials, as we use these artifacts in many places in our home, they can also be an excellent decorative and functional element. Why not?


  • Contains garbage
  • Avoid bad smells
  • Maintains general cleanliness
  • Lets organize our waste
  • Create ecological awareness


  • Focus of dirt and bacteria
  • It could have a bad smell
  • They must be handled all the time

Trash Can or Trash Compactor – What Should You Pay Attention to?

There are many types of trash cans, calm down! we will not leave a single one aside; On this occasion we want to highlight two variables of the model. As is often the case, products evolve to include more features and improve your customer experience. Trash cans are no exception and we will explain them to you below:

Trash can. It is the one that we all know that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, etc. They exist in various sizes, materials, and styles. They basically contain waste and if they have a lid, they help prevent bad odors. They are generally used with a plastic bag for greater hygiene and ease of transport.

Trash compactor. They used to be industrial type containers. Currently, there are domestic models that facilitate the accumulation of waste. They are larger in size, they will occupy the space similar to a dishwasher. It has a press that crushes the waste and compacts it, they are ideal for recycling and can reduce your waste by 80%.

Trash canTrash compactor
Principal functionContain wasteContain and compact waste
MechanismHandbookManual or electric
Types of wasteAll kinds of wasteCardboard, plastics, organic waste, tin
Stands out forVersatility of sizes, materials and designs.Iron or press that reduces waste.

How much does a trash can cost?

Trash cans exist in a wide variety of prices, which fluctuate between 19.78$ and 84.26$ depending on the capacity and material of their manufacture, usually this value is for plastics or carbon steel, which are the most economically accessible and easy to find.

For better quality, greater capacity and / or professional uses, prices also increase and these are in a range of 98.63 $ and 495.64 $ . Especially speaking of materials like stainless steel containers. Keep in mind that the highest price is for industrial containers whose capacity exceeds one thousand liters.

Where to buy a trash can?

If what you prefer is an easy and fast purchase, you can visit online stores such as Amazon. 

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of trash cans

Trash cans play an important role in homes and common spaces. The choice of a specific model is basically determined by its capacity and materials. Today there is a variety of options for all types of tastes and budgets. You can consider the following factors when making your purchase.

  • Opening
  • Materials
  • Capacity
  • Recycling containers


Depending on the place and use that will be given to the trash can, the type of opening it has will help you. For example, if you are looking for a container for organic garbage, we are sure that you will not want to touch that lid very often, so it is advisable to choose one with a foot pedal to avoid contact; The types of opening are:

Handbook.  They are the classic garbage can lids that you have to open with your fingers or by hand. This type of opening can be a lid or have a lid with movement that you only have to push. Ideal for kitchen or bathroom wastebaskets.

Pedal.  It is the one we mentioned in the example. The pedal is depressed with the foot, thus avoiding manual contact. It’s very comfortable, but be sure to buy one with the sturdy pedal as they tend to break easily.

Push. This model only needs a light and gentle touch with a single finger and it opens immediately. To close it, you just lower the lid until you hear a closing sound. They can be used for all types of waste, it only depends on your personal tastes.

Automatic It is considerably the most expensive type of opening, of the modern and exclusive models. They have an infrared sensor that raises and lowers the lid as you pass in front of it. It is ideal to avoid contact in all situations.


Not all waste is handled well with all types of landfills. For example, garbage with more bacteria and odors is generated in the bathroom than in an office. Therefore, some materials stand out over others if what you are interested in maintaining is hygiene. These are the most common materials in the manufacture of trash cans:

Stainless steel. It is the favorite, but a little more expensive. It is used for any waste since this material does not store odors, it is very elegant to look at, capable of combining with any type of decoration. They are very durable, do not lose their shape and it is an antibacterial material.

Plastic. It is preferred for the lowest budgets. They are very easy to find, have a long life and are available in many colors and designs. They are perfect for outdoor spaces because they resist humidity very well so you don’t need to treat them with so much affection. Ideal for all types of waste.

Carbon steel. It provides the same elegant look as stainless steel, except that it is much cheaper. Its disadvantages are durability, it can rust quickly in wet conditions, and it also dents, losing its shape on impact.

kitchen garbage cans
Trash cans are usually used with a plastic bag, some models have special compartments for them. (Photo: RitaE /


The size of a trash can, like plastic bags, is calculated in liters. This indicates the amount of garbage it can contain. This information will help you choose the right one according to the space you have to store it and the amount of garbage you generate every day in that place. This way you will avoid taking out the garbage more or less times.

LittleUp to 16 Liters
Medium20-25 Liters
BigUp to 50 Liters
IndustrialFrom 50 Liters

Recycling containers

The world of garbage cans can be very broad. Especially if we take into account the latent need to recycle everything we produce. Trash cans are an excellent option; when they perform this function they are called garbage bins. These can be purchased and organized by color, for ease of use.

Kind of containerWaste type
BluePapers, cardboard, envelopes, newspapers and the like
YellowCans, plastic trays, containers of various types, aerosols, aluminum, among others of the same nature
Brownorganic, vegetables, shellfish shells, tea and coffee filters, corks, napkins
Dark green / grayother types of waste, cigarette butts, feminine products, sponges, tooth and hair brushes, etc.

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