Reading: 50+ Black Living Room Ideas That Will Help You Create The Ultimate Relaxing Space

50+ Black Living Room Ideas That Will Help You Create The Ultimate Relaxing Space

Black living room ideas : best 50+ ideas

When we think of room models many times we come up with very strange ideas, so today we have a wide variety of tips to improve the appearance of your living room and your home.

Today we show you some Black living room ideas to inspire you to add this color to the design of the most important room in the house. The color black is one of the most mysterious and mystical of all colors . This is due to the fact that black literally attracts people and does not neglect its power. On the one hand, this color is like a promise that everything will be fine, calm.

Black living room ideas and tips

Black painted walls in the living room

modern-furniture-original-style-spacious-living room

And on the other hand, it is worth remembering that the black color is often associated with death, mourning. Although black has many negative characteristics, in our world this color has long become a symbol of wealth. The most luxurious outfits are created in black tones.


Remember Coco Chanel’s famous black dress, which made her famous all over the world. The most expensive car models are also usually black. As you can see in our photos today, the interiors, decorated in a black palette, always fascinate and attract attention.


The vivid, versatile and always fashionable black color makes any room in the house modern and attractive. It’s much easier to experiment with black in private rooms, such as bathrooms or bedrooms , but the living room requires more work and confidence in your abilities.

painted-black-living-room-accent walls

This article shows more than 20 rooms with a magnificent black decoration. In some rooms only simple black accents are indicated, while in others black takes up most of the space. Some of the living rooms are spacious and open, while others are cozy and small but all share the presence of dark color, enlivened with bright accessories.

Black painted walls with gold accents


Black in the living room as a basic color

Choosing black as the main color for the interior is quite a bold option. This design creates a powerful dramatic effect and using black in large quantities requires a certain courage and a great deal of good taste. It is very difficult not to cross the line between style and vulgarity. Unintentionally, it can make the interior look gloomy.


Today we invite you to learn how to use this color and enjoy the depth, drama and genius it brings to a space. However, as with dark blue and gray, which are also enjoying a lot of attention when it comes to interior design, this shade needs to be used with care. What colors are natural in combination with black? Keep reading and you will find the answer.


Black and dark gray

Combines with dark gray color. The combination of black with a deep gray, which has a shadow that is closely related to black, creates a rich, layered feel. It’s a great way to break through a black wall without losing the dramatic, dark look.

Black painted walls in the living room with high ceilings


Combines with light-colored wood. For a beautiful design, use blonde wood and black to avoid looking simple. The combination of a light wood such as birch and another black painted texture creates a timeless and contemporary look.


Decorate with metals such as brass. To soften the dark color we can use the richness of the shiny quality of the metal works. Pair with soft red. A popular combination is black and red.


The combination of black and red is one of the strongest in the color spectrum. The interior in black and red is associated with sensuality, so this combination looks best in the bedroom. Another idea is to add white or beige, so that the room is immediately brighter.

Color painted walls brick ideas


Both white and beige neutralize the power of black and red and as a result, the interior is more harmonious and calm. Returning to metals for a modern living room you can combine black and the golden color of gold.


Black and gold are colors that we associate with prestige. Its combination in the room gives a luxurious effect. A room in black and gold often looks pompous. To prevent this from happening, you can dilute the design with beige or gray details.


If you are looking for an extravagant combination we advise you to use black and yellow. Yellow as a symbol of the sun is the warmest color in the spectrum that undoubtedly softens the darkness of black, dampens its energy, adds lightness to the interior.


White, gray and beige are also usually added to this pair of colors. Black and orange is a bright and dynamic couple, most appropriate in the interior, designed in a contemporary style. The black color in the interior design is used in two ways as a background or to separate the different spaces.


If black predominates as the background and the walls, floor or ceiling are black, in this case black reinforces all other colors in the interior, creating a powerful contrast. So in the living room, the black walls will help to focus attention on the important details of the decoration.


Generally, black painted walls can be found in large, airy rooms with high ceilings and very large windows. In fact, the more spacious the room, the better the black color will look on the walls.


But black painted walls in a small room will look stylish, as long as all other elements are selected according to the principle of contrast.


What finishes and materials to choose? There are many ways to paint walls black. You can simply paint or decorate them with decorative tiles in black or make a black natural stone cladding.


No less interesting the black wallpaper. Now we leave you with our ideas of black painted walls and create a modern and elegant living room with successful design.

black-wall-orange-cushions-stand-out-spacious-living room

A black living room full of nuances

Black, is it black? When it comes to decor, nothing is less certain! We can therefore dare the total look without fear: far from being sad, the show gladly takes on relief!

Classic Black, Leather And Gold Lounge
© istock

The “pure” black creates a wonderful setting for an aged leather sofa. It also sublimates the golden color  : we therefore dare the lighting and furniture with gold finishes. For a very chic classic living room, we favor an aged metal effect.

 Black Based On Red
© Farrow & Ball

In this very contemporary living room, we opted for a black whose base is made up of red pigments. This peculiarity is fully revealed when the section of wall is exposed to natural light. And here is a black living room that subtly changes decor throughout the day!

Black Red And Pink Base
© Graham & Brown

To choose the black paint for the living room, follow your decorative desires. A red base will be more harmonious if you fall for warm colors . Here, the shade of black harmonizes perfectly with the copper and mauve palette of the furniture and the decor, for a deliciously sophisticated bohemian decor.

Pure Black And Black Blue Base
© Farrow & Ball

To give relief to the living room, it is a good idea to combine black with a touch of color. In this case, she will guide the choice of your shade of black. In this very cozy contemporary living room, we chose a black based on blue, in order to create a perfect harmony with the smoky blue with which it is associated. An elegant choice that exudes a pleasant touch of freshness.

Black And Wood
© istock

The black living room is ideal for highlighting wooden furniture. It is the ideal choice if you fall for a retro design, but you dread sinking into a decidedly vintage style. Black will bring a touch of modernity to a living room with a fifties spirit.

A graphic black living room

The perfect balance between refinement and luminosity? It’s the black living room, awakened by a touch of white. And between the two, we don’t hesitate to work on the gray palette!

Anthracite And Black -
© Bemz

The best way to play down the black living room? Choose the washed linen sofa! Here, we chose it in an anthracite shade, which gives relief to this living room with minimalist decor. A shade that also helps soften the graphic contrast of the black and white walls.

Black Vinyl Tiles -
© Brebo

The good idea for a black living room full of character: bet on the floor covering. Here it displays a matte finish which brings a touch of softness to the decor.

Black Marble Effect Tiles
© Parquet Tiles

In terms of decoration, nothing scares you? Dare the very offbeat 100% tiled black living room. Black marble on the floor, black and white work on the walls… here is a terribly trendy and sophisticated mineral setting. For this to work, however, there is no question of overdoing it on the decorating side. We therefore favor furniture with a refined design and sober nuances, which gives pride of place to soft materials.

Total Look –
© Ikea

The trick to steal from this little black salon? The section of the wall of the window painted in white  : a simple and effective trick to boost the brightness.

Salon Indus Vegetalise
© Ikea

The black living room in a white setting is definitely a safe bet. And it is the ideal choice for decoration lovers with a factory spirit. To bring a warm touch to the whole, however, we are thinking of introducing a touch of wood, which will discreetly warm the decor.

Black base
© Leroy Merlin

If the black living room scares you as much as it makes you dream, opt for the plinth. This hot option will also create a pleasant enveloping effect, very cozy for chilling in an armchair or on the sofa!

A black living room that dares to color

In a black living room, the slightest touch of color is sure to stand out. Here is a good way to give more character to the decor!

Neon Colors -
© Ikea

The most daring decoration in a black living room? The one who dares the neon color! Here is which brings a touch of fantasy perfect for a very chic classic decoration to be playful.

 Alternating Flat And Pattern
© Graham & Brown

If you are fond of sober and elegant atmospheres, bet on the combination of black and taupe . This tandem is so refined that everything is allowed, even the wallpaper with the baroque print! To bring a touch of cheerfulness, we opt for a touch of color, for example by playing with the cushions.

 Blue And Black
© Dulux Valentine

To bring brightness to a black living room, white is far from being the only option. An aquatic blue can be just as effective. It is preferably applied to a section of wall reflecting natural light.

Salon Coloris Mute Et Color
© La Redoute Interieurs

In this black living room, the beautiful emerald green armchairs wonderfully catch the light – and the eyes. The good idea: to have opted for a shimmering velvet. Here is a well chosen color to bring brightness to the room and bring a very trendy character to a living room with very chic classic decoration.

Black And Orange
© Little Greene

In this black living room, it’s a baked orange that brings light to the decor. A color that harmonizes perfectly with the different wood species, creating an atmosphere as elegant as it is warm. We love !

Terracotta And Celadon Green
© Ikea

Contemporary and very cozy atmosphere , in this small black living room which is very small. Carpet and sofa go hand in hand, to structure the space by creating a cozy sitting area. The black is well chosen, since in this apartment, it is the terracotta walls raised with a touch of celadon green that make the show.

How to use black in your decoration

Black is a color that brings depth and elegance to an interior. Classified as a cold shade, you must know how to use it with care to avoid obtaining a too austere rendering. Some rules must therefore be observed when using black in this area. Our recommendations !

Black in interior design

Black in interior design
Industrial atmosphere in black and white – (Jones and Maja furniture from MILIBOO)

Black has long been considered an austere and dark color. Yet this timeless hue can bring intensity to a room. Unlike other colors that appear and disappear with the trend, black stays and lasts without ever getting bored.

In addition, black is suitable for all areas of the house , whatever they are. This is not the case with red, for example, which can make the atmosphere too intense in a bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, black exists in a wide range of shades to create varied results.

Living room atmosphere in black and midnight blue - Nordal black and brass floor lamp on The Cool Republic
Living room atmosphere in black and midnight blue – Nordal black and brass floor lamp on The Cool Republic

However, you should know that black does not lend itself to all types of decoration . It is rather suited to the contemporary, industrial or even modern style . It can nevertheless be used to create other atmospheres, but by small touches.

Black for the walls

Black for the walls
Over the trends, the color of the walls has darkened to black (here a black blue) to let the light speak – Ambiance Victoire – Maison Sarah LAvoine

Black is perfect for delimiting spaces and for bringing depth to a room. It is therefore quite logical to use it on the walls, but never in total look at the risk of falling into an interior worthy of the Adams family. It is advisable to use trendy shades like dark chocolate, bluish black, ebony black, gray black, etc.

Painting a hallway black creates depth while delimiting the different rooms. However, the interior must be well lit and perfectly ventilated. Otherwise, it risks becoming too austere, even gloomy. In the case of a poorly lit house, it is advisable to stick to light colors which reflect more light, whether artificial or natural.

In the bedroom, it is advisable to limit yourself to one wall in black. Preferably, the rest is to be painted in a different color such as white or beige. This contrast is perfect for highlighting a particular corner of the room. In a bedroom, it is best to use black for the wall the bed is leaning against.

In certain rooms such as the living room or the bathroom, black can dress the base to give an impression of height or create continuity with the cupboards in the case of a kitchen.

Highlight the black

Art Deco atmosphere in black and white by GateNoir from Grenngate
Art Deco ambiance in black and white for spectacular stairs by GateNoir new brand from Greengate

The total black look should be avoided in interior decoration. In addition, since black is a fairly cool color, it should be accompanied by a few touches of light shades to make the interior warm and friendly. White goes particularly well with black, but this association can create a rather cold atmosphere . It is therefore advisable to accessorize the room with more colorful and cozy objects . The touch of warmth can be brought by soft textures such as with a very soft Berber rug, a linen sofa or a woolen plaid. Decorative objects can be declined in gold, yellow, blue or even orange depending on the desired style .

Deco atmosphere autumn - winter 2018 - 2019 Madam Stoltz
With black the return of gold and orange is announced in the decoration of vintage spirit first but so trendy that the invasion is imminent! – Madam Stoltz

Regarding furniture, it is better to focus on wood, stone and metal. You should know that these materials reflect black in a different way . The result will be different on each of them. Lacquered and plastic furniture should be avoided. The use of natural materials creates an elegant and refined atmosphere.

To highlight a black painted wall, it is possible to install a black and white painting , a slightly recessed lampshade, a colored armchair on the front or even a lighter floor to create a contrast effect.

Black in the living room

Tangier black and gray rug by Edito
Graphic and chic: black is everywhere – Tangier black and gray rug by Edito

The living room is undoubtedly the room that lends itself best to the color black. It creates an elegant, contemporary and cozy atmosphere. This shade can be used in small touches or in a more generous way. In the living room, the choice is wide. Black can accentuate beams, a staircase, a door, furniture, a wall …

If the furniture (armchair, coffee table, etc.) is black, the other elements of the room can be chosen in lighter shades, for example the wall, the floor, the lighting, etc. the wall which is painted in black, it is advisable to balance the whole while privileging the furniture of more lively color: blue, mustard, khaki, etc. Among the winning combinations, black, gray and blue go particularly well.

Braided telephone wire baskets - As'art
Black, gray and blue: the winning trio of colors – Baskets in woven telephone wires – As’art

In an American-style living room, a black glass roof visually separates the living room from the dining room or the kitchen.

In a room painted mostly in white, a few touches of black can break up the monotony of white. Thus, a large mirror with a black frame, black lines on the edges of the doors and windows subtly change the atmosphere of the room.

Intense Black of Paintings 1825
Choosing the right shade of black: a research worth taking the time – Noir Intense de Peintures 1825


Because it can be done and because the result is wonderful. Here we tell you how to decorate a living room with black furniture.

Black furniture is sleek, beautiful, and bold. With the right pieces, you can dress your living room from top to bottom and achieve a look that feels like home.

How to decorate a living room with black furniture

Whether you want a chic and sophisticated look or a fun and casual look, here are some tips for decorating your living room with black furniture.

How to decorate a living room with black furniture

Add class with black theater seats

To add more drama to your living room décor, bring the big guns: a solid black section with head ornaments  for something classic, a gleaming black chaise for a colonial vibe, a world-twist black chair for the spirit freestanding, or edgy black bar stools for the cosmopolitan.

Whether you are pleated or rigid and made of smooth leather or velvet, eli ge  black furniture to suit t or style. If you want a touch of black on your living room seating, consider designing a stylish, multifunctional piece like a bench or ottoman.

Refine your taste with black tables

Refine your taste with black tables

When you’re decorating with black furniture in the living room, it’s easy to quickly transform your other décor with a large accessory like an entertainment center. But mid-tier pieces are better for balancing out the living room palette. Dress up with black furniture throughout the room like a bar cart, a stylish side table, or a classic console table.

A black finish can be extremely versatile. For example, a coffee table with wrought iron legs lends itself to rustic, farmhouse and industrial styles. Even if your taste in decor changes over the years, you won’t have to ditch your favorite black furniture pieces.

Refine your taste with black tables

Spread the black

Display your favorite trinkets with a subtle black shelf. Whether you choose a trendy ladder or slant shelf, a spacious shelf, or a simple floating shelf; high contrast this aspect will leave t u living room with a fresh and modern feel.  Metallic accents go especially well with black furniture, so display them on your bookshelf to make it stand out even more.

Spread the black

Attract attention with an eye-catching black rug

Transform the look of your living room furniture with a black rug. Solid or patterned, a black rug will always look smart, complex and contemporary. Throw in a plush rug to turn your living room into a glamorous retreat.

Elevate your living room with black wall art

Elevate your living room with black wall art

When decorating with black, you don’t have to limit yourself to furniture. For a truly dynamic twist in the living room black, dupli ca trends with a monochrome wall gallery or a modern art installation. Try some black and white wildlife prints or a unique vintage photograph to start conversations and dress up your walls.

Elevate your living room with black wall art

Dot the corners with black accessories

Larger pieces, like couches and chairs, can feel like they take up most of your living room. If you need to consider how much space you have, try the matte black accents. Hints of flat black on  pots, pillows, baskets, curtains, or lamps  can brighten the look and add a bit of texture and interest. When dark colors are evenly distributed in a room, the contrast they create will be more striking.

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