Reading: 50+ Ingenious Box Gardening Ideas That Everyone Should Know

50+ Ingenious Box Gardening Ideas That Everyone Should Know

box gardening ideas or raised bed gardening ideas

Work on one of these Bedding Ideas in your garden to improve productivity and harvest that you could never have before.

If you want to significantly increase the productivity of your garden, grow plants in raised beds. below you will find best box gardening ideas

Simple: a raised bed can be filled with the type of soil your plants desire and provide the best drainage. You can control weeds easily and work more efficiently in the garden without breaking a sweat.

box gardening ideas

Wattle fence bed

1. Wattle fence bed

You will need long, thin branches for this. Like willow branches. Weave them between the pins. Here these towns are at a distance of approx. 45 cm from each other to create wattle fence walls. Inside this raised wall the bed is covered with sacks to hold the soil, but garden clothing can also be used.

Bed raised by tires

2. Bed raised by tires

However, no scientific research has been done, but most gardeners believe that growing food in tires can be harmful. If you don’t want to grow vegetables, grow other plants.

Raised brick bed

3. Raised brick bed

Build a raised brick bed. Brick raised beds are easy to make and are much more durable than wooden ones.

Raised bed with wire mesh for protection

4. Raised bed with wire mesh for protection

Birds and sometimes cats and dogs can be a problem, and to prevent them, you can cover the raised bed with wire mesh or whatever you see fit.

Hay Bale raised bed

5. Hay Bale raised bed

Definitely one of the best bedding ideas to go for. Wheat bales or alfalfa straw are used to create raised bed walls. They decompose relatively quickly and provide nutrition to plants. You can read an informative article on how to make a raised thatch bed at Bonnie Plants.

Concrete blocks Raised bed

6. Concrete blocks Raised bed

Use concrete blocks to create raised beds; They are made of cement, so they are heavier and more resistant. You can download this PDF file from the University of Florida to learn more about how to do it.

Sandbags (earthbags) Raised bed

7. Sandbags (earthbags) Raised bed

If you have sandbags ( if not, buy them cheap in the market ), fill them 1/3 with garden soil and place them around the perimeter of the desired raised bed.

Tree trunks and raised beds

8. Tree trunks and raised beds

Trunks about 12 inches in diameter are perfect as raised bed walls. Irregular records and registers can also be used. If you want to give your garden a unique look, this is an interesting idea.

Raised cedar bed

9. Raised cedar bed

White cedar or western red cedar planks are ideal for making raised beds as they are weather resistant and highly resistant to pests. Also, these raised beds are much more durable than softwood ones.

Raised bed with jute bag

10. Raised bed with jute bag

It’s not exactly a raised bed, but you can fill large jute sacks or burlap sacks with soil and place them in the sun and plant something you like. Perhaps potatoes, herbs, carrots, and other root vegetables. But remember these bags will dry out quickly due to the holes and you will need to water more often.

Elevated Corten Steel Bed

11. Elevated Corten Steel Bed

Make raised bark steel beds for growing plants. Corten steel is a modern alternative to steel, which is more durable and requires little maintenance.

Elevated spiral bed

12. Elevated spiral bed

One of the most functional bed-ready ideas . Make a raised spiral bed and grow herbs in it. You can also grow other plants and vegetables. It is an effective way to save space. Check out our step-by-step instructions here.

Raised bed with foldable PVC greenhouse

13. Raised bed with foldable PVC greenhouse

Make a raised bed out of a greenhouse using PVC pipes. You can find an instructional video for this in Instructions.

Raised Gabion Bed

14. Raised Gabion Bed

Build raised gabion beds. To do this, you will need to build gabion walls. You can read a useful article here.

Beds raised in bed

15. Beds raised in bed

The raised log bed looks very rustic. It is almost almost free if you have logs in your garden. You will need to place the logs on small pillars inserted into the ground to prevent them from shifting. To increase the height, you can stack more logs on top of each other and secure them with the help of nails or wires.

Bed lifted by pallet

16. Bed lifted by pallet

Make raised pallet beds. You can read the step-by-step guide on our site.

Raised corrugated steel bed

17. Raised corrugated steel bed

Use corrugated steel sheets to make beds made from them for your garden. See a DIY article on Sunset.

Bed raised with stones

18. Bed raised with stones

If you have concrete rubble or large stones, make beds out of it. It is a free idea. You can watch the tutorial on HGTV.

Beautiful raised beds

19. Beautiful raised beds

Here’s a smart raised bed garden that you can easily convert into different shapes and sizes to grow lemon trees or other plants.

Raised bed with benches

20. Raised bed with benches

Not only can you grow vegetables on such a raised bed, but you can also sit there and relax! See detailed details here

Raised C-shaped bed

21. Raised C-shaped bed

Look for a raised bed in an odd shape that will also save a lot of space.

Raised flowerbed

22. Raised flowerbed

Use lumber and wooden rods to make a raised bed in the corner of your garden to grow select flowers. Click here for more details.

Raised bed with bamboo rows

23. Raised bed with bamboo rows

All you have to do is describe the raised bed with bamboo and grow vegetables in a compact space.

Rock River garden bed

24. Rock River garden bed

A perfect way to use the natural resources in your garden, this raised garden bed on the river bed also adds a lot of attraction to the patio.

Raised garden bed with straw bales

25. Raised garden bed with straw bales

All you need are straw bales, potting soil, garden soil, compost, and selected plants for this.

Metal garden bed

26. Metal garden bed

Here’s a very detailed and beautifully placed DIY that will walk you through all the information to make a similar one yourself.

Planter for clay pipes

27. Planter for clay pipes

Yes! You can use clay pots to describe the raised bed and give it a different look. Details are here.

Contemporary raised bed

28. Contemporary raised bed

Construction debris, concrete, medium-sized concrete blocks, concrete cement, along with a few other equipment, will help you do just that.

Stone raised beds / raised bed borders

One thing about raised beds is that they could double as sidewalk accents or stone edging as well. They are most commonly seen in Mediterranean or Hispanic house designs. These raised beds complement the stone patios and balconies of these types of homes.

You can make a stone raised bed border to showcase your beautiful palm trees and other large plants like this one from Flikr . Make it a curb or even to fence your house if you want.

Stone raised beds / raised bed borders

You can also create tiered stone edging that will adorn your lawn and showcase valuable plants. It’s also a good accent border for brick home designs. A good example is that of The Garden .

Stone raised beds / raised bed borders

But no pressure you can keep the class and old school where succulents, herbs and veg could thrive like in this one from Houzz Buzz .

Stone raised beds / raised bed borders

Metal raised beds

The good thing about metal raised beds is that you can totally use scrap sheets without worrying about rusting. As well as being low maintenance, they are also good at keeping the temperature of the plants regulated, making them more than just a planter.

You can use metal with this raised bed design and give an industrial rustic vibe to your garden like this . You can get there with some junk and some soldering.

Metal raised beds

You can also play around with some leftover roofing materials like metal roof sheets and PVC pipes to create another industrial looking raised garden bed like this from Instructables.

Metal raised beds

Or how about the magic of wood and metal for your herbs and spices? It is possible and it really is a beautiful raised bed like this one from Family Handyman .

Metal raised beds

Wooden raised beds

Wood designs never lack style and that’s the design of any garden, to be honest. Accessing wood materials and building crafts from it is easy and it gives just the right feel for the garden, no matter if you want it to feel bohemian, classic barn style, rustic and country, you name it, wooden raised beds I get it.

You can start by creating narrow, elongated raised beds that will be placed in raised concrete open spaces in the back yard for grasses and small plants like this one featured in the UMN Extension.

Wooden raised beds

You can also create barn style wooden raised beds to group your plants, succulents, and herbs into one large raised bed for each category like this from Good Housekeeping.

Wooden raised beds

And finally, you can create multi-level raised beds made of wood to serve the same purpose as the individual grouped raised beds. Check this out from Harrod Horticulture.

Wooden raised beds

Raised bed trellis

Not only will you make raised beds more functional by adding trellises where the grape plants will climb, but you will also give your garden another layer of aesthetics with these trellis plants. It’s like an extension of wood ideas as the default material for it would be wood and wire mesh.

You can go all out with a wood and sheet metal arbor like this one from The Spruce tree to make harvesting easier and to put those vine plants in an organized look.

Raised bed trellis

You can also make a cart-style raised bed trellis for a more organized one-stop herbarium like this from Easy Land .

Raised bed trellis

Or if you want a more elaborate design on a stone raised garden bed with trellis, you can check it out from Gardening by Lorraine .

Raised bed trellis

Raised beds on several levels

Multi-level raised beds are primarily designed for flowers and succulents. The raised, tiered flower beds make great centerpieces in the flower garden. Again, the most common material used for this type of design is wood but you can still improvise and be creative.

There is no limit to the number of levels and the shape you want to take in this design. View this Wayfair pagoda-shaped raised bed and front portal

Raised beds on several levels

Or how about a two tier flower boat showcasing a flower potpourri.

Raised beds on several levels

Finally, you can branch out using any shape like this Real World Survivor Star-shaped Multi-Tiered Wooden Raised Bed .

Raised beds on several levels


Raised beds don’t just mean raised garden beds. They can be anything we want to be and more. They are functional and attractive at the same time and are easy to achieve as long as you have some working ideas on how to go about it like these 15 ideas we have here.

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